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It was an inspirational day in a company of talented creative women of Chicago! We’re so happy to be a partner of such an amazing event! 🙏🏼 Thanks for the photo @infernilo ❤️ #eatmanadesserts #chicagovegan
Uno de mis snacks favorito; el coco ata deliciosa fruta nos aporta muchos beneficios a nuestro cuerpo. Energía 354 kcal 1481 Magnesio, potasio, Vitamina B1,B2,B3, acido fólico, Calcio, Fósforo y Potasio carbohidratos Azúcares6.23 g ♼Ayuda a regula la glucosa #lechedecoco #lechevegetal #lechevegetalcasera #lechevegana #milkcoconut #coconut #coconutoil #coconutmilk #govegan #caribecolombiano #vegano #veganuary #veganfitness #veganfood #veganoscolombia #veganmedellin #photography #photos #photooftheday #picture #veganos #coco #fitnneslife #vegetariano
Do you know tempeh is a high protein, low fat and low cholesterol food which is important for vegans? Except we make it more delicious for you with our homemade satay sauce! 😋
If you are a fan of our Mee Goreng then you are going to love our Nasi Goreng. Dig in this flavorsome fried rice dish for your dinner tonight!
There are so so many perks of veganism including caring for the environment, all living beings, your own body, and your mind (and all you really give up is cruelty!) “Don’t you miss a burger?” Nope...I eat an even tastier one now😋🐮♥️
Tomorrow is Monday... be sure to grab a vegan breakfast sandwich 🥪🌱 Follow @vegantrender for more vegan food pics, recipes, & articles! Photo by: @vegantraveleats || • • • #veganuary #veganislove #vegana #vegancommunity #breakfast #breakfastsandwich #englishmuffin #vegains #vegan #veganism #dairy #dairyfree #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasednews #planted #gains #vegains
Do you know what is simmering in this big old beautiful pot? 🤔👩🏼‍🍳 Just a bunch of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium 🙌🏻😁! Thanks to these beautiful roselle 🌺 buds I picked up at @wordenfarm 👩🏼‍🌾 this weekend at the @stpetesaturdaymkt in downtown #stpetersburg , I was able to concoct a delicious 😋 and nutritious 💪🏻, antioxidant-packed tea‼️ Roselle tea is known to help with indigestion, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system and has been known to help cure liver disease 🙏🏻. I added fresh ginger and orange 🍊 slices for another punch 👊🏻of flavor and healthfulness 💯! Once this is done simmering, I can also turn the leftover fruit into a delicious yummy jam 😛 or cranberry sauce for this coming holiday 🤔. When I’m tired of drinking water 💦 (as if that’s possible!😏) roselle tea is my perfect go-to drink. 🤷🏼‍♀️😁❤️
Speaking as a previous Nutella addict, Fluffle co cocoa almond spread and cocoa cashew spread is just almonds or cashews and vegan cocoa and as minimal sugar and grapeseed oil as we can manage. <3 #madefromscratch #almondbutter #cashewbutter #veganuary #veganrecipes #supportlocal #farmersmarket #fitfam #eatclean
👉 - This vegan pumpkin pie recipe is the BEST! Easy to make and delicious! . Share some vegan deliciousness with your family and friends! 😋 . ✌️🌿 . . . Recipe . . Cr: @bionic_vegan Thank you for following us :))) #vegano #veganrecipes #veganpizza #veganfit #veganuary #vegandinner #vegangains #vegana #veganismo #veganbeauty #vegans #veganfoodie #veganfood
Fooled him with this tofu scrambled “eggs” from @lovingitvegan Taste just like the real thing without the cholesterol, or cruelty - male chicks are macerated at birth because they are considered a waste product of the egg industry and and therefore not economically viable to keep alive. Only female chicks are kept and raised to produce eggs and then killed for meat after they are intensively abused and can longer produce eggs. #veganfood #plantbased #veganrecipes #veganuary
📍@barlucasydney 🍔Zebra Cheezus 🥩BL beef patty 🧀American cheese 🥓Streaky bacon 🧀🌰Deep fried black garlic and cheese patty 🍄🌰Truffle and black garlic aioli 🌰Pickled white onion 🍞BL milk bun This has to be the best burger BL have brought out this year, simple yet effective.  Mixing my three favourites, bacon cheese burger with truffle and garlic.  Patty and bacon were perfect but that truffle was divine, on every bite, so rich in flavour.  The garlic and cheese patty just oozed out after the first bite which became such a delicious sauce to dip the burger into after every bite.  By far the best cheese patty I have had, that touch of garlic just lifted it to the next level.
WE ARE COUNTING DOWN! Only 6 sleeps till the next @brisbaneveganmarkets (SUNDAY 12pm-8pm!) 🌱🌟🌈 We will be trying one of everything 😏 What will you be getting?
THE WHY. . . . . . So a couple of days ago in the desperate depths of a total Netflix let down I ended up turning to a film I hadn't seen in about a decade to fill my boring weekday evening. I decided to watch Babe. Little did I know this ridiculous (and also totally amazing amirite?) gem from the archives reignited my spark for animal rights. I felt like a Peta obsessed teenager again. My failed veganuary didn't seem to matter much anymore because who's to stop me trying again in November! So I took to my personal Instagram for advice and thanks to the helpful words of wisdom of my friends I felt nearly equipped enough to start again. This Instagram is gonna be a totally honest account of my vegan journey from day 1. It's 01:52 and once I eventually sleep, I'm gonna wake up and aim to lead a cruelty free lifestyle. Pray for me.
Sometimes you just gotta throw everything in your fridge on a baking sheet and oven roast it because you are a busy ass human and don’t have time to make something extravagant 💁🏼‍♀️ today was one of those days... but health was still a priority so I made sweet potatoes, broccoli, and onions! Boring? Maybe. But delicious and healthy? Fuck YES . . . . . . . . . #delicious #veganuary #vegan #veganfoodporn #healthylifestyle #vegans #veganfoodshare #vegandinner #yum #health #fit #fitness #veganlove #vegancommunity #foodie #veganfoodie #foodphotography #foodporn
How can we do things like kill 45 million turkeys for a single day of thanks (20% of annual turkey slaughter), stuff things into their butts, then feed them to our families to celebrate gratitude? Because we believe them to be natural, normal, and necessary. Watch the YouTube video in my bio for more info!
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