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Sunrises like this ✨ Have a nice day there, guys! #vdotravelstheworld
Blogger Collaboration 〰️ For #SopranoClothing @nordstrom @bloomingdales Blogger: @shhtephs
The most proudest i’ll be, is when you grow up, sit and ask me all about our life together and how we did it all by ourselves. Loving you isn’t the hard part, what’s hard is learning everyday; growing myself and loving myself alongside you. We’ve already accomplished so many things in the first 3 years of your life... that there’s not one thing in our path that i’d wish to change, cause it’s made us the duo we are today. there’s so many other mommas that also deserve to win anything this year, good luck to all. ♥️ #jaclynhillchristmas
Good Morning Thursday, up early to start on all orders received, thank you... tomorrow night is our cut off point for posting. Online will still be open but no orders will be sent out till the New Year. Please place your orders before then if you are wanting for Christmas. Thank you....😘💛🕯 #roomspray
A prima vista questa potrebbe non sembrare #venezia perché siamo abituati alle gondole, alla laguna e ai monumenti tipici che vediamo in tantissime foto (incluse le mie) ma ciò che mi piace della città lagunare (e più in generale di ogni grande città) è che se osservi attentamente e non ti lasci distrarre dal fascino languido dei canali vedrai che ci sono scorci bellissimi che mostrano la quotidianità e il suo essere anche una città vera. Una città fatta di persone che passeggiano per tornare a casa o andare a lavoro e di ragazzi che si trovano dopo la scuola per due chiacchiere in fondo a un vicolo e una città per quanto bella sia ha bisogno anche di questo per poter essere viva.
Meet gorgeous little Mango - the star of this photo and my choice for today's prompt 'Comfort' for @susannahconway December reflections. She followed us back to our hotel one morning while on holiday and as we sat down outside at a picnic table, she jumped up and settled down on my coat for a luxurious little nap. Doesn't she look comfy ? When I get home from work on these dark nights, I want to curl up like Mango on the sofa and enjoy the simple comfort of home. Mango has the right idea, don't you think ? Happy Thursday all 🙂
You might have seen this picture before. Perhaps in stories or the @loveprinted account. ☺️But I just had to have it here aswell. I always get so happy when we drive up the driveway. The green against the red, the potting table hubby made me in The Netherlands, the plants ofcourse.... And now with all the extra lights and heaps of noms for our birdie friends. Yes, I had to have it in this feed aswell! By the way, it's Lucia here in Sweden today. Our girl will celebrate her first Lucia dressed as little miss 'Tomte'. 🤶🏻🎅🏻She'll carry a light and sing songs. So looking forward to watch that! ❤️I'm so unbelievably proud of her! Happy Thursday friends!
• 13.Dezember #adventmitherz S e l b s t l i e b e . Für mich ein mega schwieriges Wort. Was bedeutet es, sich selbst zu lieben, ohne eingebildet zu werden? Was bedeutet es sich selbst schön zu finden, ohne andere abzuwerten? Wie kann man sich selbst so nehmen wie man ist? Wie kann man sich selbst schön und wertvoll finden, ohne unerheblich zu klingen? Ich glaube es hat viel damit zu tun, zu wissen wer man ist, was einen ausmacht und auch warum man so ist wie man ist. Ich selbst würde mich nie mit den Worten wunderschön oder intelligent beschreiben. Aber warum eigentlich? Ja, ich hab meine Phasen, in denen ich mich wohl fühle. Zeiten, in denen ich in den Spiegel gucke und denke "ja, gar nicht so schlecht". Aber leider kommt es viel zu oft vor, dass ich in den Spiegel gucke und mich nicht schön finde. Seit ich z.B. letzte Woche beim Friseur war, mag ich meine Haar nicht mehr. Sie sind zu kurz, komisch gestuft, fallen ganz anders als sonst, sind irgendwie doof und nerven mich.. Aber ändern meine Haare etwas an dem wie wertvoll und geliebt ich bin? Lieben mich Gott, mein Mann, meine Familie und meine Freunde jetzt weniger? Nein. Nur ich mache mir Gedanken, rede mir selbst ein, dass ich nicht mehr schön bin und liebe mich selbst ein Stückchen weniger. Und genau da liegt das Problem: Ich bin so kritisch gegenüber mir selbst, dass ich meinen Ansprüchen nie gerecht werden kann. Ich finde immer einen Fehler. Aber wem will glauben? Mir selbst, die immer etwas fehlerhaftes und unschönes findet? Oder glaube ich an die Zusagen Gottes, der mich so geschaffen hat, wie ER es wollte, der mich über Alles liebt und mir Wert gibt. Glaube ich meinem Mann, der mich immer noch liebt, trotz kürzerer Haare. Der ein Ja für mich hat, egal in welcher emotionalen Tief- oder Hochphase ich mich befinde. Und glaube ich meiner Familie und Freunden, die mit mir Zeit verbringen und mich schätzen für die, die ich bin. Wem glaubst du?
Blogger Collaboration 〰️ For #SopranoClothing @nordstrom @bloomingdales Blogger: @shhtephs
Confession: I’ve never really liked to smile with teeth. First, I had very crooked teeth as a kid, then braces for a spell, then a notion that smiling with teeth made my face appear very broad. I’ve only recently come around to it, just a little.
- 13th of December - ”In places unreached by sun, the shadows brood Into our dark house she comes, bearing lighted candles, Saint Lucia.” . This is exactly what my future love will wake up to every year on December the 13th. The rest of the year I will wear a crown only visible to him, as a reminder on how to treat me. . . . . . #tv_lifestyle #americanstyle #nordicliving #nothingisordinary #swedish #peoplescreatives #nordicinspiration #thatsdarling #hejöstergötland #thosemoments #luxurylifestyle #jul2018 #simplethingsmadebeautiful #alliseeispretty #instastyle #verilymoment #photographerlifestyle #tv_simplicity #lucia #sanktalucia #lightcrown #swedishgirl #selfiewank #theblondesalad #swedish #selfportrait #selfieshot #selflove #advancedselfie #brunette
Christmas Memories 🎄✨ Ricordi d’infanzia: mi ero innamorata di quest’orso da Hamleys durante un viaggio a Londra con i miei e nel volo di ritorno lo portai tutto il tempo in braccio. Rimane tutt’ora uno dei miei preferiti!! 🌟🌟🌟🐻 #gioiedinatale #diventiamopiccoli ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #tea #teatime #teaandseasons #teapro #thehub_candle #naughtyteas #mywhitetable #creativityinmybreakfast #agameoftones #aquietstyle #seekthesimplicity #stylingtheseasons #cozy #hygge #verilymoment #myeverdaymagic #scandinavianhome #savouringhappiness #breakfast #colazione #creative_flatlays #flatlay #embraceeverydayjoyfully #christmasdecor #flatlaytoday #thatsdarling #cupsinframe #tv_living
Just some WalMartian Wives (+ Claude in a traditional kurta, looking dapper if not a little cheeky). #merrymerry
If ever a photo was destined fo a caption competition this or is..... I think it should be called #kingofthehill Taken by the team at @edwinsford_estate I just had to share it with you. Edwinsford Estate is located here in West Wales and provides amazing shooting and fishing (and their team take great photos) in the beautiful landscape of the Cothi valley not far from the beautiful town of Llandeilo.
Loving and wanting all the plants @wildmilano 💚 Dear Santa, hope you have received my messages 🌿
Poli : Bir adet #tbt . Nights of Siena ya da Knights of Siena da olabilir 😂 Bu resimi çektiğimiz zaman elimizde şişe sokak sokak geziyorduk. Amaç bir yere varmak ya da bir yerden dönmek miydi emin değilim. Ama o zamanlar böyle şeyler onemli değildi zaten. “An” vardı. Hiç abartmıyorum resme bakarken burnuma kırmızı şarabın kokusu geldi. #italy #siena #toscana #wine #friends #erasmus #travel #verilymoment #postitfortheaesthetics #seeksimplicity #italia #toscany #blogger #clutchnbackpack #esn
Sometimes miracles are good people with kind hearts that God sends your way 💕 Congrats again #ovansteph #grateful
⚫️⚪️⚫️ // grab life by the balls
Buongiorno amici! Post insolito del giovedì, ma ormai si sa che non mi piace la routine 😅! Questo è un vecchio scatto che ricordo molto bene di aver intitolato così: occhio di bue che viaggia in una galassia di stelle 🌟🍳! Oggi ho bisogno di leggerezza, di liberarmi da ogni peso e di sentirmi un po’ come quest’uovo! Ogni guscio che creiamo intorno a noi, metaforico o reale che sia,ha le sue fragilità, le sue crepe, le sue ammaccature. Mai avere paura di affrontarle e di uscire allo scoperto! Bisogna trovare a volte il coraggio di romperlo questo “guscio”!In fondo questo uovo anche senza è radioso e farà tanta strada...lui vedrà le stelle e come lui oggi ci spero anche io! Buon cibo 🧡 #goodmorning #breakfast #colazione #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #flatlays #onmytable #onthetable #realsimple #lifeandthyme #tv_living #globyfood #still_life_gallery #ifpgallery #verilymoment #healthyrecipes #foodstyling #foodblogger #delicious #yummy #yummyfood #foodphotography #mypassion #tastingtable #food4thought #foodblogfeed #foodie #f52grams #lovefood #top_food_of_instagram
Red is the color of Christmas
The cycle of rudeness and hierarchy should be brought to awareness.
On the 12th day of Christmas my mommy sang to me, happy half birthday my little sweet pea 🎉🥰 #6monthsold
Gimme a lick!! 😍👅🍨
don’t forget to sparkle ✨ #facebookholiday • • • 📸: @jberesford
I have always been a winter person, especially because my birthday is in January... but these days kind of make me miss the summer \\.
In the most wonderful time of the year, Rudolph received his Christmas gift too 🎄 I got Christmas flowers from my Secret Santa, @BloomThis 🌹 . Rudolph is happy. Rudolph decide to give you a promo code “MKT-XMASHJ” to enjoy 10% off all flowers from the @bloomthis Christmas Collection. Check out their website for more Christmas flowers & gifts that will warm your heart 💖 . #bloomthis #creatingmoments
Що робить дом затишним? Я думаю, що тут питання не тільки в якійсь одній речі, а в загальному підході, поєднанні великої кількості дрібничок, які змушують тебе посміхатись та відчувати себе захищено та затишно.
Best part about ice drinks during the winter? They don’t condensate.
. Revisited my college city and found myself alien. Gone too far in growing free and young #inspirit
My boyfriend was shocked to know that I sometimes write down things he says to me. Is that weird? Tbh I only jot down the stuff I really like. I enjoy looking back at it as random notes never written to me. One time, back when we first started seeing each other, Miguel said to me, “we’re not in love but I’ll make love to you” and only because I looked back at it, I realized this guy was just saying Frank Ocean lyrics to me lmao ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Just write everything down, people. ————————————— ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ * ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ * ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ * ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ * ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ * #theeverygirl #blogger #thatsdarling #yourvisiongallery #portraitmood #documentyourdays #petitejoys #ig_shotz #gramslayers #feelfreefeed #createyourhappy #verilymoment #howyouglow #liveauthentic #lifestyle #photographylovers #portraitvision #visualsgang #instagood #pursuepretty #postthepeople #chooselovely #nothingisordinary #visualcrush #agameofportraits #ofhumans #inspiremyinstagram #thehappynow #aquietstyle #shotzdelight
‘c h a r m i n g’ 🎲 vintage 1970’s Las Vegas slot machine bracelet 🎰 tap on pic to purchase 🛒 Are you #inTHERAPI ? #charmbracelet
"There is great virtue in practising patience in small things until the habit of Advent returns to us." | Caryll Houselander, Reed of God . . How are you growing in the “habit of Advent”?
Tonight we went to look at Christmas lights and over the weekend we went to ride the holiday train. We were frozennnn but I L•O•V•E making these memories with my kids. What are some of your favorite memories you have as a child around Christmas?
"Why does the chilling winter's morn smile, like a field beset with corn? Or smell like a meadow newly-shorn, thus, on the sudden Come and see the cause, why things thus fragrant be: 'Tis He is born, whose quickening birth gives life and luster, public mirth, to heaven, and the under-earth." 🖤 |What Sweeter Music| 🖤 I love some of these beautiful, old carols😍 🖤 I started this little picture weeks ago and couldn't think of how to finish it so yesterday I added the big tree beside the house and it finally looked finished to me😂 . . . . #morningslikethese #coldfrostymorning #wintermorning #chillycold #stonehouses #stonecottage #sunrise #wintersunrise #sunrisepainting #peoplecreatives #artistry #artworks #watercolorpainting #watercoloring #watercolorist #artsy #pink #nothingisordinary #verilymoment #homesweethome #art #decor #design #originalartwork #painter #painteveryday #painting
I'm bemused; why do my chilli flakes look like crushed peppercorn in this photo? Anyway, we ran out of gas last night (while I was cooking!) so today's breakfast has got to be stove-free. Hard boiled egg using kettle (heh) and @thejawkisser peanut butter drizzle on smashed #avotoast . Now why don't people send gas at night, sigh! 😅 #YAZeats
Redamancy - noun: The act of loving in return. (It's the little details I particularly love about this one⌚✨)
When you get your #locks tamed you take a photo, right? Photo + hair by @hairbymikaelavoisey
Last one before finals studying begins....
[In the future, when I think back, 2018-2019 winter memories will smell like these two. #scentmemories ]
Привет, драгоценная!⠀ ⠀⠀ Наверняка у тебя уже есть планы на новогоднюю ночь?⠀ Или ты еще выбираешь с кем провести этот прекрасный праздник?💃⠀ ⠀⠀ Ведь вариантов может быть так много:⠀ 🐾Провести праздник в кругу любимой семьи, под "Иронию судьбы" нарезать салаты и смотреть новогоднее обращение⠀ 🐾Отправиться с друзьями в загородный дом, взрывать салюты, петь в караоке и купаться в бассейне в шляпе Ковбоя⠀ 🐾Посетить вечеринку с подружками и танцевать до самого утра в лучах софитов и блестках⠀ 🐾Провести ночь наедине с собой и без устали загадывать желания⠀ 🐾Вдвоем с любимым устроить романтический ужин, говорить друг другу важные слова и обниматься⠀ ⠀⠀ Поставь в комментариях цифру того варианта, который тебе ближе, так интересно о чем ты мечтаешь ✨⠀ ⠀⠀ Ну а чтобы ты не выбрала, всегда помни, что у нас есть платья для любого события и мы с радостью подберем необходимое! 🙋⠀ ⠀⠀ 👗Платье на фото: Аквамарин с пайетками (голубое)⠀ Аренда: 3200 руб⠀ ⠀⠀ 📍Ждем на Хохрякова, 72, офис 403 — всего 4 минуты от Гринвича.⠀ ⏰Работаем с понедельника по субботу с 12 до 20 часов, в воскресенье с 12 до 18 часов.⠀ ☎ +7 992 012 75 74 звони или пиши Whatsapp.⠀ ⠀⠀ Photo: @eremina_foto ⠀ Model: @zarinammx @valeria_zykova ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀_________⠀ ⠀⠀ ekbgram #ekbface #ekbgorod #ekb_selfie #екбплатья #одеждаекб #фотографекб #фотоденьекб #выпускнойекб #verilymoment #feelfreefeed
Squaw Valley, CA hosted the entire 1960 Winter Olympics ⛷🎿 🏅
A candid vignette of a perfect day spent — six months ago — strolling the streets of Asheville with my husband + a very tiny newborn Charlie for my 31st birthday. We ate, drank, laughed, held hands, kissed, and enjoyed the day as a new family of three. I’ll never get over those simple moments of simply being with the ones I love. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s to slowing down and enjoying simple moments with those we love gathered near, this season + always ✨
H E L L O👋🏻
Beautiful 🌲 🌲. ——-/. . . #december #pinecone #mystyle
new day... eventually in a flood of warm butter light.
Let’s get lost 🍂
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