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Studio wall
The Member Berry
If you are really quiet and pay attention you may feel the spirit of the place.
Stay warm and cozy this season with @thetespa tea and other goodies! I know y’all need some new hot tea to sip on. 🍵 I absolutely love every flavor I’ve had from them and it was beautiful to work with a brand whose mission I support wholeheartedly. “Alexis hopes to inspire the world with her creativity that resides in the beauty of TéSpa and continue to blend her talents into healthy multipurpose products that will bring you closer to being healthy and kind.” 🌾 // • Shot for: @thetespa Model: @krisnevaeh MUA: @aching_artist
ME vs Everybody 🤷🏻‍♂️
OG Kush Breath
Bucket List climb 🧗🏻‍♀️ for @felipeospinachi and I (with his Papa) in Colombia! Our cabin (no WiFi the entire time 🙌🏻) was about 0.5 miles away from El Peñol 🏞...the 2nd tallest rock in the world. 700 steps to the top. You can see my reaction when told this the 6th pic in. Regardless, we are proud to proclaim we will have jello legs for the next few days 🤕💪🏼 #elPAIN -ol
Cookie Pebbles
Purple Chemdawg
About a year ago / / Need a nice little beach vacation again ASAP 🌞
bernini's final chapter
This is my neighbor, Lee. When Jess and I moved from the GTA to Ridgeway (Ontario), I didn’t know a soul here (aside from her family). Lee almost immediately showed up with beers in hand, welcoming us with open arms. What a dude! This guy works his ass off to provide an awesome life for his family, running a mill (in an undisclosed location) and a carpentry shop back here in Ridgeway. Lee chops down big ass trees and turns em into something beautiful for people to enjoy forever, and I think that’s pretty cool. Anyways, check out some of his adventures at @cowboylee337 and if you’re in the Ontario area, keep this cat in mind when you’re looking anything made ‘o trees.
Me as my spirit animal looking towards my future in the sky. Jk birds low key scare me since we had a goose when I was a kid. Goose bit me in the ass and it’s one of the few memories I have as a kid at age 5. Happy Friday everyone lol
Mendo Breath
Woman in marketplace
playing.tourist.in.my.backyard. #singapore #esplanadepark #waterfront
Street 🚕🇭🇺⛪️🚶‍♂️ - #Etinnnin 🇭🇺 #Budapest
Pops of green at our Robe Street project make for a unique external colour palette! 📸 @christopherfrederickjones
Kimbo Kush
What do you think they are talking about?
Our Wendell Street project is a fun new teenagers retreat addition to this existing home. The retreat has green walls surrounding a central courtyard and inside is a feature black spiral staircase!
A day in the life of an Angeleno
#ThisIsUDesign "No matter if you are interested in collaborating with us on your next design project or just want to talk to someone, feel free to slide into our DM here or on Facebook (link in bio). Else if you are interested to become one of our designers, hit us up with your Portfolio and your best pick up line at uoftdesignclub@gmail.com 😉. I will probably be the one to reply, so looking forward to talking to you soon!" -Egan Human Resources Favourite Font: Helvetica Neue
Cabin view 180m above La Defense.
Drive thru vibe...thru.
City of Angels.
Our recent trip to Morocco brought us to the very windy coastal town of Essaouira. Lots of beautiful history in this small city and has even received a little camera time on GOT as well as being the inspiration for Hitchcock’s The Birds...not hard to see why. (Also featured, Umia restaurant and a very sleepy cat).
Quite different bath experience from Asian one♨😯 - #Etinnnin 🇭🇺 #Budapest
What a sight! I love view! || #48days till I fly to D.C to see this peahead 😻
Can’t even tell a dirty joke in there.
📸🖤 #polaroid
Cake & Milk Tea. ☕️ - Watercolour on Watercolour Paper. - Inspired by @erin_colour ’s milk tea addiction. To my self proclaimed favourite student who wanna get in to SOTA just cause got Starbucks near it! All the best for your exams. 💕 - I really wished I was this hardworking when I was at NAFA! But then again, we all have different Seasons in life. Life must always be progressive! Jianyao Lăoshī, I hope I made you proud as much as my students are making me really proud right now! Cultivate your craft, Hone your skills and utilise the talent you have, because learning never stops and that practice makes perfect! 👩🏻‍🎨 . . . . . . . #VisualsOfLife #VisualGang #VisualFeed #ArtOfVisuals #CreateToExplore #TheVisualCreator #ExploreMore #PeoplesCreative #PhotoCollective #Essentials #ExploreSingapore #ExploreToCreate #VisualArchitect #VisualCreators #UnderratedGrammers #WorldOfArtist #Painting #GameOfTones #PostThePeople #Inktober #MakePortraits #Minimalist #Aesthetics #LifeWellCurated #StayInspired #EymardLaeArt #Watercolor #Art #Cakes #ArtByEymardLae
Evening Mood 🍁🦆🇨🇦
Boy Pablo wannabe
Vegan essentials with @nextjencreative
You can keep me warm on a cold night
Flashing back to our Luke Street project where contrasting colours complement each other. 📸 @christopherfrederickjones
I’m going to be stepping outside of my comfort zone and I’ll be sharing a lot more photography that’s true to what I see as a photographer and less of what I think the instagram community wants to see. Basically I’m going to share for myself and less for the likes with hopes of defining my visual signature and focus less on the editing process to make up for a mediocre photo which myself and so many other instagram photographers are stuck doing. Thanks for the inspiration @stephenvanasco • • • #agameoftones #way2ill #heatercentral #illgrammers #visualarchitect #moodygrams #createcommune #streetxstory #hsallstars #thecreatorclass #streetcollectors #killeverygram #goldenvisuals #allmediumsaccepted #shootermag #shoot2kill #streetdreamsmag #streetprowlers #createandexplore #followforfollow #ig_masterpiece #artofvisuals #justgoshoot #streetphotography #triggerfeature #urbanandstreet #visualgang #portraitpage #portraitmode
Took these photos a while back, todays series is of any old day in Los Angeles and how beautiful it can be just taking a walk in downtown. You find can capture some good moments and scenes just by watching your surroundings
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