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|| the wind was nipping at her nose, her hands were numb, but she still had time to smile ||
Today is World Kindness Day. So share a smile. And maybe put on a cute tiny hat. Yeah. A tiny hat. But mainly - be kind.
nothing is better than custom, and @olfactorynyc helped me create my own custom fragrance that i’m OBSESSED with. this was the most fun experience i’ve had in a long time. shop my fragrance in my story and get 20% off with the code sarah20 🙀
I trade these for coffee
La noche es atrevida y pretenciosa. La noche tiene tanto para dar y pide firmemente caprichosa que no faltes un día a clase ni por enfermedad. La noche no es una señorita, es una señora y hay que saber tratarla a la noche como tal. La noche es el día a la sombra que busca y te nombra como un tango fatal. A.C. #canon #canonistasarg #paisajeurbano #photooftheday #travel #viajar #visualcreators #landscape #landscapephotography #nuevacordoba #instadaily #nightlights #nightphotography #nightlife
All of the lights💡📸✨
Lovely autumn views from school 💛
my crafty home decor take on the classic LOTR quote. **but like, what if they never entered the mountains? If the passphrase didn’t work and so they turned around and took another path… think of all the heartache and time they would’ve saved! BUT then we wouldn’t have heard of the sweet sweet backstory that is Dwarves x Elves and the Gimli X Legolas fan fiction that would arise… anyway. let the LOTR love ring loud and true. you have my bow. and my axe.
Esto no es para desahogarme...
🌫clouds on the horizon🌫
"Me he sacado a bailar, porque a veces hay que elegirse a uno mismo" #elvirasastre
Dare | 📷 @ghostfacekizzy
vandal 🚫
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