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• I'm not saying that everyone should swim with sharks, but sometimes you have to jump over your own shadow in order to learn something that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Then you know you can conquer your fears • . . . . . . . #thesmart_igers #streetmobs #illgramers #lokallense #yngkillersnk #liveshotvisual #cunbruh #walkertectics #igfeedsmenarik_ #thecreatorlab #steelwolfcity #NSE_sight #leagueoflenses #watchthisinstagood #vscocam_my #visualambassadors #Vsco #visualarchitects #streetprowlers #visualifstreet #shoot2kill #underrated_shots #all_shot #createexplore #mobilegraphymy #mobilegraphy_xv
Trenerka fitnesa sreča uličnega glasbenika. Sreča je nalezljiva. 🙂 Fitness trainer meets street artist. Happiness is contagious. 😁 Video: @magicfitcouple
Katera stran? ——————————— Which side? Photo: @denissimcic Curated: @valentina_plahuta
There is nothing like black and white photographic soul searching. Do you like Ljubljana in B&W? ————————————- Težko je s čemerkoli primerjati črno-belo fotografsko iskanje duše. Vam je všeč Ljubljana v Č&B? Photo: @salvatore_tuzzo Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
Vzporedno vesolje. ————————— Parallel universe. Photo: @phos_grafe Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
People survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become extraordinary because of it. 🚦🚞
The melody of street. Do you give street musicians a coin? Photo: @rims_life Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
I paint flowers so they will not die. (Frida Kahlo) Photo: @boleks_photography Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
Museum platform at Metelkova street offers a perfect ground for a photo with beautiful composition. Photo: @dasascuka Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
Ljubljana has quite a lot of modernist and brutalist architecture from its socialist era. What are your feelings about it? Photo: @funkyspion Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
It is the most famous Ljubljana street but I needed a few seconds to recognize it in this picture. What about you? Photo: @pirja.93 Curated: @valentina_plahuta
::: the bird and the golden hour (that could be the name of the movie 🎥 ;) | this is ljubljana, slovenia . Photo: @funkyspion Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
What do you think - Does Ljubljana resemble Mediterranean cities? 🙃 Photo: @mrtomlouis Curated: @valentina_plahuta @denissimcic @ljubljanapride
May I serve you a drink? Photo: @robertnunkovic Curated: @denissimcic @valentina_plahuta
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