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Seems can’t get enough of this Head and Shoulders shampoo & condotioner! It makes my hair smells good, smooth and also cleanse my scalp! You have to try it, and I’m sure you will stocking up on it like I do ;) Pick it up now at your local @shoppersdrugmartofficial #peersilky #HSLoveYourScalp #MyOwnOpinion #Ad . @headshouldersusa @shoppersdrugmartofficial @peersway
Happy birthday to my brother, Caleb Banks. One of the greatest inspirations to my life. 🕵️🏼‍♂️
I don’t always the count the money but I always count on me
Another Weekend in the Books
Blasting them fools.
Внизу под ногами может быть всё, что угодно. Всё зависит лишь от выбранного ракурса. #djimavicpro #droneshots #visualkillers #visualkiev #s1mple_shots #killershots #streetshooter
Doesn't need something to prove
Of the 2000 villagers living on Mabul, half of them are children under 14.
อีกสักกี่ครั้ง #เพาะจ ุง 👫❤
Best coffee in Bandung.
Ура! Сегодня в Москве начинается фестиваль мороженого 🙈. 31 площадка 100%-го удовольствия!
Dog life is the good life
Fading evening light at the shop, closing last night
One of our flash exhibition finalists 📸 @_vincelam
Oh happy day ! 💙💚
Всем привет! Хороших выходных ☀️ ⠀ Обещают нереально жаркий день в Москве и грозы ⛈ жара в Москве - это не для слабых... хочется сидеть под кондиционером и пить холодный кофе. ⠀ Жара в больших городах - это всегда тяжёлое время. На курорте мы готовы терпеть и +40, а в Москве в +30 не можем дышать. Я понимаю, разная экология, много машин и бетона... в моем родном городе летом бывает и +40 в тени 😝 и я спокойно раньше там жила^^ ⠀ А как вы относитесь к жаре? Что любите больше прохладное лето или жаркое лето? ❤️ ⠀
So my cuz mark took some shots of me turned out good. Managed to get my hand stuck in my hair though. Also I have no excuse for squinting.
not a coliseum, an arena
Summer is here people!!! It’s time to flaunt your beautiful, flaky, oil-free hair!! For me it take such a hard time to find the suitable shampoo and conditioner that taking care of my hair deep into the scalps. Especially when I produce more oil because of the heat 😨 Now, I found @headshouldersusa Smooth and silky shampoo and conditioner, It’s so good, and I can’t stop smelling and playing with my hair !! It cleanse my scalp, and made my hair soooo smooth! If you want to have the same experience like me, do head on over to your local @shoppersdrugmartofficial and pick up Smooth & Silky @headshouldersusa shampoo and conditioner for yourself. #HSLoveYourScalp #MyOwnOpinion #peersilky #Ad . @shoppersdrugmartofficial and @peersway
A 🔹
I ain't switch up I just stop letting people disrespect me, i stop allowing people to take advantage of my good nature, I sat back and said I want it to change. I fuxk wit only a few cats n y'all kno who y'all is n I definitely appreciate y'all please don't change that energy 🙌🏾✨ • •¥ • •¥ • •¥ • #agameoftones #sony #minolta #visualkillers #artofvisuals #visualkillers #tonekillers #way2ill #visualsoflife #eclectic_shotz #depthobsessed #tones #createexploretakeover #icapture_nyc #mobilemag #fatalframes #ig_masterpiece #shoot2kiIll #moodygrams #truth #moodyport
Strictly business👔 . . #brusselslife #lookupclub #skyscrapers
"Untung kita jadi ke Bandung" adalah kata2 yang tercetus setelah kita berhasil merealisasikan tamasya bersama emak2 kita di penghujung libur lebaran kemarin (tgl 19-20) setelah galau2 pergi apa ga karena takut macet. Tapi karena nekad capcus jadilah dalam 1 hari itin, booking hotel, dan sewa supir. Kita emg gt anakny efektif dan efisien (sok jiwa teknik industri 😅) Lusanya langsung cus. Emg klo ada tekad dan nekad itu pasti jadi 🤣. Untung banget pulang dan pergi lancar. Yey! Next kita kemana lagi? 😏
• That time I visited the @louvreabudhabi
Вы были воздух, звенела атмосфера, Вы были в чёрном, а мне казалось, в белом...
While driving in Ha Giang, this woman waved me down yelling "bye bye bye" at me until I stopped. I couldn't make out what she wanted. She just ran towards me and then threw the foot pegs on my bike down and hopped on. We laughed all the way up the hill where I dropped her off at a house. A bunch of children came running out. A man. A young woman. Her family. Then we took this photo, and here I am looking much happier than I currently feel. As people, we all walk around with a myriad of emotions in our heads every day. Each of us feels shame, insecurity, worthlessness, anxiety and rejection. Every single day. And we attach even more shame to those feelings, and we keep them bottled up because we don't want anyone to see it. Even us, we don't want anything to do with it so why would anyone else want to hear it? You feelin' me? When you speak those thoughts out into the world, you begin to lose the shame you've attached to them. You drop them like stones in your pocket, falling out through a hole in the seam. The shame falls away. You feel more free. This is what being a sharer (some would say oversharer but I don't believe in that sentiment lol) has done for me. It's made me feel lighter. I've dropped all the stones. But I've got some right now: a whole pocket of them. They're heavy on me and I feel all the shame of insecurity and rejection because of it. And I know what I've got to do to lighten my load, so I can walk freely throughout my day. I've gotta give those feelings their freedom. Put them out into the world. Give them away. They're not mine anymore. I know that but I'm still scared of it. But usually for me, the stones find their way out one way or another. And I wonder how this woman feels the same weight in her pocket. I hope she doesn't. I hope she throws them to the ground with as much ease as she jumps on a foreigner's bike for a ride up a mountain.
Sunsets in Morro .
Photography is the beauty of live captured 📸
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