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What we've talked until now has already written on the sky.
Should I ski or snowboard?! • Leave me an emoji! —>⛷🏂 • We have a trip planned to hit the Canada slopes next year and I honestly can’t decide between the two! • Even though I nearly died snowboarding and face planted numerous times, I grew fond of snowboarding towards the end. • Skiing looks safer and “easier” but I haven’t tried it. Lol so who knows! • . . . . . . . . . #wanderlust #stayandwander #coloradoslopes #ourplanetdaily #scenicview #roamtheplanet #visualsoflife #travelbug #travelgram #passportready #travelphotography #mytravelgram #instago #latinablogger #latinafashionblogger #mexicanblogger #houstonlatinabloggers #bloggermexicana #latinas #moodyports #pursuitofportraits #visualscollective #snowboarder #snowboarding #fashionblogger #houstonblogger #houstonfashionblogger #houstonmodels #houstoninfluencer #keystone
Never had soo much of a great experience capturing during sunsets. Started getting moody as the time passed.
alone or not. you gotta walk forward.
. 🌿 "and in australia they have wild dogs running around on beaches." some things in this world you will only believe when you see them with your own eyes. other things you will only understand to its core when you have seen them with your own eyes. 🗺 Australia, 2016 . . @awesome_photographers @photozine @ourmomentum #visualscollective #nextstopnature #Nature #thewanderco #poetryofinstagram #theearthoutdoors #mindfultravel #wekeepmoments #collectmoments #experiencetheworld #beautifuldestinations #iamatraveler #photozine #artofvisuals #roamtheplanet #fuerglobi #neuehorizonte #exploreobserveshare #visualsoflife #igmasters #gominimalmag #createexplore #dreamermagazine #ourmomentum
My favorite hike I did this summer.. For two full days we were away from the real world, lost in our little dreamland up in the mountains. No service, no people around for miles and no worries. I remember getting here, taking off my pack and smiling to myself for a good minute. To call a place like this home for a night.. Was a dream. We danced, we ran around, we sang at the top of our lungs, we cried and we laughed until we had tears streaming down our face. You see, yes it’s about the beautiful views we get to witness when we’re out here. But the memories created, when it’s just you, your best friend and the whole world to yourself. It’s a different kind of feeling..
Almost all frozen up! Who’s excited for the river trail?
"Silver and Gold" . Simplicity for today. . @matejsilecky .
Today I am grateful for: My two tired legs, even if they are slow sometimes. My breath, even when I struggle to control it. My heartbeat, even when it strains and feels as if it’s about to burst out of my chest. I’ve spent the majority of my life criticizing the appearance of my body. Too big, too flat, too fat, etc., but whenever I step foot outdoors; whenever I’m hiking and sweating and out of breath and my legs are on fire from the incline, I am so grateful for my body that carries me up to mountain views like this one. I woke up at 5am this morning feeling tired and nearly convinced myself to stay in bed, but it’s a beautiful day today, and I knew that what I needed to do most was hike up to the skyline summit as a way to celebrate what my beautiful body is capable of and to celebrate the beautifully finite gift that is my life. I hope you all get to celebrate that as well today ✨ Sending you all much love ❤️
Little Louise conquering her own tiny mountain. 😄💪🏼❤️🍁⛰🏞🍂🏔
Autumn Mood 🍂little bit depressive, but we love this weather and colors📷☁️ • • Tohle počasí je sice trochu depresivní, ale stejně to má něco do sebe! A ta mlha, vzduch a podzimní barvy 🖤📷🍂#fotimecesko #czechroamers #fotime • • #morning #love #morningfog #photography #igerscz #mountainstones #photooftheday #folkscenery #czechblogger #travelblogger #earthpix #exploretheworld #rsa_outdoors #beautifuldestinations #stayandwander #discoverearth #wonderlustcollective #roamtheplanet #wildernessculture #travelstoke #visualscollective 
📷#sonyalpha #sonya6000
Stepping into a snow globe scene, finding the whole world shaken into a magical flurry of white. ❄️❄️❄️ . Would you want to watch from the Ranger Station porch with a cup of cocoa or hot cider? 🤗 #findyourpark #pnwonderland
Back at work this week... if only the ocean was a short drive away.
Moraine Lake always knows how to put on a show
Ladná baletka Roberta. Má tolik talentu. Snad zase někdy :-)
Taking in the sun and all the golden 🍁 as it all will soon disappear and be covered in white ❄️
This cutie loved crawling around and he is now running around! We have had training in photography. We are able to adjust settings on-the-fly so that we don’t miss a photo of your sweet loved ones!
These guys are just 🔥🔥🔥!! It was our first time collabing with veteran and tattoo collector @timjonesofficial thanks to @italialikethecountry. We had done a session with her prior to this in my attempt to try doing some lifestyle portraiture. It was awesome working with someone so talented! BTW, she is also a hairdress so hit her up if you need a makeover! ☺️ They both did a great job in modeling as a couple, you can’t even tell they had just met in person that day! 😎
Aren’t these fantastic? Especially the coordinating pedicure. Head to toe #glam 🔥🔥🔥#shoestagram #shoesaddict #shoeslovers
Congratulations to @pyermoss for winning the 2018 CFDA Fashion Fund prize! I had the pleasure of photographing his runway show a couple of years ago and I loved all the looks and the models backstage. #tearsheet
One of my favorite things about covering high end #fashion events? It’s all the SHOOOOES!!! #shoestagram #shoesaddict #shoeslovers
Regardless what life throws at you, remember to always smile. 📸:me 👩‍💼: @adri_adrita
I’ve got a dinner on Saturday night and I’d like a new jacket. Might go for a green, velvet number or a chocolate brown. Maybe mustard. Who knows. ———— #autumn #autumntrees #forest #forestwalks #peaks #peakdistrictcollective #thepeakdistrict #peakscollective #greatoutdoors #visualscollective
One of three onsens (natural hot springs) hidden away in the Iya Valley in the Shikoku Mountains of Japan 🇯🇵✨
Things that make me 😍 then 😭: flippy outtie hairs above her ears #stopdontstop
___________ میدونی، مشکل خود مشکل نیست. مشکل نحوه برخورد ما با مشکله . . . .
Glacier National Park is a wonder. Right as @kyle.mileski and I hiked into Avalanche Lake, we saw the weather starting to turn. We had a clear view of the mountain at first, but by the time I got my camera out and ready to shoot the clouds had walled us in. Nevertheless, the view was spectacular!
🎼 🎤 Look on up, to the sky 🎶
SD this morning feels like ❄️
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You are perfect 😍
Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt💚
Fujifilm X-T20 Objective XF 18-55mm #fujifilm #fujifollowme #gobe
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