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Not sure why I like this one. It’s plain and calming.
Today is “Hump Day” and I want you all to think - what exactly has your week looked like and are you happy that you’re only halfway through it? Are you doing what you love? Are you inspired? Or are you clocking in as you mentally clock out? We only have three months left of this year, so make sure that you can look back and say “I did something in 2018 for ME”. People will judge you anyway, you might as well enjoy your journey!! So, GO! Get that tattoo! Ask that person out! Book a van and travel around Australia! What passion project are you going to start today?? • • • • • Photo by @australia #justliveyourlife #peoplejudgeanyway #justdoit #takeachance #behappy #createyourhappy #creativehappylife #calledtobecreative #communityovercompetition #thepursuitofjoyproject #flowergram #blooooms #inspiredbypetals #theuniversehasyourback #manifestyourdreams #healthymindset #lawofattraction #positiveintentions #soulminimalist #visualscollective #abundancemindset #personalgrowth #thinkhappythoughts
Today was my mom’s birthday and she’s probably the cutest 🗻
This city has charm
Missing this a lot rn
Sunset hike in Hatcher pass a few weeks ago. Excited to do another one tomorrow! 👯‍♀️
Shadows cast by the dunes highlight a single sea bird searching for dinner before night fall.
Approaching nutrition can be like staring into a thick fog. You know where you want to get, but what path do you take to get there. Did you know there is a type of tick, that if it bites you, you can develop an allergy to red meat? In contrast as we age we become more sensitive and less able to absorb some carbohydrates. Not to mention when pregnant, some womens needs for iron can nearly triple! What am I saying here? Quit pretending like there is a single magical diet that is the key to health for everyone. Your very own dietary needs can change overnight. Figure out what works for you, right now, but keep in mind that may not be a forever option. When sharing dietary information be mindful that not everyone is in the same boat as you, and what works for you may not for them. If you're struggling with your diet, when choosing to work with a nutritional practionsioner, councilor or coach make sure you pick someone who understands this. If it sounds like they're holding the golden goose before they've even asked any questions. Shop elsewhere. In general whether you're vegan, vegetarian, you eat meat, or you hangout somewhere in the middle, try to eat less processed and refined foods, eat more leafy greens, eat slower, and learn to enjoy your food!
Took the new whip on her first big adventure this past weekend - Cariboo 🤙🏽🍂
🚂 rides to the UWS 📍
It’s okay to be lost, honestly. There is no perfect “path” that we’re supposed to follow. I think it’s so important to understand that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, and that we will get to where we want when we are ready. The ability to be patient and love the passing moments regardless of the situation will always bring us happiness. — this is my good friend Joe back when we were about an hour away from the nearest town in the middle of the Rainier wilderness embracing nature. Being detached from comfort, convenience, and the quite honestly, the internet, can be overwhelming. But it feels ridiculously relieving when you just allow yourself be okay without those attatchments.💧🌲🗻
Travel snaps in Morocco from the always talented #racquetstudio fam member @the_roberto_gallery. Just right 🎞🤙
This sunrise kicked off what may have been the best day of my entire life. Canada, you have my heart 💙
It’s always important to sit still. To soak in every twig that snaps, wind that rustles the trees, and still small voice that encourages you to go on...
Open opportunities.
Hooker Valley Track, as seen from above from one sketchy and icy trail. Had to sell my husband on this impromptu trail since it was so late in the day and trails were refreezing. But we were pretty stoked after we got a ways up the mountain. Then hauled down trail before the sun dropped.
Emang seru ya siaran? Jujur pertanyaan ini juga mengganjal 9 tahun lalu waktu nganter temen yang mau interview buat jadi penyiar di @kis951fm. Sampai di sana, ketemulah sama @johnnywhite.id yang kasih selembar naskah dan bilang "Gak mau coba sekalian, bro?" | "Yaudahlah nothing to lose", responku saat itu yang gak disangka jadi one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Jadi buat yang masih ragu mendaftar #GueAnakRadio , gimana kalau ternyata takdir kita serupa? Yuk gabung makanya, hari ini kesempatan terakhir lho! 🖖🏽✨
Volviendo una tarde del jardín con larita, ella me dice : - viste que lindas son las flores!!! 🌷 a mi me encantan, y yo te ayudo a regarlas a cambiarlas de maceta, vos me dejas jugar con la tierra y usar mis manos de palita. Esa charla me dejo pensando 💭 en la importancia que tenemos los adultos, en la transmisión de valores, de creencias, de intereses. Ellos son un fiel reflejo nuestro, después la vida se encarga de hacer modificaciones en la personalidad de cada uno. - que cualidades saco tu hijo de vos? ✨❤️
This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph one of the most incredible proposals I’ve ever seen with some of the most amazing vendors Nola has to offer. . @co_ho601 definitely set the bar high with this beautiful proposal. He not only left Brittany speechless, but the entire vendor team as well. Honestly, I think we were all a little teary eyed after this one 😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾. Huge thank you to all amazing vendors involved. . Concept/ Florals/ Lanterns: @blucidfloral Ballons: @ballonneworleans Videographer: @silverloopstudios Photograpgher: @silverloopstudios Artist: @jerinthejerk Singer: @clmusiq Vinyl Art: @keystoalldesigns
It was a ‘get sh*t done’ kind of day, and I loved it. I jammed out to Mac deMarco, edited, emailed, cleaned, planned, organized and ran errands! Nothing better than a productive day! 🙌🏼✨ ⠀⠀ Speaking of music, though, I am looking for some new artists to listen to! Let me know what you are loving right now - I need to update my playlist! Comment your recommendations below! 👇🏼👇🏼 ⠀⠀ || #visualscollective #pursuepretty #theeverygirl #darlingmovement #thatauthenthicfeeling #seekthesimplicity #aquietstyle #quietliving #slowliving #createinspring #intentionalliving #sustainableliving #colourthefeed #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #chooselovely #lovelysquares #momentsofmine #simpleandstill #makeyousmilestyle #nothingisordinary #theartofslowliving #choosejoy #embracingaslowerlife #explorescotland #scotlandhistory
Blue Views She @agus_villegas2
Cute af
I like me better when I’m with you 💫
Pine cones are her favorite sunrises are mine...it’s a win win
Thanks to TJ for always teaching me new things in photography. Happy birthday 🎈1️⃣
"Creativity is the symbol of a free mind" -- Unknown . During the day I work as a healthcare provider which allows me to take care of my patients whilst following all the regulated protocol, training and knowledge that the profession requires. While its a noble profession, it obviously doesn't allow any room for a lot of creativity. Being the creative soul that I am, I needed something that would allow my creative side to shine. Hence the channel wander blog; it's a space where I can escape my 9-5 box for a bit and get to create content I am truly enjoy creating. Its like the name (channel_wander) says, I get to channel that inner wander and wonder here. Hope you get to do the same, darlings. Stay weird, stay creative . . . #thatsdarling #darlingescapes #creativemind #creativesoul #doctorsofinstagram #passionpassport #sheisnotlost #mytinyatlas #thelittlethings #channelwanders #shaytravelsSD #dslooking #petitjoys #creativefolks #torontoigers #andotherstories #peoplescreatives #slowliving #visualscollective #creativeOD
Love fall camping weather and not dying from heat in the desert. I'm ready winter, bring on the snow 🙌
summer on my mind. #travelswithmerry
12.08.18 Eu amo os atores nas suas alucinantes variações de humor, nas suas crises de euforia ou depressão. Amo o ator no desespero de sua insegurança, quando ele, como viajor solitário, sem a bússola da fé ou da ideologia, é obrigado a vagar pelos labirintos de sua mente, procurando no seu mais secreto íntimo afinidades com as distorções de caráter que seu personagem tem. E amo muito mais o ator quando, depois de tantos martírios, surge no palco com segurança, emprestando seu corpo, sua voz, sua alma, sua sensibilidade para expor sem nenhuma reserva toda a fragilidade do ser humano reprimido, violentado. Eu amo o ator que se empresta inteiro para expor para a plateia os aleijões da alma humana, com a única finalidade de que seu público se compreenda, se fortaleça e caminhe no rumo de um mundo melhor que tem que ser construído pela harmonia e pelo amor. Eu amo os atores que sabem que a única recompensa que podem ter – não é o dinheiro, não são os aplausos – é a esperança de poder rir todos os risos e chorar todos os prantos. Eu amo os atores que sabem que no palco cada palavra e cada gesto são efêmeros e que nada registra nem documenta sua grandeza. Amo os atores e por eles amo o teatro.. Plínio Marcos #photograph #captura #model #goodvibe #me #moment #art #ootd #urbano #urban #pretty #broklyn #girl #beauty #amorpelafotografia #visualscollective #view #nofilter #igers #selfie #instagood #summer #instagramhub #instagram #fthere #follow4follow Foto por: @fabriziorodriguez_foto
Photobombed by a dragonfly. I was surprised to learn that the Everglades in Florida are not a swamp, but a slow-moving, very wide river. A good thing too, otherwise much of it would have been reclaimed by now. As it is, it is surprisingly beautiful, with vast views interspersed with small islands (trees full of vultures), lakes of lilies and leaf-hopping birds, knotty mangroves and other trees, and the occasional alligator. * * #getaway #wonderfulplaces #wanderlusting #adventurevibes #travelphotos #travelstagram #wanderluster #ig_colours #worldclassshots #tourtheplanet #natgeoadventure #awesome_photographers #visualscollective #earth_deluxe #earthexperience #openmyworld #thephotosociety #creative #focus #fun #popularpic #enjoy #instalikes #goexplore #folkscenery #hypebeast #createcommune #bestoftheday #all_shots
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