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sorry for being inactive this week i just moved to the uk for uni and i am loving it! where are you right now?
I’m so done with school it sucks
healthy or junk food ?
NICE ! 🤘🦋👍🏻🌹 #sofiacarson #RUMORS @sofiacarson
GIGI or BELLA ?🤣😂 I think Gigi here 😂❤️
@kyliecosmetics ♥️🤩
t o m o r r o w !! ♥️ @kyliecosmetics
“You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I LOVE YOU.” - Pride & Prejudice
@gigihadid ❤️❤️
SISSS 🙏🏻😍💚💚💚 @kyliejenner
Young jenners💙💙 @kendalljenner x @kyliejenner ❤️ • • Follow @zigifairy for more☕
Lol I did a little mistake Karlie is before Candice but okayy
Slay Queen✨✨ @gigihadid x @victoriassecret ❤ • • Follow @zigifairy for more☕
Gigi, Bella and Kendall walking for Alberta Ferretti 😍🦋✨
king kylie 👑
😍🤩♥️ @kendallandkylie
freckles 😍
My Angel @bellahadid ❤️
Follow my girl, she’s amazing and trying to grow her account! Follow and I’ll spam you🖤🙌🏽 @perriiez
@gigihadid my Queen 👑❤️
Pick one :1-6
two stages of my life: i should eat i shouldn’t have eaten that much
My angel is magic ! 🦄👼🌹🦋 #rumours @sofiacarson
Deepika @ Cannes 2018
Versace girls 🦋🦋
Go on my story highlight to view Bella’s birthday project and participate :) ❤️ ; @bellahadid
🌴 @laubsd
Where I wanna be rn
Flying away w @nyfw 📸: @cgbp 🎥: @optic_films 💄: @louisemakeup @chanel.beauty 💅🏼: @nailsbymei
Evie or Sofia ? 🦋🌹😍 #RUMORS @sofiacarson
Everything is such a blessing
🌌 😍
a bond that will never be broken 🤞🏼💗
this is why girls take forever in the toilets 😂💗
heels 💗🤩
Baby bels at vsfs 2017 🦋
New edit VIDEOSS THIS WEEK 😍💕😛 @kyliejenner
do u ever feel ur self being annoying but you cant stop
im a sunflower, a lil funny, if i were a rose, maybe you want me,
*watches netflix happily* *remembers homeworks, exams, and responsibilities* *watches netflix stressfully*
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