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Ookayy maybe I miss the dark hairs a bit but still love her blonde 😍 @kyliejenner @kendallandkylie
GM ☕ От ландышей на платьях Диора до экстравагантных бутонов восьмидесятых, от хиппи до гранжа: цветы-ведущий мотив
💖✨ • • @gigihadid x @bellahadid ❤ • • Follow @zigifairy for more☕
“I think I love you a little bit more everyday”🖤🖤 @kyliejenner
Das ist Paradies Yeah 😆 #ohrwurm #mysong #adidas
Beauty 💘 @dafina.zeqiri
I never have any captions which makes me not want to post lol ; @sashabankswwe
Flawless 😍💞 @kyliejenner
Ultimate body goals ; @bellahadid
Black night💥🏹 @kyliejenner
❄️❄️QUEEEEEEEEN❄️❄️ @kyliejenner
Вчера был мой первый класс по VOGUE! Так ещё и от @nikolaymarunov 😱🙈 Это было мощно и ооооочень круто! Мне дииико понравилось 😍 . CHOREO: @nikolaymarunov W/ @freedommind_team : @jeka_rizhik @katee_ka @06.05m . Как вам вообще такое?) 😏👇 . #freedommindteam #vogue #jblstart
Too damn pretty 💗 @kyliejenner Credits: @kyliepictures
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New Patek on my wrist
💋💋💋. @conxr_griffiths 💕
Thorne or Hadid? I think they both look great 😍; @bellahadid @bellathorne
Winterr❄️❄️ @kyliejenner
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I’m binge watching the office
Ready to go home and leave my dorm😫
This look tho🔥
Wow 😍😍😍
Inlove with both looks🖤
I hope you guys have a good day ✨💕 ; @wwerollins
Orange🧡 or Pink💖
Such a gorgeous human being
A queen
i was today year’s old! 😂😭
Supermodel ☺️🌚 @kyliejenner
This is an underrated look ; @bellahadid
I need this outfit in my life (credit: unknown)
Seth looks good tonight 😍 ; @wwerollins
Beautiful angels🦄 • • @gigihadid x @bellahadid ❤️ • • Follow @zigifairy for more☕
She’s such a slayerrr 💓💥 @inanna
🔥🔥new edit what ya think ?? ~it’s a recolor btw @kyliejenner @kyliecosmetics
I’m at the point in my life where I need something to change and I’m scared to, but ultimately I know it will be the right thing for me. It’s just he process of doing it that scares me
I don't understand why they have to prove their relationship!!! They just love each other, enjoy each other, and grow up together...😋 Just leave them alone!! 😡 let them live their love!!! 😧😦 • • • #gigihadid #new #gigihadidhd #bellahadid #streetstyle #pic #kendalljenner #hadidstyle #sister #gigihadidnews #giforce #edit #gigihadidfashion #backstage #gigihadidedit #newpic #hadids #gaintrain #gaintrick #gainposts #gainpost #cashfollowtrain #fashion #crush #hadidts #hadidnews #hadidsisters #voguefollow #outfits @gigihadid @zayn
Lets gather around the campfire and sing the campfire song
Eye see you
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