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You can’t tell much about a person based how they fold their clothes but, how they hang their clothes. Are you a folder? Are you a roller? Everyone has different methods based on how they feel they can stuff their suitcase. However, have you ever been to someone’s luxurious penthouse or castle of a home yet, all their clothes hang on those cheap dry cleaning hangers? Invest into some velvet hangers bruh! If you’re going to go ALL out, you may as well not cut corners and stop being cheap regarding the little things. A buddy of mine plays professional sports, I’m not going to name names or which league he’s in but let’s just say, he has a jersey available for sale. Point is, he told me about some of the players on his team and how fucking cheap they are. Guys are making 7-8 million a year but they’re boosting cases of “Poland Spring,” toilet paper rolls, paper towels and jumbo jars of peanut butter to take home with them. They literally go into the teams “Club House” and jack groceries out of the teams food inventory closets. You can buy shit but, you definitely can’t buy class... #vscocam
El remate - Amaicha
Nessa hora aí tava morrendo de medo de vir uma onda forte e me derrubar
🌊✨ A pesar de las olas, salta sobre ellas y no te llevará, por más que sean grandes siempre hay forma de no dejarse llevar, así debe de ser la vida con nosotros, a pesar de que el problema sea gigante o casi imposible de pasar a nuestros ojos, debemos confrontarla y no dejar que nos lleve y nos ahogue en cosas que nos hace mal, la vida es linda pero tiene sus olas grandes y tormentas, todo tiene su tiempo, calma - In spite of the waves, jump on them and it will not take you, no matter how big they are, there is always a way to not get carried away, so life must be with us, even though the problem is giant or almost impossible to pass on to our eyes, we must confront it and not let it take us and drown us in things that make us bad, life is beautiful but it has its big waves and storms, everything has its time, calm 🌊✨
Secret glens of the #greatkoalanationalpark ! Some of the most beautiful places are small intimate views. In the upcoming election, how you vote will have a direct impact on the environment. Will you #standupforforests this election? 👊🏼🌿🍃👣💚🐨
Ох, знала б я італійську...💧
✧ flow ✧
I started making cards when I was 4 years old. 😁 Practice makes perfect! 4 year old me loved to draw. Who knew I would turn it into a career! I found this birthday card I made for my dad. That’s him and me. And there’s a heart and a tree. 😂 #fbf
Bana yakın geldin dedi, Sevdi. Bana yakın geldin dedi, Vurdu. Adlarını sordum, İnsan dediler. #özdemirasafşiirleri
The lake will overflow, flood all I’ve ever known, break walls and sever bones. Now I’ll hold it in my heart, just for you to fall apart, stunt all we’d ever grown.
Уже воздух пахнет весной, но ещё не наскучило любоваться снежинками ✨😍. В феврале накроет, я знаю, но пока - наслаждаться зимой всем-всем
Everything is cute here 🙈
🌊✨ Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us, we're far from the shallow now ✨🌊🐨 - *Necesito tomar color pronto* 🇧🇷👨🏻
A REASON FOR EXISTING | « You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. » Sophia Bush ✨ Fin de journée sur les talons avec un gros manque de motivation et d’envie. Heureusement qu’on est vendredi 💕 #winter #january #folk #folkgood #folklife #kinfolklife #enjoythelittlethings #nature #postcard #visualcreator #view #vscofolk #photographer #livefolk #livethemoment #momentsofmine #inspiremyinstagram #igers #picoftheday #landscape #moodoftheday #folkmood #simplethings #discover #ofsimplethings #vscocam #verilymoment #visualcruch
Ey hüsn-i hat ile feleğe baş yetiştiren Bil kim vücûdum ayağın altında hâktir Ger erişirse sana bu tâze hutûtumuz Onlara dil uzatma sakın zehr-nâktir Her hattı başka başka bahrdir deniz gibi Kim satr mevc ü nokta ana dürr-i pâktir..
“Standing alone with no direction How did I fall so far behind? Why am I searching for perfection Knowing it's something I won't find?” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #coffeeandaesthetic #aquietstyle #mybeigelife #chasinglight #coffeeshopvibes #coffeeshopcorners #pmgridchallenge #coffeexample #manmakecoffee #pmwintergridchallenge #coffeegram #coffeefliicks #morningslikethese #verilymoment #momentsofmine #baristadaily #onthetableproject #seekthesimplicity #butfirstcoffee #folklife #byfolk #folkvibes #vscofolk #posttheordinary #thesimpleeveryday #simpleandstill #coffeesesh #coffeeprops #dailycortado #theartofslowliving
Як же здорово, що ця зима така сніжна!❄ Значно краще голих дерев та сірої кольорової гами 😐 Ще залишилось на санчатах проїхатись, і точно цьогорічний сезон буде один з най-най😂🙂
Today is a perfect day for a 🎉GIVEAWAY🎉⠀ ⠀ Since Georgia can’t seem to make up its mind about the weather (big surprise), we are giving away a logo beanie in the color of your choice! Just in case it decides to get freezing again tomorrow 🙃⠀ ⠀ Here’s how to enter:⠀⠀ 1. Follow @phoenixroasters ⠀ 2. Like this photo⠀ 3. Comment and tag 2 of your best pals and tell them where you’d wear your new beanie!⠀ 4. For an extra 2 entries, share this post to your stories AND TAG US in it! ⠀ ⠀ Winner will be announce Monday! Good luck, friends. And stay warm out there! ❄️❄️❄️
squeezed in a bowl of wanton noodles on an hour’s layover. ended up leaving my bag of food behind. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #messymattyxhongkong ———————————————————————— #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #instagood #instatravel #vsco #vscocam #ilovevsco #vscocommunity #vscovisuals #justgoshoot #capturemagic #webstapic #vscovibe #vscosg #sgvsco #igsg #vscofolk #food #shotoniphone #singapore #hongkong
🍃будь смелее🍃
There's no coming back from where i've been, there's no need to resent . _____ #explorejogja #shotonxiaomi #mobilemag #visualofearth #vscofolk #instamagazine
Сидим в глуши - на даче, очень вяло доделываем ремонт, читаем всякое, слушаем Queen, пьем чай с печеньем и строим планы на теплое время года. Меня крайне устраивает такое положение дел.
auf dem weg ans meer mit wunderbarer begleitung von @maridalor
Toro Y Moi
улыбайся не смотря не на что ❤
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