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Cheese is basically a happiness you can melt 😍😋🧀
Cos breakfast is best when made at home. Good morning, folks! 😎
Life is short, make it sweet. 🍭❤️
after a few weeks of not posting because i felt tired and all that, here’s to a shameless re-entry. LOL🤣😅
; you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.
Category is "Chocolate realness" 🍫❤
Life is too short do what makes you happy. Be with the people who makes you happy... who makes you feel happy.
ya boi quiapo
...and it was all yellow
Engulfed by the beauty of nature.
TYL 😇💕 Post Encounter Done 💙 Going to SOD 💙 Thankyou so much to my CL,ZO,ZS 😘 #vsco #vscocam #vscocamgram #vscophile #vscoph #vscogood #vscodaily #vscoedit #vscophoto #vscophilippines
🍂 🥀 2/3 #vsco #vscoph #vscobrasil
Deep, quiet, and alone. Though there be fury on the waves but be firm and stay calm, the day will come that everything will be fine again, after all you'll see how beautiful your life is. • • • • #vsco #vscocam #vscoph #vscogood #vscodaily #vscogram #vscoartist #insta #instagood #instapic #instagramers #instagram #photography #photooftheday #photoshoot #Throwback #oceanside #ocean #Sky #bluesky #Ilocos
Good morning. What would you like for breakfast: Latte, hash brown or me? 😚😂 (📷: @margbalvaloza )
When life deals us cards Make everything taste like it is salt Then you come through like the sweetener you are To bring the bitter taste to a halt
Yesterday ghost bumps performance ever. @thevoiceplay ft. @therachelpotter
Me, 1.5 years ago. 🙋🏽‍♀️ Sometimes I look at old photos of myself and wonder if I can pinpoint what truth I was living back then, right at that very moment. And then, I also think of how amazing it is how one can grow and change and learn so much in such a short amount of time. And how weird that is, too. ❤️ I can't even begin to tell you all the tiny revolutions that my mind and my heart and my body (!) have all been through since this photoshoot last year. . Celebrating all of it today! 🎉 ...because sometimes I forget to do that, as I'm always on to the next thing 😅 . What about you: How have YOU grown/changed compared to who and where you were 1 year ago? . PS. This reminds me of one of the @cherylstrayed quotes in my notebook: "What I’ve come to understand in my own life is, you can know what’s true in a moment or an era in your life - and also know that those truths will change over time."
small town
my own perspective #vsco #vscox #vscoblog #vscoph
Sandugo Road to Trail 2018🇵🇭 (15km) Finisher✔ Thankful.Blessed.Grateful. God is Good🙏 Kudos to all the Marshalls, Photographers and Staffs of @basekamp_ph 🤙Congrats to all the Finishers!🤘 This is for you Mami,Jake & Jesse!😘 #sandugoroadtotrail #runhappy #running4thosewhocant #kznr
Let the game begin!!
When in Japan, I eat ramen from Ichiran!! 🍜 Ichiran's ramen is hands down the best ramen I've ever tasted. The broth is so rich and tasty and the noodles were cooked perfectly, just the way I like my ramen. My ramen experience will never be the same again 🍜
언니 ~ 갤러리의 임의의 사진 . . . . . . . . #vscofilter #vscocam #vsco #vscoph #vscophile #vscobeau #vscoart #vscogallery #vscoedit #vsco_hub
Zaldy Garra's exhibit
clean ✨
“Looking at beautiful things is what makes me the happiest.”✨
I kinda miss travelling and my long hair 😭
Boat ride
Beach...my natural habitat
Kids enjoying the beach
Above or under?
Blue green
Volleyball court at the back of the cabins.
Out of captions (meh)
Thau sp 💔
Ninguém sabe mexer na minha confusão 💭
Linda feito manhã, feito chá de hortelã 🌻🌿
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