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Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. //Dalai Lama//
Love your own 🤙
happiness looks so good on all of us. it is to humans, what sunlight is to plants. smile. be happy. let go of what's making you sad, of what has hurt you, for it is nothing more important than you. you matter. your health matters. so tell yourself today, whatever happens, no matter how worse things get, no matter how negative the people around you get, you'll stay postitive. you won't let it all make you give up. you will not give up. no matter how strongly anxiety hits you, tell yourself, it can't be stronger than your happiness. smile at it. no matter how negative your thoughts want to get, allow positivity to take over them. no matter what's going on inside you, smile. smile at the people around you. soothe the people around you, be kind to them, show them the way of positivity, of productivity, of happiness, for you know not what they are going through, you know not how strongly the mountain of their thoughts is crushing them and causing them to become sad, to become harsh. make a decision today. smile. make others smile. be positive. make others positive. mind that, one positive thought propels you in the right direction. this is your only life. you never know when you'll leave. you never know when they'll leave. so forgive. and make the most out of it. for today might be your last day, this might be your last hour or minute or second.
#communityovercompetition . This wonderful friend right here lives it. I’ve enjoyed learning and sharing with her not only about photography, but about faith and fostering a relationship with Jesus as well. And she’s now offering mentor sessions! So excited for this new chapter in your career @thearylouneoubonh...even if you are a Canon shooter 😜
Change can be good. It can help you grow. How you take it determines how you will make it though that change. • • • #Butterflies #metamorphosis #change #downtown #musicnotes #photography #iphonephotography #vsco #vscocam #vscopresets
Quando a vida bater forte e a sua alma sangrar. Quando esse mundo pesado lhe ferir, lhe esmagar. É hora do recomeço. Recomece a lutar. ✅
Maddie ~ her go with the flow style was perfect for this photoshoot! We didn’t know how they were going to turn out or what they would look like because it was just a lot of trying new things. Even though we didn’t know the outcome, she was all for it and just had fun with it no matter what! These water pictures are some of my favorite because it just shows how “going with the flow” can pay off • • • • • #photoshoot #photography #photoblog #photographer #lifestyleblogger #photooftheday #lightroom #shareyourstory #lightroomedit #lightroompresets #vsco #vscocam #vscoyou #vscox #vscoedit #vscopresets #canon #love #beauty #dirtybootsandmessyhair #authentic #thehub #hcollective #vscorecipes #wanderingphotographers #radstorytellers #wildheartswander #belovedpresets
Cutest cousin crew!
My best friend’s perfect little family added a member. ❤️
let go.
~ Bonito Mesmo é, essa Coiisa da Vida: Um dia, Quando Menos se Espera, a Gente Simplesmente Supera. 💕🍃🙌 #Fato
my "booze" for tonight, caramel black tea 💕🤘 #vscocam #vsco #vscopresets #vscoedit #vscox #huji
lowkey obsessed w pretty skies and flowers
Sweater weather? 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵
Photos worth remembering📸💥
Rush Hour, pt II
Olha pra cima, que é de lá que vem tua força 🍀🙏
Um dia tudo acaba. Um dia nada mais importa.
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