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I take a lot of time to cry. All forms of tears are important, useful, it's vital to share. #letitout #vulnerability
VULNERABILITY WARNING . . I've been asked quite a bit lately about why I do what I do- In particular why I eat and exercise the way I do and why I am so strict. . . I'm usually quite a private person so I haven't been very forthcoming with 'my why' to the general public. . . It's come to my attention though that if I really want to help people change their lives for the better - then I need to get vulnerable and tell them why I changed for the better. . . After you read what's below you will realise why it's a non negotiable for me to be very mindful of what I put in and so with my body. . . Here's me being human AF . . About 10 years ago I was a complete mess- I was riddled with anxiety and depression and could barely decide what to eat for breakfast (hello complementary ED- but that's a whole other story 🙈) . . I reluctantly went on some meds to help me break through the storm that had become my life. . . Feeling miserable and powerless had become my normal and I had no idea just how far down the rabbit hole Id fallen. . . On top of the anxiety, depression and ED I had IBS, bloating and no energy. . . While the meds helped my moods and crazy monkey mind I was still plagued with digestive issues. . . I was desperate to feel better, lighter and more energetic. . . Exercising regularly has always made me feel better because it helps me release all that pent up energy and gets the endorphins flowing through my body. So I was ok there, I just needed to sort out what I was putting into my body. . . After seeing a bucket load of naturopaths and spending thousands of dollars on probiotics, food intolerance tests and weed, seed and feed concoctions, I did some research of my own on gut health and what I found was life changing. . . Continued in comments ......
Are you wearing pants today?? It's good to check these things 😂😂😂 . . Follow me at @mybutterflytheorylifecoaching as we journey down life's rabbit hole together 🐇🙏💕 . . If you are a Life Coach, Councillor, Energy Healer or practitioner click the link in bio to join the @carlislesupportnetwork Empowering Practitioners group on facebook to meet other like-minded individuals to support and empower each other. We provide mentorship, free councilling to help combat compassion fatigue, provide accountability partners, workshops, continued professional development, help you to run your business, networking, client referral services, all as a free service. We also provide low cost training for courses such as, NLP, REBT, EFT/TFT and many more.
Alas, it’s 1 am & I’m thinking about painting. Between figuring out new methods of brand design and climbing on rock high in the alpine, I’ve been finding this painting rewarding and challenging. A pleasant reminder to “keep learning.” My skin was cool in the reference photo- fall has cast its blue shadow over much of this self portrait. It’s quite Lucian Freud as a result... which has me thinking, does environment impact painting outcome? Can light change our palette desires? 🤔 #curious #latenight #tired #awake #paint #hustle #thatword #cliche #true #soul #selfportrait #me #oilpainting #contemporaryart #nude #vulnerability #findingmediums
❤️ “You don’t have to be strong all of the time. You don’t have to be brave at every turn. You don’t have to be whole to be fully loved. Give yourself compassion. We are all doing the best we can. You are not alone.” - @alex_elle 🙏🏽 #thursdaymotivation #reflection #autumnlight #autumnlights #oakland #vulnerability #urbangarden #lights #gardenart
Learning to draw my own way. This, apparently, is it.
Many of us have been taught to show caring by worrying about the other person, which doesn't truly create closeness because it prompts her to prove that everything is okay with her to ease your discomfort. In addition, we may try to show caring through advising or attempting to fix the other person's problems, which doesn't work for creating closeness because it places you in a superior position, the one who can fix things, seeding resentment in the other person. Closeness eases the anxiety and depression of believing that no one really cares about you. It softens the frustration and anger that come with feeling that no one understands you. Suddenly, others become available to us. Suddenly, we feel better inside. photocredit: @isnovikov __________________________________ #spiritualcouples #loverelationshit #relationship #couplecoaching #couples #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #gratitude #twinflame #twinflamelove #soulconnection #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #spirituality #love #lovecouples #soullove #soulmates #sacredunion  #lawofattraction #passion #vulnerability #newbeginning #healing #chooselove #higherconsciousness #selfawareness #vibratehigher #awakening #manifest
Vulnerability... Mmmm... It is so delicious to me, to see people be vulnerable and allow magic to transpire. Because it does, in some way or another, every time 💗 #vulnerability #beyou #magic #learnandgrow #honesty #beauty #itsokay
"She was beautiful, but not like those sexy fashionable girls in the magazines: She was beautiful for the way she thought. She was beautiful for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful for her ability to make other people smile even when she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks & style. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul."⠀ (-Not sure who said this, I've google searched but didn't find the answer, so if it was you--- Thank you!)⠀ ⠀ #Vulnerability Post 63- The Coat⠀ ⠀ Let me tell you a story...⠀ ⠀ Once upon a Christmas Eve (when I was 16 years old & just days before moving from sunny San Diego to snow covered Utah Valley), my mom excitedly asked me to come talk in her room.⠀ ⠀ Mom told me Rachael (@ezpzmealz ) had gotten me a coat for Christmas. She pulled it out and it was the cutest most fashionable jacket I'd ever laid eyes on, let alone owned! I was so so sooo excited!⠀ ⠀ Then mom asked me if I would give said jacket to my younger sister (@ChristaCleveland ) for Christmas because she’d need one when we moved to Utah. ⠀ NOOOOO! I pointed out that I didn't own a coat either & would need one too...⠀ ⠀ That's when mom left the room and came back with a zip up clothing bag. She was beaming, She could hardly contain her excitement: She told me how she'd seen someone in this coat and chased them down just to find out where they'd gotten it. She'd driven two hours to purchase this coat that just "shouted Juli".⠀ ⠀ You guys, how could I not be excited?!!!⠀ ⠀ I unzipped the bag and pulled out the item of clothing solely responsible for my "Loser" status in my new high school 😬😂.⠀ ⠀ You see, dear friends, my sweet mother had bought me a HOT PINK FAUX FUR coat. And maybe if I'd had any self-confidence then I could've rocked it, but that wasn't the case...⠀ ⠀ I pretended to love it. Then I wore that pink coat to my new school because-⠀ ⠀ A- I didn't want to hurt mom's feelings, and⠀ B- Utah is freaking cold during the winter.⠀ ⠀ (I pause at this point in my story to warn my other siblings to never share this post with mom!).⠀ ⠀ To be continued...⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #selflove pic cred: @rayne320
Somewhere along the line I picked up this belief that I have to do everything myself. That there is weakness in asking for help. That it's shameful to need support. . It made me hard. It pulled me away from deep connection and allowed me to put an enormous amount of pressure on myself. . But it's a lie. It's just another falsity associated with the idea of vulnerability and it's ripping us apart . We don't have to do it alone. We don't have to struggle through our pain. There is nothing strong about suffering in silence. . True stength is leaning in to the vulnerability of allowing yourself to recieve support. . I have grown so much more since I allowed myself to ask for help. When I surrendered the belief that I had to do it all on my own, my life opened in amazing ways. . I've realised that I am here to serve. . I want to hold space for you as a guide and mentor to witness you as you embrace the magic that you are and blossom into your own magnificence. . I want to use the wisdom I have gathered in my lifetime to assist you to breakthrough the old stories and patterns that are standing between you and the life you are dreaming of. . I want to be as the teachers who helped me to grow within myself and my gifts and empower you to shine your light in this world. . There is nothing weak about asking for support. We all need a little help in moving through our 'stuff'. . Investing in YOU is the best investment you can make. . Xoxo . Photo by @anna.karlsson . #selfdiscovery #expansion #lightwarrior #leadership #sacredfeminine #vulnerable #vulnerability #ascension #selflove #soulspeak #soulgrowth #embraceyourmagic #coaching #mentor #service #rising #risesisterrise #yesyoucan #courage #warrior #lightworker
Be comfortable showing your vulnerabilities, you connect more that way.
Take a moment to reflect on this quote. Do you take delight in the simple things? What are those simple things? How do you think it would affect your day, if you began doing this regularly? What do you notice in yourself when you stop and take a moment to do this? Do you experience anxiety or find your self, worrying more than you would like? Do you struggle with thoughts of self-doubt or unworthiness? Do your thoughts sometimes hinder your work or personal life? Do they get in the way of things you love to do? Finding moments in your day, where you can do this, ‘take delight in the simple things’, is a strategy that can begin to reduce these thoughts and the impact. I’m not suggesting that this is a magic cure, however every little bit helps and we all have to start somewhere. This is a simple and delightful start. Are you ready to live a more wholehearted life, released from the powers of these thoughts? What’s holding you back? What do you need to make this a reality for you? My coaching program can provide you with the support and encouragement you need, to develop the strategies, motivation and commitment to cultivate your new healthy, inspirational life. Let’s do this together. Click or tap on the link, in bio or DM me, so we can get started.
Who hates the mirrors in hair salons? I need mine blackened out until they finish the job. It's when I'm most vulnerable to myself. This one taken out of my comfort zone.
“There is nothing that wo|man fears more than the touch of the unknown. She|he wants to see what is reaching towards him, and to be able to recognize or at least classify it. Wo|man always tends to avoid physical contact with anything strange. In the dark, the fear of an unexpected touch can mount to panic. Even clothes give insufficient security; it is easy to tear them and pierce through to the naked, smooth, defenseless flesh of the victim,” Canetti opening in Crowds and Power. It seems like crowds are ideas or ideologies or labels, so it isn’t just who is in a room or location. #rightbrainhemisphere isn’t favorable to what has already been determined. #vulnerability is where we grow, #energyalwaysknowsmorethanwedo , society is a system to tell us who is in what place. #abstractart #contemporaryart #artandlivingenergy #grace , travel work excerpt.
[TEMP POST] Just a little Thrusday PSA... My hope is that you are in an abundance of love, joy and health... and if you are struggling, that you have access to light... and if you are strong, that you share your light. We’re in this together... . . . Text or call some one with an affirmation of love with no expectations or agendas... then share with us how it made you feel... all love - my magical darlings - your way 🙏🏼 . . . . #Thursday #psa #actor #actorslife #actress #womeninfilm #woc #nevergiveup #grateful #2018 #manifest #care #empathy #vulnerability #writer #director #producer #realtalk #truth #open #heart #mindfulness #encouragement #connect #monaismagic #mentalhealth #universal
Beauty interupts restrictions in every place and thing. Stephen David Ross⁣ ⁣ It’s almost as though beauty is an inbetweenness, a pit stop for the imagination sitting in the boundary between us, dissolving the space in between us. The Thin Place Maker.⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣#thinplace #celticspirituality #ireland #autumn#dreamer #vulnerability #courage #myths #daretolead #safespaces #bravery #integrity #newseason #rumble #integrity #creativity #risk #love #showup #beauty #divinebeauty #nature
Perfection. That ugly unforgiving beast. I say... 🎤 You do not need to be perfect - you do not have to even be good, you do not have to walk on your knees for hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. You are perfect in your wholeness, your wholeness includes your scars, your weaknesses, your mood swings, the days of your life ud rather pull the covers up over your head and stay in bed. Embrace whatever form of beauty you bring to each new day. #yogi #openheart #bekindtoyourself #bekind #loveyourself #love #yogi #practiceandalliscoming #practice #yogastudent #happyfriday #beauty #motivation #mindfulness #openness #vulnerability #betrue #betruetoyourself
Last sunday I saw this wonderfull old man... When we passed we exchanged a smile. Mine was small and a bit shy, his was vulnerable and lonely. I couldn’t stop watching him. And then he stopped at the bridge and gazed into the water. It was beautifull and sad. All I wanted to do was grab the hand next to mine and just hold it. Perfect melancholy. #melancholy #oldman #loneliness #vulnerability #doodle #sketch #sketchbook #illustration #illustragram #quicksketch #melancholia #sketchdaily
The Future of Vulnerability In my uni drawing class they had us pick a set of words from two columns--making one sentence--and then draw our interpretation of that concept. I picked 'The Future of' and 'Vulnerability.' The proportions are a bit off and it's more monochromatic than I'd like, but it depicted something I was really feeling at the time, and still does. . . . . #graphitedrawing #charcoal #universityart #vulnerability
Day 70: The funny thing about imposter syndrome is that those I know who have it most are also the most competent, passionate, grounded people I know. Today’s beautiful thing is one of these friend’s breaking free of this to pursue his dream, realizing what I’ve known for a while: that he’s wholly ready and fucking deserving of it . . #the100dayproject #the100dayproject2018 #gratitudejournal #practicinggratitude #personalgrowth #selfdevelopment #risingstrong #lifelessons #bravelife #livingmindfully #healthymindset #wisemind #motivation #lifecoach #positivethinking #inspirationalquotes #wordsofwisdom #livingconsciously #instagood #mentalwellbeing #vulnerability #onebeautifulthing #overcomingselfdoubt #impostersyndrome #believeinyourself #consciousliving #awakenedliving
Real Life. This week brought back some normalcy that I haven’t had in a little bit. I was able to eat breakfast and drink coffee quietly or in conversation with Dad. Then I had phone calls or emails. Dad and I went through my lists. We brainstormed. We left things to pray about before moving forward. We tried our hand at healthy stuffed peppers - not that great. I ran. I had a family girls night at @kt_kitty_rigby ’s new house. I came home to gumbo - so good. I organized and cleaned out. Then I packed. I have a flight early in the morning and I’ve tossed and turned for 2 hours so I picked up my phone (I know I know) to finish my post that’s been saved in my drafts for three days. Quite ordinary and a slower pace, but after all the hectic juggling of many things in August and September, it was very welcome. My favorite has been the quiet moments right after breakfast (especially Monday) because that’s when I hear that Whisper so clearly. That’s when I hear the plans He has for me. For the day and for the future. And that made the quiet of the kitchen the only place I wanted to be (even over Paris). #reallife #ordinary #findGod #quiet #peace #missions #transparency #home #vulnerability #truth #ministry #realness #truelife #blackandwhite
bleu homme all i wanted was him or her. maybe i'm late, i'm always late. maybe i had you in my last life or in a distinctive dimension, then again. we're just stardust with a soul. i cry and display, never, i'm a homme. a barbaric homme. a selfish homme. a homme with such solemn, i'm lost in a cage, i feel malady with link chains on my ankles and wrists in the tarnished room. mí mente está perdido cómo ustedes. i'm fixing to be a dead homme without a body but a spirit that flows in your gloomiest nuit. bonne nuit. #vulnerability #openminded #testing #lostboy #elcorazon #pensamientos #miarma #💟 #morepowertoyou #soul
‘Embrace the suck’ my new favourite quote from my favourite author @brenebrown
The greatest gift I ever gave myself was self-love and with that grew self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-worth. I dared to embrace my vulnerability and let my true self be seen by the world once again. It felt so good to remove my mask and finally feel the sun on my face again. The freedom of finally breaking free from the shackles of conformity, people pleasing and perfectionism was liberating and everything I had been searching for was suddenly so clear. So today, incase no one has told; . . 💜 You are enough. 💜 You are worthy. 💜 You are loved. 💜 You are beautiful, exactly as you are. Much love, Amanda ✨💜✨ . . . . . #selflove #loveyourself #innerhappiness #findingmeagain #removethemask #selfacceptance #selfcompassion #selfworth #empoweringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #youarebeautiful #youareenough #youareworthy #youareloved #beingme #authenticity #trueself #vulnerability
I want to thank you for breaking me. . . If it wasn't for you, I don't know if I would be where I am today. . . Most people know me as the happy-go-lucky, silly, bubbly girl, which I am like 95% of the time. But, here's something you may not know about my story: My first real relationship broke me. Completely shattered me. You know those toxic, physically/emotionally abusive relationships that nobody wants to talk about because they're embarrassed? Yeah, this was it. It dug me so deep in a hole that I never thought I was going to get back out. . . Post breakup, I went through a phase where pushing away all emotions, memories, and thoughts was all I did. All that did was dig me even deeper. . I remember the countless nights I spent crying myself to sleep. . . I remember the sound of my phone every time I received another evil message from you, tearing me down, because I wouldn't take you back. . . I remember the shakiness in my breathing every time I was scared and having a full blown anxiety attack. . . I remember how damn weak I felt in that moment. . . Once I realized I had to acknowledge, accept, and voice my past, the layers of pain weighing down on my body started to peel off. . . Today, I can confidently say that I have never been more grateful for anything in my life. . . If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have learned: the power of inner strength, how to overcome, the power of your mindset, the beautiful gift of life we are all given for our own individual purposes.... and SO much more. . . That relationship taught me more than anything or anyone ever has. . . Don't get me wrong, the years of growth afterwards were definitely hard as hell and I still struggle to fully open up to people. But, I truly believe in order to get to where you're meant to be, the path won't always be easy. . . This is your reminder of how strong you really are, that you will overcome whatever you're going through, you will be happy and smile again, & you're not alone . . Whatever obstacles life may throw your way, this is your reminder that you're a warrior, babe! #warrior #sunset #empower #happy #love #life #bossbabe #instagram #mood #vibes #strength #strong #beauty #inspiration
Fear of being seen, of being vulnerable, of making a mistake, of not being ready and perfected enough to share myself, my gifts and perspective on Lyfe. . That’s an insight into the shame I’ve been facing, ongoing, waking up into my adult life and being a father, a provider and being a meaningful contributor in the world. . The full burn of the summer season and the blood, sweat and tears that it requires to shed a skin to the past and walk into a new beginning. . For the last 15years I’ve been on one selfish mission to pursue my calling and develop my own modality of life integration and to share that with the world. . “What are the highest forms of Knowledge?🌏 Understanding?🎶 Wisdom?”👑 . This question propelled me far enough to unlock a new modality, the science of the Quantum Feedback Field (aka laws of attraction). I took what I found using geometry, combined it with natural law and stumbled upon a golden thread that leads to the origin of life. A great mystery that eludes science and religion to this day. . Who am I to discover and bring this to the world? Is the shameful question I’ve been asking myself upon returning to the place where it all began. . I feel butterflies in my stomach just writing this and I don’t feel ready and feel ready at the same time. . I call this State Superimposition being: Ready and Not Ready. Strong and Vulnerable. Physical and Intangible. On and Off at the same time, and I’m ready to embrace this more deeply with you in the sharing of my deepest gifts with your Feedback.💫 . 🙏🏼
So I have this thing about shitty people with no backbones who don’t take accountability for themselves or reflect on how they behave towards others. . It’s upsetting and keeps reminding me never to spread loveless vibrations, no matter who or what I encounter from day to day. . Bad energy makes me ill, I get others have their own shit - mentally, I understand and empathize with it, but physically my body cannot process or be around it. . Today I had a good dose of toxicity and had no choice but to absorb it - all I could do was breathe in the light, come home and take it out on my guitar (which I wish I ACTUALLY knew how play 🤣 #majorsuckage hahah) . I very rarely scream or let out anger and I’m not sure why. I always thought that was quite weird. Instead I reflect. When I was 20 I used to throw brooms 🙊 and never listen, but now with age I have become a quiet observer who has learnt to hold her tongue, listen intelligently and release it in more opportune settings while reminding myself that the good also comes with the bad. It’s taken a lot for me to reach this state of control with myself. . What do you guys do to get out your frustrations? Can anyone relate with me? . . . . . . #whattheactualfuck #curious #reflection #vibrations #vulnerability #makelove #guitar #subconscious #understanding #breathe #positivevibes #explore
I’m in town called Hope. For real, it’s called Hope. It’s in Nelson. We booked a roadie through the South Island on a whim and we land in the world of HOPE. Kinda cool and kinda meant to be. More to come on that soon. Kia Ora 🌈✨☀️
Surround yourself with positivity. You become who you surround yourself with. You become what you consume. Take a look around who and what you see everyday. ___ This woman has been by my side for 9 years. Threw some very vulnerable moments, I could always lean on her for the best advice. I can't wait to work by her side helping uplift other mommas to live their best life. ___ #stepbystep #inspiration #positivity #blessed #uplifting #momlife #boymom #girlmom #formersinglemom #vulnerability #lonely #scared #mom #homeless #roomtogrow #mentor
Fear. Fear in change. Fear in not changing. Fear in lose of identity. Fear in the wrong identity. Fear in failing. Fear holds us back but when we take time to talk to the fear and acknowledge that fear is there it can be the catalyst the moves us forward. • I'd love to say I am 100% on board with changing my health but I'm not. I'm fearful of doing and being something different but my fear of what could happen to my health is speaking louder and I'm listening to it when I can. • Have you talked with your fears lately? What have your fears helped you to overcome?
Reminding myself (with an airport selfie)...our purpose is so much bigger than the way those negative things can come at us. Trip us up, or distract us from our destiny. Forgive fast, love hard, and guard your hearts. Against fear, hopelessness, and any way betrayal might sabotage your ability to trust again. Against what might cripple your ability to love. That’s what’s really at stake. Let integrity be your armor. When hurt makes you wanna retreat and turn cold, turn up the fire. There’s something better ahead... #vulnerableAf #breneewouldbeproud . . . . . . #keepinitreal #selfie #loveyourselfie #love #trust #hope #vulnerability #dreams #goals #life #real #breneebrown #overcomers #integrity #inspiration #motivation #healthy #health #women #womenempowerment #humanity #purpose #creatives #la #losangeles #atlanta #atlantaactors #actor
Washed in the morning sun, pondering vulnerability. Trying to remember who my most authentic is. Seems to be getting lost a lot these days . . . . #tryingtobeme #morningsun #washedout #amaturephotography #blackandwhite #soft #window #light #vulnerability #portrait #athenticself #oklahoma #beyou #beauty #canon #ponderawhile
You do not want to miss this exceptional show with an exceptional cast! We close November 3rd, so get your tickets ASAP! #linkinbio . . #getyourtickets #mustsee #iconic #musical #musicaltheatre #achorusline #Chicago #classic #life -changing #art #expression #acting #dancing #singing #storytelling #truth #vulnerability
You do not want to miss this exceptional show with an exceptional cast! We close November 3rd, so get your tickets ASAP! #linkinbio . . #getyourtickets #mustsee #iconic #musical #musicaltheatre #achorusline #Chicago #classic #life -changing #art #expression #acting #dancing #singing #storytelling #truth #vulnerability
You do not want to miss this exceptional show with an exceptional cast! We close November 3rd, so get your tickets ASAP! #linkinbio . . #getyourtickets #mustsee #iconic #musical #musicaltheatre #achorusline #Chicago #classic #life -changing #art #expression #acting #dancing #singing #storytelling #truth #vulnerability
"A model man is loyal to others. He recognises those that have been there with him through the roller coaster that life can be. He acknowledges the importance of genuine friendships and cultivating postive connections with others is a key to creating a substantial life"- Heshan F. Loyalty is a quality i value highly. Trust can be cultivated through vulnerability & is the key to authentic connection with others. I used to be a person who struggled to connect with anyone. I isolated myself because didnt trust people. To be fair i have struggled with the idea of being taken advantage of still today. Ive come along way reagarding my ability to connect but i still dont show all of me to the world. A society that works will have everyone be able to be all of themselves with anyone. There will be nothing to hide. No mask to wear for protection. Loyalty and trust will become second nature at this point for people. Who are you loyal to and who has been there for you in your life? Tag them below to acknowledge them 👇👇👇❤
My “Who Are You?” Thoughts. Parts 7-12 #Whoareyou #IssaJourney #forward #nineyearsinthemaking #vulnerability
Love from my baby cousin Repost @_therealcarli_ ・・・ All. The. Yes. 💛🌟💪 #risetogether #girlpower #vulnerability #courage #belong
Grateful for transparency. Raw transparency. I fucking love people. Today, a fellow came up to me in private to tell me that the first two days of my seminar saved his marriage. I’ll save the confidentiality, but it moved me to know that one of the quietest guys in the room was paying the most attention. It moved me to know that he took ownership for his situation, and learned to listen and love. Another fellow waited until everyone left and came up to me after the event. We sat down together and he shared very vulnerably some of the personal challenges he has been going through. From what he shared and how he shared, it was easy to assume he was not in a good space mentally. But he was open, vulnerable and healing. He expressed how impactful the work was on him and how much it made a difference. Life is blessed and we are capable of anything. Sometimes all it takes is to have that one person in our life to just listen to us, unconditionally and free of judgement. So thankful for the people in my life #seminar #awakening #healing #leadership #beauty #humansoul #ontology #breakdown #breakthrough #vulnerability #courage #teach #albertacanada #performance #yyc #executivecoaching #training #facilitation #student #beginnersmind #zen #zenmind
Nothing could apply to me more right now. This is amazing timing by @jayshetty #reengineering #lifechanges #injuryrecovery #inchbyinch #selfaware #vulnerability #kindness #falldowngetup
I went down a dangerous road of thinking about what my life would have been without my depression, bipolar disorder or my eating disorder. And I wished for that life, I was sad about it not being here, that it would never exist. I let this run through my system and accepted my reality. That I was in fact in a depression laying in my bed having not showered for several days. I am not asking sympathy, that’s never what depression is it about. Only understanding and good vibes. #eatingdisorderrecovery #thinkpositive #vulnerability #bodypositive #bipolar #depression #mentalhealthawareness
“Rob had a way of not-thinking about things. He imagined himself as a suitcase that was too full . . . He made all his feelings go inside the suitcase and locked it shut. That was the way he not-thought about things. Sometimes it was hard to keep the suitcase shut.” . I #resonate with these words and this book. Somewhere in the last few years, I have packed a suitcase so full of heaviness that I can barely move it. . “You not letting [the sadness] get up to your heart, where it belongs. You got to let that sadness ride on up.” . “Rob stood still and considered her words. He felt them on his skin like shards of broken glass. He was afraid to move. He was afraid of how deep they might go inside him.” . Every time I speak with the oncologist, I brace myself. I hear his words as factual and consider myself informed but my brain won’t let it go deeper. I am surviving and still fighting. . “He wanted to tell her that she was wrong. He wanted to tell her that he did not feel whole. But he did not have the energy or the heart to say anything; all he could manage was putting one foot in front of the other.” . When I found out about my Gramma passing away yesterday morning, some of the contents of my “suitcase” leaked out. And I wanted to let it. But before I knew what was happening (or maybe in spite of knowing), the suitcase shut again and all I feel is heavy, tired and desperate. . “And he marveled, too, at how different he felt inside, how much lighter, as if he had set something heavy down and walked away from it without bothering to look back.” . There is pain (brokenness, scars, grief) that I will always carry with me, and while I long for the day when my sorrow will be erased and replaced permanently with joy, I want to live a full, healthy life today — one that isn’t afraid to feel the feelings, that knows it’s okay to be sad and it’s not wrong to be afraid sometimes. I want to believe in my heart what I already know in my head — that I was never made to carry this kind of weight. 💛 . #eriemomreads #middlegradefiction #thetigerrising #katedicamillo #bibliophile #griefandhealing #vulnerability
Follow:@hackers_domain #tech #technologies #techupdates #computer #coding #programming #hacked #whitehat #zeroday #exploits #security #informationsecurity #informationtechnology #infosec #mobiledevices #mobile #onlinesecurity #cyberpunk #cyber #cyberlaw #cybersecurity #cybercrime #adope #vulnerability #bugs #determination #focus #hardwork #passion #webapps Hiding malicious packages in update installers is nothing new. Cyber criminals exploit users’ ignorance/gullibility by hiding malware inside seemingly legitimate update packages. We are more familiar with seeing such disguised malware with just one purpose; to take over the user’s system after being installed. Usually, when run, the typical fake update installer will silently install the malicious payload and show no other visible activity.
“Cause you entrust in me with the key to your heart Beating you smart 'Cause even though I need a new start Due to my past transgressions, you believed in me I guess the light I see in you is what you see in me, Lord” Backstory to this picture, I was on top of south mountain and I decided to capture this moment. I didn’t ask the couple if I could take the picture because their chemistry was the thing pulling all of it together and I didn’t want to disrupt that moment. _______________________________________________________ #art #love #Chemistry #SouthMountain #SouthSidePhoenix #Portrait #Phoenix #LocalPhoenix #Az #photography #YoungLove #CityScape #NightLights #Expression #Passion #Vulnerability #LongExposer #NightTimeShot #arte #Kiss #Relationship #Trust #PrettyLittleFears #Sonyphotography #SonyA7iii #SonyShooter #85mm #PrimeLens #SonyCamera #Sony
Sunset Soul 🌅🌞 #herbluewings
As I sit here in profound and unwavering gratitude for powerful authentic Sisterhood... I decided to capture something I said to the group as we sat in Sacred Circle. As we each shared our big vision and where we were at, I found myself feeling the truth of what I've been experiencing over the last year. The truth that I have been hiding. And for somebody who helps clients with increasing their visibility, it's ironic, when you find yourself in the same boat. And then this truth statement weld up within me and came forth. I know this truth. #Be365 #vulnerability #visibility #successfulwomen #speakers #truth #womencircle #businesssupport #businessgoddess #power #riseuptogether #riseup #beautiful #beseen
Today, I got my first flu shot. Ever. Celebrated and nursed by sore arm by indulging in amazing lobster bisque at @wissotachopchippewa Even their decaf is delicious - love this place. #ThankfulForMyFluShotBuddy ❤️ #Privileged #HealthCare #EveryoneShouldHaveHealthcare #vulnerability
Sometimes we meet people that ooze strength, resilience and sanguine.. but the closer I listen, the more I hear that they don’t feel the same on the inside. They are vulnerable too. They are scared too. They need to be held too. Help your warrior friends lay down their sword and their armour and truly hear them, see them. The beauty is, that when you need a warrior, they’ll stand with you fiercely. Thank you to my strong friends. I see you, I hear you, I love you. Thank you to my friends who see past my armour and help me lay down my sword. I’ve got your back.
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