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If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if you can live on after he is dead, then maybe he was a great man. – James Dean | Brooklyn Bridge | 📷
This guy was trying to put up a sticker but failed at the discretion thing... still it made for a good photo! 💁🏽✨💯 NYC, November 2017. #AllYouSeeIsCrimeInTheCity #PublicSpaceTakeOver
It rained hard last night. A dark, coastal Goonies rain that put a dense green haze around everything. I went out in it because it’s been forever since I’ve enjoyed a good nighttime downpour. Went down the main street leading into town, and once my shoes were soaked through, I turned around and went to the shore to watch the black waves come in and crash against the concrete breakwaters.
A sight of, from a telescope But I’m just happy to be there It’s beautiful~🎶 #timlegend #transviolet #telescope #rooftops #cloudnine #cityscapes #citylimitless #cityliving
Beautiful clear water in Perth, Australia ° ° ° #beachlife #clearwater #beach #wanderer #wanderlust #travel #travelviews #waves
"That unforgettable moment when it’s just you and Uluru…📷@jasonvanmiert " @exploreuluru
L'hiver au Québec. - ❄️ Winter in Quebec.
Thalassophile (n.) A person who loves the sea, oceans. 🙌 @debiflue
mom’s home 🌞🌱🌿
#165 • Delft | 🇳🇱The Netherlands
#164 • Jabreen Fort | 🇴🇲Oman
✨ just clearing my head and praying for a miracle right now ✨ i'm gonna miss doughnut when she's gone but i know deep down that she's had the happiest life a doggo could have. 6 years is by no means long enough and even though we would have wanted a lot more, i'm so grateful for the time that we've spent together. i give her all the love i have in my heart every single day and i hope she knows that i would do anything to keep her here for longer, but life's unfair and if this is the end of her journey then i have to gracefully let her go. she's given us so many years of love and laughter and i'm going to cherish these last few months with her and make as many memories as i possibly can. of course, i'll be taking photos every step of the way. i wish the future held something different and if anybody out there is listening and has the power to change this, please, i'm begging you, make this end differently. i love you so much doughnut, i always have and always will. you'll always be my lil spoilt princess and i wouldn't have it any other way. see you soon, baby. i can't wait to snuggle you and kiss you and wake up to ur happy lil face every morning. life won't be the same without you, that's for sure. 🌼
We've got your 2018 travel inspiration hot off the press. Click our link in bio > Insider Info > Insider Blog for 18 bucket list ideas for 2018. #2018goals
Did you know there are canals in London? This one is behind Paddington Train Station and the Hospital. There are new office and residential buildings (and some ducks) along the canal. I joined a Canals walking tour by Walks.com on a soon to be rainy day (i looked like i jumped in the canal). After more than 25 years of visiting London, i still find new things to discover in the city as it continues to evolves.
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