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took a break; time to play catch up 🏃🏻‍♀️
Yesterday we saw Sequoia National Park, we explored, we swam, we sat on top of my car, we lived. 🌿 The girls spent the duration of the way down the mountain watching the view standing through my sunroof in the 4Runner. What’s a sunroof for, if not to see the sunset? 🌞 The people from each car waved as they passed. I felt alive, more so than I have in a while. These are the moments I cherish, driving all the curvy roads, looking up and seeing my best friends with wind waving through their hair, and sequoias all around. 🌳 Don’t forget to open the sunroof once in a while ✨
Located in the Seogwipo area of Jeju Island, Soesokkak Estuary was originally called ‘Soedun’, which means a lying down ox, and it was only later that it became more widely known as ‘Soesokkak’. This is the mouth of the Hyodoncheon Stream. As the fresh water meets the ocean, it broadens into wide slow flowing river. ‘Soe; means an ox, ‘so’ means a ‘pool of water’ and ‘Kkak means ‘the end’. Soesokkak Estuary is lined with cliffs of curious lava formations, which are overhung with pine trees. Shot on a Canon G7X • • • • • • #tasteintravel #lifeofadventure #liveauthentic #letsgosomewhere #alwaysgo #livefolk #freedomthinkers #wanderfolk #exploreeverything #finditliveit #folktravel #visualwanderlust #exploreeverywhere #neverstopexploring #welivetoexplore #keepexploring #adventurethatislife #adventurevisuals #stayandwander #optoutside #getoutstayout #wonderful_places #ilovetravel #travelgram #lonelyplanet #bestvacations #exploremore #instatravel #passportable #exploringtheglobe @preview.app
Even more beautiful than it is rugged and inhospitable. A wild place meant for both the romantic and explorer alike. #traveldeeper
// Only 30 hours worth of transit between me and home. Looking forward to no more stressful working out what to tip people and toilet stalls that don't have enormous gaps between the stalls and the doors 😂. Otherwise Arizona, you've been great. I'm very much taken with the southwest. Only 47 states to go 🇺🇸 //
friday is that you.🌿
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Model- Megan Amanda Ehrlich (@rairydoll ) Photo by Valentina Reneff-Olson (@vallady ) #happyshotz
Model- Megan Amanda Ehrlich (@rairydoll ) Photo by Valentina Reneff-Olson (@vallady ) #happyshotz
Model- Megan Amanda Ehrlich (@rairydoll ) Photo by Valentina Reneff-Olson (@vallady ) #happyshotz
Bahagia itu sederhana, cukup kita saling mengerti satu sama lain, Piwikend sedulurr @instagram
Giving you my murder face. Happy weekend! 😂💋
Kissing the Blarney Stone was a must, but the Blarney Castle grounds were by far the best part 💚 ~ hoping kissing my favorite Blarney tree will bring some extra luck! 🍀🍀🍀
Spent the week touring around the south for work and living off of beer, barbecue, fried chicken, and trying to convince my body that cole slaw is an adequate source of micro-nutrients. Exploring cities is fun... But I got to swim in a swimming hole and hike to a waterfall today and you just can't buy this kind of happiness. (Sorry there aren't better pictures. Back camera is busted. Awkward selfies only 🤓) • Thanks @tobysbrooklyn for the opportunity to come out and meet some of our amazing coffee partners. I had a beautiful week.
[] line life [] Friday, early morning @sdconventionctr San Diego Comic Con
Get lost in things you love 🌟
All the way to the 🔝 to 😘 the Blarney Stone! 🇮🇪💚
And then I ate a bison burger
This is a throwback to my temple visit way back chinese new year earlier this year. Visiting these kind of places really brings out the asian vibe out of me 😏
in 3 days I’ll be finished with my test and I can get back into enjoying life again! 🤙🏻
// Bye cacti, it's been great 🌵 I wish I could have a garden full of you guys. //
I met you under the balloon, on the occasion of your return from Norway; you asked if it was mine; I said it was. The balloon, I said, is a spontaneous autobiographical disclosure, having to do with the unease I felt at your absence... 🎈 . . . . . . #donaldbarthelme #theballoon #pnwparadise #pnwwonderland #pnwcollective #volcano #wanderer #amazingplace #mountainview #lifeofadventure #neverstopexploring #wanderlusttribe #wanderfolk #exploretocreate #in2nature #roamtheplanet #liveauthentic #wildernessculture #peoplewhoadventure #washingtontrails #ontrailworld #thediscoverer #hiketrekruck #mountainstones #modernoutdoors #stayandwander #ourglobedaily #earthimagined
Some mornings one cup of coffee is enough, on to the real liquid gold. 7.4% a bit much for breakfast? I was a little worried but this Astrolabe from @frenchiesbb has a lite malty taste with a hint of black currents perfect #newy #newcastlensw #wanderfolk #breakfastbeer #beeroclock #mynewcastle #morningbeer
two acai bowls in two days...one might call that a bowl-d move
Cocktails with the whales 🐳
I want to build a little cabin on that little island.
Just because you asked for it 😆 CROSSBODY’S ARE BACK!!! Erica, our creative director, is seen here showing off her latest design. We have given our original crossbody satchel a little upgrade, and it’s now available on the site! Seen here in Copper #crossbodybag
Ate something 🤢 on a layover last week, so when I got home I decided to reset all systems with an Ayurvedic Kitchari cleanse, inspired by my time in Jerome with @andrea_allen_yoga_retreats. I packed a weeks worth of lentils into Tupperwares to take with me on the plane, but what started off pretty well, slowly degraded into a baby poo colored mess that smelled like vomit as the kitchari protested being constantly up and down and in and out of hotel refrigerators. I kept eating it anyways, out of some twisted sense of duty and piousness, but the whole experience brought back some pretty harrowing memories of my elementary school cafeteria days, when my mom insisted on making me egg salad sandwiches for lunch, and my whole seating area would smell like sulfur, and my greatest wish in life was to be a latchkey key who ate Lunchables and snacked on Gushers... Anyways, this whole little pity party is just to say, that I miss Arizona, and @andrea_allen_yoga_retreats fresh food and home cooking. And to express gratitude to those grade school friends who sat with me despite my stinky lunch. Love you Fam. 💛
shine a light on me
Friday’s friendly reminder to love each other like nobody is looking 😍
I try to be like water and keep my life in constant motion. I didn’t realize until my recent trips to the Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park how much I missed hiking, exploring, camping and being in the outdoors. It’s hard to get out when you’re a student so it’s time to take full advantage of summer and my free days! Big things are coming soon! #pnwdiscovered #mountrainier #mountrainiernationalpark
I have like 3,000 pictures I haven’t even looked at yet. I wanted to take enough to live through until the next time I see this place again. 🇨🇦
They love a grass fire over in the NT. Literally little spot fires all over the place as we drove towards the border. Made for some interesting driving!
It's good to be home 🏠
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In the deepest ocean, the bottom of the sea 🐠
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