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@kayseasea is not just a babe on the outside, this girl is everything wonderful on the inside. I absolutely loved getting to photograph and have a little peek into her soul. She is a force to be reckoned with, and if you are her friend you know she’s going to have your back to the end. She’s amazing! 💗🌴
//wait for someone who loves you differently. one who can see the fire in your soul, the child in your laugh and the ocean in your heart//. -JMstorm ✨ Or, and more importantly ✨ Find someone who is perfectly ok with getting into the tub, fully clothed 😁 📸: @lexandev . . . . . . . . #rachelbarnesfoto #stayandwonder #life #liveyouradventure #calledtobecreative #instapic #instalove #instalife #live #love #photographer #photography #wildheart #photos #photooftheday #wild #liveauthentic #adventure #adventureawaits #adventurer #adventurealways #loveintentionally #makeadventure #loveandwildhearts #portrait #wanderingphotographers #photographiccollective #thatsdarling #adventurer #adventure
Talia and Phil rocking with the smoke at the @theoldkentbarn , what an amazing day we had!
Few things are better than spending the weekend in St. George with these two ✨
So much adventure awaits these tiny little feet!! Congratulations @maribtro85 he is perfect!!
Pt. 4 - Final Chapter 📖 😂 ...And so with the next wave of pressure, I didn't fight the feeling. And with each wave after that, I assumed whatever position my body told me to and pushed. I felt like all my efforts were somehow not as productive as they should have been, though. The midwives told me that I must have been eating lots of protein in the last trimester (and I had been, per hypnobabies' recommendations), because my amniotic sac was REALLY strong and hadn't ruptured yet. I told them they were welcome to puncture it, because I was too excited to meet this baby to wait much longer. So we popped it, experienced another nice rush of water, and kept on pushing. At this point, I was standing and resting my forearms on the bed for each push... and after yet another contraction, I half-jokingly exclaimed, "I'm exhausted... I need a sandwich!!" The nurse said, "I'm on it!", and happily ran to the cafeteria to grab one for me. While he was gone, the midwives suggested that because I was exhausted, perhaps laying on my side would be a good position to try. So, I tried it. After the next push, John came and whispered in my ear "she has lots of dark hair!" That was all the incentive I needed. One more push and our sweet, happy girl was born. She came out bungee jumping... 🤣 (Her ankles were crossed with the umbilical cord wrapped around one ankle, then the other ankle, then both ankles, twice.) The midwives joked that she was just being prepared because I had been pushing from a standing position for so long. She was healthy & content as could be. I nursed her immediately, and then scarfed the delightful sandwich the nurse brought in while daddy enjoyed some skin to skin. I never once felt pain besides those 12 short minutes of helping her flip. I can never thank the midwives enough for all of their helpful suggestions and I am SO thankful for hypnobabies teaching me that birth can be experienced with excitement, peace, joy, and complete comfort. From all the crazy stories I've heard through my life, I never thought I'd believe that was possible...but I can say that it is, & it's the most beautiful, powerful experience and I honestly can't wait to do it again!🐣
Missing those starry nights in Hawaii 🏖💫🌟⭐️✨ @mauivisit @gohawaii
You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. ● ● ● Never give up, believe in yourself and do what you love ❤ ● ● ● I can't wait to go home for a bit but I also can't wait to be back on the road again.. in October I'm going to New Zealand with @syazgoesaround... What are your plans?
wherever you’re going, I’m going your way
Camilla och Pontus ❤️ | Photo and makeup by me 👋🏻 | Hair by @carrobagge 👏🏻
Hanging out with these lovebirds at sunrise was a joy! Oh and that morning fog, it’s actually straight up humidity. You’d think at 5:30am, we wouldn’t be sweating...but we were 😂
I could not be happier the weekend is finally here. Today was International Space Exploration Day 🚀 . . Day 201: Holistic Living 365 RECHARGE . . I feel like I got hit from all ends this week. Suffice to say, I’m happy to leave it all behind me. Eager to settle in to my weekend and get some space from all the crap that weighed me down this week. . . Sometimes we get so caught up in our routines that we don’t allow for space and time to do its thing - heal, nurture, recharge our minds, bodies, and spirit. . . I vowed to shut work down this weekend. Get out in nature. Do lots of yoga. And a few other self care rituals and just look after me. What recharges your soul? Comment below ⬇️ #tomorrowsanewday . . . . . #internationaldayof #spaceexplorationday #timeandspace #takeatimeout #negativespace #naturalhealing #meditationpractice #healwithnature #naturetherapy #greentherapy #getoutside #naturephotos #wanderingphotographers #slowdown #justbreathe #countyourblessings #reset #recharge #mindbodyspirit #selfcareishealthcare #healthiswealth #holistichealing #weekendmood #positivemindset #positivevibrations #raiseyourvibration #selfcarerituals #yogatime #holisticnutritionist
These past few weeks have been crazy for us. With camps and weddings and so much on the go it’s SO nice to just sit and be still. Whether that be in a canoe on a lake at sunset... or sipping a cup of coffee on your couch. Be present. Be quiet. Be still. 🖤
is it just me or do Friday’s seem to drag on just a little bit longer during the summer? • usually right about now I’d be out enjoying this cool July night with all the friends(all four of them), but I’ve locked myself inside for the night to be the most productive nugget, so I’ll be celebrating the start of the weekend solo tonight with all of the editing and emailing • what’re you lovely people up to on this Friday night? Please let me live vicariously through you... . . . . . #wanderingphotographers #travelingphotographer #portraitphotographer #blackswhoblog #explorerbabes #bossbabe #creativesontherise #ladyboss #bosschicks #dirtybootsmessyhair #liveauthentic #femalehustler #womenempoweringwomen #freelancephotographer #laphotographer #lablogger #browngirlbloggers #laphotographer #graduationphotographer #graduationphotography #seniorportraits #verilymoment #thatauthenticfeeling #simpleandstill #seekthesimplicity #beyourownboss #womenempoweringwomen
run run run! ✨ couples, i will probably, most definitely, deliver out of focus or blurred photos because the moment is more important than technical perfection. so if you’re lookin’ for magazine style editorials, im probably not your gal. . friday nights are always wild around here! tomorrow I get to celebrate with kayleigh + brandon. wahoo! sunday you can find me hanging out with @sugarandsoulphotography tag-teamin’ 12 week challenge photo shoots with @alexgilmore__ ! so wild to think it’s been a full year since i completed my first challenge! 💪🏼
Give me all the desert shoots and all the couples that will laugh their faces off throughout the entire evening.
123.365 • “Always be kind, but more importantly, Always be fire.” -Mackenzie Scanga (@mackenziescanga ) in a letter to me that made me cry. • Have been feeling all sorts of emotions lately and I quite definitely decided I hate it. Feeling weak, and desperate, and for what I’m not quite sure. You know I’m feeling not quite myself if I take a self portrait ......... I hate self portrait time. Change is happening, inevitable stages of life occurring… and I’m just trying to keep up. #selfportrait #harrystyles lol
Is it just me, or do all kids try and trick you into making bedtime longer? They know I can rarely resist an adorable plea for snuggles. What do your kids do to delay bedtime? 😴 Another day of parenting in the books 👊🏻 Too bad my day is still going strong. At least I have these gorgeous faces to work on whil I’m still doing my time. . . . #coupleinlove #utahphotographer #kisses #coupleshoot #coupleshoot #couplesession #photobugcommunity #wanderingphotographers #heyheyhellomay #engagementshoot #postmoreportraits #mountainwedding #mountainengagements #wildlifewildsouls #portraitcollective #utahweddingphotographer #ogdenwedding #ogdenphotographer #intimate #lovemetender #holdmyheart
Everything about this. ❤️
They’re not the big-landscape crowd-pleasing photos, but there’s something so intensely honest about hands that gets me. . Mine are wrinkled with more lines than they should be at 25 for holding onto resentment and stress too tightly. They’re calloused from my camera and from rocks (and scarred from my old roommates killer cat but that’s not nearly as poetic of a story). . Clench your palms. What are the things that have hardened your hands? What are the things you’ve held too tightly? And who are the people you’ll never let go of? . Now open. What from the past do you need to hold more loosely? What do you want to invite into your future? . There’s a reason we pray with our hands open, and there’s a reason that feels so vulnerable. Surrender what is hardening your heart to keep, and hold loosely almost everything else to save room for the few things you need to hold on tight to🤲🖤
Gimme all the glowy sunsets.
I am so excited to be back on Manitoulin Island this weekend for an incredible wedding tomorrow! Throw back to two weeks ago when I got to photograph these two cuties by the swing bridge in Little Current 😍
We go together. Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. #greaselyrics #ontarioweddingphotographer
All of the stars in the universe can never compare to the ones I see in her eyes ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ She is more radiant than the sun and moon and all of the galaxies combined I loved documenting the welcoming of this precious girl into the world, and I cannot wait to deliver her newborn film. Buttttt then I’m going to be pretty sad because I won’t be able to soak in her cuteness via editing. 😭😍
G I V E A W A Y I am always looking to expand my portfolio. So, I am giving away a 30 minute session with me with whoever you would like! Could be a group of you, a family shoot, your special someone or your best friend! All you have to do to be entered is... 1️⃣ Follow @amyjayphotoo on instagram 2️⃣ Like this photo 3️⃣ Tag 3 friends I promise you we will have a great time and you’ll laugh as hard as @mirandamcintyre did in this photo. I will be picking 2️⃣ winners on July 24, 2018. Located in central Alberta.
I can't imagine the feeling of the bride and groom that day being married in this magical place ❤❤❤
- summer’s in the air, baby, heaven’s in your eyes -
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