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I think Autumn is the best time to visit Bavaria 🍁🍂⛰
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“Be not ashamed, woman... You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.” — Walt Whitman • We are so lucky to be women, and men are so lucky to know us. We are full of miracles for anyone who comes to us with pure and open hearts. We are full of love for those who approach us with tender souls and we are full of beauty for those who believe it is there. Our love fuels the world, and for the first time ever people are remembering our cosmic function. Our love affairs are not here to serve an industrial machinery or a government system. Our sex is not for procreation alone. Our love is here to spiritualized the earth. We are greatness, we are goddesses!!!! In the wild we scream, we scream when we hurt, when we give birth, and maybe when we come. But that’s just the way it is. Now, what kind of man can handle our passion, and what kind of man can ascend to the throne next to a woman who owns her crown? A secure man is not threatened by a woman’s intellectual or emotional power but celebrates the opportunity for a joyful partnership that offers that. Men in our culture have been spoiled, treated with false reverence instead of respect. And we have enabled them to think a woman is just a body, a clotheshorse, and a sex machine, and we have done so by acting at times as if we were those things. But truthfully, we are this ever-deepening mystery, that takes years and humility and great patience to fathom. We are magnificent and the world will be different for our daughters and sons because of our tears, our bravery, and our breakthroughs. We have all tried so hard and we are still trying, we are not without strength, and we are not without hope. We are trying the best to wear the crown!!!!!! S.
🌀🌎 I’m having a surreal moment. So I figured I would post this surreal photo that I’ve been hanging onto. This is a snapshot from Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas, Mexico. . I cannot get my head around the fact that I’ve been traveling for 9.5 months or that I’ve made it to Peru. My goal when I left was to be on the road through the summer. I hoped to make it six months. I dreamt of making it to South America. I told myself not to set any strong expectations. — Look at me now! I cannot believe how far I have come. . Yesterday, on my walk to work, I started lightly considering my plans for the Holidays. Like... the Holidays that happen at THE END of a year... a year which I’ve traveled non-stop. Where will I be? Where do I want to be? Honestly I still don’t know the answer to that, but the fact that’s is even something that gets to cross my mind at this point is something I’ll be forever grateful for. . I woke up (late) in my own place today and laid in bed till it was absolutely time for me to get out. I got some mango juice. I did my grocery shopping and now I’m headed back to my bed. This whole new routine is also surreal, but those are words for another time. . #mynomadsoul #chiapas #sumidero
Blissful clear waters of Puerto Rico.
The commute life isn’t so bad with views like this ✨
I've been looking down towards the end of the road for months now, but I'm beginning to understand how foolish it is to imagine such a point, some impossible time when things will slow down, when challenges will stop coming from every angle. I must have forgotten that roads are built to diverge, climb, merge and fall. They disappear and crumble, change their names and get facelifts after hard winters. They may be smooth for a time, enjoyably scenic, but they can turn brutal as quick as mountain passes turn to ice. Life can even fool us into thinking we've taken an exit ramp for a breath, for a break, but sure enough, we've simply started in a new direction, foot firmly on the gas, low on brake fluid and high on caffeine. Keep going, child. Just one more tank and you'll be somewhere new. #wandermore
A year ago I was getting my yoga on with some goats and it was seriously the best day ever.
Catching flights this weekend to London (and I’m planning on expanding my feelings for London too). Where is your favorite travel destination?
we are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. life is eternal. we have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. this is a precious moment. it is a little parenthesis in eternity.✨ . . . -words by @deepakchopra , inspired by Gautama Buddha . . . if we allow, life can be experienced in such a way that is far grander than the physical realm in which we spend most of our time operating. these words speak to a truth within us. beyond our minds, into our hearts, our souls. we study the teachings of many great sages... Buddha, Marharshi, Amma.. and as we prepare to head to the motherland next 🇮🇳 we can’t help but have all the feels for the words that have awaken us. but don’t take our word for it... see if the words speak to something within you... ✨
I spent the day in Yellowstone to explore and clear my head, but I wish I got to spend more than a day there. Out of all the National Parks, Yellowstone is the one that feels most like home. I have visited countless times growing up and watched it change throughout the years, and still every time I visit I’m amazed by how beautiful it is.
This is what happens when you FALL in love with BANGS. We always loved adventuring and road tripping. After joining the Bangs Fam, we saw many others who shared the same passions. I was inspired by people who committed their lives to the Van Life. The least we could do was move to a different place. So we made it happen. With the help of many Bangs fam we made it to paradise. And that’s how I fell in love with Bangs. #livebangs #bangsblitz @bangsshoes
Dragon tail Peak was looking beautiful as ever :)
“...Well I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky Yes I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky...”
washington, you have my heart 🍂🍃 . . . #welivetoexplore #herpnwlife #mountaingirls #stayandwander #ootd
As #TDAwestafrica traverses the coast, we have seen countless fishermen & boats out on the water. Fishing accounts for 16% of all exports in Morocco and is the largest fish market on the continent of Africa
‘Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.’ T. Robbins . Our entire life is a learning process and dealing with other people without judging is probably one of the hardest lessons to apply. . Making it one of my personal priorities. What about you? . . . #spain #españa #europetravel #visiteurope #cityscape #wandermore #neverstopexploring #splashofcolor #streetphotography #peoplearoundtheworld #welltraveled #iamtb #qotd #travelblogger #traveladdict #bbctravel #minimal #streetviews #wondermore #wonderful_places #letsgosomewhere #yallerseurope #stopwaitingjustgo #anotherescape #traveldeeper #AGameOfTones #exploretocreate #olympusxplorers #TopEuropePhoto
You woke up this morning, you're alive, you're breathing- do you really need another reason to he happy? Treat yourself & choose to make every day a great one!! • • • • • • #chilenobay #chilenobaycabo #sanjosédelcabo #loscabos #bajacalifornia #bajacaliforniasur #mexico #beachlife #visitmexico #travel #travelgram #instatravel #traveling #wanderlust #wandermore #seetheworld #cerveza #sol #playa
Car problems have me stuck in Portland. I kinda like this place though
📍Microcentro - Buenos Aires ----------------------------------------------------- "Una adicción perfecta a la vida urbana de hoy es signo de desequilibrio. Son sanos sólo los que la sufren." Y tu que opinas? Amas la frenetica vida de una metrópoli o preferis la tranquilidad de pueblo? 😊 . "A perfect addiction to urban life today is a sign of imbalance. Only those who suffer are healthy. "And what do you think? 😊 Do you love the frenetic life of a metropolis or the tranquility of a small town? ----------------------------------------------------- #buenosaires2018 #passportready #mochileros #latinoamerica #beautifultravel #earth_shotz #beutifullandscape #followforfollowback #beautifullandscape #traveling #vacation #viajar #igtravel #postcardsfromtheworld #folkmagazine #porelmundo #wandermore #modernwild #earthoutdoors10k #Travelgrams #Worldcapture #Instapassport #Instatraveller #instadaily #staywander #Worldplace #capital #wildernessnation #traveladdicted #wondermore
Van vibes — a la ferry. Spoiler alert: it’s taking us some where RULLLL good. 👋🏽
Jump around, jump, jump, jump... guess we have something in common. Song came out way back in 1992. And so did I 😜😅 📸@_alesrojc_
Dear beach, I think about you all the time...
Explore it all, as much as you can, for as long as you can!❤
lovely places, lovelier people
The desert has been super stormy and moody lately, and I am loving it. I much prefer cold rainy weather over sunshine- if I can wear a scarf and three jackets I’m thrilled. Anybody else excited for the cold, or are you still hanging onto summer? . . . . . . . . . . #staywildish #wateliving #travelgirlsgo #travelgirls #igsouthwest #girlswhowander #girlswhohike #hikelikeagirl #hikerbabes #hikerchick #hikemore #hikemoreworryless #arizonahiking #hikearizona #azadventurebabes #adventurebound #desertvibes #herwanderfullife #arizonaliving #thehikemovement #sheexplores #sheadventures #girlgetoutside #wandermore #wandergirl #weroamarizona #girlswhowander #modernhiker #livetoexplore
Beautiful place. ❤📷😍 📷photo by @tomashavel
“Ci sono nuovi mondi che vanno scoperti. Affacciati” 💫 #chiostrodream
It's been two months since I was at The Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. It is just an amazing place and rich in beauty. @savethebwca One of my least favorite parts of this trip was portaging, lifting the canoes and carrying them through paths that connect two different lakes. Even though it was a difficult task at times, the perspective I got from under a canoe was very much unique. So as my life gets turned upside down time and again, I've learned that sooner or later I shall encounter the next lake and in time the cycle will start again. • • • #boundarywaters #minnesota #savethebwca #nature #naturephotography #canoecamping #camping #lakes #water #wilderness #wildernessculture #intothewild #adventure #wanderlust #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #travelphotography #travelgram #travel #traveler #wandermore #wondermore #folkscenery #letsgoplaces #nomadstories #outbackcollective #modernwild #takemoreadventures
หมาตาเศร้า​ แห่งพาลาวัน​ 😟 Palawan, 2018. #wandermore
🔥The Land of Fire & Ice❄ Ancient lava trails around a dormant volcano with the finest examples of volcanic eruption in the country👌🌋 The ice cave is located inside of a collapsed lava tube, and never reaches temps above 31* F. This allows ice to continually build up from groundwater seepage, reaching 20 feet deep. The natural layers of ice create the perfect environment for arctic blue-green algae to grow🌱 Bailey the chihuahua, David & myself thoroughly enjoyed this place! Easy hikes and not crowded at all, with beautiful scenery and plenty of science & history🤓
🇬🇧 Hello 😃 good evening . How's your day ? I am happy to share with you this first photo of my last weekend in Paris 🗼 I also tried some new editing 🖼️ I hope you like it 😊 Let me know by commenting below. Thank you in advance for your attention 😚 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🇫🇷 Salut 😃 bonsoir . Comment ça été votre journée ? Je suis contente de vous partager la cette première photo de mon dernier weekend à Paris 🗼 J'ai aussi essayé un nouveau traitement d'image 🖼️ j'espère que ça vous plaît 😊 faites le moi savoir avec un commentaire en dessous. Merci d'avance pour votre attention 😚 ° ° ° ° #hello_paris #thedailytraveller #girlgettersglobal #travelgirlscommunity #photofrance #girldiscoverers #photographerlovers #photographersofig #photographier #photographyig #paris_focus_on #france4dreams #wandermore #worldtravelig #liveauthentically #travelleap
Find your own light ✨ #newprofilepic
Our first #boondocking campsite !!!!!
Nice and cosy place to sit back and relax. Who would you take here?
Fez [MA 28]
Dwa zamki | 🇵🇱 | Two castles
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