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Alrighty @warbyparker what are ya thinkin? #WarbyHomeTryOn In order: Wilkie, Percey, Laurel, Baker, & Keene. I'd really like a frame that fits my face while I can see more through the lens than frame in my peripherals.
#warbyhometryon 👓✌🏽😘
So I’ve gotta get glasses for the first time in my life (and that’s absolutely fine with me). I took advantage of @warbyparker ’s #WarbyHomeTryOn by ordering five frames and two of them have passed the wife, children, and work colleagues test. Over the past three days I’ve worn them intermittently to get used to doing so and I snapped a few selfies along the way. Which ones fare better in your opinion? The “Moore” In sandalwood matte or the “Gilbert” In whiskey tortoise? Or should I get both?
#warbyhometryon just made first order!!! #neednewglasses
Oh what glasses to pick? If you're looking for glasses I would highly recommend this. Yes, those glasses are wonderful in the store, but how do they feel in an hour? Nice way to get a real world feel. #warbyparker #warbyhometryon #toomanychoices
Thinking about these glasses... #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #newglasses #smallthings
Warby Parker is an amazing company that will send you FIVE frames to your house to try for FREE!! A few weeks ago, I selected these from my home try on! They also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased! (and they are MUCH cheaper than typical optometrists!!) This was a game changer for me, and if you are considering getting new glasses, I highly recommend this company 🤓 #WarbyHomeTryOn
Got my @warbyparker home try on kit today! #warbyhometryon what do you think guys? #glasses #gay #instagay #gayswithbeards
I got 5 free glasses to try on from @warbyparker and these three of my favorite. Can you guys please help me pick one, idk which ones to buy 😫 #warbyhometryon
Have to get glasses so I’m trying different styles from Warby Parker. Which ones do you like? #warbyhometryon
I’m always trying something new... Well I managed to find 2 new pairs that’ I like. #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #newglasses #warbyparkerhometryon 👓🖤👓
My #warbyhometryon is here! What do you think? The bottom right picture is my current pair of glasses. The rest are my options from @warbyparker. Getting used to such a big frame would be an adjustment and I feel like they are crooked, or maybe my ears or eyes are uneven? I realized I picked all dark frames to try and maybe I should have tried some lighter ones too. I'm not sure what I think yet. 🤓 #askinstagram #newglasses
DAMN! So tremendously gassed and assed up to plug Warby Pucker, the latest (nsfw) video banger I made with @comedycentral ~ huge shoutout and the lord’s highest blessing to @tarabotwinick (queen of all trades) and @brotherlemoine (production god and stoic delivery man) for asking me to do this! They sent me an email with no subject line and just the message “r u a freak” and the rest is well as they say history how do I block my grandmother from seeing this if you look closely you can actually see a pimple (rare for me on the face) that formed WHILE we were shooting this.
Day 4: Esther For my Sunday glasses I picked out these Esther in rose gold demos. These frames are beautiful. I don’t like them as much because their frames are thinner. I don’t feel they look right in my face. So while I love to look at them I didn’t love wearing them. They felt like they sat a little high. They weren’t a comfortable fit on my face like other pair. They weren’t as tight as the Ava styled glasses however. So that’s a plus! #notpaidreview #warbyparkerhometryon #firsttimereview #honestreview #warby #warbyhometryon
Late post. Day 3: Louise I can’t even keep a daily post going lmao. For my day 3 glasses I chose Louise. These are my favorite pair in this box. They fit great. They look great. I love them. I wore these Saturday and felt so good in them. #warbyparkerhometryon #notpaidreview #firsttimereview #honestreview #warby #warbyhometryon
A little help please...I need new glasses and got my other ones from warby Parker. So I got 4 new pair to try on and went outside my comfort zone then my norm. But, why be boring all the time. Now I can’t decide which one I want. Thoughts..... #warbyhometryon #outofcomfortzone
#warbyhometryon time for new glasses. Which ones do y'all like better. Photos 1&2 are Tansley. 3&4 are Louise. 5&6 are Ava. And 7&8 are Yorkl
Just received my frames from @warbyparker but I need help picking which ones I should purchase! Pick a number 👇🏾 1 Layered Tortoise 2 Light Peach Crystal 3 Eastern Blue Bird Fade 4 Lavender Crystal 5 Rose Crystal #glasses #frames #BossySoFlossy #PromoGoddess #WarbyHomeTryOn #Entrepreneur #Model #MusicArtist #trend
Alright guys! I need some help! I’m doing #WarbyHomeTryOn with @warbyparker and I’d love to get some votes! Leave the number you like in the comments!! I know my favs😍 but I wanna see what y’all have to say! Thanks! 🙂😍 #warbyparker #glasses
where can I find the Black Friday sale on prescription lenses though? 🤔 🎶: @arianagrande 🎞: @deanicawhited 👓: @warbyparker #warbyhometryon
Dang. It’s been less than 24 hours, and y’all have had some OPINIONS. . . . Here are my thoughts: After looking at the pictures throughout the day, and trying them all on SEVERAL times, 1 and 4 are my favorites also. I think 5 is a little too wide and the rims are maybe a hair too thick. The upper rims on 3 are a little too thick also and I feel like the lenses are too big. I like 2 also, but I think the lenses are a little too big for my taste and hang a little too low on my face. . . . Out of 1 and 4, I think 4 is my favorite. HOWEVER, I question whether they will match with everything I wear. With 1, I like them a lot also. They’re a little more standard and versatile, but they look very similar to my last pair (other than the fade-to-blue on the bottom) and my prescription hasn’t really changed very much at all, so I could keep wearing my current pair if I wanted to. But these are definitely better quality than my current pair. I have some more thinking to do. I may end up getting both. Ha. #WarbyHomeTryOn
New glasses try on. Which one? Vote your favorite 1-4 plus yes or no on the sunnies. Im leaning toward 2 or 4. #warbyhometryon #warbyparker
It’s that time, I need reading glasses. What better way to do it. Help me decide which frame looks best. #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #glasses #nerdglasses #smartlook #smartlooking
Day 2 of #warbyhometryon Sullivan I tapped into my inner Tina Belcher today. The matte blue and red clay colored Sullivans look good. They do set a little heavy on my bridge. I find myself seeing the frames in my peripherals every now and again. So, I don’t think these are the right fit for me. I did enjoy making TikTok videos with Tina’s voice. These oversized glasses are nice but too big for me. #notpaidreview #warbyparkerhometryon #firsttimereview #honestreview #warby #tinabelcher #bobsburgers #tiktok #musers
Help me pick new glasses from @warbyparker ! I actually like all of them, but I’m only gonna choose one. Which one, 1-5?? I have 5 days! #warbyparker #WarbyHomeTryOn
Round 2 of #WarbyHomeTryOn feel free to leave some opinions! I’m in the market, as it were.
Round 1 of #WarbyHomeTryOn feel free to leave some opinions! I’m in the market, as it were.
I'm picking my next pair! Cuz since it gets dark earlier and I'm apparently 40...I need these extra eyes at night 🙄🙄 Yes the two on each end are two-toned! I like ones in middle!! #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #newlook #loveyourself #loveyourpeople #liveyourtruth
Trying on one of the frame options from @warbyparker tonight. These are the Louise wide style. Daisy style are on their way to compare and I have 5 more pair in my cart waiting for my next #warbyparkerhometryon session. It's official, I'm addicted to trying all the frames. This girl loves her some #options 😂 . . . #mommastyle #mommydiydesign #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #warbyparkerlouise #workstyle #workingmom #lovemyoptions #glasses #nickelandsuedestyle #nickelandsuede
TRYING ON GLASSES IS FUN! help me choose! #warbyparker #warbyhometryon @warbyparker ✨💕⚡️
Undecided 🤷🏽‍♀️ @warbyparker try on #warbyhometryon #warbyparker #glasses #eyewear #nerd
Day One #warbyhometryon Style : Esther 2233 in Rose Gold Today I decided to go with these Esthers in rose gold. These aren’t my favorite pair on me. They are so cute, but not on me. They feel a little tight on my temples. I have a chubby face so I feel that these being smaller make my face seem a little wider. The color is beautiful, I especially love the color of the ear pieces. They did make me feel very 50-60’s school girl. Especially paired with my pink sweater and pearled headband. #warbyparker #warbyparkerhometryon #warbyhometryon #warby #hometryon #honestreview #notpaidreview #review #firstimpressions
I was so excited to find my #warbyhometryon box in the mail this morning. Since they give me five pairs and five days to enjoy them I’m doing one pair a day. With a full review! Contents of box: • 5 pairs of clear lenses glasses. • Return shipping label • A handbook for the kit I did get to pick the styles of glasses I received. They allow you to try the box more than once. In case you don’t return them, they do require a debit/credit card to be on file. First impression: I love the presentation! The box fit perfectly into my mailbox. Some of my glasses had a couple smudges. Nothing major, they were easy to clean with a cloth. I love the handbook. It includes instructions for purchasing your favorite pair. As well as how to return your kit. A guide to letting you know if the glasses fit. It’s very informative and a great addition to the packaging. #dayone #warbyparkerhometryon #warbyparker #warby #hometryon #productreview #honestreview #notpaidreview #glasses #firstimpressions
Ayo what's good people's?!? Maybe I'm asking the wrong platform! What's poppin tonight?!? Like frfr. Where ya'll headed?? #dayoff #newme #newhair #newhairdontcare #warbyhometryon #loveyourself #loveyourpeople #liveyourtruth
Shoutout to @warbyparker 👌🏾👏🏾🤓💋💙😊🥰🤗🙌🏾 Love my new specs... Felix in Tortoise. #warbyparker #warbyhometryon #felix #specs #iwearglasses #nearsighted 🤦🏾‍♀️ #bagz_llc
New glasses time! So which one should I pick? #warbyhometryon #newglasses #newme 👓🤓
Guys. Need your help. I was gonna take pics in muh @warbyparker glasses with my hair and makeup done, looking real FOINE but, #momlife . See that little body in the back? These were done in the car line with a sleeping toddler losing circulation to his head. So, they’re in black and white for a reason, mk? Which do you like best? My face can’t hide much so you can tell which ones I like and don’t but I’d love your vote. I *think* I already settled on one but help me lock it down. #warbyhometryon
Shopping for sunglasses is a pain.. but I think I found one I like 😜 #warbyparker #warbyhometryon #selfcare #selflove #selflovefirst #loveyourself #lifestooshort #treatyourself
I started wearing glasses when I was two years old. I had a lazy eye that required me to have an eye patch when I was a child. I couldn’t even get contacts until I was in high school and I was always super self-conscious about how big my lenses made my eyes look. 👀 . In my early 20’s I was able to get lasik eye surgery and now I rarely wear glasses and have never worn contacts since. I do notice my eyes will strain when reading, working on the computer, or driving at night. I figured it was time to update my prescription and grab a cute pair of frames that I will feel good in when I need a little extra help with my vision! . I decided to try the #warbyhometryon from @warbyparker since I didn’t have to leave my home and I love the look of their frames! My box arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m giving them a try. Swipe to view each pair and then comment below with which pair you like most (1,2,3,4, or 5)! . Want to try a set on yourself? Use the link in my profile to pick your favs and have them sent straight to your house. Then let me know which ones you are getting! . . . . . #wiw #instastyle #fashion #style #styleiswhat #theeverygirl #fashioninsta #fashiondaily #fashionaddict  #womensstyle #eyewear #glasses #glassesgirl #eyeglasses #eyeglassesfashion #warbyparker
When your @warbyparker frames arrive and the world makes sense again. • • • • • Written/Directed by @lomyring Starting @Nikki charest DP @tehillahdecastro Art @steeeeny Produced by The Wild Productions #speccommercialshoot #commercial #warbyparker #glasses #ad #dancing #red #femalesinfilm #womensfashion #womeninfilm #warbyhometryon #warbyparkerhometryon #warbyparkerglasses
Just received my frames from @warbyparker but I need help picking which ones I should purchase! Pick a number 👇🏾 1 Layered Tortoise 2 Light Peach Crystal 3 Eastern Blue Bird Fade 4 Lavender Crystal 5 Rose Crystal #glasses #frames #BossySoFlossy #PromoGoddess #WarbyHomeTryOn #Entrepreneur #Model #MusicArtist
What do you guys think of these frames? #warbyparker #warbyhometryon #thesearefordogsright @warbybarker
Spending down those flex benefits... Finally ordered some glasses and sunglasses tonight. #warbyparker is slightly addictive... So while I ordered my for sure #glasses , I went shopping for some more 😉 5 of the 6 pictured are coming for my next #athometryon session around the same time my new ones will arrive! 👓😍❤ #warbyhometryon #warbyparkerhometryon #mommydiydesign
Mommy needs new glasses. Which frames do you like best??
Getting new specs! Which @warbyparker frames do you like the best? #pleasehelp #warbyhometryon
Hey IG/FB Fam... did the @warbyparker Home Try-On. Need help deciding. Comment below to take a vote #warbyparker #warbyhometryon 1. Everson in Eastern Bluebird Fade 2. Hughes In Smokey Quartz 3. Keene in Beach Glass 4. Rigby in Brushed Silver 5. Burke in Tennessee Whiskey
I got my trial glasses from @warbyparker and I love all of them! This was such a great idea and I already have a winner ❤️ #warbyparker #glasses #cute #l4l #dope #r4r #f4f #darkskin #glassesgirl #glassesaresexy #brownskingirls #snapchat #prettyinframes #warbyhometryon
And the winner is.... #warbyhometryon #Thankyouforthehelp
New things happening 🤓🤩💞🤙🏼
Hey @warbyparker , my babe is fan of your glasses. #hipsterbaby #warbyhometryon
#warbyhometryon Help me decide! 🤓 1) Remy (rose honey fade) 2) Haskell (crystal clear) 3) Blair (black) 4) Lyle (beach glass blue) 5) Haley (lavender crystal)
As long as you’re voting: any of these frames look good? (Note: other colors are available, so if you like a frame but not the color let me know.) #warbyhometryon
When you look at a computer all day every day since the age of 18 you’ll need reading glasses by 34. Vote for A (all black) or B (half brown/half blue). #warbyhometryon
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