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The most January 17th thing to do is listen to #coffeeeyes by #thewonderyears #twy #poppunk #poppunkmusic #warpedtour #warpedtour2011
#25JamsofChristmas August Burns Red edition! Clip #8 #BackBurner by one of my favorite metal bands @augustburnsred. I haven't actually given this song a go since I was 16. I just turned 24 on Wednesday so dont judge me too hard lol. After all these years, it is still such a fun song to play. Thanks for the sick tunes gentlemen!! SIDE NOTE: @thebellcityplayers are hosting a birthday bash for @spensaaaaa and myself over @themtlriverside tonight!! FREE SHOW FROM 9 PM TO 1:30 AM COME HANG AND CELEBRATE WITH US PLZ #livemusic #thebellcityplayers #downtownriverside #flyingV #indropC #with9gaugestrings #lmao #wut #messengers #augustburnsred #sawthemlive #waybackwhen #warpedtour2011 #ithink
🔥Nooka x Vans warped tour’11🔥 •NOS •Hard to find 🕵🏻‍♂️ #nooka #nookawatch #vans #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour2011 #pasarkagetwatch
#throwback to when @bromatosoup and I were on stage with @isetmyfriendsonfire at warped tour 2011 ...look how stoked I was! #warpedtour2011 #isetmyfriendsonfire
Thank you @andybiersackarchive for this stunning pic! 💋 #julietsimms #warpedtour2011
Thank you @andybiersackarchive for this stunning pic! 💋 #julietsimms #warpedtour2011
#throwbackthursday Warped Tour 2011. 😅 little did I know I was pregnant with miss Kaiden. #blonde #studdedbelt #warpedtour2011 📷: @brandonhambright
Final nod to Warped Tour and okay, clearly this one was a no-brainer. We were a bit shocked that they only played 4 dates early on, but again this is one of the bands that helped start it and get it off the ground. Song selection also a no-brainer! We enjoy not having to put in any extra effort whenever possible, and we're feeling like this is the best and most honorable way to finish this feature up. THAT’S A WRAP ON WARPED!!! #ripwarpedtour ----------------------------------------------- Artist: blink-182 Warped Appearance Years: (1996, 1997, 1999, 2001) Track: Rock Show
Moving on to a SUPER special Warped Tour selection here. To be honest, we’re not even really big fans of these guys, I mean they’re okay, but @grini52 made a pact long ago that if we ever ended up as a gay couple this would be our wedding song. If you knew the number of times we sang this to each other in the studio, you would be visibly shook. I don’t know the actual number, but...it’s, a lot. ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Story of the Year Warped Appearance Years: (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2013) Track: Until the Day I Die
Although they didn’t have like a huge long Warped Tour run, we would be remiss to NOT gives Deftones a nod here. They were one of the “OG” Warped Bands that helped legitimize and get the tour off the ground. Plus I mean we’ll use any excuse to play Digital Bath! ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Deftones Warped Appearance Years: (1995, 1996, 1998) Track: Digital Bath
Dipping back into the 2005 North Hampton Warped Date that basically sold us for life on the awesomeness of the tour. DM played one of the headliner stages and much to our surprise there weren’t that many people that seemed “into it". They may have been just a bit in front of the curve for that years demographic but luckily, so were we!! ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Dropkick Murphys Warped Appearance Years: (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2010) Track: The State of Massachusetts
Another one of those bands that just screams Warped Tour. We missed these guys in 16 and 18 unfortunately and they are officially filed in the “Warped bands we most regret never getting to see at Warped” folder. That’s a very sad folder. Also, smoke whatever you've got left. That is all. ----------------------------------------------- Artist: The Maine Warped Appearance Years: (2007, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2018) Track: English Girls
Another selection from the 2005 Warped date we attended in North Hampton, MA. It was muddy, hot, loud, and the air kinda smelled like a mix between body odor, urine and stale nag champa. Helluva day people, helluva a day. We were lucky enough to be one of the 10 people watching these guys, and we felt a real connection there. Like...a 1 in 10 connection, but yeah. ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Funeral For A Friend Warped Appearance Years: (2005, 2007) Track: The End of Nothing
Some bands made our Warped Tour feature for various reasons including like a personal connection or love. Other bands just plain EARNED it. Chalking up 9 tour appearances, Silverstein has almost become synonymous with the festival. I mean we love Silverstein, but even if we didn’t we’d have to mention them based on nothing else than that. ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Silverstein Warped Appearance Years: (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013,2015, 2017, 2018) Track: Afterglow
So before we get started on the whole Warped Tour feature, just keep in mind that our picks will be based on a bunch of factors, not the least of which would be a few of the acts that we saw at Warped Tour 2005. THAT….was a hell of a day, hands down our favorite year. Fact is that these guys completely destroyed the stage that day, and I mean any band that comes out to “Fat Bottom Girls” and opens with a Bon Jovi cover is gonna be worthy of a nod here. ----------------------------------------------- Artist: Atreyu Warped Appearance Years: (2005, 2016) Track: The Crimson
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing a Warped Tour, you know that you’re guaranteed to see a few things; tons of eyeliner, endless bad hair cuts, and TONNNNNNNNNNNNNS of great bands. Since 1995 this venerable music festival has provided an outlet for countless up and coming and mainstream alternative acts and as you probably have heard by this point, the show is no more. We feel like we would be remiss to not do a feature spotlight in honor of Warped Tour, and also @warouvish suggested it and he’s pretty much feeding us ALL our feature ideas at this point. Over the next 10 days we will spotlight our Top 10 Warped Tour artists, and bear in mind that there have been 100’s of bands that have played the tour so this is just “our” 10 favorites. But we always enjoy hearing yours as well! Stay tuned!
“Our vision for this world will not die when we are dead” Fall of 2010 I went to my very first concert, We Came As Romans was the opening band. As I’m in the crowd, amazed with everything that’s going on around me they play their last song and the singer, Kyle, jumps into the crowd and is crowd surfing above me. I stare at him as he’s singing the end of the song that everyone in the room is chanting. My arms are locked with my friends so I can’t reach up to support him. As I stare, he looks at me then rests his head on mine for a split second. This moment is one I shall NEVER forget. I had no idea who these men were and in that moment they gained a HUGE fan. Through out the years I’ve seen WCAR preform ATLEAST 8 different times. I got VIP tickets when possible. I owned all the albums and bought as much merch as I could. I fangirled over all the silly videos they posted regularly and followed them all on twitter, friends on Facebook and IG. It got to the point that the guys would recognize my friends and I. I even stayed updated on who had girl friends.. I actually still follow a couple exes til this day lol. Today I found out Kyle, their clean vocalist has passed away. My heart aches more for the brotherhood of this band than anything. Rest easy Kyle, you will be missed by many. Thank you for making such a huge impact on my life. 💖💔 Picture 1. 8/11/11 Warped Tour Picture 2. 3/25/12 VIP at the Fire and Ice Tour. #wcar #wecameasromans #kylepavone #warpedtour2011 #fireandicetour #ripkylepavone
Wish I had taken better pics but R.I.P Kyle you were a G!! Cant believe your gone, We Came As Romans isn't gonna be the same without you 🤘-#WarpedTour2011 #kylepavone #oneofthegreats #gonetosoon
#warpedtour2011 #metal #heavymusic #warpedtour #memories #goodtimes god damn! 7 years ago when warped was heavy as fuck it was #@parkwaydrive @suicidesilence @chelseagrinofficial @iwrestledabearonce @abrband @emmurecult I never melted so much face in one day in my life !!!
A photo from Warped Tour 2011. Warped Tour was always so fun to cover but dang is was always so hot outside. #photographer #photography #canonphotography #canonphotographer #livemusicphotography #concerts #livemusic #guitarist #guitar #warpedtour #warpedtour2011
經典的warped tour到了尾聲,好加在2011年有去參與,一開始知道這個音樂祭覺得也太爽所有愛的團一次全部出籠,現在留下來還在玩的團也變少許多,而且竟然是知名品牌vans贊助的,已經辦了好久一段時間(1995年開始),現在竟然結束了🔚 #再見了我的青春 #warpedtour2011 #ripwarpedtour #vanswarpedtour #farewellwarpedtour
Since I joined the band, we’ve played 800+ shows! How many Passafire shows have you been to? How many states have you traveled to see us? Check out our master list of shows since 2011: http://passafire.com/tourdatesarchive Here’s a shot from my 47th Passafire show. We were in Cuyahoga Falls, OH on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. Angelo Moore from Fishbone joined us on stage. What a crazy summer! R.I.P. Warped Tour. - @goozekeys | 📸: Dasha Titlebaum #MikeDGmondays #WarpedTour2011
@jimmy_koukoulis and I back in 2011 at the avenged sevenfold concert. "Did it spill or did he drink it?" #avengedsevenfold #virginiabeach #warpedtour2011 #brothers #yadigg
all these warped tour pictures showing up all over my social media feeds this past week has had me nostalgic and reflective as fuck. it's gotten me thinking that as much shit as i've talked for the last seven or so years, i owe a lot to the times i spent there. it was my first festival, my first time getting kicked in the head in the crowd (cartel), my first time losing my shoes in a pit (hellogoodbye (yes, they for some reason beyond me had an actual pit)), all the bands i took myspace pictures with (you know, the original selfie) and thought i was the coolest shit ever for it, all the people with "free hugs" written across their stomachs i avoided eye contact with, the full-body sunburns, the otherworldly post-warped showers, the highlight to my summer for so many years. but above any of that, in 2010 and 2011, i got my first photo passes. i decided, with all this nostalgia, to dig into my archives and find those pictures and re-edit some of them... . it's humbling to remember where you came from. thank you for being my roots, warped tour. rip . • . 💐 natsparaccio.com 💐 . • . #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour2010 #warpedtour2011 #musicphotography #livemusicphotography #concertphotography #musicfestivalphotograpy #femaleartist #acenders #theearlynovember #versaemerge #pepperband #peppermusic #patendpendingmusic #nassaucoliseum @vanswarpedtour @ace_enders @8ierrakay @pepperlive @patentpendingmusic
#throwbackthursday to our first warped tour in 2011 when I still had braces and short hair 😬 #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour2018 #itsbeenreal #braceface #glowup #darienlake
@thejulietsimms is 100% my favorite person to interview. I think she, Andy, and I have 6-7 interviews over the years. Everyone has a story to tell and hers just keeps getting better. #foreverwarped #flashback #warped #warpedtour #warpedtour2011 #julietsimms #andybiersack
I’m legit bummed I missed #warpedtour2018 yesterday and had to work instead. Shooting warped has been such a fun experience and getting to do it with my best friends has been awesome too. All of the backstage shenanigans and crowd surfing of my younger days will be missed dearly. Here’s the dudes in 3oh3! Doing their thang a few years ago. A few times they were nice enough to come out and grab drinks with us after shows. It was always a party and now I’ll keep it in the nostalgic part of my mind ☺️🖤📷 #cheers #goingtomissyouwarped #3oh3 #warpedtour #warped #warpedtour2011 #goodolddays
Sap post #2 . Today with a heavy heart I got to say goodbye to @vanswarpedtour 💚 It was bittersweet watching the thing i used to look forward to the most out of the year, run its last stop through Dallas. (Even the sky cried today!) I will never forget all the amazing memories growing up and going to Warped through highschool and college. All the bands we met and saw, all the sweat and tears, all the friends we made, and volunteering for free wristbands. Its the end of an era for Warped Tour as well as for myself as I move from DFW. So thank you to everyone for all the amazing memories its been a ride 💚 (also for some reason i cant find any photos from 2013, just all my merch 🙈) #vanswarpedtour #foreverwarped #thankyou #warpedtour2009 #warpedtour2010 #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour2012 #warpedtour2013 #throwback #bittersweetgoodbyes
My first Warped Tour ‘11 to my last ‘18. Where I met some of my favorite bands, crowd surfed for the first time, and so many good memories and experiences. Thanks for the amazing ride! #warpedtour2018 #warpedlooksback #warpedtour2011 @vanswarpedtour
Dustin' off the old gear for one more round. #warpedtour2011 - #warpedtour2018 #vans
The very first time I went to warped tour, my heart hurts today that I won’t be going to the last tour, being an adult really sucks sometimes 🖤🖤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #warpedtour2011 #adultlife #sad #warpedtour #ourfirstvacation
🎶🖤Warped Tour Memories🖤🎶🏁 In honor of the very last Warped Tour in the Bay yesterday, here’s some pix from my Warped adventures over the years. I didn’t go often, because it takes a whole hell of a lot to get me to all day festivals, but I am glad I got to experience Warped Tour several times throughout its run. It was always hot, crowded, and dirty, but seeing some of my favorite bands with more of my favorite bands with other people much like myself made for some good times. So thank you Warped Tour, I will never forget you! 🏁#farewellwarpedtour #warpedtour2018 #warpedtour2014 #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour2008 #warpedtour2006
I wish I could relive the moments of taking these pictures a hundred times. Circa 2011. #RIPWarpedTour (Should I drive 10 hours to make it to the Ventura date on Sunday?)
Seven years later and we are back at it. 💀 #warpedtour2018 #warpedtour2011 #weonlygotfatter
In honor of my third and LAST warped tour next Friday, here’s a little throwback Thursday to my very first warped tour in 2011 when I was a little 17 year old goth baby! #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour #bloodonthedancefloor #piercetheveil #vicfuentes #blackveilbrides #andybiersack
I’ve never done a tbt, but what the heck...#tbt to 2011 warped tour. Playing guitar for @isetmyfriendsonfire I had a blast on that tour. I’m really stoked to be playing guitar for @nekrogoblikonofficial again on this summer’s warped tour. Good friends. All the vibes. #warpedtour2018 #warpedtour2011 #thiswillbethefourthbandivedonethistourwith #imnottoooldyet #friendship
A bit blurry but this was the first time seeing Big D And The Kids Table. There were so many good bands that year! #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour #thanksforthememories #goodtimes #duhmazing #bigd #bigdandthekidstable
What can I say about Against Me! Always a good show this was back when Laura was Tom. #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour2011 #warpedtour #againstme #whenlaurawastom #thanksforthememories #duhmazing
I Set My Friends On Fire. First and only time seeing them it was duhmazing! #warpedtour #warpedtour2011 #vanswarpedtour #thanksforthememories #isetmyfriendsonfire #ismfof #goodtimes #duhmazing
August Burns Red Warped Tour 2011! I can't believe this year is the last and final Warped! I spent some of my best days at Warped been going since 2006 over ten years and just like that it's going to be over. #warpedtour #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour2011 #augustburnsred #abr #thanksforthememories #goodtimes
📍 @vanswarpedtour circa 2011. Throw back to my first warped. Even though it’s bitter sweet I’m ready for July to celebrate the last one. 🤘🏼So, here’s a poor 17 year old Hunter who didn’t prepare well and drove up the DAY of and also drove home after. Yes, that’s a glitter peace sign and a belly button ring (🤦🏻‍♀️) way before big side piece tattoo days. Wore flip flops because she was an idiot and passed out during ADTRs set because of the heat. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ya gotta learn somehow right.
Thought i lost this shirt lol #warpedtour2011
#fbf to warped tour crowd surfing like a cool kid. Also thinking crowd surfing can be creepy... #circa2011 #warpedtour #warpedtour2011 Last one maybe I should go.... #coolkid #creepykids
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