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Warrior Gingerbread House Art. Bunkers, Snipers, Rambo and more!! #WarriorsHeart #WarriorArt
It's easy to get caught up in learn more, do more, push more. But sometimes just being still, being quiet and listening to the heart makes a greater impact. It centers our thoughts so we remember our why and greater purpose. Can you turn off all the noise around you and just be still to think without overanalyzing and dream for something bigger than ourselves? #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #togetherwerise #madeformore #wellnessjourneywarrior #warriorsheart #beawarriorofyourhealth #mompreneur #physicaltherapist #appliedfunctionalscience #riseup
First event ng team ko, Team Warriors!!! Dito mag sisimula ang lahat, kaya dapat paghandaan. We will make history. Dito maysisimula ang lahat ❤️❤️❤️ Dec. 14 na!! Few hours me mga aawardan na mga bagong millionaryo from team warriors, mga nagpakita ng galing ang rerecognize natin, now palang we will declare victory!!! Success for everyone 🔥🔥🔥 WARRIORS!!! MAG-INGAY!!! #Frontrow #ahuAHU #teamtop1 #victory #totoongpuso #warriorsheart #Overtakers
Have you ever felt like you aren’t doing a great job at ..... fill in the blank. No one notices what you are doing, you aren’t getting the support that you desire at a deeper level. . . It can make it hard to WANT to keep doing those things right? To keep showing up, to keep giving it your all. Even if it is your soul’s passion. . . In these moments, when no one is seeing you. When no one is clapping for you. When you feel like giving or not showing up. These are the moments that you must clap for yourself. You must be your own cheerleader and keep going. . . Those around you may not understand what it is you are doing. They may not understand that you need support. Or they may not even know HOW to support you. So don’t ever give up on yourself and your dreams because of others. YOU know what it is that you want and need. Cheer for yourself and cheer loud. . . Reach out to likeminded people who can support you and cheer for you when you get to that place and have the time. Whatever you do, don’t give up on you!! Keep clapping! 👏🏼👏🏼 Keep cheering! 📣Because you will reap the blessings of consistency if you persevere. 🙌🏼 Let your Inner Warrior carry you through. #warriorspirit
Develop the strength and mindset of a ⚔️ 🛡 #warrior . Know you are 💪🏾 strong enough to move past ANY challenges coming in your 🔮 future. 🤨 KNOW you are 💪🏾 stronger than anything that has happened in your past. Make the #best of bad situations. See the #opportunity in the struggle. Grow #strength from my hardships. 👉🏾 Be thankful for your hard times – they will make you stronger. 👉🏾 Be #thankful for the pain – it will make you raise your game. 👉🏾 Be #grateful for the worst of times, it ensures your story will be a great one. From ZERO to HERO From nothing to something From the bottom to the TOP HERE YOU COME! 👊🏾👨🏾 #FearlessMotivation #WarriorsHeart ⚔️🛡❤️
THIS! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #worthy
I love this so much. I grew up in a "work hard" family. The harder you worked, the better you did. More hustle. It made me a do-er getting my value from productivity. I think my parents think I'm crazy on this entrepreneur journey with the goal to actually work less, replace my income, and ultimately be there for my family better. Sometimes I think I'm crazy myself. But I know if I align my goals, my desires, my hope, it will come to play. Of course you have to work hard, but I also believe in faith, prayer and heart to get me there. #curvyhustle #medicinewomanrising #togetherwerise #madeformore #appliedfunctionalscience #mompreneur #warriorsheart #wellnessjourneywarrior #riseup #strongwomen #strongmom #strengthAbility #beawarriorofyourhealth #kajabihero #physicaltherapist
I recently opened up Warrior’s Circle to a group of entrepreneurs who are ready to dive deeper into their soul’s passion and purpose in life. Day ONE in the Circle and the level of support, vulnerability, and sheer bravery that these beautiful souls are bringing is jaw dropping. . . This group is ready to do the work and hold space for one another along this journey. I can’t be more thrilled to embark on this with them. . . Do you feel called to join the Circle? Message me for more information! I would love to chat! #warriorspirit
Tis better to give than to receive! Tis the season! It's also important to give to yourself when it means health. Because you can't give to them if you never give to yourself or aren't healthy enough to give of you. If you're not taking care of your health, you are not allowing yourself to be a better version of you in entirety. It's also easier to add something than take away. So I'm not taking away the Christmas cookies this time of year, but I am adding water as a way to stay healthy. I feel better when I do. Also, sometimes it makes me full so I can say no to over indulgence. Go drink some water! #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #togetherwerise #madeformore #beawarriorofyourhealth #wellnessjourneywarrior #mindsetmatters #physicaltherapist #riseup #warriorsheart #appliedfunctionalscience
Yesterday consisted of getting an amazing haircut. 🤩 I went back to a perfectly playful pixie. I adore keeping a pixie because they are sassy and so fun. And well....the epic bedhead is amazing. . . Is there a hairstyle that makes you feel the most “you?” Let me know below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #bedhead
This phrase is one that I love! Upon doing some personal reflecting I realized it could also be a pocket for “excuses” like “I can’t make my dreams come true because I’m such a hot mess” WRONG! Hear my battle cry! “I am making my dreams come true EVERY DAY all along the host mess express” #WarriorsHeart
Made these in wood shop at #warriorsheart rehab center
Minsan talaga ang kalaban lng natin is yung sarili natin, yung isip natin gusto pero tayo din mismo ang humahadlang sa mga bagay 🤔 Kaya dumadating sa point na kelangan kausapin kausapin talaga sarili natin, dapat magkasundo, at napagkasunduan namin na mas madami pa tayong tutulungan na willing na tao, ok? 2019 atin toh!!! Sino gusto sumabay? #teamtop1 #successforeveryone #warriorsheart #Overtakers
Ang goal after ma hit ang first mark is merong gawing mas madami pa, pero ito matindi sa next in line na ito, he take initiative, hinding hindi ito pumapayag na walang nangyayari, ahead man alo sa kanya pero super lapit lng nito at sya na kasunod... Congrats Ups @cunanankit , dati sa dance floor lng ako naka backup now sa pagkuha mo na din ng first M mo 🔥🔥🔥 #Frontrow #Warriorsheart #overtakers #teamkit #2019Mclub #2019carclub
Work hard, play hard... 3 days to go Warriors Glam na 🔥🔥🔥 meron ka na ba ticket? Prepare na tayo guys❤️🏃‍♂️💨 See you all Warriors... #Frontrow #warriorsheart #Overtakers #glamnight
Everybody is at a different level physically. Everyone has different goals and needs. Being able to tweak movements to allow everyone to be successful is a challenge and a gift. It is my favorite thing to do. No bad exercise, just poorly prescribed. It should be fun. It should have purpose. #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #beawarriorofyourhealth #togetherwerise #wellnessjourneywarrior #strengthAbility #wellnessjourneywarrior #madeformore #appliedfunctionalscience #3dmotion #physicaltherapist #strongwomen #movementmedicine #warriorsheart #mindbodyspirit #mindsetmatters #postpartumathlete #mompreneur
3 days short of 6 months since major hip surgery and I'm back to 5 plates on each side #warriorsheart
When God has selected you, it doesn't matter who else has rejected or neglected you,. God's favor outweighs all opposition. You are a Warriors, you are a winner!. #Frontrow #Blessedsunday #Godamazinggrace #warriorsheart #Overtakers
Who have you been connecting with lately? Have you been spending more time speaking to a larger audience or have you been sharing your gifts with a smaller, more intimate group? How have your results been? Let me know in the comments below! 👇🏼👇🏼 . . I’ve been spending more time connecting one on one with the members of my Warrior’s Summoning Facebook group lately. I adore getting to know the members better and how I can better serve them moving forward. Have you joined Warrior’s Summoning yet? Did I mention it is free? Totally, no strings attached, no hidden agendas or fees. The link is in my bio if you are interested. 😉 . . I had an amazing call this morning, I got to do an oracle card reading, a little getting to know you, and a little coaching all wrapped up into one quick free call. I have loved every second of feedback and excitement that that single call sparked!! I’m SO digging these one on one connections right now! 🤩🤩 They are so powerful and I love building these relationships! 💖 #heartfeltconnections
There's so much I don't understand in this world. But so much amazingness that I see that my heart can't deny the beauty. Sometimes trusting the heart is the greatest gift. I know I will rise because I have a greater purpose for something bigger than me. To use my expertise of health, physical therapy and being a movement specialist into something greater than just exercise. To help people be well on all levels. Reach into your heart today and make it a great day! #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #togetherwerise #madeformore #mindsetmatters #mindbodyspirit #beawarriorofyourhealth #wellnessjourneywarrior #warriorsheart #riseup #postpartumathlete #appliedfunctionalscience
“People said you’ll never be lean again. That your time was over.” That was honestly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I will show you mothafucka...I will prove to you that I can come back....That I will come back...Because I got ME....Stay tuned bitches...cuz the same fire that was lit 12 years ago has been ignited once more. Time to leave no stone unturned POWER OF THE THUNDER BUDDY!!!!!!!fitfam#teamimpact #warriorsheart #flexasauras #northernbeast #godsofiron #IFC #5 %#weights #getlean
🌌🍃"..this how I know He° watchin' and listening. I jus got finish speaking to a friend, puttin' it out there to the Universe, and I scroll down in the @infinite_eighthrealm , and the Third°🕍 'thing I see is this...smh😌 (llb to myself)💯™ 👁°🍃 #illustrations #animation #imagination #🎨 #comics #dbz #martialarts #art #anime #meettheartist #influences #childhoodmemories #mortalkombatstyle #80sbaby #90sbaby #sharpie #prismacolor #crayola #conceptart #over9000 #ssj2 #epicbattle #bedtimestories #escape #explore #maytheforcebewithyou #innerlight #warriorsheart #nolimits #thegoodfight
Have you met my friend @tara.swagerty yet? She’s my #womantofollowwednesday highlight this week. Tara is SUCH a supportive and caring soul! She is always cheering on her teammates and friends, cheering them to their goals and dreams. She loves helping others achieve better health and wellness; mind, body, and soul. I truly find following her posts so inspirational, fun, and informative!! If you get a chance, definitely check her out for some inspiration! 💖 You won’t regret it! 😘
Mind body spirit. They work together. They have to in order to function optimally. Be fierce, brave and kind. Remember your why. Remember what matters. And the rest starts falling into place. #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #mindsetmatters #mindbodyspirit #togetherwerise #beawarriorofyourhealth #wellnessjourneywarrior #madeformore #warriorsheart #riseup
This deep squat/ frog position used to be something I avoided at all costs. I didn't like how it felt. It pinched my hips in ways that my body did not like. I actually got kicked out of a yoga class for this pose (of lack of), with the instructor telling me to come back "when I was ready." What a slap in my face. What if we could embrace people's bodies and meet them where they are today? My body wasn't at "frog" status. How many people quit exercise programs because they don't belong and feel inadequately prepared for the activity? What if we can give modifications to individuals to allow them to be successful where their body is today. Thankfully, I didn't give up. But I never went back to that teacher. Now my body is ready and I gladly embrace the Frog at any moment. Meet your body where it is today. Because Strength plus mobility hives us the Ability! #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #togetherwerise #beawarriorofyourhealth #believeinyourself #wellnessjourneywarrior #strengthAbility #strongwomen #mindsetmatters #madeformore #kajabihero #warriorsheart #postpartumathlete #postpartumrunner #entrepreneur #mompreneur
Being underestimated is the ultimate motivation. 💪🏻 . . #WarriorsHeart #FrontrowInternational
Processing through what we can control and what matters really helps give direction to the day. Remembering our "why" we do what we do. But also remembering we can't control many things and certainly can't control people. We just shine the best we can to accomplish what matters in the long run. Do you know your why? How are you starting the day? #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #mindsetmatters #winthemorning #wintheweek #entrepreneur #strongwomen #togetherwerise #beawarriorofyourhealth #wellnessjourneywarrior #strengthAbility #madeformore #riseup #warriorsheart #appliedfunctionalscience
The breath is crucial to function. We take advantage of it. How can we make it work to our advantafe? To help us be more successful? To control our bladder? #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #togetherwerise #wellnessjourneywarrior #beawarriorofyourhealth #madeformore #riseup #strengthAbility #strongwomen #diastasisrecti #incontinence #postpartumrunner #postpartumathlete #physicaltherapist #appliedfunctionalscience #warriorsheart
Can’t wait to see the movie. @maxmartinila Let’s help @maxmartinila make this go viral. Tag a friend in the comments below. Let’s spread the word about this movie and it’s cause. #sgtwillgardner #sgtwillgardnerthemovie #maxmartini #warriorsheart #kylelamb #tomspooner #scottspooner #dunhamfirearms
My wife @the.guarded.lioness and daughters got to meet Max Martini @maxmartinila at Warriors Heart today. His new movie @sgtwillgardnerthemovie is donating a percentage to Warriors Heart Foundation and Gary Sinise Foundation. Both of these places have done so much for my family and I. So please support @sgtwillgardnerthemovie Max, THANK YOU for what you are doing. It changes lives and saves them. (P.S. I’m sorry I missed you and I hope she didn’t Fan girl to bad 🤣) @warriors_heart_facility @garysinisefoundation #sgtwillgardner #warriorsheart #warriorsheartfacility #warriorsheartfondation #garysinisefoundation #maxmartini #pts #recovery #givingback #savinglives #changinglives #forevergreatful #brcc #blackriflecoffee #texas #support #veterans #givewarachance
12.1.2018 ~ Original Freedom 🇺🇸 > Former Green Berets and members of Delta Force, Scot and Tom Spooner share their life experiences to promote positive ways of life and living free > Highest Recommendation > Watch on You Tube (see link in bio) or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify > Follow @beogfree > Support @warriors_heart_facility > #OGFree #OGFreeNation #WarriorsHeart #82ndairborne #7thsfg #3rdsfg #DeOppressoLiber #usasoc #sfodd #oppressorsbeware #supportourSOFcommunity #OperationHawkeye
We all have an amazing passion project that we adore working on, tell me about yours below. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Lately you have been feeling disenchanted, disengaged, and disempowered with the process and others. Somewhere along the line the spark went out. You want to feel the 💫 magic 💫 that comes from creating, doing, and being with YOUR project. You really, really want to take it to the next level, inspire others, touch other people’s lives, hell even change other people’s lives - am I right? Let’s pick a time to discuss what level of Warrior is calling to you. Are you being called to the Warrior’s Circle to meet with other likeminded people who are on the journey with their soul projects? A chance to discuss and share with the group your concerns and get feedback from others on a soulful journey? Or are you ready for the Warrior’s Anchoring? A six week group program that will leave you feeling more empowered, more in touch with your soul projects, and ready to take action as a heart centered business owner. Message me today to set up a time to chat more about these options and to reserve your spot! #heartwarriors
My first born son is 18, where has this last year gone? Seems like not that long ago you were Braveheart marching through the field playing Pilgrims Progress. You’ve always been a “braveheart”, a warrior who strives to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday. You’ve always been destined for greatness, something more than the status quo, a defender of the defenseless. Words cannot express how proud I am of you as I have watched you mature and grow as you reach for your dreams. This has been an exciting year to remember with a lot of “lasts”. 😜I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday Colton Duane!! 💙🧡 #raisingmennotboys #warriorsheart #letthetuckeradventurescontinue #195moredays #tadpole #navy #seals
This is☠️⚡️Guardián of Silence⚡️☠️ I’ve been asked about this piece, WHY THE ARROWS AT THE CHEST? Because we all have suffered a BROKEN HEART AND TO ME, THE MASTERY OF ONESELF IS OF CONTROL OF THE CORE, THE HEART. BE IT IN COMBAT OR OTHERWISE. - you slumber in hurt and this guy stands GUARD to keep our Demons at bay so we may heal. GUARDIAN OF SILENCE- prints available and all copyrights apply. Www.ArtSkull69.com ☠️⚡️🇺🇸 #military #pencildrawing #rogueamericanapparel #veteranowned #warriorsheart #thinblueline ☠️
For your consideration on Giving Tuesday. Our model is focused on delivering quality and style conveniently to men ...and to the women who'd like them to dress well. Along with that mission, we have a mandate to give back. We're dedicated to directing resources to giving efforts associated with high impact, community occupations like teachers, nurses, first responders, and the #military . One such effort is the Warriors Heart Foundation. This amazing effort is providing private treatment to men and women seeking assistance for service-related injuries and disorders relating to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or the psychological effects of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Often these conditions are compounded by chemical dependency or alcohol abuse often originating from service-related pain management. For many vets, help can be hard to accept due to social stigmas. If that is the case for someone you know, please consider learning how to help them start the dialogue. @warriors_heart_facility is doing amazing work, discretely connecting those in need to resources and counseling. For more information, to get connected yourself or for someone you love, or to learn how to contribute to this important work, please click through to their site. #AmericanReserve #warriorsheart #givingtuesday
Happy thanksgiving! Day 22 of thankful for my body through pushup challenge. Adding a ball and changing the angle adds variety and challenge. Challenge out of our comfort zone helps us grow. What do you do when you get out of your comfort zone? Rise or crumble. I am thankful for this year. It has brought me challenges and forced me out of my comfort zone. But thankful God has given me strength through it and taught me so much. I am thankful for all the people who have rallied with me to grow. I am thankful for all the good and bad that has come from it because light will always shine, somehow, through all things, even when least expected. Here's to a happy thanksgiving and remembering all our blessings and what is really important inlife. #medicinewomanrising #curvyhustle #thankful #pushupchallenge #togetherwerise #wellnessjourneywarrior #mentalstrength #mindbodyspirit #warriorsheart #strengthAbility #beawarriorofyourhealth #appliedfunctionalscience
Nurturing your soul project can be easy. It can be fun, filled with flow and ease. It doesn’t have to feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall or swimming in a sea alone going against the current. . . I know you feel worn out, you wonder if it is every going to all come together, you are running thin on ideas, and you have moments where you are just plain lonely. I get that too. But you know what? You don’t have to! You can CHOOSE to create from a different space in your life and I can help you find that space within yourself. You feel more ready to take on your projects, more empowered personally, and ready to live the life that you know you were put on this planet to live. . . Maybe you are saying but Jaime, I don’t currently have a soul project. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hear you. I didn’t think I had one either. I now know that we all do, it is just a matter of figuring out what that project is, and you guessed it; I would LOVE to help you find yours! . . I’ve created options. Depending on your level of interest/commitment/desire to your expansion. I’m taking calls this week and I would love to talk to you more to see which option is right for you. Message me for more information or so we can get you set up with an appointment! #warriorsheart
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