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All the water today. I can't get enough. Breakfast was a chocolate banana meal replacement shake with a sugar free fruit jello cup. Lunch will be a steamed artichoke and dinner will be meatloaf with mashed potatoes and asparagus. My workout today, no idea what it will be. I do know all the water is going down. So let's drink up @jess_reloaded_2.0 @heatherleighmarie @getfitwithrayray @stephboyette @healthierversionofme @leggo_my_avo @deeann.littrell #StopDropAndChug #FitFam #MyWeightLossJourney #Accountability #FatToFit #WaterAlwaysWins #8MonthsIn #WatchMeShrink #WatchMeTransform #BetterThanBefore #NoExcuse #GirlsGotGoals #HealthierIsHappier #GoodMorning
When it’s cold but feeling hella cute #watchmeshrink #lovingmyself #weightloss #selfconfidence #cute #filters
I NEVER feel like exercising. Especially when it’s dark and cold outside and the rest of the house is sleeping. 😴 . But I ALWAYS feel incredible when it’s done. It’s the cheapest therapy out there and this mama would be bonkers without it. 😂 . PS -today is the last day of our Holiday Flash Saaaaaaaale!🙌🏼😍💃🏼 . Get all my the same workouts, nutrition programs, and supplements I’ve been using for 5 years to lose the weight and KEEP it off! . This is the cheapest they will EVER be and you can snag a spot early to work with me in December (and into the new year!) and get through the holidays feeling amazing!🔥🔥 . 👉🏻Comment 👇🏻 if you wanna check it out!👈🏻
You guyyyyys! I seriously feel like I have found my soulmate workout program! . . It feels soo damn good to be back to my early morning workouts! This past week has been pretty emotional for me - going off my anti-arrhythmia meds and having some anxiety around what might or might not happen. But everything seems GOOD. I have been hesitant to really celebrate and say my heart surgery was a success but I feel SO good and my little heart has been beating in rhythm for a week now MED FREE! . . I have also been able to get in ALL my workouts from this new program (it helps there is only 4 days as week) and I am seeing progress on the scale and in my muscles coming back! . . I have so much to be grateful for this week of THANKS! 🙌😍
On Tuesday we wear plaid. #getwiththeplaidgram
Delicious lunch! #letsdothis
Holy freaking cow poop!! No way man I can’t believe I was comfortable the way I looked a year ago🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ no way not again!! This weight isn’t gonna take over my life!! I will continue no matter if I just lose .5 to a whole pound a month idc I will continue to shrink........... #mommaonamission #watchme #watchmeshrink #shrink #momof2 #readytogetstarted #investinyou #itworks #justbelieveme
Breakfast after the gym. Trying out my new egg poacher thinga-ma-bob. It's not the same as if you make them over the stove in a bit of water, but it's quicker . 🤷🏼‍♀️ My body must really like being 210 because I've been that weight for what feels like forever. Even if I get to 208 or 209 I'd be happy...some thing ! I just want it to MOVE. . . Also ➡️ I found out the gym is open on Thanksgiving, so I'm pretty happy about that. I'm planning an early morning workout Thursday before I get cooking. The holidays aren't going to totally throw me off track this year. I'm making the changes I need in order to better myself, and this journey is alot to be thankful for. . . What are you guys doing to help yourself stay on track this Thanksgiving? Are you tracking what you eat that day or are you winging it? Are you hitting the gym? . . Me- I'm doing all the cooking. Though I am making some dishes that I lately I would avoid, I'm just going to have a little in moderation. I do have plans to track what I'm eating but we'll see how the day goes. I just want to be mindful when eating this season especially. It's so easy to go back to old eating habits and I really don't want to. Which for the holidays always meant➡️ Over eat and fall asleep on the couch. That is not going to be me this year. . . . . . . . . . . . . #weightlosscommunity #weightlossstory #weightlossinspiration #weightlossgoals #weightlossaccountability #weightlosssuccess #weightlossjourney2018 #weightlossplateau #weightlosstransformation #watchmeloseweight #watchmeshrink #watchmelose #fedupfatgirl #fatgirlfedup #fuckbeingobese #fuckbeingfat #losingweightforme #losingforhealth
To think that this is true eventhough it may not seem like it. . Working out is crucial to your weight loss success. Unless you starve yourself (which I am totally against) you need to workout in order to burn fat and lose weight. . As a person documenting my weight loss journey to you Im going to be honest and tell you I hate working out. But i love the results it gives and with my belief of becoming the best version of myself, i keep going. Even when I dont feel like it. . Trying moments are not meant to break you but build you. . Love yourself enough to do some form of cardio and or weights for an hour a day and whaych how your body will transform! . . . . Follow @chris_saadat for weight loss motivation. . . . . . . #teamlosing #wlstories #howtoloseweight #obesetobeast #100poundsdown #watchmeshrink #iamtransformable #o2barmy #fitnessjunkie #diettips #dietandexercise #naturalweightloss #igweightloss #weighlossstruggle #flabtofab #12weekchallenge #holidaybody #toningup #iwilldothis #gettingsummerready #gettinfit #tryingtoloseweight #myweightlossjourney #weightlossjourney #fatlossmotivation #weightlosshelp #weightlossdiary #eatcleantrainmean #fatlosshelp
This was my 2017 transformation. Unfortunately I didn't really lose anything significant in 2018 so there won't be much of a transformation pic this year (too busy moving 2x, getting married, studying, working through all my emotional triggers lol) but I am feeling so so good right now! There are 6 weeks left of 2018 and I'm going into 2019 with a bang! #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #watchmeshrink #watchmegrow
⬇️ 1.8 lbs 😁 . It has been a hot minute since I posted a weigh-in! I have been jumping around between 245 and 249 for about a month. It's frustrating as hell, but I know that it's part of the process. Just so happy to see an actually drop today. I equate it to drinking the most water ever the past two 2 days, adding a bit more fat to my diet to stop with the late-night snacking, getting back into intermittent fasting, and focusing on keeping my carbs around 30 grams. * * * * * #weightlossstory #weightlossprogress #weightloss2018 #naturalweightloss #bodsquad #o2barmy #obesetobeast #wljourney #fedupfam #attackfat #goaliesquad #teamlosing #snailarmy   #caloriedeficit #nsv #ketotransformation #weeklyweighin #weighin #howtoloseweight #bithdaycountdown #weightlossbeforeandafter #fuckbeingfat #watchmeshrink #loseweightfeelgreat #eatfatlosefat
When we feel like we’ve failed, we must look at the distance we have come. To summarized one of my idols, Michelle Obama, failure is a feeling far before it is a result. We have the emotional distraught that we’ve failed when in reality it’s just a blip in the matrix. If we succumb to that emotional episode we will fall back into the behaviors that got us to our starting point. But not today Satan, I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I will fight, kick, and scream my way to a more healthy version of myself every day that I am given. Today. Tomorrow. And every single day in the future. That mindset is one of the biggest #NonScaleVictories I have had on this journey. #transformationtuesday #NSV
First sweaty selfie post in a while. Quinn was all up in my way & the backs of my thighs locked up really bad during lunges 😒 #exercise #exerciseathome #sweatyselfie #dimples #popsugarfitness #healthymom #healthychoices #momswhoworkout #momsworkingoutwithkids #50poundsdownandcounting #watchmeshrink #weightloss
It’s Tuesday! Let’s get it done! #letsdothis
We couldn’t resist creating the Beam Me Up hoodie in pale pink + the great thing about this color is that it’s versatile and can be paired with your favorite black, grey or white bottom + available in sizes small to 5x + get yours today
🙋🏽‍♀️ #goodmorning 🙋🏽‍♀️ Alltså mitt #coffee är fan godare när humöret är bättre ☕️😍 Känslan av att stordåd är på ingång vibrerar fortfarande i kroppen. Känns 👌🏼 Nu vill jag passa på att önska Dig en fin dag 🎀 💎 #7Punkt0 💎 ------------------------- #MinResaRäknas #Motivation #SizeLycklig #NeverGiveUp #getbig #LosingWeight #KrigareKrigar #JustDoIt #Training #Fitspo #FitBit #kroppspositivism #Fitness #kroppshets #FitMom #Selfie #Progress #VägenTillbaka #YouAgainstYou #Weightloss #WeightlossJourney #WatchMeShrink #BottenTillToppen #Tyngre #StrongIsTheNewSkinny #IngaKonstigheter #wlstories
The best part of my job is saying goodbye to a client when they have reached their goal & then followed the steps through stabilisation. It can also be one of the hardest parts. It brings me so much happiness to see the changes that my clients have made & how their relationship with food has changed. Today I said farewell to Hannah who is ready to begin the next chapter in her life. She starts a new job next week & has so much to look forward to. Hannah has been the perfect client who always turns up to her appointments & stayed accountable to not only me, but also to herself. I’ve loved seeing her bright beautiful smile each week & I think that’s what I’ll miss the most. Hannah will be walking away over 24kg lighter & I couldn’t be happier for her. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours Hannah x . . ____________________________________________ . DREAM IT, DARE IT, DO IT! Tamara CWP Weight Loss Solutions Book online: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16527320 Ph: 0412630217 Email: tamaralynam@gmail.com ✨Business Champion 2018 ✨Consultant of the Year 2017 ✨Consultant to Slimmer of the Year 2017 ✨Consultant to International Slimmer of the Year Runner Up 2017 ✨State Sales Champion 2017 ✨Consultant to Slimmer of the State 2017 ✨Business Development Award 2016 ____________________________________________ @h_loaf
Since starting the keto way of eating, I’ve had so much more energy and because of this I’m able to say yes to last minute adventures! Tonight, we let our inner 90s boy band geeks out! Nick Lachey is bae. Here I am, you know... just living my best life... . . . . #weightlossjourney #thickasian #asianbbw #thickthighssavelives #ketodiet #ketotransformation #ketofam #ketoaf #ketoweightloss #fattofit #ketosavedmylife #nevermissamonday #gymlife #fatlossjourney #ketojourney #watchmeshrink #motivationmonday #lovethyself #omad #intermittentfasting #ketofastosis #intermittentfasting #ketomom #extendedfasting #weightlossjourney #ketogenicdiet #ketofastosis #ketobeginner #100daysofketo #ketosavedmylife
And we did it💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 By the time I got to the gym yesterday, the “resting calories “ was 556. Was able to still hit target 1587-556=1031 calories To burn this 1k calories is not a romantic joke ☹️☹️ and to think you can actually sit down with a plate of food (if not portioned very well) and add every thing back...... it’s the real pain 😡😡😡 In other news, JIMASUN 🙏🏽 Just move, be active ✅ Eat as clean as possible Have cheat days ( don’t let it overwhelm you) Like every other thing, ask God for strength 🤝😍 GOOD MORNING #watchmeshrink #progressnotperfection #slowlybutsurely #womanonamission #fitbit #onestepatatime
Inspired by @cats_ww_adventure I had to try out a variation of her pumpkin pie alternative. Just like her I used @lightandfit pumpkin pie yogurt for 2sp and 0sp of FF @reddiwip. Though instead of mini pie shells, I used 1sp worth of graham cracker crumbled on top! So this pumpkin pie inspired dessert comes out to only #3sp !
Ya girl didn’t wanna work out today AT ALL. First workouts after a long break give me so much anxiety. Consistency is the cure. Started back keto on 10/22. Today I’m weighing in at -12 lbs.
Have you been thinking you’d love to be a lifestyle coach on my team...someday? When you have more time? When you’ve reached your fitness goals? 🤔⠀ ⠀ Here’s the thing...⠀ I started coaching when I was working full-time. I had just gotten engaged. We were moving every few months. I knew NO ONE in every new military community. I had NO idea how to use social media. And I was still gaining weight from my new hashimotos diagnosis. ⠀ During that entire time, I built my business AND earned a side income that helped me pay off my student loans and get out of credit card debt. I was NOT perfect. I was not (and still am not) at my ultimate fitness goal. But I was still inspiring people 🙌🏽, getting inspired by others, and building momentum. And I was still showing up daily for accountability. ⠀ ⠀ If I had waited to start:⠀ - My income would be lower now. 💵 ⠀ - I would have missed out on helping hundreds and hundreds of people. 😢 ⠀ - I probably would not have such great, long-lasting results. 👙 ⠀ - We definitely wouldn’t be living in this beautiful home (debt free) and getting ready to purchase another. ⠀ Here’s the thing I know to be true:⠀ There is no perfect moment. The sooner you start, the sooner you start improving your life, and if you choose, the lives of others around you. 🔥 ⠀ ⠀ I’m opening up FIVE mentorship spots for the holiday season, for people who truly want to change their lives and build a business by New Year’s. 🎉 If you’re interested in learning about it, I’ll be sharing details in a live video group this week. Just drop me a 💪🏽 and I’ll make sure to add you in there!⠀ ⠀ #buildyourdream #nowhiring
When you’re a single mom with a MILLION things to do in a single day, you gotta find shortcuts...like wearing your sports bra and a tank under a cardigan or sweater to work so only half of you has to change for your workout later!!💕💕 Attempt this at your own risk! My boobs ain’t all that so I get away with it😒🤦🏽‍♀️ #singlemamalife #selfloveclub #fitnesshacks
I really love this cup! Need to find it😂
I’ve been feeling all the feels since turning 29. What am I doing with my life? Am I doing enough? Am I making an impact? Am I following my passion and staying true to my purpose? Am I doing things that fill my cup and are good for my soul? . I’ve gone from wanting to quit my job, to moving back home, to going on a month vacation by myself. 😂 Delayed quarter life crisis in full effect over here. 🙋🏻‍♀️ . As much as I LOVE summer, there is something so special about this time of year around the holidays. I am reminded to count my blessings, live in the moment, and to be thankful for everything in my life no matter how big or small. . This season I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our cozy little home, Christmas decorations, endless glasses of wine, and “A Million Little Things”. But mostly? I’m so grateful for all the love that fills these rooms. ❤️ . Here’s to hoping my animals leave our decorations alone! First holiday season as a fam of four. 👫🐶🐱 Can’t wait for our tree!!
🚨How to stop letting bullshit excuses ruin your fat loss 🚨 . . 😫I’m traveling for work . 😫 don’t have time to meal prep . 😫 I’m studying nonstop . 😫I have all these vacations . 😫I don’t know what macros are . 😫I’m in meetings all day . 😫I just can’t focus on this right now . 👆🏾those aren’t facts, those are decisions, stories, excuses I’m calling my ass out— I’m not perfect either, sometimes I start getting sucked into my own bullshit I’ve been traveling most of this month I STILL got my workouts in I STILL made healthy choices BUT I didn’t track as closely as I could have and as a result I went over my calories a couple of times Now I could sit here and tell myself, well you were traveling so of course you didn’t make progress but at least you didn’t go backwards . . . >>>Or I could woman up and say ok— next time focus is 100% on nutrition you GOT this Maintenance is a lot easier to achieve than fat loss— fat loss is no joke, it’s a⚔️🛡 war⚔️— you are either all in or you are wasting your time But that doesn’t mean give up and do whatever, it means DECIDE if you aren’t able to commit to fat loss, commit to maintenance or a reverse diet to build you metabolism And don’t forget— you are eating every day, your decisions and actions either support 🔥 fat loss 👊🏾maintenance 🔥metabolism building or ❌❌❌❌jack $&@! By turning a blind eye you are most likely choosing the last one 😂🤣 So what’s it going to be? PS I will be opening up the Incredible Body Training Club and running a Black Friday sale over this weekend ending Monday. This is your chance to turn it around before the holidays hit hard, and my ladies WILL be enjoying the holidays 🎄🎄🎄🎄no need to fear, you’ll still be able to enjoy treats 🍪and 🍷in moderation I also have 2 slots for 1:1 coaching this December. #womenbusinessowners #bossladiesmindset #womeninspiringwomen #amazingwomen #weightlossideas #weightlossplan #weightlossdiet #weightlossstruggle #weightlossgoal #naturalweightloss #fatgirlfedup #nonscalevictory #watchmeshrink #losingpounds #weightlosss #weightlossblogger #weightlossblog #weightlossmission #bridetobe2019 #womenwholead
This is the face you make when you're #notgoodatselfies but are #superproud about #finishing your #30daychallenge ! . . . On October 21st I set a goal to work daily for 30 days, incrementally increasing the challenge of the routine each day! I also met my goal of not drinking calories for 27/30 days but fell short of my goal to eat within my calorie limits 27/30 days but came close at 25/30. I'm 10.2 lbs lighter and feeling great! . . . I'm going to develop a goal for the rest of November so that I can then set monthly goals come December 1st. If you have any exercise suggestions for me let me know, I'd love to hear them! . . . #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #watchmeshrink #doingthisforme #metime #selflove #dailysweat #sweatfest #forthehealthofit #sammysweats #weightloss #livingmybestlife #doingthisforme #selfcare #accomplished #meetingmygoals
Alright, this is YOUR journey. As one of my favorite teachers/bus drivers said, “let’s take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” That’s basically what a health journey is in a nutshell. We can do this, y’all! #letsdothis
Yes! I have learned this the hard way through this short time I’ve been on my journey. If you mess up and make a mistake. Shrug it off and MOVE ON! The deed is done, no use in crying over it now. I ain’t going to lie, I still stress after I give in to the sin, but I always have to remind myself that it’s not the end of the world and mistakes will happen. You can also do this! ❤️
First night back at OTF I forgot how much I am in love with this place!!!! I’m sure with the swelling later I will hate it but just back in the studio feels amazing! For those of you worried that I am pushing to much I took it easy! 😉🤷🏼‍♀️ gotta get back in shape definitely harder than before and had to make adjustments but feeling great for the moment! #fit #fitness #swellhell #recovery #fitchick #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #watchmeshrink #fitspo #fitspiration #fitstagram #cardio #otf #tt #ttccommunity #nsv #postop #flex #💪🏻 #🍑 #glutes #muscle #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #lovethejourney #train #progress #gym #girlswhoworkout
I'm not super hungry, but as low as my calories were I needed to eat. So tonight it's tomato, cheddar, cottage cheese and hot peppers. #MeasureEverything #FoodScaleLife #FitFam #MyWeightLossJourney #FatToFit #MyFitnessPal #Accountability #WatchMeTransform #WatchMeShrink #HealthyDoesntMeanComplicated #GirlsGotGoals #FeedMyBody #NoExcuse #ThisOnesForMe
Another great day at the gym with @gym.dad.billy #getfit #fattofit #watchmeshrink #workoutmomma
Every day is day 1! Make promises to yourself and FOLLOW THROUGH!
It has been one crazy day! If Monday were an adjective, that’s how I would have described today. Within all that, I did my weekly weigh in, blood pressure check, and blood sugar check to find that I’m doing way better than I ever could have imagined. The struggles have become lessons and ones I have learned from, that’s for sure. I am beyond excited to keep going! Who’s with me? #letsdothis
second werkout of the day: 6 x 4 Front Squats @ 75% of 1RM. 135 for me, it felt heavy and I hated it. But ya gotta do what you gotta do to be #onestrongbitch
Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice #handstandpractice #invertyoself #thickfit #curvygirl #positiveenergy #watchmeshrink
I’m not going to lie.... today was the best workout I’ve had in well over a month. No distractions. No “half a$$ing” it. No skipping moves. No long breaks. . I’ll admit it. I had a slump with travel, a death in the family, balancing obligations, etc to where I was only about half way in on my workouts. I knew that needed to change and today I set the intention that was my new norm. And so it was! . You don’t need a new month or a new year to change your focus. You just need a new mindset! Dig into your WHY and make sure you’re always working towards the things that set your soul on fire.
I pushed myself to start jogging today using the #run5k app! Honestly, the first round was too intense for me, intervals of walking for 1 minute 30seconds to jogging for 1 min.. I was only able to make it 4 out of the 8 rounds today, BUT IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. I got 40 active minutes on my Fitbit just from that little jog 💪🏻 my goal is to keep pushing myself and challenge myself daily. I will be able to compete the entire circuit, hopefully by the end of the week 😊 I’m so thankful to have my amazing man and puppy by my side every second I was jogging, their unconditional support is so beyond appreciated ❤️ #girlsgotgoals #watchmeshrink #runninggoals #jogginggoals #weightlossgoals #dietbetfatgirlfedup #round1 #type2diabetes #pcos #changingmylife #onepushasatime #support #canadiancold #followmeonmyjourney
3.23 miles with a consistent pace, no stops and no giving up. I met one of my biggest goals I've set- make it to my parents house taking the long way via rt 10! Dad snapped a photo of me as he cheered me on to finish strong and not short cut through their yard. I finished. I didn't short cut. I did it strong. (Yes it's cold, no I was not cold. I am cold now though haha). #MyWeightLossJourney #FitFam #Accountability #MidwesternGal #MapMyWalk #WatchMeShrink #WatchMeTransform #GirlsGotGoals #FatToFit #8MonthsIn #Transforming #WorkForIt #NoExcuse #OneBigGoalDown #Fitness #WeightLoss #FitnessGoals #BZees #ObesityDontMeanCant #NotGivingUpOnMe
Help me celebrate! 🎉 #letsdothis
FVCK AVERAGE. . Your body is built over a life time. . Average people put in the work when they feel like it. . Above average people put in the work regardless of how they feel. . Choose wisely. . . . . . PS this picture was the combo of 5+ years weight training and 3 months into a serious cut where I tracked every ounce of food that went into my mouth.
Mondays are always tough but I feel so much better once I've made the effort... Body pump complete then another fabulous pt session. I really do ❤️ exercise. #bodytransformation #watchmeshrink #eatingclean #nogimmicks #lifechanging #changinglives #healthymomma #over40andfit #fitmom #fitandstrong #gettingthere #icandoit
Some of the biggest adventures happen in your dreams ✨⁣ Thats why I decided to stop sleeping & make my dreams a reality ✌🏼⁣ ——⁣ Every Sunday I used to go to bed with a pit in my stomach. ⁣ I dreaded Monday’s because I worked 7 days a week and never had any down time. ⁣ I felt like the world kept turning and I was just stuck drowning in it.⁣ ⁣ I saw a post last week about this girl who used to wish that she’d get into an accident. Not a bad one, just one that got her out of work for the day. ⁣ ⁣ I remember thinking the exact same thing a few times. ⁣ How sad, right?! ⁣ ⁣ And honestly, I think most of you can relate to that feeling! ⁣ ⁣ Now? ⁣ I LOVE Sunday nights because nothing is more exciting to me than a fresh start! ⁣ Monday’s are now a reason for me to get excited, work toward something that will leave a lasting impact on the world, AND set bigger goals for myself. ⁣ ⁣ I run my own business from anywhere I want and I don’t work on weekends now. ⁣ ⁣ Today? ⁣ ⁣ I slept in until 8.⁣ I drank hot coffee snuggled with one of my pups. ⁣ I danced to Christmas music while prepping my meals for the week, sharing some recipes with the tribe, and making Reagan breakfast. ⁣ I folded laundry at my own pace and cleaned the house while my pre-workout kicked in. ⁣ I pressed play and tuned into a training. ⁣ I took a hot bath and put Reagan down for a nap ⁣ ALL BEFORE NOON! ⁣ ⁣ Then I spent a little over an hour on my business before running some errands! [link to my @mbkraussny bag in highlights]⁣ ⁣ I have a doctors appointment tonight to check up on a few things I have going on, then off to Starbucks to spend some more time with my tribe, tune into our team call, and have a call with my mentor! ⁣ ⁣ People laughed when I said I’d turn my side hustle into a full time income and real life dream. ⁣ ⁣ I’d say this social media gig turned out pretty damn great, don’t you think? ⁣
A little #mondaymotivation for today! • I had some yummy, delicious pumpkin bars over the weekend and some pizza, so it’s definitely time to get back into the groove before I have another *treat* day with the family on Thanksgiving! • I’m currently 21 (almost 22) hours into my 72 hour fast. This is going to be a stretch to see how long I can last because the longest I’ve ever gone was 48! I’m only having #snakejuice and faith to push me through it. 😂 • • #keto #ketogirl #ketogenicdiet #fueledbyfat #snakejuicediet #weightlossinspiration #ketogenicweightloss #ketobreakfast #ketorecipes #ketotransformation #fasting #intermittentfasting #ketoweightloss #ketoresults #ketolife #weight #weightloss #ketosnack #weightlosstransformation #watchmeshrink #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlossbeforeandafter #ketofood #ketofoodporn #transformation
👆🏼 Mellan dessa bilder 👇🏼 • Skiljer det 14 veckor • • Skiljer det 99 dagar • ✨ Skiljer det -12,4 kg ✨ Mitt ”mål” var -20,1kg till nyår, alltså på 20 veckor. Har accepterat att jag kan snubbla på målsnöret. Men jag har förändrats. Förut hade jag tänkt och agerat på så sätt att jag SKITER I ALLT. Bara gett upp. Men nu! Har jag istället bara blodad tand 😏 För stunden känner jag mig oövervinnlig och jag tänker rida på denna våg så länge jag orkar! När vågen (läs medicinen 🙄) ebbar ut, hittar jag en annan! Mina -12,4 kg ska bara öka och öka tills jag kan bli beviljad en operation av min hängmagen. Bli av med min smärta i min kropp. Jag vill älska min kropp. Och vi kommer en vacker dag att bli bästa vänner. När vi kommit överens 🎀 Tack för allas fantastiska stöd. Ni är fantastiska! Och tack för att just Du vill följa med mig på min resa ❤️ 💎 #7Punkt0 💎 ------------------------- #MinResaRäknas #Motivation #SizeLycklig #NeverGiveUp #getbig #LosingWeight #KrigareKrigar #JustDoIt #Training #Fitspo #FitBit #kroppspositivism #Fitness #kroppshets #FitMom #Selfie #Progress #VägenTillbaka #YouAgainstYou #Weightloss #WeightlossJourney #WatchMeShrink #transformation #beforeandafter #StrongIsTheNewSkinny #motivationmonday #wlstories
ran some errands and it was nice day out, so I went to walk the rooftop track at the Y. It was closed :(. I wanted to just go home, but I hit the treadmill instead for a little midday cardio.
Not pretty and half eaten 😂 Keto on the run! 2 cheeseburgers with onions (I like it dirty 😉). #dirtyketo #ketodiet #ketomomma #ketoweightloss #watchmeshrink #fitness #lchf #lowcarb #fitness #instafood #ketotransformation #ketofastfood #intermittentfasting
I slept 2 hours Saturday. I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus. I am having one of those I’m annoyed at everyone today moods. I ate my weight in fast food Sunday so my stomach hurts. I don’t want to leave the couch. But against ALL my excuses, I still got up, and did the damn workout y’all. We alllllllll have to do things everyday that we don’t necessarily love doing, but part of being an adult is doing them anyways. Your health is no freaking exception to that, so stop with the excuses and make yourself proud today.
Preworkout is down and I am off to obtain a goal I've had since day 1.... walk the long way to my parents house (possibly back home too). 3.2 miles, in the cold, through the countryish. I've got this and I'm ready!!!! Let's get this blood flowing! #FitFam #MyWeightLossJourney #GhostPreworkout #FatToFit #WeightLoss #FitnessGoals #ObesityDontMeanCant #GirlsGotGoals #WorkForIt #NoExcuse #Accountability #NotGivingUpOnMe #SweatItOut #WatchMeTransform #WatchMeShrink #InchesBeGone
I. Dislike. Mondays! I try to be positive all the time, but today the only positive I am is knowing that better days are coming. Buhh. #letsdothis
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