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September 11, 2018, has been 17 years since the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City by Al-Qaeda terrorists. A day that we in America will never forget. Since then, America's Homeland Security has heightened up even more and raised more awareness and even licensed and armed airport specialists in such events of terrorist activities. Things like this are why we must and do take our Constitution and all the amendment rights very seriously. Especially the Constitutional rights to defend ourselves and our loved ones and even our nation. As Alfred Pennyworth once said, "There's never defeat in death. But there's always victory in defending in what we know is the right thing while we still live." Thomas Jefferson did once say, "I prefer to live a dangerous freedom, instead of a peaceful slavery." And NRA president Wayne LaPierre once said, "The only thing that stops any bad guy with a gun is any good guy with a gun." All this being said on why our nation and our freedom was founded and built on Constitutional grounds, the way our Founding Fathers wanted it for us. #911memorial #911attacks #twintowers #newyork #newyorkcity #wewillneverforget #neverforget #neverforget911 #2A #2ndAmendment #NRA #defendourfuture #defendourrights #defendyourself #constitution #constitutional #constitutionalrights #constitutionalcarry #defendthe2nd #landofthefree #wethepeople #unitedwestand #freedom #1776 #1776united #waynelapierre #thomasjefferson #dangerousfreedomoverpeacefulslavery
Under #waynelapierre the @nationalrifleassociation has become weak and only interested in our money. They habitually #negotiatewithterrorists and so I will only support organizations that actually do the right thing. @gunpolicy and @gunownersofamerica I proudly support you and you don’t call me begging for money at dinnertime. #joinfpc #joingoa #codeisfreespeech #nraisascam #shreditforfreedom
Shirt of the patriarch 🤢🤮😡😡 #fuckthenra #gunviolence #nra #waynelapierre #evil #evilcapitalism #capitalism
I don't think so #waynelapierre ! stand up for #shallnotbeinfringed or disassemble #nra #2a #2ndamendment
Are you tired of throwing away your money? Go to the gun owners of america and make your donations work for you!
Wake up and see the nra for what it really is.
It is simple. It really is. Get up off your ass and do something.
Just gonna leave this here. You’re either for the #secondamendment or you’re not. We’ve given up too much already!There’s no “I believe in the second amendment BUT” #nofudds #nra #NegotiatingRightsAway #2A #donaldtrump #waynelapierre #guncontrolsucks #livefreeordie #libertyordeath
If you give millions of dollars to the nra there is absolutely zero chance you dont know about the corruption of the nra. If you give the money anyways then you are corrupt too.
If you had a friend who payed people to tell others how great they are, how would you take it?
Is Wayne LaPierre the kind of guy that you want fighting for your rights?
What has the nra done for you? It is time to cut them loose. Join the Gun Owners of America and rest assured your Rights are being fought for. Disclaimer: i have no affiliation with the goa.
Todays subject is just one of many who make way to much money. This is the basis of the corrupt nra, to make way to much money. Stop your donations today. The money is just going to peoples pockets.
Colt has regretably been blacklisted. They are an American icon, it is true. They give less money than their competitors, true. But they still give way to much money and support to the corrupt nra. Until they withdraw their support they are blacklisted.
The nra has always been a bullseye for the liberal left to shoot at. Nothing new there. What is new is the fact that the right is now distancing itself from the corruption at the nra. The right hasnt been doing a good job regarding our gun rights but they atleast did not attack them relentlessly like the left. That has all changed thanks to the corruption at the nra. The russian corruption has pretty much nuked alot of republican reputation. This midterm it will be much harder to keep the liberals out of office. The lesser of two evils is still the right, but we are seeing their true colors come out now. For example look at floridas govenor. So the next time the nra ask you for money and support just say no.
Make a difference today! Say enough to the nra and send your money and support to the GOA. I am not affiliated with the GOA. Im just a person who has had enough of the corrupt nra and its BS.
Do not let the nra's propaganda sway you. When they say they have filed a lawsuite like it is some grand thing what they really are doing is making it seem like they are working for you. The lowliest lawyer can file a lawsuit. We are supposed to believe that the super wealthy nra has done something great. The true great ones are the local pro2a groups who the nra dumps these suits on. The local groups put all the time, effort, and money in! If they win, the nra shows up to take the credit. Shameful really. Stop supporting the corrupt nra today and start supporting the real fighters, the GOA!
Everyday more and more comes out about Maria Butina and the nra. The nra stays quite. Instead of protecting our Rights the upper echelon of the corrupt nra thought dealing with shady russians would be a good idea. Is this the type of orginization you want protecting your Second Amendment Rights? If not, it is time for you to pull all support from the nra and go to the GOA where they do not comprimise our Rights. Disclaimer:I have no affiliation with the GOA.
Benelli is blacklisted. Sad but true. If you give millions to the corrupt nra, like Benelli has, then you are against the Second Amendment.
More shenanigans. I wonder what the Russians had the nra folks do?
If you are a member of the #nra , how do you feel about the "upper ranks" of the nra making relationships with at the least russians and at the most #kgb agents?
Justice Departments accused Russian Spy, Maria Butina, with current head of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre. #russianspy #mariabutina #nra #waynelapierre #russianelectioninterferance #twitler #sellout #justicefepartment
#waynelapierre - we see your TRUE COLORS SHINING THROUGH! You are, and have always been, #waynelapierreisaterrorist to us, and now the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS that your “patriotism” is a cynical act designed to keep you IN POWER. PLEASE SIT DOWN #gagonit #gaysagainstguns #marchforourlives #weneedeveryone #fuckthenra #fuckrussia #fucktrump
The Russians and "the upper ranks"(which meand LaPierre and Coxs) of the nra are in bed together it seems. Does this suprise you? It shouldnt. Dont let your donation money go to these corrupt traitors any longer!
Just a reminder and shout out. Here at The NRA Blacklist we are "No Compromise" Pro Second Amendment Constitutionalist. We are anti NRA & anti "fudds." Some people are confused. Just wanted to clear up where we stand. On to the shout out. Thanks for the shout out @theyankeemarshal in your latest Q&A session. It was unintentional but we appreciate it all the same. If anyone want to hear the truth about the nra and other gun related topics checkout #theyankeemarshal on here and youtube.
It would be nice to be surprised by Oliver North taking a stand and atleast trying to shake things up. So far so not good.
The nra has long used corrupt business practices. It is time for it to end! What are you going to do about it?
#NRA CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has #released a new message #titled , “American Dream.” It is the latest in theFreedom’s Safest Place #series . I’ve included a link to the video and link below, followed by a #transcript . The message is set to appear in #majorbroadcasts in the coming days.! #NRATV LINK: https://www.nratv.com/episodes/freedoms-safest-place-season-2-episode-9-american-dream #firearms #guns #freedome #gunowners #2ndamendment #righttobeararms #billofrights #gunreform #peace #nra #life #gunviolenceprevention #gunviolenceneedstostop #gunviolence #global #domestic #guncontrol #reform #worldwide #children #childhood pr courtesy #NRACEO  # NRA's #WayneLaPierre Releases New Message
You hear all the time that "the nra is our biggest voice in D.C." and "the liberals hate the nra." The idiotic liberals do go after the nra because they do not know any better. The smart liberals and those with power do not fear the nra. They laugh at it while at the same time making deals behind closed doors. The nra does not have a voice. It is a failed orginization that does one thing, pay millions to their execitives.
Dont let the comfort of habit continue to help the nra. Stop all donations to the nra. Just because it is easy to donate to them does not make it right. Want your money to do something good? Then donate to the @gunownersofamerica and rest assured that your money is working for your Rights. Disclaimer: I have no connection to the GOA.
The corrupt nra believes We are stupid. They have tried their best to make Colion Noir a famous person. Their effort has failed miserably. When over a short period of time Noir recieved thousands of followers the tactics became clear. Instead of getting someone who has came by their followers honestly the nra did what it does best. Lie. Simple as that. I wont even get into what the puppet Noir truly believes about gun owners. It is enough to make you shake your head. Dont swallow the corrupt nra's lies any longer. Pull your membership and then start supporting the Gun Owners of America. Disclaimer: I have no connection with the GOA.
The nra and liberals have something in common. They want you to think that the nra gives tons and tons of money to the pigass politicians. The truth is the nra does not give that much. Most money is spent internally keeping all the useless executives rich and fat. Dont you think it is time to put the nra on a diet? I sure do.
The Blacklist has struck again! If we could get Remington Conglomerate to stop supporting the nra then we would strike a mighty blow against the corrupt nra. Do your part. It is not hard.
Constitutional Carry? Nope! Not for us! Hearing Safety Act? Nope! Not for us! Anything that is Pro Second Amendment? Nope! Not for us! Things that are in the way of Pro Second Amendment laws? Not the President. Not the House. Not the Senate. Certainly not We The People! So what the hell, right? Somebody is lying! Telling us one thing and doing another. The fact bumpstocks even happened is a disgrace. Sad sad disgrace. Guess who gave us that big steaming pile of shit? You guessed it! The piece of shit nra! Stop sending them money! Spread the word please.
Shitfield Armory should go out of business. This is a repost from a couple weeks ago. Hope everyone has a good friday night.
The nra has been screwing over its members for going on a hundred years! Are you tired of it? We sure are! Today, a $200 tax does not seem that bad, but imagine for a moment you live in the 30's/40's and the tax stamp is worth what a nice car goes for! Just goes to show you that legal law abiding citizens have been getting screwed over for going on one hundred years. Its time for it to stop! Dont you agree?
We hope you have had a wonderful #july4th and hope you stay safe. Do not drink and drive. Walk if you have to. Too many people get hurt on this day because of drinking. Just use common sense please. Have a good night and we will see you tomorrow!
Please think about the type of men & woman who founded our great nation. Think about their integrity! Every single one of us has it in us to live up to the ideals that made our #foundingfathers such great men. In comparison, our task of changing or shutting down the nra is small change. One thing i know for sure; We can do it! Have a great Independence Day and stay safe!
We here at @thenrablacklist are big Glock fans. We are even bigger fans of the #secondamendment though. So with a heavy heart we religate Glock to the Blacklist. Until they stop giving money and support to the corrupt nra they will be blacklisted. Contact Glock and tell them to stop giving to the nra. Our Second Amendment demands it!
Instead of fighting for our Rights, the corrupt nra spends money paying these four to preach to the choir. Here is something LaPierre and Cox may not know; We dont want you to be "hip and cool!" We want you to STFU and go fight politicians and anti gun organization! #danaloesch #colionnoir #hickok #jamesyeager
This one goes out to all the Cali bros that registered their rifles this weekend. #itsatrap #nevertrustthestate #blackrifles #ar15 #savecalifornia #waynelapierre #notrealactivists
When the #petrock has become infinitely more useful than you, you know the time has come to be put out to pasture. The corrupt nra must change or perish. If you are reading this then the power is in your hands. Contact the companies that support the nra and tell them to stop. Do not buy product from them until they do. It is past time for We The People to put the nra back on track or down.
Where in the world is the nra? They are never there when needed. They are always there when unwanted. The time for a reckoning is at hand. Are we going to allow the corruption to continue to fester or are we going to excise it? Every single member must pitch in. First call for the termination of Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox. Second call for a national convention. Third enact a complete gutting and restructure. That is the only way forward. If that does not happen then continue to black list the corp's that are supporting the corruption and eventually defund the nra. Then start over. The most important thing is, as a Second Amendment supporter, to do something and not nothing. If you are reading this then you are the person that needs to act. You are not alone!
After the senseless shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted this sincere, dignified and truly sympathetic message. Swipe and compare this from the tweet of crooked @realdonaldtrump , who’s suppose to be the POTUS. 🖕 FUCK @realdonaldtrump 🖕 FUCK #nra 🖕 FUCK #waynelapierre 🖕 FUCK #mikepence 🖕 FUCK #republicans 🖕 FUCK #CONservatives 🖕 FUCK YOU for voting for #realdonaldtrump 🖕 #justintrudeau #canada #canadian #primeminister #capitalgazzette #annapolis #tweet #maryland #newsroom #freepress #schoolshooting #massshootings #republican #gop #murderer #guncontrol #gunskillpeople #shootings #guns #neveragain #fucktrump #gunviolence #gunkills #stopthenra
If you have ever did any research into the inner workings of the corrupt nra then you know what im talking about. When researching you find numerous different departments with vauge names, endless executives that may or may not be in the same job anymore, and countless different departments. You have to ask yourself, why? Who authorised this rats nest of seemingly inefficient corporate workings? Are they mentally defective? Or is it more likely a way to keep the barn door closed and each other payed nicely? Whatever it is, it is time for it to end!
Part 2 of 2: MASS SHOOTING AT AN ANNAPOLIS NEWSPAPER! FIVE DEAD! Reports says the shooter is a white male with a pony tail in his 20’s, who injured his hands so authorities could not get his fingerprints. Heartless trump offers his useless “thoughts and prayers”. LINK: https://abcnews.go.com/US/shooting-reported-newspaper-annapolis-atf/story?id=56239257 🖕 FUCK @realdonaldtrump 🖕 FUCK #nra 🖕 FUCK #waynelapierre 🖕 FUCK #mikepence 🖕 FUCK #republicans 🖕 FUCK #CONservatives 🖕 FUCK YOU for voting for #realdonaldtrump 🖕 #capitalgazzette #annapolis #maryland #newsroom #freepress #schoolshooting #ar15 #longgun #massshootings #republican #gop #murderer #guncontrol #gunskillpeople #shootings #guns #neveragain #fucktrump #gunviolence #gunkills #stopthenra
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