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Hope ya'll like these give it a like won't ya mate😉 - - - - - #wdw #whydontwe #limelight #wdwimagines #wdwfanfiction #wdwfan #wdwfanfiction #wdwfan #wdwfanfic #wdwedits #wdwedit
Part 1 So here i am sitting in the living room watching my favorite tv show until jack sat next to me and change the tv show Y: what the fuck jack that was my favorite tv show J: well I don't give a fuck Y: ugh you're so annoying J: oh shut the fuck up Y: you're an asshole J: you're a bitch Then Jonah come up to us Jo: okay okay STOP why are you guys always arguing Y: he always start it J: oh now you blame me Jo: Okay stop I don't want to hear it Then jonah grab my hand jack hand and drag us to the guest room Jo: you two stay here until me and the boys got back, and when we get home I don't want to hear you guys arguing again Jonah close the door and locked it Jo: good luck guys Y: what the fuck Jonah let out Jo: byeeeee Y: ugh this is all your fault jack J: oh shut the fuck up Y: make me J: oh i will Then jack pinned me to the wall and smash his lips on mine and i kiss back, jack suck my neck and I start to moan.... - Part 2? - #whydontwe #whydontwedirty #whydontwefanfic #whydontweimagines #whydontwefanfiction #limelight #wdw #wdwdirty #wdwfanfic #wdwimagine #wdwfanfiction #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #danielseavey #jackavery #zachherron
Chapter three coming out sooner than I planned for just for @herrons_jawlinex !!! Probably posting chapter four tomorrow and maybe chapter five. #wdwimagines #fangirl #wdwlove #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #zachherron #ilovezach #wdwzach #wdwzachherron #iloveyou
Christina and I hung out a lot during my visit, she was a really good friend. As I was on my 6 hour flight, I looked and thought about how much I’d miss New York, and how much I missed Daniel. New York was holding me down, like I just kept thinking about it. Then, a crazy idea popped into my head. ‘Should I move there?’ ‘Nope Nope nope’ ‘Maybe?’ I thought to myself. The whole flight I thought about it, and how it could work. I thought about it, but it could work. I could visit Daniel, a lot, but I love New York even though I’ve been there twice, it’s weird. I got to LA and saw Daniel waiting at the airport. We hugged and kissed. I had my arms wrapped around his neck. E: So, I was thinking, and what if I were to move to New York? His eyes widened. D: Huh? He tilted his head sideways. I laughed at his cuteness. E: What if I moved to New York? D: I-I mean, I’d miss you. E: And I would miss you too. It’d be a challenge, but I tried LA. I-I guess that New York just makes me more me. All four seasons! I miss my cold. We both laughed. E: They have beaches, um-uh they’re a little different, but I could still surf. LA is wonderful, but New York is my wonder? I smiled and made a confused face at the time. D: You’re adorable. He kissed me, we both pulled away and smiled. D: Whatever makes you happy. We both smiled. D: And even if I said no, you don’t need my permission, it’s your life. E: I love you. He smiled widely. D: I love you too. It was a while until the move was final and all, I had to visit New York again, then come back, and this took a few months obviously. The guys and I made the most of it. But it’s moving day, so my farewell, but not forever. I hugged all of them tightly. E: I love you guys. C: This isn’t goodbye. He pointed to me, we all smiled. Jo: We’ll see you soon. J: Totally. Z: Yeah. D: Absolutely. My flight was boarding. The plane took off, and I had no idea when I’d see the guys again. #whydontwe #wdw #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanfic
CALLING HIM MINE ch.13 *Luna's pov* I ignored how Eliana was acting and went upstairs. I grabbed my phone and saw that I got a text from an unknown number.* ~the text conversation~ ???: hey, it's Zach. L: how the hell do you have my number? Z: Eliana gave it to me but that's not the point. L: well why are you texting me? Z: I wanted to tell you to not meet up with Daniel. L: why? He's a nice guy and I want to get to know him better. Z: listen I know you like him. L: who the fuck told you that? Z: I have my ways but I'm warning you. He usually isn't like this but something will happen that happens to most girls he talks to. L: then why didn't he do it yesterday? Z: I have no idea but I'm looking out for you. I've seen him break a lot of girls hearts and I don't want that happening to you. You may think that I'm exactly like him but that's not true. Just please listen to me. L: I'm not gonna cancel but if he tries to do something then I'll stop him ok? Z: good enough. Thank you. L: no problem. Bye bye Z: bye. ~the end of the text conversation~ *Zach's pov* The reason I told Luna to not meet up with Daniel isn't because he's gonna do something bad. It's because I kind of like her. I don't want Daniel taking her like he does with every girl. This time I'm not letting that happen. I don't know if I'm gonna tell her but I'm definitely gonna make sure that Daniel doesn't touch her. *Luna's pov* I don't know if I should trust him or not. I'll give it a try. But I'm excited for today. It was 11.30am so not too long till the meet up. *Eliana's pov* I wish I could tell Luna how I really feel. After what happened yesterday I feel like a slut. Going on a date with Jonah would make me feel more like a slut. It's not like I even like him. He's just cute but that's all. I'm happy I canceled. Maybe I'm gonna talk to Luna about how I really feel. She always cheers me up. After Luna and I ate breakfast I cleaned up and grabbed my stuff. E: Luunaa! *I yelled from downstairs. Luna comes  downstairs and gives me the biggest and warmest hug* L: bye. I'm gonna miss you. E: we're literally seeing each other tomorrow. (more in the comments)
3 Corbyns 😂
~Chapter 15~ 🚨Swipe for Chapter🚨 - - - - - #zacherron #danielseavey #fanfic #whydontwe #wdwfanfic
Chapter two!!! It kinda gets off to a slow start but I’m going to work on it today and post another chapter later. #fangirl #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwlove #whydontwe #limelight #zachherron #ilovezach #ilovezachherron #wdwzach #wdwzachherron
I forgot I made this but here you go with 5 of the handsomest boys😉♥️-A • 🍋💡 • 🤪 • #whydontwe #corbynbesson #danielseavey #jonahmarais #zachherron #jackavery #limelights #whydontweedits #wdwedits #wdwfanfic @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @jackaverymusic @imzachherron @jonahmarais
~Part 4~ It was Lukas, it took me forever to pick up the phone but I did. Lukas: hey baby I'm really sorry I was jelouse and I never ment to hurt Jack like that I'm just scared im going to loose you. Y/N: idk what to say Lukas. Lukas:please baby. Y/N: fine one last chance Lukas: thank you ilysm Y/N: love you too. *we hanged up* I opened my door to see if Jack was still there but he wasn't. •Lukas POV• Y/N: fine one last chance. When she said that I got so happy not bc I was back with her I really don't care about her I just wanted her money but my plan is working and she will be with me and not that stupid Jack Avery. •Y/n POV• I wanted to clear my mind so I decided to go for a run. *while running* As I was running I was daydreaming and I accidentally bumped into someone. Y/n: I'm really sorry. WOW he was hot blue eyes, perfect hair and a amazing smile I forgot about Lukas for a second ???: Hey it's okay but are you hurt or anything? OMG HIS VOICE IS EVERYTHING. Y/n: I-i um I'm okay thank you. ???: The name is Daniel, Daniel Seavey. Even his name is awesome😍 Y/n: mine is Y/n Daniel:Pretty name for a pretty girl I turned my back to him bc I was blushing to much but suddenly he turned me around and said Daniel: I think you're cute when you blush Y/n: thank you Daniel: well I hope I get to see you again Y/n: Me too We hugged and then he walked off to his friends and I was about to start running again when I heard someone yell at me Lukas: Y/N WHAT WHERE YOU AND THAT GUY DOING Before I could answer he...TBC •Hope u liked it❤• 》comment a 🌹 if you like it《 ~tags~ #jackavery #jackaveryfanfics #jackaveryfanfic #danielseavey #danielseaveyfanfics #danielseaveyfanfic #corbynbesson #corbynbessonfanfics #corbynbessonfanfic #zachherron #zachherronfanfics #zachherronfanfic #jonahmarais #jonahmaraisfanfics #jonahmaraisfanfic #wdw #wdwfanfics #wdwfanfic
Summer of a Lifetime:Chapter 13 -Bea’s POV- My answer could affect the feelings of Jack, Daniel’s reputation, and my trust towards everyone. I’m just going to say the truth of what I thought...even though it’s pretty embarrassing. Bea:’Oh...I thought you were going to ask something else....forget about it...I’ll go check on Daniel to see if he’s ok and I will let you know what’s wrong with him.’ Jack:’Oh you actually don’t know. Bummer, it’s ok then. I’ll stick around here until you leave the bathroom.’ Bea:’He’s in the bathroom?’ Jack:’Yup.’ I turned around in a 360 degrees motion and then stopped when I was facing the bathroom door. I looked back at Jack and he gave me a gesture signaling to go there. I gave a small smile and walked up to the door. I knocked a couple of times and waited for an answer. When the door swung open, Daniel was standing in front of me with a shy look on his face. Daniel:’Oh hey Bea..’ Bea:’Hi. Can we talk for a bit?’ Daniel:’Sure.’ I walked into the bathroom while Daniel locked the door behind him. The bathroom wasn’t that big but it had enough room for us to have our personal space. I sat on the toilet seat while he sad on the ledge of the shower. We looked at each other for a good minute before Daniel opened his mouth. Daniel:’So...’ Bea:’Tell me why you’ve been so down lately. *looks at him with a gentle face*’ Daniel:’But when we talk...whisper *points at the door*’ Bea:’No problem.’ Daniel:’Two words...the kiss. Everyone has been suspicious about it and I’m scared for someone to find out. It’s not only because of my reputation, but also because of Jack.You don’t know how much Jack loves you and it would destroy him if he knew that I was your first kiss...not someone back in your home state. I really like you Bea...but I like you to the point where I can’t like you because it would hurt others that probably had feelings longer. Our ‘thing’ is in the hands of other people’s feelings. Jack can’t handle anymore pain in his life, he really can’t. I’d love to be yours and you be mine, but I’m scared of what Jack will do about that. -MORE IN COMMENTS-
Crystal’s POV It’s mid-August and school is coming back in session. It’s a really tough time for me because I have the shop to think about and Daniel as well. I sit in my room trying to draw up a business plan and of who can help out. I sip my coffee as I map out a shop schedule to fit my college schedule. There’s a knock on my door as I collect all my things to head back inside to head to work. I adjust my outfit ( picture two ) and answer the door. I tug up my high waisted denim shorts. I open the door and see Anna and Daniel. “What’s up?” I ask as they smile at me. Daniel picks me up as I scream, “Daniel put me down.” He ignored me and said, “Anna grab those Nike Airs and that purse hanging.” As I hit him. My mom comes out from the hallway as I say, “Hello mom?” My mom shrugs and says, “Don’t worry about the store honey. Bye.” And hands Anna my purse as I look at her in shock. “Don’t worry Crystal, you’ll be fine.” Daniel says patting my back as I sigh. They all laugh and I stop trying. I guess this is my life now. Daniel’s POV My whole family wanted to take Crystal out because she’s such a hard worker and doesn’t have time to relax. Plus, it’s Anna’s last day of summer so we wanted to have a fun day. We’re going to go around Venice to the infamous Venice sign, some ice cream, Urth Cafe and end off the day with the beach. It’s basic, but Crystal has told me before that she’s always wanted to do these things. She just hasn’t had time. She calls it her basic LA day, aka her in a day. I laugh at this because Crystal always calls herself basic but she’s not. She’s the perfect the way she is. Plus, I leave tomorrow morning for the Asia leg of tour. But before this day starts, we have a mini press event. ***** 🌻 FINISHED IN COMMENTS 🌻
"Welcome to the fam" does this mean he got a kitty!?!?!?!? (Also you should go follow @imsimonavery , idk who runs it but... yeah) ☆ ☆ ☆ #wdw #whydontwe #jackavery #corbynbesson #zachherron #jonahmarais #danielseavey #limelight #wdwfanfic #wdwstyle #8letters #talk #hooked
-Chapter 32- D: hey guys A: hey dani Jo: hey bro D: why did you guys got home early last night Jo: there's a guy that try to fuck Amanda so I punched him and we went home, did anything happen ? D: well yea... A: what happened D: ummm Zach and jack got drunk, i got a little bit tipsy and...ummm A: and what D: corbyn umm he smashed A: ewww Jo: (laugh) really D: yup Jo: that's why I heard somethings last night Then jack and corbyn walk downstairs A: hey jack how are you feeling J: wha- ooohh Daniel told you about last night A: (laugh) yup Jo: so corbyn (laugh) A:yes lovely brother corbyn (laugh) Jo: how's last night A:(laugh) C: oh come on Daniel you told them too D: you didn't tell me to keep it a secret (laugh) C: ( roll his eyes playfully) A: can i see the girl, are you guys dating, what's her name?!?! C: okay okay that's a lot of questions A: well answer it before i ask you more C: well her name is Noelle, we're not dating yet, and maybe you can see her tomorrow Jo: damn my man corbyn got a girl A: wait is she look like this (show him the pic) C: yea....how do you know? A: i met her at the club last night and now we're friend C: oooohh A: promise me you won't hurt her and you treat her like a queen, OKAY! C: okay okay A: and if you hurt her i kill you C: chill sis is not like I'm going to kill her somethings Jo: (laugh) wow Amanda you love your new best friend more than your brother A: yup I know C: what th- D: okay you two stop we need to go A: where's Zach J: ZAAAAAAAACCCCCHHHH come on we're gonna be late Z: coming Jo: ugh finally C: okay let's gooooo We got into the car me and jonah sitting on the back seat Jo: you're so pretty A: (giggle) you're so handsome Jo: ugh I love you so much A: I love you more Jo: impossible Then jonah kiss me and it turned to make out Daniel pov I was sitting in the car next to jack when I look at the back seat i saw Amanda and jonah making out my jaw dropped, jack look at my way and his jaw dropped too then he look at me J: (whispers) oh my gosh D: don't tell corbyn J: okay We arrived me and jack act like nothing happened so jonah didn't know that we saw them making out. Jonah pov 👇🏼
** i will continue if this gets 15 likes and 5 comments** (Intro) your 19 and you live in LA. You and Sydnie Avery are best friends you are also good friends with Jack, so you know the boys. Sydnie has gone off to college now (pretend) so you and Jack have becoming closer *end of intro* You are at the library and you feel a hand grab your shoulder and you jump, you turn around and see a smiling Jack Avery. Y/n: Why would you scare me?!? Ja: I don’t even know *giggles and smirks* Y/n: *rolls eyes jokingly and giggles* *next morning* You wake up and check your phone you have a message from Jack. *text messages* Ja: Do you want to go mink golfing with me and the boys? Y/n: yeah sure give me sometime to get ready and then I’ll be there Ja: ok cool👍 *skip to the golf course* You say hi to everyone and then when it’s time to pick teams for golfing Jack instantly picks you. But you didn’t think much of it. After that when it’s your turn to hit the golf ball, Jack sees you don’t know how to hold it so he goes and helps place your hands. You blush but you look away before he can see. After the game you all head home. *skip to your house* *Y/n’s POV* Why can’t I stop thinking about Jack tonight, ever since he touched my hands and gave me butterfly’s he won’t get off my mind. Now I think I might have feelings for him. *End of POV* Your thoughts get interrupted by a text from Jack. Ok this might suck it’s my first one🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #wdwfanfics #whydontwe #fanfiction #whydontwefanfiction #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwimagine #imagine #jackavery
I love this picture there is so many corbyns ahhh and sorry I haven’t been active I’ve been spending time with family @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic #corbyn #wdw #whydontwe #triplets #whydontwemusic #whydontweimagines #whydontwefanfic #wdwfanpage #wdwfanfic #wdwmemes
Something he couldn't have. Chapter 6 Zachs Pov "Why is she in L.A.?" I say out loud. "Who?" My friend Jonah said. "Y/n." I say. "Y/n huh the girl you bully and the girl that you like?" He said. "USED TO LIKE!" I said. He  quickly. "Yeah 'used'" he said said as he walked away. Truth is I used to like her. I really did, but the story why I bully her it not important now, but it will be later. Y/n Pov The past two weeks were me getting ready for school and stuff like that. I got a tour of the school and I got my stuff. I knew that school would be hard I mean I'm new its new everything is new. I wont know anyone here at school. I dont like knowing that I won't be with anyone and I'll be alone. I had Riley, now I don't.  I'm just happy that I won't be with Zach anymore. I mean I did meet this one kid while shopping for an outfit for the first day of school but thats it. His name is Daniel. Daniel Seavey? I think. I don't know if he is going to go to my school but I did give him my number. I went into my bathroom to take a good look at myself. "Okay y/n you start school in 2 days. It will all be fine." I say out loud. Just then I hear my phone buzz. I looked at my phone to see that an unknown number texted me. · · · IM SORRY ITS SHORT! I HAVE BEEN BUSY FOR THE PAST 3 DAYS! BUT TOMORROW I WILL TRY TO POST BUT IF I CANT I WILL POST THURSDAY. IM SORRY ONCE AGAIN. ALSO THE ENDING OF THE STORY WILL BE A BIG PLOT TWIST! OKAY I LOVE YOU BISCUITS! · #wdwfanfiction #wdw #wdwimagine #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #wdwmusic #wdwboys #jack #zach #jonah #corbyn #daniel #jackaveryfanfiction #jonahmaraisfanfiction #corbynbessonfanfiction #zachherronfanfiction #danielseaveyfanfiction · @jackavery @danielseavey @corbynbesson @zachherron @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic ·
Chapter 24 Daniels pov: We get to the grocery store and all go in. Jonah:were gonna need a cart Straight away Zach and Kira run to the carts and get in, They both fit Jack:How do you both fit!?! Kira:were tiny humans We laugh and start walking around the store buying loads of junck food. Corbyn:i think we got it all Zach:let's go!!! We check out and drive back to are house. Jack:I'm gonna go grab the blankets Jonah:I'm gonna bring the food inside Corbyn:I'll set up the movie Zach:I'll pour drinks Daniel:and I'll tickle Kira! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uh oh😂 --------------------------------------- Tags: @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic #whydontwe #wdw #corbyn #Jack #Daniel #Jonah #Zach #wdwfanfic #whydontwefanfic #wdwimages #boys #fanfic #wdwtour #Corbynbesson #Danielseavey #jackavery #zachherron #talk #jonahmarais #lit #awesome #whydontwefafiction #limelight #fanfic #hooked #trustfundbaby
Here part 8 guys!!!!! I hope you like it make sure to comment for a part 9!!!! #whydontweimagines #wdwimagines #wdw #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwfanfics #imagines #zachherron #zachimagine
New Start💞: ??: Y/n? Y/n: Zach what are you doing here? Zach: I live here with my friends you look amazing but anyways what are you doing here? Y/n: thank you and Daniel invited me over to meet you guys Zach: how do you know Daniel? Y/n: we bumped into each other when I was going to the office Zach: oh okay, shall we go Y/n: yes we shall *you guys go outside and see that the guys were staring and you with their mouths wide open(😂)* All except Zach: you look amazing Zach: I said that Y/n: thanks guys *you laugh* Narrator: They stay for a few more hours until you guys started getting hungry and went to Chipotle Y/n: thank you guys for this amazing night Everyone except Y/n: you’re welcome we should drop you off at your house Y/n: okay thank you it’s *logans address* Jonah: isn’t that Logan Paul’s house? Y/n: wait how do you know? Corbyn: we meet him he is our friends how do you know him? Y/n: he is my brother and cool *you guys get to his house and knock in the door and Logan answers* Logan: ITS MY BOYZZZZ(😂) and Y/n? - - - - •Q: what is your favorite season? •A: my favorite season is probably fall - - @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic @loganpaul #jachary #whydontweedits #whydontwefanfic #whydontweimagines #whydontwe #wdwedits #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #wdw #danielseavey #zachherron #jackavery #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #loganpaul #picsart
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