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I suck at this... part 3? #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic
(Still Corbyns POV) I grabbed my keys and walked to my Jeep “Fuck my hat” I whispered to myself Only time I wear hats is when I have messy hair and right now I have messy hair “Whatever” I sighed I started my car and drove to y/n I arrived 5 minutes later I got out and walked to her doorstep I looked under the mat and yup there is the key Y/n family keeps a spare key under the mat she told me it’s there because we use to always sneak out and I always took her home I opened the door and saw y/n dad “Corbyn what’s up” y/n dad said getting up from the couch to give me a handshake thing “Um, is y/n here?” I asked her dad “Yeah she’s upstairs” “Okay thank you” I gave y/n dad a smile And he smiled back at me Y/n dad loves me and so does her mom but I hardly ever see her, and her little sister loves me and her older brother basically her whole family loves me I went upstairs to her room I smiled I opened it and saw her with Jonah My heart dropped It hurt me seeing her with another guy “Get out” I said looking at Jonah with a serious tone “Um, I don’t think you can tell me that” Jonah laughed I walked up to him and grabbed him by the shirt then pinned him to the wall I was breathing heavily My sadness turned into anger I punched him Then Jonah unpinned himself and punched me I fell to the floor Jonah started to punch me more (Y/n POV) I froze I didn’t know what to do I pulled Jonah off of corbyn And corbyn omg he was so bloody “I think it’s better if you leave Jonah..” “What he’s the one who punched me” Jonah said in anger “Leave please” I said in a calm voice “Fine” then Jonah left I went over to corbyn And wrapped my hands around Corbyns neck and pulled him close to me So now we were sitting on the floor hugging I didn’t care if there was his blood on me and on my shirt all I cared about was him “Why’d you do that...” I whispered calmly “Because it hurt” he whispered back “Corbyn...” Corbyn looked up at me( they are still sitting on the floor, he’s laying down and she’s sitting < that was just a fwi) “Yeah” he whispered “ I love you” He smiled “ I love you too” I smiled “Let’s get you cleaned up now” He chuckled “Yeah”
I looked and saw Jonah I smiled I got to the window and opened it up for him We both walked to my bed I sat down and patted the spot next to me for him to sit down “What wrong?” Jonah ask concerned “Idk, just heartbroken I guess” “What did he do?” Jonah said in a pissed tone “He did nothing” I pause for a second “It’s just that he told me that him and I can’t be together. Like ever” I continued “He’s a dick” Jonah said out of no where I giggled “There’s that beautiful smile” (Corbyns POV) I was laying in bed just thinking “Why would I do that” I huffed I got up and put on a shirt I decided to go to y/n house... • • •oh noooo• • • • •#corbynbesson #corbynbessonfanfic #corbynbessonfanfiction #fanfic #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #whydontwefanfiction #fanfiction #trust #corbynbessonbook #book
My Kidnapper-Chapter 17 *Jonah’s pov* I opened the box and I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was filled with a bunch of random phones with a note sitting on top, I unfolded the note and it said (Current date, 5/18/18 in the story) Note: 17/10/15 To my dearest Daniel, Find them, all of them Hurt them torture them Kill them, kill them all You have no choice It is a must You mustn’t tell anyone So kill them all, ALL Or I will end the life Of all your loved ones -you know who I was shocked, why didn’t Daniel tell us about this before I stared at the note in disbelief. Who wrote this note? I have to find out for myself, it said this note was written in 2015, it’s now 2018. That means he’s been doing this for 3 years, I have to find out who wrote this. I put the note aside and went through the pile of phones, they were all dead so I wouldn’t be able to figure out which one was Y/n’s unless I charge them, I took the box to my room and plugged 2 chargers into the wall, I grabbed 2 phones and plugged it in, I waited for a bit and they turned on I looked at the screensaver, I assumed that if it was her she would be on the lock screen, the two phones I charged weren’t, I plugged in 2 others this took a while until I was down to only 3 phones. I plugged 2 of them in, I waited a bit and soon they turned on, I looked on the first phone, no luck, I looked on the second one and sure enough it was a picture of Y/n and one of her friends I’m guessing. I quickly put the other phones in the box after powering them all off, I went back to Daniel’s room and put the box back from where I found it. I decided to not put away the note and to examine it to see if I could figure out who wrote it, I grabbed the note and went back to my room, I hid the note in a locked drawer. A bit later I heard the front door open and quickly put away Y/n’s phone To be continued... - Ew I hate this chapter sm - @imzachherron @jonahmarais @seaveydaniel @corbynbesson @jackaverymusic @whydontwemusic ♥️ - #whydontwe #wdwfanfic #jonahmarais #jonahmaraisimagine #jonahmaraisfanfic #jonahmaraisrothfrantzich #jonahmaraisrothfrantzichimagine #jonahmaraisrothfrantzichfanfic #fanficjonahmarais #marais #limelight
-Even though Zach told you to not think about the man, you still did. You couldn't forget. He looked exactly like your dad- Your POV: What does he want? How become only me and Zach seen him and not the others? Is he somehow connected to the zombies? -Zach looks at you and noticed you were still thinking about the man- Z: Y/n try taking a nap to clear your mind. -You just look at Zach and nod your head. You put on the hood of his hoodie and slowly fall asleep- Jo: Since when did she get so tired? Z: She's taking a nap to clear her mind. C: Since when did you guys become so close? Z: I guess since we starting talking to each other. D: Wonder what you guys talk about. Ja: Well besides everything that just happen, lets set the fact that both of you like each other. Z: Can you guys just leave me alone. Jo: Not gonna happen. -Zach signs- D: You guys get along. C: And you guys look at each other a certain way. Z: Do you guys really pay attention to us like that? Ja: Maybe. Z: How far are we until we get to California? Jo: We should arrive there tomorrow or the next day. Z: After we get to the house and all that, can we drive around to look for are families? Ja: I say yes. C: Agreed. D: I'm kinda wishing we took that extra week off. Jo: We can't do nothing about it now. Ja: Well I'm going to sleep. C: Your good being up by yourself? Z: Yeah. -The boys fall asleep one by one. Zach just drives and thinks to himself- #wdwfanfiction #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #whydontweimagines
13 is just a quick chapter ig Y/n POV It was mid January and my mom was getting better slowly. Yes she still had her moments. Yes she still drank but it wasn't a lot it was 1 glass of wine per day or sometimes none. By this time my mother had moved out of the house and bought a new one  taking me with her because she wanted nothing to do with my dad. Yeah, I will admit I miss him he was my hero at time he was the reason I used to smile back then but it was as if a rumor has been going around and everyone turned on me all of a sudden they looked at me differently. I will admit even I saw myself differently. I wasn't pretty. I wasn't skinny. I wasn't close to beautiful. At least in my eyes I wasn't because according to others I was beautiful one of a kind and an angel sent from up above. Anyways, I went out to the gym working out. I came back within 3 hours or more who knkw I wasn't counting. I arrived home and my mother was working so, I went to shower and get ready because it was only 3 in the afternoon. I went out with Ari. We first went to Starbucks and then the mall. That's when I got a call. A call from...... #danielseaveyfanfic #danielseavey #danielseaveyedits #danielseaveyimagine #wdwedits #wdwfanfiction #wdw #wdwimagines #wdwimagines #wdwfanfic #jonahmarais #zachherron #corbynbesson #jackavery #imagines #whydontweedits #whydontwe #whydontweimagines #fanfics #fanfiction
When You Wish Upon a Star 💫 Cuando deseas a una estrella 💫 @waltdisneyworld donde los sueños se hacen realidad 💕 Buenas Noches ✨ #disney #orlando #disneynight #disneynights #disneydream #disneycastle #orlandotravelservice
Chapter 48 (Y/n pov) Y/n:k Nathan:Y/n can i have your number so i can call you later Y/n:suree I said giving him my number After that Nathan left Then we all got shoes then we went to go to eat Chipotle Y/n:can we go to one make up shop i need to buy some make up Christina:Ya same here Corbyn:i dont think you both need make up you guys are already beautiful Y/n:aww thxs brother but plsss Corbyn:ughh okaaayy Ch&Y/n:Yaayy Then we went and i bought mascara,eyeliner,and highlight Christina bought some stuff too Then we went to starbucks and got are drinks and we got the boys and tate and Christina got gabbie one too then we went to the boys house I open the door anf first thing i see is... . . . . . . . . . . *to be continue* . . . . . . . . . . . . .#jackavery #jonahmarais #danielseavey #corbynbesson #zachherron #wdwfanfic #whydontweimagines #whydontwefanfic
So for this just use y/n. You have boyfriend named Daniel, yes Daniel Seavey the most popular dude in high school. You're both 18 years old and on your last year of high school. You've been dating for about a year now but your relationship is kind of rocky because Daniel keeps getting caught up in gang things which you hate. Your best friend is Zach, and you have 2 other friends Christina and Anna. _ _ _. So this is our first fanfic we hope u guys like it and if u have any suggestions please comment below ❣️. @whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jonahmarais @corbynbesson @jackaverymusic #whydontwemusic #zachherron #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #danielseavey #jackavery #wdwfanfic #whydontwefanfic
did one final today, two more to go! but I miss you guys so much ://
I literally took the quiz 5 times just so I could read what each of them wrote. Am I the only one?😂👍👌❤️ • • • • • • • • • #buzzfeedquizzes #jonahmarais #danielseavey #jackavery #zachherron #corbynbesson #wdw #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #whydontwe #whydontwemusic @jonahmarais @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @whydontwemusic
good morning everyone ❤️ @jonahmarais @seaveydaniel
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Chapter 6: You are preparing for your date with Daniel, everytime you just think about it you brighten up. You have a beautiful dress you found at a thrift store and you know Daniel will love it. -swipe for outfit- It fits your body type perfect and you feel so confident wearing it. You touch up your makeup, grab your purse, and walk out your door once you get a text from Daniel saying he’s here. You see his car pulled up on the curb and run to it awkwardly in your tight dress. You hop in the passenger seat and see Daniel in a suit, staring at your face. Daniel - You look stunning. -he doesn’t even look at your body, just your face- Y/n - You do too. Daniel - I’m so lucky. Y/n - Awww. You guys drive to a fancy italian restaurant and get seated. You both order food and dive into it when it arrives. Daniel - So what is something you are really passionate about? Y/n - Sculpting, I’ve been doing it since I was six. You? Daniel - Singing, and I play a lot of instruments. Y/n - Ya, what’s being in a band like? Daniel - So much fun, my fans are so supportive and I am so happy to be able to create the music I enjoy. Y/n - Wow, sounds amazing. Daniel - Just like this food, godddd. Y/n - Who knew pasta could be so good, actually everyone knows that nevermind. Daniel - Haha. You guys continue to talk, it feels so easy and effortless. You guys talk for almost two hours before you realize how late it’s getting. He drives you home and walks you all the way to the front door this time. Before you walk up the steps to your door he holds your hands softly and kisses you. His lips remind you of comfort and pleasure and you hope to imprint the feeling on your mind forever. Daniel - Goodnight gorgeous. --he says to you with yearning eyes, begging for more but understanding that love takes patience, not acting on those wishes- Y/n - Goodnight handsome. -you look back one last time before you enter your house, he’s smiling at you like you are heaven and he is a newly arriving soul- _____ i’m actually really proud of this :) tags: @seaveydaniel @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic @imzachherron #wdw #whydontwe #wdwmusic #whydontwemusic #wdwfanfic #fanfic #whydontwefanfic
Chapter 21: Suddenly the door opened showing a confused and mad Daniel. T-DANIEL IS MINE! AND YOU WILL NOT CHANGE THAT!! D- what is going on? T- Daniel y/n just hit me She said fake crying going next him but he rejected her immediately. D- don’t touch me?! Why are you acting like this now? Jo- she has been acting like this behind your back for years D- is that true? She didn’t responded, she just looked down not saying a word D- Taylor you are a freaking psycho, now please leave T- but- D- I don’t care, go She got her things and very mad she went. Y/n- Daniel! I said trying to hug him but he also rejected me D- do you think that I’m okay again? Well no! First you tell me you like me and then I see a video of you and Jonah kissing in Instagram, I-i don’t know... He said walking to his room, I stopped him by holding him by his shoulders, I look him right on his eyes. DAMN!! Look at those ocean eyes, I could stare for them for ages. I snapped out of my thoughts and told him. Y/n- let me explain D- I can’t right now He said while taking my hands away from his shoulders and walking to his room. Very stressed I sat on the couch with my hands on my head. What have I done?! I’m so stupid!! Jonah sat next to me to comfort me. Jo- hey don’t worry, we both know that kiss wasn’t right, it was a mistake Y/n- I know but Daniel don’t believe me! Jo- we both know we where just acting- Y/n- wait! OH GOD I TOTALLY FORGOT! I got a casting today! Time? Jo- is only 9 Y/n- okay I have the casting at 11 Jo- go and get ready I can take you Y/n- thanks! I say while running to my room... *Daniel’s POV* ... • • • • • #whydontwefanfic #danielseavey #jackavery #zachherron #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #whydontweimagine #wdwfanfic #wdwimagines
|| our lanes hehe - -collab with the talented @editsforherron i love her and i miss her so much. go follow her if u haven’t:)) - - -me: jack (vs) rosa zach (ccp) - -fc: 2021 - -ac: _crazylajla_ - -cc; videostarcodesx dt; anyone who stans jachary hehe - - - - - - - tags: - @whydontwemusic @imzachherron @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic @seaveydaniel @corbynbesson #whydontwe #whydontweimagines #whydontwejust #whydontweboys #wdwfanfic #limelight #jackavery #limelights #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #danielseavey #wdwedits #whydontweedits #omgpage #omgedits #zachherronedit #jackaveryedit #jonahmaraisedit #danielseaveyedit #corbynbessonedit #audioforedits #cuteaudios #happyaudios #videostar #chubsgrp #averygrpscout1
The next day we woke up and quickly got ready for skiing. The hotel we were staying in was wood, cabin like. There were white sheets and white pillows, pictures of snow cap mountains hung all over the walls, a single window with a heater under it stood with a great view of the mountain we were skiing down. There was a wood nightstand with one lamp and old cell phone between the two beds. The door was matching the wood color of the walls, and the bathroom was white with a single candle lit, it also had a wooden door, a slightly different color. The floor was wooden as well. Directly in front of the nightstand, about 10-15 feet away, a TV stood on a dark colored dresser. Gi had a huge light blue jacket on. When we stepped outside, she fell, but didn’t feel anything because of how big that jacket was...yeah. I had a dark green one on. I tried to teach her how to ski, she was not terrible, average. We had a blast and by the end of the day we both fell into our beds and passed out. Day 2: Snowboarding. I was better at skiing then snowboarding. Gi said she had watched videos on snowboarding, and frankly, she was better than me. It was kind of sad, since I had been doing this for years. Day 3: Sightseeing. The mountains. I couldn’t get enough of them, ever. Today, Gi took some amazing pictures. Really amazing. Day 4: Cozy. We got a bunch of hot coco, stayed in under the blankets, eating warm waffles with fancy strawberries and whipped cream. I know none of this is too detailed, but I liked enjoying all the moments. I got her chocolates and roses, kissed her, hugged her, tried to be romantic. But I wasn’t even trying, I wanted to do all of this. I held her hand, such a simple thing, but it made me so happy. Like I was holding a butterfly. — hey guys! I know I’m not adding a lot of Gi and Jack romantic moments, I’m getting lazy😂 I’ll try to add more whoop
Lock the Door-Y/N POV- (Chapter 5) We sat down at a table in the middle Daniel sat across from me I took out my lunch box and started eating my sandwich. Daniel started to eat his too D:Hey y/n... I look up from my sandwich D: A couple of my friends are gonna sit with us. Y: Ok I saw someone waving at me I looked and it was Addison She moved her hand in a way that signaled me to go over where she was. Y: I’ll be right back He nodded and I got up from my seat and walked over to her. Y:Hi A:Hey A:So how’s your first day going? Y:Good A: I noticed you talking to that cut boy over there. Y: Daniel? I said pointing to him A: Yeah A: Is ur your boyfriend? I slightly laughed Y: No Daniels just a friend A:Sure he is A: So what do you have next Y:I have English with Mrs. Barber A: Oh I have her too,we can walk together Y: I think I should go back now but I’ll see you next period. When I got back to the table there were 4 other guys at the table be and Daniel were at. I also saw that Daniel is now siting in the seat beside me. And now all five of them are staring at me This is gonna be interesting... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •#wdw #lockthedoor #whydontwe #danielseavey #danielseaveyimagines #imagines #wdwimagines #whydontweimagines #danielseaveyfanfic #fanfic #wdwfanfic #whydontwefanfic #fanfiction #wdwfanfiction #daniel #danielseaveyfanfiction #wdwdaniel #whydontwefanfiction #seavey
Ocean Eyes Chapter 2 Y/n’s POV *Holy Jesus Christ, this boy is perfect. From his chiseled jawline to his beachy brown hair to his deep blue eyes. His appearance captivated me. I struggled to form sentences and think straight but I finally manage to say* Y/n: it’s okay... just um... you know, be careful ?: uhm yeah sure *he starts to walk over. Oh dear god what am I going to do. I rub my eyes and play it off like the sun is in my eyes* Daniel’s POV *Some random girl was yelling at us on the beach. The guys obviously found it hilarious, but me, being the kind gentleman that I am apologise. I turn to look at her and let me just say... she is stunning. I have to stop myself from letting my jaw drop. She tells me to be careful so I told her sure. I decide to walk over to give her a bit more of a formal apology. I sit down next to her* D: Hi ?: uhm hey D: I’m daniel ?: I’m y/n D: I’m sorry if we got sand all over you or on any of your stuff Y/n: I think I’m all good, I just hope my phone didn’t get any sand in it D: oh yeah. One time that happened to me and my phone broke. All of my followers thought that I flipped it and dropped it but I swear it was just the sand *She gives me a questioning look* Y/n: Followers? ——————————— - E ——————————— @seaveydaniel @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @imzachherron @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #wdwfanfic #wdwfanfiction #wdwimagines #whydontwefanfic
good day ❤️ sorry i haven’t been active i got my phone toke away for my math grades😭 but i promise i’ll be active soon ❤️🤩🤞🏻 • • • #jachary #whydontwe #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #seaveydaniel #wdw #jackavery #zachherron #whydontweedits #wdwfanfic #whydontwefanfic
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