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. Mavi kuş her daim sarhoş Biraz da bize kızmış, onun için hiç yüz vermiyor Oysa güzel şarkıları vardı yıldızlara denizlere Ama söylemiyor ki bizlere Susuyor. Suç işlemiş eller gibi Perondaki boş trenler gibi Ucu görülmeyen tüneller gibi Gel hiç üzülme Salına salına uç Ben gelemem ama sen git biraz dolaş. B. Ortaçgil
. 爺爺:再教育教育唄! 四綫不久就癱了 比集中營更便捷:)
“Finding Light”
Roma, 2018
The one at Xonrupt🍂
We will never know what came first... #Hipstamatic #Hannah #Rasputin #JollyRainbo2X
The standout
The Word On The Street : The world is an increasingly bizarre place. I mean, there's so much incredulous nonsense going on, I genuinely worry for the sanity of the wider world, when its leadership is so bafflingly stupid. It rains complete nonsense on an almost daily basis. This week, we even had the Saudi consulate in Istanbul open its doors to a television crew before, quite literally, opening its cupboard doors suggesting, Nope, see, he's not in there. - A couple of days ago, @elliegoulding [well known English musical person and committed all round worthy cause person] did an exceptionally rare, seemingly impromptu, 'live' IG thing in the studio talking about mental health alongside one of her collaborators. I was touched by her openness and desire to spark awareness; less impressed by the string of banal commentary that ran alongside. [She seemed quietly exasperated too. Do you like cheese? asked one.] I wrote a supportive comment - Ellie very sensibly doesn't have DM access - and I doubted she would ever notice on a stream populated by 13.9m followers that often results in close to half a million responses. And I further thought, if my words might focus the mind of just one other person that might need help; to reach out. - But yesterday morning she had taken the time to delve and plonk a ❤️ aside my comment. It raised a smile. My comment, ❤️ed by one person: Ellie. Directly below that, the person who had simply written, 'Damn gurll'. 92 likes. Above, the person who had simply, er, written '🔥🔥🔥💙'. 67 likes. - This morning's icing on the doughnut. I get a DM purporting to be from Ellie herself. It says, Saw your text was moved. I simply asked: 'Sorry. I'm confused. Why would you want to pretend to be Ellie Goulding?' I received this, almost immediate, response: - "It really me am having random check on my fan page and secondly Instagram don't allow any other person create duplicate of my fan page it on their violation law ok. surprised right having random check on my fan page and I came across yours thanks for been a fan love you." - She's so much more eloquent in song, eh? Ahem. I fear the sanity of the wider world is approaching its tipping point.
Early morning, Milan, Italy
In the wild
After two beautiful but very cold days through mountain roads, today Tawang welcomed me with sun. Tawang monastery. Rice is spread out on the main square to dry.
“.....I am seized by two contradictory feelings. there is so much beauty in the world it is incredible that we are ever miserable for a moment, there is so much shit in the world it is incredible that we are ever happy for a moment.....” ~ zadie smith from a series of pictures made at the banks of the yamuna.
Freiheit • #viulesMaCD #MuntanyesCD
Calle Goya, Madrid. Octubre 2018.
Sunny day of October. When you needed to go out. Have a walk. And talk with your friend. Helsinki•October•2018 . . . #street_storytelling #friendsinperson #storyofthestreet #wearegrryo #nikonnordic #bnw_sundays #blackandwhite #fromstreetswithlove #friends #igershelsinki #myhelsinki #bnw_nature #bnw_demand #bnw_madrid
Neon nights || #hongkong
Imagine you have a severe height phobia (acrophobia). Would you walk across this bridge? It’s from Porto across the Douro River to Gaia, the Port Wine storage area where the boats with barrels of Port would be delivered from the countryside. I barely managed it, holding onto the wife, looking only straight down in front of me; not, sadly, looking up for the wonderful views, and rushing toward the end lest I somehow still blow over into the abyss ( a mile down to the river I’m guessing). Clearly, no photos by me to prove it, so trust me.
Flowers in her hair, fire in her heart
Finding ones own path. RT/SR/TV by Matti Braun at the Rubin #OHNy2018 #Hipstamatic #Tejas #12Apostles #TripleCrown
|| roadtripping with @christine_exposito thru amazing creation, blasting @rebelutionmusic , all is well ... even for just a moment . . . . . 🎶. 'cause I can see the sun rise on my way I can see the road rise to meet me I can feel the earth underneath my feet And I can see the stars on top of me And I say don't ever come down, come down I need your light now, right now Don't ever come down, come down I need your light now, right now🎶
//A plastic bag full of summer memories// _________________________________________________ 🌅
"Projections" (Ayllón, Segovia) (09-2018).
"Hidden Characters" (Java, Indonesia) (07-2018).
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