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Enjoying a healthy, pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin scone - made with almond flour and Swerve natural sweetener. Recipes coming soo to Reinventionking.com.
**Reply anytime between now and 8PM EST tomorrow to be included in my order**⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ November 21st BOGO - Buy Copaiba, Get Deep Blue FREE!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ COPAIBA⁣⁣ This oil has been a game changer in our house since doTERRA came out with it a year ago. We use for everything from inflammation and occasional headaches, to immune and respiratory support, plus it’s amazing for calming anxious feelings, taking the edge off a bad mood...just feeling calmer and more balanced overall. 💕⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 👉 Copaiba interacts with the Endocannabinoid System, which is a vital in helping to maintain homeostasis within all systems of the body, which I think we can all agree is pretty important.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ doTERRA’s Copaiba contains around 55% beta-caryophyllene (BCP), the highest amount in any oil. Yes, Copaiba and Cannabis share this chemical compound, but they are NOT to be confused as one in the same. Copaiba does not contain THC, which is what produces the “high”. CBD oil is similar but only indirectly interacts with the body and still has traces of THC. Copaiba (BCP) provides direct interaction without the psychoactive effects - win win.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ DEEP BLUE⁣⁣ A staple in every home, this blend provides support for discomfort in muscles, joints, and connective tissues, improves circulation, provides regenerative and reparative properties to promote faster healing, and has anti-inflammatory properties. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Here’s how it works👇⁣⁣ 🔹BOGOs are available for 24 hours: 12am – 12pm MST⁣⁣ 🔹5 BOGOs are allowed per account⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 3 WAYS TO ORDER:⁣⁣ 1. Use your wholesale account (REMEMBER – you earn points on LRP orders of 50PV or more). Just add the BUY item to your cart and the FREE item will automatically be added on the Review Order page.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2. Add on to my order: Comment/Reply - “I’m in” with the quantity you want by 8PM EST and I’ll add your products to my order. Payment via Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Cash at the end of the week. Tax and shipping (if you're not local) will be added.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 3. Interested in opening your own account? You’ll also get 50 FREE product points ($50) this month when you get started with a 100PV order. Click on the link in my profile and head to the “Get Started” page.
I like breaking carbohydrates into the following categories: 🔸Nutritious Carbohydrates: provide the body with dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. ⠀ 🔸Non-nutritious Carbohydrates: provide the body with nothing nutritionally but can be eaten mindfully in the right portion. (They won’t KILL YOU). ⠀ You DON’T have to avoid carbohydrates if you are diabetic ❌ INSTEAD it is more important to focus on the QUALITY and the QUANTITY that you consume. (Like a broken record, portion control, portion control, portion control!) ⠀ The amount of carbohydrate each person consumes will depend on that INDIVIDUAL. If your sedentary then you will need less. It isn’t rocket science 🚀🔬 ⠀ Does a ketogenic diet help with managing diabetes? The research says Yes. The research also says it isn’t sustainable long term (e.g the rest of your life, you can’t say it is because you haven’t lived the rest of your life, have you?). A lower carb approach as promoted by @csirogram is a far better approach. It is important to remember that everyone will be at a different stage with their diabetes journey therefore the information provided needs to be individualised. It’s not a simple meal plan fix! ⠀ If you have diabetes and want more information on what works best for you and YOUR diabetes, seek the expertise of your diabetes team (Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and Endocrinologist). @thesavvydietitian ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #diabetesawareness #eatforhealth #healthytips #wellnessblogger #weightlossjourney #nutritioncoach #allfoodsfit #carbohydrates #fuelyourbody #healthychoice #nutritionfacts #lowcarblifestyle #weightlossjourney #dietitian #portioncontrol #eatsmart #calories #nutrientdense #weightlossideas #nutritional #wdd2018 #smartfood #healthytips #justeatrealfood #eatbetter #caloriecounting #notadiet #healthychanges #weightlosstips #nutritionfacts #sixpackabsindia
⚫️Stuff. You have lots of it SO do you really need more? 🖤Your life. You only have have this one SO why not make it your best? ... At Training 42, Black Friday means investing in yourself which is a million times better than just buying stuff!🖤... See our previous post for more info or click on the link in the bio to register today! ↖️ Graduates, tag the people you love in the comments below! Let them know about this wonderful offer! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #liveyourbestlife #nourishyourself #nontoxichome #nontoxicliving #nontoxicskincare #organiclifestyle #spapreneur #organicbeauty #diyskincare #fitforme #justbreathe #lookwithin #treatyourself #moveyourbody #hippievibes #inspirationdaily #cleanliving #cleanlife #dailydetox
HOW WE BOOST OUR IMMUNITY: The first of many in-depth articles. I get asked daily what we do to boost our immune systems, especially during cold & flu season. So I decided to put them all in one place. Because man colds exist... and mama colds do not 😂. #Linkinbio - you definitely don't want to miss this article.
Heading out in my favourite lipstick. I have worn this lipstick for most of 2018 and I am not letting go off it any soon. You gotta have a MAC Diva in your collection, for those nights that need your 𝘖𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘩 ! . . Lipstick - MAC Diva . . #wellnessblogger #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #puneblogger #makeup #lipstick #lipstickswatch #tuesdayselfie #party #partytime #fashion #mac #maclipstick
post workout endorphins 👌
If you need me the next couple days, this is where I’ll be👩🏻‍🍳 . Our Thanksgiving festivities start tonight and I’m going to try to disconnect as best as possible, and I hope you will do the same! . We all know digital detoxes are important and the holidays are a perfect time for them. Be present with your loved ones and reap the many benefits of putting your phone away, such as: . 1️⃣Less anxiety- email and phone notifications are stimulants that can actually release dopamine, which encourages pleasure seeking behavior and creates an environment for mental distress 2️⃣Better sleep! The blue light from electronics can make it harder to fall asleep and negatively affect the quality of the sleep we do get 3️⃣Promote healthier eating- if you eat while distracted by a tv or phone you are likely to eat more, enjoy your meal less, and may eat unhealthier options without even thinking about it! 4️⃣Build better relationships. Seems like a no brainer but I think we’ve all forgotten. Have you ever looked around at a dinner table or party just to see everyone staring down at a screen?🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ drives me bananas! Put it down and enjoy the company that has probably traveled to see you! Good relationships are the key to a happy life in my opinion💛 . Comment below to let me know how you’re spending your holiday OFF your phone!👇🏻 and of course Happy Thanksgiving!🦃 . #digitaldetox #holidaydetox #familytime #bepresent #thanksgivingfood #healthythanksgiving #holidayhealthtips #turkeyday #outofoffice #atlfoodblogger #wellnessblogger #atlhealthcoach #disconnecttoreconnect #phoneaway #sleeptips #happythanksgiving #bakingday #atleats #bakedwithlove #homemadedesserts #whatieat #goodmoodfood #iamwellandgood
Like most people, you want a clean home. Only you’re busy, and on a budget, so you need cleaning products that bust through grime without busting your bank account. 🏧 _ You also want a safe home, and having caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach lying around the house makes you nervous.😟 _ Our online shopping club's cleaning and laundry products harness cutting-edge technology and naturally derived ingredients for the perfect blend of science and nature. 🌿They’re better for your family, safer for your home, and better for your budget. And, of course, they work. So you can spend less time, stress, and money on daily chores, and do more of the things that really matter.💕
My brother (pictured on the right). My rock. Ross you make me a better person. Better friend. Better sister. Better listener. You are the epitome of strength & resilience. . I have never heard you gloat about your accomplishments so let me be a little sister & be proud of you for a moment. Ross lost over 50 lbs by changing his diet completely, exercising a little, & getting encouragement & natural supplements from his Dietitian. He didn’t go to the gym for hours or weight lift his body weight... he simply changed his diet to mostly vegetables organic grass fed meat for a couple months. As well as exercising 1-2 times a week for 30 min. No medication. No extreme diets. Just pure raw resilience. . He now maintains his healthy weight by eating organic grass fed protein, fruit/veg, healthy carbs/fat & he asks me questions about nutrition he doesn’t know the answer to (sorry I’m not always the best at replying quickly 😌). . I asked him “how did you ignore cravings... we used to eat a lot of dairy & processed food?” He replied that he just ignored the temptations because he had a goal in mind. BOOM. Ross has the resilience from my Mom that I have difficulty finding sometimes. . In all aspects of his life, he sets a goal & accomplishes it. He has a house that he bought in his mid-twenties, an incredible job as an Engineer, & travels the world for work. . Ross, I am amazed daily at your strength, intelligence, & determination. I love you. . Also, why is my younger cousin taller than me 😭 . . #plantbaseddiet #healthcoach #healthcoaching #nutrition #health #wellness #healthandwellness #selflove #nutritioncoach #coach #wellnessblogger #wellnesscoach #integrativemedicine #integrativenutrition #integrativehealth #naturalmedicine #holistic #holistichealth #naturalmedicine #protein #easternmedicine #love #journey #family #brother #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossdiet #italian #maineiac
Another day, another pie! Citrus may not be the norm for Thanksgiving - but I sure do love it! This CASHEW KEY LIME PIE is out of this WORLD 🌎💫 Vegan for my plant-based friends, and GF for the celiacs! By popular demand 😉 I am blogging my gluten & dairy-free pie crust this afternoon! I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s up! 🥧 • • • • #thanksgiving #pie #healthyeats #gf #glutenfreepie #goodeats #foodphotography #foodphotos #foodstyling #foodstylist #healthandwellness #healthylifestyle #instablog #instablogger #wellnessblogger #foodblogger #keylime #dairyfreeliving #dairyfreedessert #vegan #thanksgivingweek #eatwell #veganrecipe #vegandessert #veganpie #keylimepie #celiac #plantbased #plantbaseddiet
GOING FAST... _________________________ We're really good at going fast but we don't know how to go slow. ∙ ∙ We hustle for work, we hurry home, we rush out to meet friends. Go, go, go. do you know how to go slow? Do you stop and enjoy the life you're rushing through? Remember to go slow through this life of yours. Enjoy the sound of the leaves rustling the trees, enjoy the moment you're sitting with your community of family and friends. Look around; take it in. Be mindful. Go slower through this life or it will race by you.
Starting a 36hr fast. 💪💪💪13hrs so far. But first: COFFEE!!!!☕ COME AND FAST WITH US!!! www.not-a-diet.com
Tasked with bringing a veggie to dinner on Thursday? Might I recommend roasted Brussels sprouts? They are a total crowd pleaser, and they are easy and simple. Get my full tutorial for how to make PERFECT roasted B. sprouts by tapping the link in my profile. . . . . . . . . #paleo #paleorecipes #paleofood #paleoish #primalfood #wellnessblogger #nourishyourself #cleaneats #grainfree #dairyfree #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #instafood #buzzfeedfood #foodblogeats #eatingfortheinsta #lifeandthyme #eattheworld #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeedhealth #buzzfeedcleaneating #healthyfoodshare #healthyeats #nourishyourbody #thanksgiving #thankful #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgivingrecipes #thanksgivingtable #givethanks
With Gratitude comes Abundance I am particularly grateful this year for all of the past experiences which brought me to this moment, this presence with myself, a peaceful place from where a vision for tomorrow can be created 🙌🏻 . . #gratitude #thanksgiving #holiday #wellness #holistic #healing #wellnessblogger #physicaltherapy #yoga #meditation #stretching #nyc #bergencounty
Work with what you got 💪🏻 When I first started my fitness journey, all I had was my tiny apartment living room and 5 lb weights. That didn’t stop me from working out. I improvised A LOT. I used whatever I could find. For a bench, I used a sturdy chair( which I still use to this day 4 years later 🤗). I used full laundry detergent bottles for additional weights. I used a towel instead of a mat. I also used smaller towels for sliders. If there was an exercise that I couldn’t do due to lack of equipment, I’d find one that I could do that worked the same muscle group. Babes, where there is a will there’s a way. It all comes down to how bad you want to change your life. I wanted to get in shape, so I made it happen and you totally can too! If you’re just starting out, IMPROVISE like I did. Eventually, you can invest in some staple equipment or even join a gym. Just never let the idea that you need all the bells and whistles to get in shape deter you. Start where you can and watch yourself grow 💛 . . . . . . . #weighttraining #fitgirllife #fitnessblog #fitjourney #womenwithmuscle #womenshealth #fitcommunity #fitspiration #fitmotivation #fitlifestyle #healthspo #healthyhabits #womenwholift #mindbodygram #fitnessblogger #wellnessblogger #womensfitness #healthylifestyles #flashesofdelight #thatsdarling #healthyhappylife #fitchicks #powerfulwomen #livefit #fitnessgoal #homeworkout #wellnesswarrior #iamwellandgood #girlswhoworkout
Here's the thing about Thanksgiving: there usually comes a moment when you have to decide between seconds and pie. And if you go with that extra plate of turkey and all the goods, you often find yourself still craving something sweet. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The solution: my Pumpkin Butter Cups! They take minutes to make, are super satisfying, and look impressive on a serving platter. Just wait until your Turkey Day guests find out you made these yourself. ☺️ Here’s how! • Melt 1c @enjoylifefoods chocolate mini chips with 2 tbsp @nutiva coconut oil. Stir until smooth. You can do this in the microwave at 30 sec intervals, or using a double boiler.⠀ • Place 1 tsp melted 🍫 in each of 12 silicone muffin liners⠀ • Top with a scant tsp pumpkin butter. (I make my own - recipe link in profile!)⠀ • Cover with remaining chocolate and refrigerate until solid - about 90 min.⠀ Happy cooking! 🦃🦃🦃 ⠀ ⠀
If ever a choice... ~ Commendable, possible... and definitely not always easy! ~ Random af thought just now as I am typing this: remember when people would, without invitation, tell you to “smile it ain’t that bad”? Mostly men 😒...Goshhhhh, I was so naive and would actually smile for them! Not sure why this came to thought but something for me to ponder on.. this could be coming as I have been counting the ways and reflecting on my learned fear of displeasing others at the cost of my own authority/autonomy, and keeping them comfortable.. 🤔 ~ I digress, but def worth mentioning and exploring.. ~ And not far from some of the issues many of us need to work though that cause us quite a bit of anxiety during the holiday season.. the pressure to give, and oblige by giving simply because it’s the time to.. at your expense! ~ We’ll be diving into how to cope with that in December’s online coaching program. Btwssss, have you signed up yet? It’s FREE and 🔗 is in bio!
Friday is SOLD OUT 🙏🏾 but we still have a few spots available for Saturday’s workshop! Join is for our Pumpkin & Spice Edition of Beauty Therapy! . . You will be guided through the steps to create 2 full size take home Face/Body items. We will learn the benefits of organic Pumpkin Seed Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil and incorporate them into the product creations. . . Enjoy a Complimentary glass of wine and light bites. If you've ever participated in a Paint & Sip class then Beauty Therapy is right up your alley! . . LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE! REGISTRATION IS A MUST! . . To register click on the link in our bio or search “Beauty Therapy” on Eventbrite. . Tickets are $25.00 . Beauty Therapy™️ is our DIY beauty experience! These make-and-take beauty workshops spark creativity and cultivate community connecting locals, families, friends, & co-workers to one another in a care-free atmosphere. With a hands-on approach, we explore the therapeutic properties of natural based products and techniques to rid the skin of impurities and promote healthy skin wellness.
#wellnesswednesday thanks to @cleowade. Self-care is what will make the stress of the holidays a little easier. Make sure to make time for yourself #selfcarematters
FEAST (noun): something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment. Thanksgiving is a really special day of the year, and though the stuffing, pie, casseroles, and cranberry sauce seem to take center stage (with good reason!), tomorrow's feast is made up by so many other things: family, friends, hugs, memories, and gratitude. Check out the latest blog, 'Time To Feast,' to check-in with what really matters tomorrow. . . . #healthcoaching #holisticliving #holisticnutrition #foodismedicine #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #plantbased #healthyfood #instahealth #beautyfood #vegan #veganfood #glutenfree #seasonaleats #theexhale #eeeeeats #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #veganrecipes #thechalkboardeats #wellandgoodeats #healthylifestyle #f52thanksgivingcountdown #cleanplates #thenewhealthy #foodblogeats #wellnessblogger #foodismedicine
💥 DAY TWENTY ONE 💥 ⠀⠀ (👆🏻 am I the only one who reads that in the Geordie ‘big brother’ voice? ) ⠀⠀ It’s here! Exactly one month till majority of people will be putting their out of offices on and getting ready for a week of festive fun!! 🎄 🎅 🎁 ⠀⠀ But as much as I love talking Christmas...today is about those lovely, tingly, happy hormones called ENDORPHINS! • Endorphins are released by the brain 🧠 to reduce the perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling in the body. It’s a win win. • And how do I get this amazing natural chemical happiness coasting through my veins- I hear you cry?! • MOVE THAT BODY!! Exercise and feel fabulous! • Don’t worry about what type of exercise, just do what feels good for your body and in return your brain will reward you. • Exercise is so important for your wellbeing and showing yourself self love and care. • So go get ‘em 💪🏻💪🏻 • If you need any tips or ideas, let me know 😍 @katealicelifestyle • • • • • #30dayswithkate #wellnessjourney #iamwellandgood #mindfulness #mindfulliving #fitnessjourney #mindbodyspirit #bbgcommunity #mentalhealth #selfloveclub #healthyhappylife #liveinspired #happiness #november #wellnessblogger #newme #weightlosstransformation #beyourownboss #30daychallenge #workonline #travel #selflove #treatyourself #flf #fitnessmotivation #workout #loveyourself #selflove #challenge #love @preview.app
As I’m changing my mindset to one that is more loving and forgiving - putting my mind and spirit in the healthiest state it’s been in my whole life, my body is following suit. Without consciously aiming for a better lifestyle I’m being drawn to healthier habits innately. The biggest one I’m struggling with is water intake. This has been a big one for me for years. Like the smoker who knows cigarettes are bad but keeps smoking, I’m the child that knows water is helpful to the body in a multitude of ways and yet, can barely get past 3 glasses a day!! Any suggestions to help with this habit? What health habits do you struggle with??
THANKSGIVING TIPS🦃 ⭐️Things I say / share are by no means suggesting what you SHOULD do. I would never shame anyone for making different decisions from the ones I suggest, I simply offer advice for those on a health & wellness journey just like me :) Now let’s talk thanksgiving 🍁🍂 • Thanksgiving is tough for many of us living healthy lifestyles for the following reasons: - We may see it as an opportunity to overindulge, which may set us back from our goals and harm our mindsets (because we are too hard on ourselves!! We don’t need to be💛) - Family members may not support our ~healthy eating~ on this day, and may encourage us to “take a break” from our lifestyle just for today — this can feel pressuring if we want to be making a different decision! - We may not have any control over the meals that are served. What we are putting into our bodies can be somewhat of a mystery, which can cause some stress and anxiety - We don’t want to be rude and not participate in the festivities • Here’s what you can do: - Either you absolutely CAN choose to have a day off, and enjoy the relaxation with your family, as well as the foods you want to enjoy🙂 - You can add some activity into your day before the festivities in order to balance out the decisions you want to make later, if you feel this is what you want to do, but this is not necessary at all!! You do not need to feel like you must compensate, but I understand entirely why getting some activity in can help and feels important. - Bring a healthy meal or dessert (or both) to thanksgiving that you created on your own— I guarantee people will LOVE you for having a healthy option. You’ll also know exactly what is in the item that you bring, no surprises :) - As I mentioned previously, balance and moderation are key! You can still enjoy thanksgiving meals and likely have it not effect your progress at all, if you are being conscious of your portions, and adding some salad and veggies to keep you satisfied and content! {⭐️caption continued in comments below, so much to say ⬇️⬇️}}
🙋🏽‍♀️One other thing I would like to add is that a lot of the time people are so focused on being “protected” from the sun that they end up not getting any sunshine at all. :::::: ❌With all the talk about “protection” it has lead to many people being deficient in vitamin D. :::::: ✅It is still really important to get out, let the sunshine hit your eyes and allow it to be absorbed into your body. The sun and what you absorb from it helps with so many other processes in our bodies that are beneficial for us. ☀️😋In a way, your body literally eats up sunshine to help it directly with various biological processes that can: 💫Cleanse Blood vessels ☝🏽Increase oxygen content in human blood ⌚️Sets circadian rhythm 🤗Betters your mood 💪🏽Strengthens Bones 😴Deepen Your Sleep 👇🏽Lower Blood Pressure …and the list goes on and on. :::::: ☀️Obviously if you’re going to be out for days on end and for lengthy periods then its definitely a good idea to then protect yourself so you don’t burn and this is where sunscreen can be super helpful. ✅It’s just good to be aware of the fact that wearing sunscreen on your skin means you are also then blocking your body from absorbing the benefits of being in the sun in the first place. 🕶Wearing sunglasses on top of that also means you will be receiving less sunshine. :::::: 🧟‍♂️Now don’t go mental and bake yourself in the sun for hours but be aware of the above and “everything in moderation” as the saying goes ;) • • • • • #traveltips #wellnesstravel #wellnessblogger #wellnesscoach #healthytravel #femmetravel #sheisnotlost #healthandwellness #healthygirl #travelguide #travelbloggers #travelislife #healthblogger #womenwhotravel #womenwhoexplore
We have the perfect cure for your after-Thanksgiving sluggishness! Buy one get one free on your favorite detox services, including colon cleansing, infrared sauna, bio-electric lymph drainage, FIT Bodywrap, Lipo-Light, facials and ionic foot detox. Relieve your digestive tract and detoxify your system after that big meal and leftovers! Stay healthy during the busy holiday season with BOGO: bit.ly/stuffedlikeaturkey
Brb taking off ✈️ with my in flight essentials It’s thanksgiving break, which means most of you are traveling. Whether that be by plane, train or car, these in flight essentials are always handy to have to keep you grinding. Idk about you but for me, a plane is basically a tunnel full of germs. I used to get sick every single time I flew on a plane. But once I started prepping and protecting my body from all of it, travel was so much easier! I love using my @stasherbag to hold everything I need. I’m saving the planet while being efficient...is there a better deal? I think not! Here’s what else I use: ✈️IMMUNITY: * Vitamin C, B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes with @emergenc and @nuun tablets. Both taste good and are easy to mix with water on the go. * Oil of oregano by @solarayvitamins aka the LIFESAVER of preventing sickness, a must have. * Did you know they don’t wipe down the seat from the person before you? Ew. DIY with @clorox mini pack of wipes + purell before you reach for your snacks * @arbonne digestion plus to make sure my gut is strong while consuming foods from different regions that I may not be used to ✈️SKINCARE * Hydrafacial in a bottle - blue marine algae intense hydrating mask by @peterthomasrothofficial PRO TIP: buy the mask sampling kit for mini travel bottles * Cucumber detox under eye patches also by @peterthomasrothofficial bc who wants to look tired after that nap? * @burtsbees chapstick and visine eye drops to prevent dry lips and eyes ✈️ENTERTAINMENT * Never again will I be the girl frustrated untangling her headphones for the first 15 min of the flight. @apple AirPods are essential
Some glowing✨ feedback from one of our golden attendees @seerat94 💓💞 . ❗️Watch out for our next edition of our Mini Wellness Weekend is on 1st & 2nd December respectively at @cafe.dori from 8 A.M till 12:00 P.M! Hope to see you there🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . #VHxCafeDori #wellnessworkshop #vinyasayoga #chakrahealing #superfood #wholedetox #postivity #rainbowdiet #instadaily #selfgrowth #innervoice #positivity #innerpeace #wellness #meditation #mindfulness #selfcare #eatfeelheal #Vitalityhours #wellnessfestival #wellnessweekend #wellnessjunkie #wellnessjourney #wellnessblogger #healthylifestyle #cleanliving #mindbodysoul #yogaeverydamnday
Choc peanut butter nana ice cream. Yes-freaking-please. 🍌🍫🥜 ➡️ 🍦🤤🙌🏼 So easy to make. Do it. Do it. Thank me later! 😻 2 or more frozen bananas Pulse in a strong blender with a small splash of almond milk and some vanilla powder or extract until a soft serve consistency is reached. Add 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter. Pulse again to mix or you can just swirl with a spoon. Also add 1-2 tbsp raw cacao powder and mix in. Optional extra crack of salt. Eat immediately or return to freezer for later, but ummmm, that's not gonna happen! Tag me when you make this! 😍 . . . . . #nanaicecream #nicecream #dairyfree #wholesome #vegan #paleo #summertreats #dessert #healthychoices #healthcoach #swirl #blended #foodporn #peanutbutter #yum #wellnessblogger #bbgcommunity #fitfood #drool #pb #icecream #homemade #eatrealfood
Happy thanksgiving y’all! We hosted t-giving yesterday (a first for us!) so I’ve been cooking in the kitchen for the last 3 days. It was a labor of love and everything turned out so yummy - proud of ourselves for making a real adult holiday dinner👌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Not proud, however, that I got so caught up in hosting that I didn’t take a SINGLE PICTURE - great hostess, terrible instagrammer 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s our mostly gluten free/dairy free menu: 🔸 APPS: shrimp cocktail (my fav!), charcuterie board with GF crackers, @kellyandthecricket spicy vegan cashew veggie dip (that was BOMB) 🔸 Brussels sprout slaw with candied pecans, cranberries, bacon, and spicy honey mustard vinaigrette (GF/DF) 🔸 @ambitiouskitchen slow cooker mashed potatoes (save some stovetop space!) 🔸 @lexiscleankitchen green bean casserole (GF/DF) 🔸 @lexiscleankitchen sweet potato casserole with candied pecans (GF/DF) 🔸 dry brined turkey (best turkey I’ve ever had!) 🔸 @lexiscleankitchen stuffing with sausage and apples 🔸easy turkey gravy using pan drippings 🔸 DESSERT: @paleomg pecan pie brittle, @minimalistbaker gluten free pumpkin pie - both GF/DF!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Can’t WAIT to eat some leftovers! My favorite thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole, but this year I have to say the turkey was the most delicious thing on my plate. #ipreview @preview.app #thanksgiving #glutenfree #glutenfreethanksgiving #austin #austintexas #atxeats #wellness #wellnessblogger #nourishyourself #healthyeats
When yesterday’s Taco Tuesday 🌮becomes today’s Wellness Wednesday 🧘🏻‍♀️ Because Instagram was experiencing some mercury retrograde yesterday 💫 I took most of the day off Instagram and guess what, the world kept spinning! 🌎 ✨ Just a lil reminder not to feel fomo or guilt for logging out from the ‘gram tomorrow to be present with friends and family ❤️ Breakfast tacos dEats: Two @mariaandricardos tortillas filled with arugula, two scrambled @happyeggcousa eggs, tomatoes, @edenworksgrows microgreens, avo, and a side of @tenayofoods salsa 🍅 #tacotuesday #wellnesswednesday #nutritionsqueezed . . . #healthyeats #healthyliving #wellandgoodeats #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #thenewhealthy #wellnessblogger #wellnesslife #wellnessgoals #breakfastinspo #healthybreakfastideas #morningfuel #healthybreakfast #todaybreakfast #goodmorningpost #eatwholefoods #fuelyourbodyright #foodislove #nourishtoflourish #nutritiousanddelicious #movenourishbelieve #rdtobe #makesmewhole #breakfasttacos
Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey Brine on deck! @celticseasalt and 1 gallon of boiling water, bay leaves, Herbs de Provence, @thespicehunter Juniper Berries, and @frontiercoop Star Anise...and instead of sugar...raw unfiltered honey! Throw in some orange peel and pink peppercorns and you’re good to go! • • • • • • • • • #paleodiet #paleofood #paleoeating #paleo #turkeybrine #paleothanksgiving #antiinflammatorydiet #foodismedicine #healthyeats #organicfood #cleaneating #alternativemedicine #painmanagement #cleanliving #chronicpainwarrior #chronicpainlifestyle #adinalifestyle #arachnoiditis #staranise #thanksgivingdinner #chronicpain #chronicillness #raredisease #lblog #wellnessblogger #wellnessblog #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #healthblog #healthblogger
Over the last few months, we've interviewed dozens of wellness enthusiasts about the self-care and wellness routines that work for them. We'll be sharing a couple of our questions and their answers on #wellnesswednesdays 💜What's your personal #wellnessphilosophy ?
I underestimated how many shits a person can take. And how much toilet paper one person uses. 🚽But now I have 48 rolls of toilet paper from @whogivesacraptp made from 100% recycled paper and the entire order was plastic free 🧻 oh and they donate 50% of profits to build toilets for people in need 😭 and they’re amazing. OH and I can give you a discount (check out link in bio!) okay I’m gonna go now. 💩 • • • • • • • • • • #sustainable #sustainability #gogreen #organicfood #ecoblogger #wellnessblogger #vegan #glutenfree #inspiration #foodies #instagood #instapic #planet #loveyourplanet #reducereuserecycle #ecochic #clean #sustainableliving #compostable #vegansofig #veganism #veganfoodshare #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #govegan #simpleliving #plasticfree #minimalist
Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the things we don't have. We've all been there. Remember to take moments throughout the day to focus on what you do have. What are you greatful for? I'm very greatful I had this trip and these views...and a pup who likes to snuggle😊 P.s. there's a new Thailand blog post up. Link in bio. . . . . . . #discoverearth #greatfulheart #greatfullife #wellnessblogger #travelblogger #bloggersofinstagram #ig_feature #ig_thailand #instagramviews #thailand 🇹🇭 #thailand #vacamode #travelfeature #travelawesome #traveladdict #travelislife 🌏 #traveldiaries2018 #islandvibes #islandpic #islander #islandgirl #discoverocean #thanksgivings #happyheart
the past week, I've been inundated with social media messaging about Thanksgiving in relation to eating + rules, so I'm sure you have too. i'm not hating on any of these messages--except those that promote restriction or reward/punishment mindsets like "turkey burn" bc fuck that noise. but I'd like us to be aware--we tend to latch onto whatever external message we find that resonates with us in our current stage of our relationships with our bodies and food. there is not a singular right message for managing the holidays that applies to all. while it makes me sad that something joyous like the holidays have turned into a pressure point to "survive" for a majority of people when it comes to health / wellness, I won't deny that reality and say that it's easy to navigate for everyone. just want to gently remind you to not let the occurrence of a holiday make a difference in how you tune into your needs or following through with respecting them as you usually do. whatever season of life you're currently in, you do YOU this Thanksgiving. whether that means staying super healthy + active, or relaxing + restoring, make sure you're feeding your soul first and foremost. you don't need permission or rationalizations or pressures to be any sort of way this holiday season-- no matter how awesome the messaging might be from some awesome people/media you follow, your internal radio is THE station you should be tuning into. go with THAT melody. ---- ---- wearing this pearlized pink set from @beyondyoga that makes me feel like I'm back in my ballet days💖
Last stop before heading out of the city. Thankful for SLT 🙌🏼
One of the things that I decided to add to my daily routine is a spread or card pull. If you spend a lot of time doubting yourself, you don't always hear the messages the universe is sending you. Oddly enough, all the cards for my actual spread had to do with me doubting myself or talking badly and about myself. The cards that wiggled or fell while I was shuffling, were telling me to trust in the universe and what I'm hoping for will happen in time. If I stop forcing and resisting.
For #wellnesswednesday I want you to think about how you treat yourself vs. how you treat your family and friends. If you had a sick family member, you would definitely make sure that they took their medication, got plenty of rest, and are a nutritious diet. Why is it then that we fall short in those and other areas for ourselves. It stands to reason that we won’t be able to put as much emphasis on the welfare of others if we become ill ourselves. Yet, many of us simply do not engage in self care. Today...and everyday, take time out for your own well being. Others are counting on you being around, and you don’t want to let them down. . . . . . #wellness #healthylifestyle #wisdomwednesday #humpday #health #waybackwednesday #wednesday #selfcare #love #mentalhealth #wednesdaywisdom #healthy #wellnessblogger #happy #yoga #healthcoach #workoutwednesday #upforit #winewednesday #motivation #photooftheday #repost #mindset #thanksgiving #fitspo #winitwednesday #fitlife #cleanliving
Baby, it’s cold outside. There’s an extreme cold weather alert in Toronto today. Bundle up! If the cold and flu has already hit you, grab your bottle of R.C. 🤒 Alleviates seasonal discomfort 🤒 Breaks up mucous. 🤒 Supports respiratory system. 🤒Soothes cough. And it comes in the Premium Starter kit!!!! #extremecoldweatheralert #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #hippielifestyle #nourishyourself #nontoxichome #nontoxicliving #nontoxicskincare #organiclifestyle #spapreneur #organicbeauty #diyskincare #fitforme #justbreathe #lookwithin #mantramonday #moveyourbody #hippievibes
Basic concept right?!Then why so many of us struggle with this? Holidays are a time to feel joyful among friends and family, yet it can get so stressful and the first thing we do is being hard on ourselves and our bodies . We overeat or we restrained, we get compensate with food or exercise to make up the previous dinner... OMG, it can be SO overwhelming! Right?! . Read my blog link in bio☝🏽. I give you 3 simple practices to compensate with self judgement and find acceptance 💕 to begin your self love journey . I would love to know what you think about this #bodyacceptance . Concetto di base giusto?! Allora perché così tanti di noi lottano con questo? Le vacanze sono un momento per sentirsi gioiosi tra amici e familiari, ma può diventare così stressante e la prima cosa che facciamo è essere duri con noi stessi e il nostro corpo . Mangiamo troppo o ci tratteniamo, usiamo con il cibo o eccessivo l'esercizio fisico per compensare con la cena precedente ... OMG, sembra impossibile?! Vero? . Leggi il link del mio blog in bio☝🏽. Ti do 3 semplici pratiche per compensare con l'auto-giudizio e trovare l'accettazione 💕 ed iniziare il tuo percorso di benessere e self love. . Mi piacerebbe sapere cosa ne pensi di bodyacceptance 🙏🏽 . . . . . . #selflove #wellnessblogger #acceptance #loveyourbody #edwarrior #lifecoaching #lifecoachingforwomen #quotesdaily #selfcarematters #wednesdaywellness #wellnesswednesday #riseup #theriseclub
RENEW: I melted when I saw this restorative yoga pose on the @10minutemamas feed (swipe right for full instructions). The write up is beautiful and goes a little like this: Although this is a passive pose, it is not for the faint of heart—it can be even more challenging—especially this time of year—to fully allow yourself to BE STILL, turn inward, and LET GO, as the pose requires. But that physical expression allows for emotional support as well. So important. As a yoga teacher, I know the full benefits of restorative yoga (or any yoga) to begin with, but why does it seem like some of the things you know best are the last things you yourself turn to for physical and emotional well-being? Hum... Changing that starting Monday by signing up for their free Renew & Restore challenge. One pose per day and one minute of relaxation. That’s something I can get behind! Join me. Link in the bio @10minutemamas. #regramlove
¤¤¤ #lazymorning ? 🐘🐘 I don't want to call in a lazy morning because that would make me seem like a slacker... But I literally just woke up... 🤣 • When I was working in the food retail industry I was used to waking up at 4 am and not sleeping again until 9 or 10 pm. 6 hours of sleep was NOT enough for my body and my health showed it. I had no energy, my colon was super sluggish, and I was eating shitty food to make up for the lack of sleep. This last summer was so transformative. My work schedule completely, the biggest changes were hours of sleep I got and the amount of exercise and fresh air I got skyrocketed. • I could literally feel my body thanking me and working towards healing itself all season. Now the cold winter set in and I feel like I'm in a light hibernation mode! The nights are longer, and to please your retinas, you should go to sleep around the time the sun goes down, and get up with the sun. Well I'm still working on that part 😂 but I feel so much better since I simply start getting more sleep! • I think we all greatly underestimate the importance of sleep, it's how your body does the majority of its healing, everyone's different and needs a different amount but finding your happy balance is so important. ☺ Treat your body like all the tiny little cells are the only thing keeping you alive because they are! 🤗 ¤¤¤ @live_naturallly HAVE AN AMAZING DAY EVERYONE 🙌 #wellnessblogger #wellnesscoach #healthjourney #healthvibes #bewell #loveyourlife #instagood #livewell #lifestyleblogger #instaday #wellnesswednesday #follow #smile #morning #motivationalpost #followme #holisticliving #RHN #lifestylecoaching #buildyourmind #buildyourbody #investinyourhealth #sleep #healthblogger #motivation #brainhealth #mentalhealth #morning
Let's not forget that the best love is the kind that starts with the love you give yourself. Self-love is the best way you can show yourself that you matter. Take those long walks. Give yourself a facial or pedicure. Exercise. Allow room for mistakes. Speak gently to yourself. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. You deserve love, but most importantly it begins with self-love.❤❤
Take a deap breath and remember your not an avocado! Like if you agree and love avocados 💚 . . . . . #wellnesswednesday #wellnessblogger #memesdaily #lifestyleblogger #avocadotoast #avocado #humpday 🐫 #healthylifestyle #greenliving
〰️ life & skincare motto 〰️glow through what you go through✨ 〰️ just tried this @yesto coconut energizing coffee 2-in-1 scrub & cleanser stick aaaand I’m pumped to share for 3 reasons:⠀ ✨1.) It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. Talk about efficient! Love a multi-tasking skincare product because let’s be honest who has time for an 18 step routine ya know?⠀ ✨2.) It’s perfect for travel. No opening your bag to find your products have spilled on everything.⠀ & finally...⠀ ✨3.) Especially if you have oily skin like I do a gentle exfoliator is so key to keeping the glow going without stripping your skin .⠀ #sponsored
When my mind is blown away with the amazing designs the students are bringing out. Examination Day... Practicals End of the year sales at Jmaivo House . Xmas came Early!! We offering an amazing sale that beats any ever. Yes this is the 1500sale!! That means every herb, tea , spices and all  are sold for NGN1500.00 only (note: to qualify you have to buy at least 12 items of each product to get at 1500 each). Essential oils are also part of the deal . 1k each for all essential oils and you must order a dozen to qualify at this price. Sales end December 20th 2018. Get your Yoni Herb Blend and other premixed herbs. Wholesellers this is an opportunity for you to stock up. We are your number 1 source for everything Herbs, Tea, Extracts , spices , scented candles , diffusers, bespoke perfumes, human hair, lingeries, fashion, shoes, bags, accessories etc. Check out our pages on Instagram to see all the amazing things we offer @jmaivohouse lingeries and fashion pieces @jmaivofashion human hair @jmaivovirginhairs home decors, lands and properties @jmaivolandsandprop . pls call or watsapp us on +2349079174508 . Come let us train you on Organic Soap and skin product making, candle making . come get a skill that will make and keep you independent. Funky Agbo seller #commericalblenders #cleanbeauty #trainingschool   #naijawomen #herbaltea   #herbs #jmaivotrainingschoollagos #nigeria #instanews #instawomen #instaafrica #instamarketing #wellnessblogger #greenlifestylenaija #instablognaija #holisticlivingnaija   #wellnessjourneyafrica #diffusersnaija   #scentedcandlesnaija   #herbsandextract #nourishyourself #scentedcandles #handmadesoap #nontoxicskincare #healthshop   #essentialoils #diyskincare #carrieroilsnaija #organictrainingschool
OH MY APPLE PIE, what a freakin’ MENTAL 2 months...I still have not had time to process all that has happened!! Feel so blessed to have been able to go to NYC and LA, hustle hard, open doors for myself, ACHIEVE things, make amazing friends and feel stronger in myself 💪🏾 I’m so very happy to have my feet back on LDN ground (altho not for long), but will forever be grateful for the fire 🇺🇸 has ignited inside of me. And the best part is, I GOT A VON DUTCH HAT!!!! #lyfgoals 👣💅🏽🦄✨🌪 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Exciting things are coming..... ✨ Head over to my website and sign up for my newsletter that will be released the beginning of December! You'll get insider info on what's going on with Bedrock, it will keep you up to date on the blog, provide you with tips and life hacks on nutrition, and most importantly, it will help you reframe the way you view your health. ✨ There is a better way to optimize your wellness and I want to help you rebuild that foundation! ✨ **The first 50 people who subscribe by Sunday, Nov 25th will be entered to win a FREE in-depth nutrition analysis that I use with my clients that gives me a glimpse into what their bodies need** 🎉 Go subscribe! www.bedrockfxnutrition.com
🗣🗣🗣 BUILDING AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS!! As we may all think that we don't need a relationship and we are fine by ourselves..NEWS FLASH! ANY INTERACTION YOU HAVE WITH ANYTHING IS A RELATIONSHIP!!! Whether it be a spouse (which we will relate it to in this video), a job, a boss, your food, it is all a relationship that you create with the things around you. How do we create amazing relationships with the people places and things around us? Watch FULL VIDEO on YouTube (link in bio) as I relate your spousal relationship to baking a cake 😋🙃 https://youtu.be/8PZxl-46Jdo #wellnesswednesday #keepthatshxtlit
I’ve had this plant for a couple months now that was sort of lethargic, i never really paid any attention to it, but i wanted for it to grow strong and big and long, so for the last month i have been feeding it my love and positive energy, and it has grown and perked up, and i’m so excited! 🌿🌱 (wish i’ve taken a before picture) ~ My grandma always told me plants can feel, feed them your energy and watch them grow. I remember she had this small garden on the 7th floor of a city building balcony in Argentina, the air wasn’t the freshest and there was the constant noise of traffic and sirens. Looking back, walking around the city there wasn’t much green to look at, except scattered old trees that were forgotten from centuries ago. My grandma would spend hours outside on her garden, cleaning, caressing and talking to her plants, i used to watch her in awe, something about it was so calming and peaceful. As a child i never quite understood the magic happening, but her garden thrived, and the flowers blossomed, and it was all full of so much life, i remember wanting to posses her magic, wanting to connect with nature like that. 🌿🌱 #blessed
I made these cookies 2 days ago and there's only three left....we literally can't stop eating them. They are simply oats, 2 ripe bananas, a cup of soaked dates, a tsp vanilla essence, a few tablespoons of peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks. Delicious and not too naughty!
In this chapter of Girl Talk, I interview @josierosario_ , Therapist & Self-care Coach. We learn how a she uses Self-care to prioritize self-love. _ Josie is completing her 2nd master's degree in clinical social work from Columbia University. She began her career in government, and worked under former Mayor Bloomberg designing policies that affected all of New York City's 1.1 million children. _ Later she joined Teach for America and served as a teacher, coach and school leader in underserved communities in Brooklyn and the Bronx over the next seven years. She also serves children and adults as a mental health provider. _ Outside of that role, Josie is a yoga instructor and speaker, bringing dialogue about wellness and emotional well-being within women and communities of color into public and private spaces.
dinner from @diginn after an intense soul cycle session with my fave @thesingingsweetpotato last night :) i ordered the farro with broccoli, brussels and salmon with the pesto sauce & it was heavenly!
Open your own dōTERRA wholesale account in November with ONLY a 100 product point order and you will receive 50 FREE product points (over £40) for oils of your choice PLUS a welcome gift from me of roller bottles, a travel keychain with 2ml vials, 5ml Wild Orange and a handbook with all the essential information you need! . What could 50 product points worth of the best essential oils in world do for you and your household? . 🌿Maybe fewer sick days this winter? 🌿What about better sleep and more energy? 🌿Maybe less stress, anxiety, and worry each day? 🌿Or fewer aches and pains? 🌿Glowing skin and hair? 🌿Improved moods around the the home? . All of these things and so much more can become reality when you bring these safe, pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils into your home. If you’ve been searching for a safer, smarter way to care for you and your family naturally, if you’ve been feeling the nudge to towards a more toxin free lifestyle, then now is the time to get started. . I remember debating getting a kit of oils even once I had already experienced their their power. It was the best purchase I have ever mad and in over two years my love for the oils just continues to grow. These pure, potent oils only require a drop or two per application and bottles can last up to 5 years. . Comment or send me a message if you would would like more information or if you would like to book a free 30 minute wellness consultation so I can help you select with oils for you main health concerns. . If you have been sitting on the fence then this is the perfect time!
No idea what's gotten into me this year, but I am through the roof with holiday cheer. Cocoa, snickerdoodles, string lights - I guess life's too short to be a grinch, right?
It's autumn in Baltimore and I'm utterly content. And freezing justtttt a tad. 🥂🍁🔥🦃
We fall in love with people's flaws; The perfect person would be impossible to love. @jstrelou_poetry . I needed to read these words. So, I figured I'd share this poem with everyone else who might be feeling a bit unworthy. A bit tired of feeling flawed. We all are, each of us in our own beautiful, unique ways. Embrace these imperfections. They are what makes you, you.
Professional skin treatments are essential for restoring the skin’s health, balance and vitality. It’s impossible to get these kind of results at home. Combining highly skilled, technical knowledge, a good Esthetician is trained to advise and treat the most stubborn skin problems with the latest technology and skin know-how. If you have skin problems, visit a professional who can help. Your skin will thank you. #skinrepair #loveyourskinagain #esthetician #estheticianlife #esthetics #estheticians #esthetic #estheticienne #skintherapist #skintherapy #skincareprofessional #skincarenatural #skinrejuvenation #facialtreatment #yonka #skinproblems #acne #skinmicrobiome #skinhealth #healthyskin #healthyskincare #spatreatments #skincareclinic #professionalwomen #skincare #selfcare #wellness #wellnesswednesday #wellnessblogger
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