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We try our best to serve some of the best meats and source them responsibly from sustainable farms 😊 We hope to see you soon! Let us help you enjoy some of the best USDA Prime, 45+ days dry-aged Korean BBQ meats in Koreatown 😎😋 #jeongyukjeom #butcherspride - Tag us in your pictures and stories and we'll feature you! 🙏
•GHD BACK EXTENSIONS• REPS: 10 SETS: 3 Hardly ever do this exercise, but really need to start doing it more because it definitely is a burner and makes you feel it in the back. Been feeling good with the lifts lately, and I’m trying to turn my passion into something. If you’re not getting a day better, or not leaving it all out there in what you are doing, doesn’t matter if it’s the gym, classroom, even just doing simple tasks and chores, as long as you’re giving it your all your working towards being a better person than you were yesterday! Get better, don’t stay the same. Even if it’s small increments or slow progress, just keep moving and working to building that ideal version of yourself 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @kora.fitness #blessup #slowlybutsurely #fitness #gym
when I'm good, I'm good, when I'm bad, I'm better📸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nosmallcreator
ctrl + alt + del 💛
can u imagine🖤 @boutinela
@leilarader “I am a firm believer in self-care, when I’m in my pussflow, I’ll drink soothing teas, try to get to bed earlier, and make sure my needs are met. If I need a little pause in my day or need some time to rest, I will rearrange my schedule to have a less stressful day. I think I perform better when I feel my best, so honoring my needs is important.”
Well the last month and a half has been slightly crazy. 50+ houses filmed, trips around the globe and now it all stops for little bit. Time for some much needed rnr.
Which one you choosing 🏎? Let’s us know in the comments down below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey 🍁 📷-@Kungfubreakfast
2019 mood ❗️
Last night's burn from my back yard! Shot with my Samsung 8. @samsungmobileusa
Our administration wants to blame the death of 7year old #JakelinCaalMaquin on her parents. They cite the dangerous journey. As a parent and empathetic human being I know that the only way I would risk such a journey for my child is if my circumstances dire, which I’m sure they were. The decision to make this trek was no doubt a difficult one. Even if you place fault on the parents, what does it say about US that this CHILD did not receive food and water immediately upon arrival. Fuck victim blaming. Rest baby. My heart breaks for you and your parents. Art: @broobs.psd #borderpatrolarecriminals
Do you workout on the weekend? ⌯ On the weekends, I prefer not to. I tend to spend most of my time studying, hangout out with friends and family, parties, etc! The only times when I decide to workout on the weekend is if I wasn’t able to meet my fitness goals during the week.
Buckle up buttercup, you just flipped my bitch switch
I just wanted to say thank you to all of the firefighters @losangelesfiredepartment for all the amazing hard work you all did this year🙌🏻
The self-confident people of the world have found the colorful corduroy Johnny jacket - a mainstay accessory you’ll be able to upgrade any outfit as the striking simplistic features capture the subconscious attention of your world #TeamSIG #Signatureclothing #SignatureInnovationGroup
The NEWaukee team is back home in MKE! A few things we’ll miss from LA: Bird scooters, sunshine, warmth, and incredible food. Til next time!
Weekend Vibes 😍✌ via @loridennisinc follow us @yourfinestvibes for more
You guys asked and now we are answering.. Pandora sweatsuit will be back next week!! What colors do you think we are dropping this time?? 😊⚜️
No words just 🎸 ♥️♥️♥️DM to book a shoot.♥️♥️♥️
someone wants to publish a memoir/short story of mine. i’ve never been published and i’ve dreamt of a time where someone actually wanted something i’ve written, especially about my life. but, as usual, i’m now reading spiritual memes over here like...⚡️⚡️
Road travelled 🧳 📸☕️🍁
When you head to @bcdtofuhouse expect all of these appetizers with your water. . . . For under $10 I indulged in Tofu Dumpling Soup, Fried Mackerel, curried tofu, kimchi, pickled cabbage, and sliced pickles for an extra crunch. . . Bootleggers Eats for the WIN !
In my element!
You can be lost in real life or in your head. Just find the right people who will help you keep in track.
What do you think about the new #Dior ?
⚫️&⚪️ kinda mood
If you had unlimited resources; what would you do (thoughts) ❓⬇️❓⬇️ Let your imagination fly! Its free to dream 😛 I would retire my parents and own a private jet to come and go whenever and wherever I please. Open entrepreneurship schools in inner cities and third world countries to provide opportunities to children. I would also fund a network in which other entrepreneurs can connect and grow their vision by providing them a platform to excel. #dreamingsince1987 . . . PC: @leoroams 💁🏽‍♂️
It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶
Urban Lights @lacma - probably one of the most iconic or most popular spots for photography in Los Angeles. When the light and timing is right this place is purely magical. Who would have thought a collection of street lights can turn into such a mesmerizing scenery . #lacma #lacmalights #discoverla #losangles #art #streetlights #nighttime #nighttimephotography #urbanphotography #nofilter #urbanlights #urbanlightslacma #la #losangeles_city #weownthenight_la #california #californiacaptures #thisislosangeles #instaworthyla
Woke up missing California today. Missing the warmth and sunshine even though it's summer here. April 2015
Main Street USA - Feb 2014 #Disneyland #NoFilter #PicOfTheDay #GoPro
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