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Happy Happy. Joy Joy.🎄 #wesleygenecvikel
One of my favorite holiday traditions, cutting down our own tree 🌲✨ #wesleygenecvikel
Breakfast done right... “Toes up!” #wesleygenecvikel
m o n d a y s. #wesleygenecvikel
♥️🌲H A P P Y D E C E M B E R🌲♥️ from Wesley Gene + his many faces!✨ #wesleygenecvikel
While our six lentil loaves tanked, our toddler is battling a rough cold, and I did not get one single picture of our family today I am feeling content and thankful. Even tho my day is ending at 7:30 pm with a congested toddler laying on me I can’t help but feel blessed even if dessert has to wait till tomorrow. I want to remember to feel this way everyday. Happy Thanksgiving. 🍁 #wesleygenecvikel
First Snow Fun ❄️ #wesleygenecvikel
“Happy Halloween Y’all, YEEEHAW!” xo Wesley Gene 🤠 s w i p e >>> #wesleygenecvikel #halloweencostume #halloweentoddler #halloween2018
🍂🍁Autumn, could you stay forever?🍁🍂 We couldn’t pass up playing in the leaves today on our walk. #wesleygenecvikel
That smile is everything 💛 #wesleygenecvikel
My pumpkin. Doesn’t he look like a☝🏻year old!? #wesleygenecvikel #ilovemyhannahs
Party Animals. 🖤 #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley had such an amazing First Birthday Party! Thank you to everyone that came, Wesley is SO loved. We were really impressed by all the great costumes! 🎃👻🖤 #etphonehome #wesleygenecvikel
Oct 19. 2018 🎈 Just a birthday 🦁 at the farm. #wesleygenecvikel #ilovemyhannahs
Happy First Birthday my Little Pumpkin🧡 #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 10.19.18🎈// 12 months ....And he’s off! Wes you are ONE years old! Can you believe it?! This past year has been amazing with you. You are everything I ever dreamed of. Your daddy and I are so in love with you. We really enjoyed watching you grow and seeing the little person you are becoming. Your personality shines more and more each day. You’ve taken your first steps, you have 8 teeth, you know the sounds of multiple animals. Your favorite books are Open the Barn Door and Dear Zoo (you get so excited to read them) You are GOOFY! You eat a lot of different foods and still nurse like a champ (yay, one year) I’m not sure where the time has gone but I’m so thankful for all the memories we created this past year, they are all so special and I can’t wait to see all the new things we get to experience together. We love you Wesley Gene, Happy First Birthday! xo #wesleygenecvikel
I’m not ready. 👶🏼>>>👦🏼 Happy Last Day of being 0 Wesley! #wesleygenecvikel
Doesn’t a baby in a jean jacket just make you swoon? Me too. Swipe to see a big cheesy one 😁 #wesleygenecvikel
When you can’t decide which pumpkin’s better. #decisionsdecisions 🎃 #wesleygenecvikel
🍂This is fall🍂 #wesleygenecvikel @bibs_usa
Wesley Gene// 1.19.18// 3 months Wes has started to laugh when tickled. He’s very ticklish under his feet, chin, and armpits! He thinks his mom is crazy funny. He enjoys tummy time more and picks his head up like a champ, soon he’ll be rolling over from his tum. He thinks his hands are the best and is chomping on them all the time- drooling and bubbles are present. Doesn’t sleep thru the not (never has) Still loves to look at lights and his mama’s milk. And obviously growing way too fast. #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Wesley Gene // 12.19.17 // 2 months 12lb 1oz // 23.5” Wes loves lights, to be talked to, snuggles, kicking in the bathtub, and his mamas boobs (boy does not miss a meal!) You can occasionally get a smirk out of him, and if you’re lucky you may get a smile. I think soon he’ll busting out those grins right n left. He wants to be facing upright all the time now to explore the world around him, I love watching his eyes take everything in. ‘Wesley Gene you are my everything’ #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Wesley Gene// 11.19.17// 1 month old Goodness Wes, you are so new. We are getting to know you while you’re getting to know earth side here. You sleep a lot! You sleep best on mommy or daddy’s chest. You are growing like a champ and have been gaining ounces since birth. Sometimes I can’t believe you’re here, I’ve dreamt about what you’d look like for nine months and you’ve exceeded all my expectations. You are perfect in every way, my little pumpkin. #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Fall looks good on him wouldn’t you say?🍂 Had a fun morning at storytime/playgroup and a play date! (See our stories) Wes was SO social! He’s blossoming more & more everyday. #wesleygenecvikel
Some of the best and most beautiful things happen in 🌾🍂O C T O B E R🍂🌾 I’m so happy it’s here! Oh how I love my beautiful family🧡 #wesleygenecvikel
H A P P Y O C T O B E R🍂 #wesleygenecvikel
time/tīm/noun/the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole✨ 9.30.18 || 9.30.17 #wesleygenecvikel
“Wesley smile!” “Mom c’mon! Are you kidding me?!” #wesleygenecvikel #smilebabysmilecontest #store296 @gymboree
God creates the most beautiful things, but you are by far the most beautiful. #wesleygenecvikel #nofilter
Appreciating all of the little things lately as I get to see them through his eyes for this first time🍁 It’s magical✨ #wesleygenecvikel
Hello Fall 👋🏻🍂 Goodbye Summer✌🏻☀️ #wesleygenecvikel Just like mama- squinty and overly excited for pumpkins!🧡
🍎🍏A P P L E O F M Y E Y E🍏🍎 #wesleygenecvikel Gorgeous day for apple picking with my boys ☀️🍂
Wesley Gene // 9.19.18 // 11 months I feel like this picture completely sums you up- on the move, big as can be, and that smirk! You are into EVERYTHING! Toys are boooring. You just want to be in the dog kennel or standing up at the kitchen table chairs. You are so goofy for Mom and Dad, but that seems to be it as you hardly smile for anyone else, no matter how hard they try. You have 8 teeth, I think. Still trying to get a good picture of you and all those chompers. You have 3 types of crawls you do but still favor the army crawl. You stand up on everything and aren’t afraid to fall down. You love to play the “I’m gonna get you” game. Your favorite words are “MehMehMeh” (more) “MaMaMa” (mama/milk) “Bah” (?) You wave and it’s the cutest thing ever. You also love to point! We are having fun planning your first birthday party 🎃🎂 👻 🎈Can’t believe next month will be the last monthly picture, Momma’s not ready yet. #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Can’t wait to hang with these goofs this afternoon! We’ve missed them! #wesleygenecvikel
Isla Grace & Wesley Gene #wesleygenecvikel #fallinginleath #cousins
Auntie Gabby & Uncle Eliot’s beautiful wedding 🧡 #fallinginleath #wesleygenecvikel
Another day. Another zoo. Another carousel. 🐅 #wesleygenecvikel
I know Wes, we are excited for pumpkin season too! #wesleygenecvikel #pumpkinseason #farmersmarketbaby #ourlittlepumpkin
My little scrunchy faced hero was definitely the highlight of my day yesterday ❤️ #wesleygenecvikel
👨🏼‍🚒HERO IN TRAINING👨🏼‍🚒 Wesley visits Uncle Zach at the fire station. 🚒🔥💦 #wesleygenecvikel
⛺️🌲Camped like a Champ 🌲⛺️ #wesleygenecvikel
This guy... makes my heart SW🧡🧡N! First sunset on his first night of camping. ⛺️ #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 8.19.18// 10 months Big things are happening! You army crawl, sit up, pull yourself up on everything, and love to be walked. Our guess this month is you’ll be walking on your own! You have 5 chompers. You weigh about 20 lbs. You don’t really like loud scary noises like the coffee grinder, food processor, or vacuum. Music is still your fave. Your new favorite toy is your karaoke radio. You have a natural singing voice like your mom 😄. Still nursing! You love food. You say “Mama”, “Dada”, “Mem” (more/food/boob) You can point out a doggie in all your books, smarty. You really are finding your sense of humor with your giggles, smiles, and eye rolls. You crack Daddy and Momma up daily! #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Our Little Irish Boy🍀 I can’t wait to take you back to Ireland, earth-side this time💕 #wesleygenecvikel #irishboy #irishbaby #converse #celtic #kilt
Future Irish Dancer?☘️ #wesleygenecvikel #milwaukeeirishfest
These are the moments I live for. Gosh, I love being your mommy #wesleygenecvikel
How my pumpkin has grown... #wesleygenecvikel
SUMMER RUMMAGE ☀️ #wesleygenecvikel @bibs_usa
Teething Bites! #wesleygenecvikel
b e. s t i l l. m y. h e a r t. Seeming so “big” to me lately, :sigh: #wesleygenecvikel
“I’ll take five veggie burgers, fries, and a coconut milk shake” #veganbaby #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 7.19.18// 9 months It was BIG month for you Wes! You cut your first tooth AND army crawled for the first time on the 4th of July! You are having an awesome summer. You enjoy your walks, swing, and LOVE swimming! You eat all kinds of foods; favorites are blueberries, prunes, cauliflower puffs, and “cookies”. You make us laugh all the time, you have a funny “fake” laugh now. It cracks us up. You don’t like to have your diaper changed or your face wiped. You say Daaadadaa now. And we are trying so hard for you to wave buh-bye.👋🏻 You’re close! We also found out this month you have a confirmed wheat allergy. It’s unfortunate, but we are happy for answers finally. Who needs cookies and bread anyways?😏 Mama’s so proud you still nurse and that we are both going nine months strong.💪🏻 You are obsessed with music, singing, and dancing! You love to drum. Your favorite show is Mother Goose Club Episode 1. (Netflix) You can often find Mommy and Daddy singing those songs on repeat.🙄 Love you Wessa Wes. #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Wesley’s First Festival #wesleygenecvikel #summer2018
These three!❤️❤️❤️ #wesleygenecvikel
Oh the j☀️y you bring me, my sunshine. #wesleygenecvikel #8monthsold #summer2018
Can I keep you this little forever?💛 #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 6.19.18// 8 months You are at such a fun age Wes. You are learning so much! You roll and roll and roll to get places. You sit up, but are still a bit wobbly (and lazy). You eat all kinds of foods and love to feed yourself. Your favorites are hummus and grapes. You shout, yell, grunt, and say “maaamaaamaa” when you want mama (aka milk). You loooove kids, babies, and pictures of yourself. We have fun calling you Jack-Jack (The Incredibles) You sometimes surprise mama by grabbing her face and planting an open mouth kiss, they’re my fave. You toot all the time, stinky boy. You love to be against mama or daddy to fall asleep, sometimes I catch you rubbing daddy’s beard to self soothe, but also catch you decking him in the face a time or two. You have mama and daddy wrapped around your finger. We love you so. #wesleygenecvikel #wesleymonthbymonth
Before you were born, I knew your daddy was going to be an amazing daddy, and boy was I right! His excitement for you has me so excited! I say it everyday, you are one lucky boy. This is your first picture together, just looking into each other’s eyes for the first time... what a magical moment. A father and son connected then and forever. Happy Father’s Day Cliffton, my Mr. Incredible. You both make my world go round. #wesleygenecvikel
DaDa Day! Crazy how fast a year passes! Swipe👉🏻 #wesleygenecvikel
Wes’ first swim at the Lake! 💦 #wesleygenecvikel
Wes + Bernie #wesleygenecvikel
Beautiful night on the Riverwalk! 🌙 #wesleygenecvikel
Little Blue Eyed Blossom Boy #wesleygenecvikel
S U N🌅R I S E - -See my stories for more from our early morning adventure! ((Wes feels sand for the first time)) #wesleygenecvikel
Summer Swings ☀️ #wesleygenecvikel
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