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Wesley Gene // 3.19.18// 5 months Oh boy is your character showing. You are such a sweet sweet boy. You giggle, smile, and still throw a furrowed brow. You grunt and chat all the time. New fave is your bouncer that you’re starting to get the hang of. You have the cutest “maamaamaa” cry, and am hoping we can consider that your first word!? ☺️ Can’t believe next month is your half birthday, can we please hit pause for a moment? #wesleygenecvikel
It’s ‘Happy Day We Met’ Day!🍀🌈💚 #wesleygenecvikel
How did we get so lucky? 🍀 Hope you’re having a great Saint Patrick’s Day! #wesleygenecvikel . #firststpatricksday #babyboy #irish #ireland #5monthsold #green #carebear #goodluckbear
Our little Irish Lamb on his first Saint Patrick’s Day ☘️🐑 Does anyone recognize the hoodie + booties? 🇮🇪 #wesleygenecvikel . #stpatricksday2018 #stpatricksday #5months #babyboy #irishlamb #ireland
Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!☀️🍀How are YOU celebrating today? Maybe with a bottle of the brown stuff or a pint of gat!? Sláinte!🍻 #wesleygenecvikel @jamesonwhiskey . #saintpatricksday #saintpatricksday2018 #firststpatricksday #irishbaby #eringobragh #jameson #irishwhiskey #babyboy #5monthsold #stpatricksday #stpatricksdayoutfit #green
Wesley Gene, ready for the Wild West🏜 #wesleygenecvikel
Who’s ready for tomorrow? We are! Excited to celebrate Wesley’s first St Patrick’s Day!🍀 #wesleygenecvikel . #saintpatricksday #stpatricksday #stpatricksday2018 #irish #irishbaby #baby #babyboy #ireland #kilt #babykilt
Visited daddy at his new work today & taking him out to lunch!💛 #wesleygenecvikel
💤💤💤 #wesleygenecvikel Highly recommend a @snuggle_me_organic Wish we ordered one sooner!
💛🧡💙Happy Boy💙🧡💛 #wesleygenecvikel
I never knew a love like this. Wesley Gene, you steal my heart on the daily. #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 2.19.18// 4 months Wes is developing his personality. He laughs and giggles all the time. Loves watching his doggies run around. He now reaches for toys and holds his piggies. He knows how to roll from his tummy to his back. He has a lot to say every morning. He loves to be read to, his favorites are Dear Zoo and Pajama Time. He’s a tank! Weighing in at about 17 lbs, obviously still never missing a meal. Growing too fast as always. #wesleygenecvikel
Those knees, zoom in on the knees... You’re welcome!❤️Happy Valentine’s Day! #wesleygenecvikel #firstvalentinesday
Oh Lover Boy❤️ #wesleygenecvikel
Cuter than Cupid 💘 #wesleygenecvikel
One year ago today we found out that our greatest adventure yet would soon begin! (swipe) February 6, 2017 #wesleygenecvikel
style👌🏻 workin on our accessory game. #wesleygenecvikel
Looking at him tonight I said to Cliff that it was getting harder to remember how he was and felt as a newborn, and I instantly started to cry... Trying so hard to take in moments like these because they pass so quickly. 🧡 #wesleygenecvikel
First sink bath!💦 #wesleygenecvikel @moonblanketco
rolls on rolls on rolls👌🏻 #wesleygenecvikel
I’m a first time baby! #wesleygenecvikel #vintagebaby @krystinmas
good morning☀️good night🌙 #wesleygenecvikel
A night out☘️🍻 #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley and his cousin Aria💕 (6 weeks apart) #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene// 1.19.18// 3 months Wes has started to laugh when tickled. He’s very ticklish under his feet, chin, and armpits! He thinks his mom is crazy funny. He enjoys tummy time more and picks his head up like a champ, soon he’ll be rolling over from his tum. He thinks his hands are the best and is chomping on them all the time- drooling and bubbles are presents. Doesn’t sleep thru the not (never has) Still loves to look at lights and his mama’s milk. And obviously growing way too fast. #wesleygenecvikel
“Your eyes- they’re like two pools so deep, I fear that if I dive in, I might never come up for air” -Branch, Trolls #wesleygenecvikel
I love him so. #wesleygenecvikel
Starting traditions.. First of many farmers markets with these boys! (just not that guy in the background) 🍏🍐🍊🍎🍋🍅🥦🥒🥑🥕🍓🌽🥔 #wesleygenecvikel
✨Happy New Year✨ #wesleygenecvikel
The future looks bright. #wesleygenecvikel
Saying bye to 2017 in style✌🏻#wesleygenecvikel @burtsbeesbaby
✨2017✨ A year that will be hard to beat... I’ve been reflecting on this year and its memories and I’m amazed at all that has happened. I can confidently say this has been the best year yet. We decided for the new year we were going to try for a baby, and a month later found out we were pregnant! Went on an UNFORGETTABLE trip to Ireland🍀where we announced our pregnancy. We had a super fun filled summer of being pregnant, lake visits, backyard hangs, and our circus themed baby shower!🎪 (We also successfully became vegetarians this summer, goal🙌🏻)The very best thing happened Oct 19th as we welcomed our baby boy to this earth, and we experienced a love that we had never felt before.👶🏼💕 I am so happy, content, thankful, and loving life. Thank you 2017. 2018, you have some good competition. #myfavoritenine2017 #wesleygenecvikel
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight✨ #wesleygenecvikel
Nothing compares to this gift right here. This beautiful blessing from God. #wesleygenecvikel
Christmas never looked sweeter❤️ Happy First Christmas Wesley Gene! #wesleygenecvikel @burtsbeesbaby @slumberkins
‘We Three Weens’ >>brought to you by Wesley & his Weens #wesleygenecvikel . Gave this years pup photo a good try, may have gotten a few grey hairs along the way.. . Repost because I wanted their names in the photo!
“Dear eight pound, six ounce, newborn baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet...” #rickybobby #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene // 12.19.17 // 2 months 12lb 1oz // 23.5” Wes loves lights, to be talked to, snuggles, kicking in the bathtub, and his mamas boobs (boy does not miss a meal!) You can occasionally get a smirk out of him, and if you’re lucky you may get a smile. I think soon he’ll busting out those grins right n left. He wants to be facing upright all the time now to explore the world around him, I love watching his eyes take everything in. ‘Wesley Gene you are my everything’ #wesleygenecvikel
Santa came early and brought me a baby doll, it even pees and poos! 😄🎄🎅🏻 #wesleygenecvikel
8 weeks old. 11lb 13oz. 🐻 #wesleygenecvikel
Papa got a good (first) smile out of Wesley yesterday. I told Wes today my heart hurts because of how fast he’s growing... My guess is that never goes away? I am just so in love. #wesleygenecvikel
My heart... ❤️🎄🎅🏻 Celebrating Christmas today at Great Grandma D’s! #wesleygenecvikel #babyjeans #babysuspenders
Christmas Tree Cutting Day🌲 Can you spy baby Wesley? #wesleygenecvikel #familytradition
Matching beanies for my boys💕 #wesleygenecvikel
‘As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be’ #tbt to this sweet two-week old baby boy💕 . #wesleygenecvikel
“You talkin to me?” #wesleygenecvikel
‘Gobble till you Wobble’ #wesleygenecvikel
🍂T H A N K F U L🍂 . Swipe >> . So much to be thankful for this year, especially for this beautiful, healthy baby boy God has blessed us with. How did I get so lucky? Wesley Gene, you are my everything. #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley Gene // 11.19.17// 1 month And just like that... We have a one month old! #wesleygenecvikel
Bath no. 2 was a hit!💦 (Partly because mom and dad knew what they were doing this time😄) #wesleygenecvikel
Wesley's first zoo trip! #wesleygenecvikel
Happy 3 weeks🛁Happy 1st bath! #wesleygenecvikel 👉🏻not happy.
Wesley Gene, you have my heart💕 #wesleygenecvikel
Two blowouts before noon... I feel ya. 😩💩 #wesleygenecvikel
Go Pack Go! 💚💛 #wesleygenecvikel
Wes' first Mohawk 🤘🏻 #wesleygenecvikel
November 2017👉🏻November 1988 My family is the best! Loved seeing this sign up in the front yard when I came home with our little Wes. (Thanks Dad) #wesleygenecvikel
Is he really ours? Can't believe it's almost been two weeks since his birth. Loving this outfit today, going to have a personal proud moment here- My mom bought this shirt for him after he was born. I labored and pushed him out without any meds as I had planned. I never felt more brave or strong in that moment, and he is even better than what I dreamed of. AND #babyjeans -you're welcome. "BRAVE & STRONG (like MOM)" #wesleygenecvikel
No other way I'd rather spend my birthday. Snuggles and cuddles with my boys all day. How did I get so lucky? ❤️🎂🎈 #wesleygenecvikel
🙋🏼‍♂️ #wesleygenecvikel
🍭🎃Trick or Treat🎃🍭 #wesleygenecvikel
Last night's milk coma. He already looks bigger to me... 😭😭😭 #wesleygenecvikel
Feels so good to be home. We spent the last night in the hospital again because of momma's blood pressures 😕 and all I wanted to do was be home. But here we are now, healthy and happy. 💕 #wesleygenecvikel
👶🏼👀 #wesleygenecvikel
4 days old. He's gained 5oz since birth! 😳👍🏻🥛👅 #milkcoma #wesleygenecvikel
Headed Home! 🏡💙 #wesleygenecvikel #howdoestiredlookonus ?
The Sweetest Day with my sweeties💕 #happysweetestday #wesleygenecvikel
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