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Kind of a different post, but for those who appreciate breed preservation and history, reputable breeding, and lineage tracking... this post is for you! Foxy’s lineage can obviously be tracked much further, but Instagram only allows ten pictures posted at a time 😂. Swipe to see her parents, grand parents, and great grand parents! Who do y’all think she looks like?? Her dad is the blue Merle, mom is the red tri! Foxy comes from Abington Minis, home to the #1 all systems miniature American shepherd. Both Ellie and foxy are miniature American shepherds which is now recognized by the akc as a separate breed from the Australian Shepherd. We refer to them as mini aussies only because that is what people know. Ellie also comes from an excellent MAS breeder, Ashland Aussies! Make sure you research breeders well before buying and bringing home your precious babies. There are many backyard breeders who don’t care about bettering the breed or their own dogs for that matter! **if you need a list of reputable MAS or Australian Shepherd breeders, pm me! I’m such a dork about this stuff** . . . #lineage #dognerd
Those ears 😂 . . . #floppyears pc: @carolinelwilcox
happy merle Monday from this green eyed cutie 🐶 pc: @carolinelwilcox (please tag @carolinelwilcox too if using on your ig 😁)
#latepost #basenji #basenjisofinstagram Josefina Itapuca completing her AKC Championship back in October at the Greater Naples Dog Club #goingfortheblue #dogshow Getting ready for the Royal Canin National and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show #westminsterkennelclub #westminsterkennelclubdogshow @westminsterkennelclub @juanjoruizhandler @basenjisitapuca @cmorreyes @bellemichellem @thedogshowwarehouse
Best mail ever! We are going to the Westminster dog show in February. Looking forward to a long weekend in NYC. #westminsterkennelclub #westminsterkennelclubdogshow
Skye Terrier Ch. Glamoor Good News poses with her breeders/owners Mr. Walter F. Goodman and Mrs. Adele F. Goodman, and group judge E. Pennington Meyer. Hailing from Oyster Bay, N.Y, the Goodman’s Skyes had won Best of Breed at Westminster seven times. It wasn’t until the 1969 Westminster Show that their Glamoor Good News took the terrier group and went on to become the first Skye Terrier to win Best in Show.
Lennox-GCH Old Mission’s as you like it AOM CGC TKN CHIC www.OldMissionDanes.com #greatdanesofinstagram #oldmissiondanes #westminsterkennelclubdogshow
Mr. Hendrik Van Rensselaer of the famed Fezziwig Kennels in Manhattan’s Hotel Taft, flanked by the Old English Sheepdogs Ch. Fezziwig Raggedy Andy and his aunt Ch. Fezziwig Phoebe. The Van Rensselaers were profiled in the 1965 issue of Sports Illustrated by Liz Smith while visiting New York to participate in the 89th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, where Raggedy Andy took Best of Breed. At almost 5 years old Andy was the most celebrated sheepdog of his time, “an heir apparent to his famed uncle, Ch. Fezziwig Ceiling Zero, a sheepdog who won more championships than any other in the world.”
The Manchester Terrier is part of the toy group. It has 2 varieties: standard and miniature. They are from Manchester, England and is one of the more interesting breeds in the world. Very beautiful breed of you can find the right one. #manchesterterrier #manchesterterriersofinstagram #westminsterkennelclubdogshow #manchesterterrierpuppy
The Westminster Kennel club dog show is a big dog show event every February. It’s location is New York: Madison square garden. More than 2000 thousands dogs are presented each year. Each breed recognized by the AKC besides miscellaneous class is presented. After each breed is presented they pick one winner & the winner goes to group stage. Each of the 7 groups are presented after each is presented they pick the best dog in the ring. Then the 7 best breeds picked by the judge goes to the best in show finale. They pick a 2nd place winner & a 1st place winner. 2nd place is called best in reserve & 1st is called best in show. #treeingwalkercoonhound #westminsterkennelclubdogshow @westminsterkennelclub #dalmatian #dalmatiansofinstagram #treeingwalkercoonhoundsofinstagram #giantschnauzer #giantschnauzersofinstagram @proplan #nonsportinggroup #sportinggroup #workinggroup #houndgroup #herdinggroup #juniorhandler #finnishspitzlover #snowdogs #finnishspitzofinstagram #wirehairedpointinggriffon
The English springer spaniel is part of the sporting group & is a hunting dog. This spaniel is the 3rd most winning breed in Westminster Kennel club history with 6 best in shows. #englishspringerspaniel #englishspringerspaniels #englishspringerspanielpuppy #englishspringersofinstagram #huntingdogsofinstagram #snowdogsofinstagram #westminsterkennelclubdogshow
Recently I showed up hungover and naked to a Beauty Pageant and still won 🏆 #tbt
Oh little girly you have no idea! You world is about to change along with your little sibby , sib, siblings! I have wanted a professional grade stand dryer for years! I obsessively did my homework and talked the reps ear off with my questions! This is the one!!!! 🙌. It should head my way soon! • ••• I got not one style/type but THREE! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. They are all different and will serve different functions for a home or professional groomer! When you find something you like and feel good about how it will change grooming it’s worth it! • ••• Yes! I will share my initial bloopers and once I have it figured out too! It has LOTS of dials that allow the velocity as well as the heat temp. I can adjust height to grooming area and easily move it around! Best of all I will have two hands free to groom and keep my fur loves secure! 🙌
I wouuuulllddddd audition for the #westminsterkennelclubdogshow but I’m, in the words of #cher , “hallffff breee-eeeedddd!” So I’ll werk for this treat instead. #hayden #haydenthedog #furbabies 🐾 #showdog #labpointermix #treat #leashtraining #puppyparents #puppylife #littlejoys
Ok guys when I'm not posting here and in school you will find me in the show ring it's where I'm happiest thing is if you want a dog with good temperament get from a breeder not a shelter can't stand petas don't make fun of my sport i won't make fun of yours ❤️😍🐾🐩#purebred #purebredcollie #onlypurebredsever #akc #americankennelclub #imluckytobeasiblingtonumberoneinthecountry #westminsterkennelclub #westminsterkennelclubdogshow #crufts2018 #Nopetasallowed #NOadopt don't shops
My name is Dawn Spurgeon and I'm the artist behind the brush of Furtastic Pet Portraits! To have your pets portrait commissioned, please click on my Facebook link to view my portfolio of pets that I’ve done! You may message me if your interested. I also have a branch of paintings that includes many various mountain, land, lighthouse, lake scapes! #germanshepherdsonline #dogsofalberta #albertakennelclub #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogsofinstaworld #dogscorner #famousdogsofinstagram #famousdogs #celebritydogs #westminsterkennelclubdogshow #dogshow #calgarydogsofinstagram #calgarystampede #yyc #dogbreeders #babybeckham #mensweardog #lil_rufio
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