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I'm so mad at Katy Perry rn!!! Seriously?? She's supposed to know what it's like to be on the"celebrity" side, she's famous! How dare she just throws shade at Britney?? A celebrity bringing this back on tv??? A celebrity??? Seriously??? Why do people only remember her for this breakdown? WHY? I mean seriously BOMT, OOPS, her star on HWOF,POM, there are SOOO many things that people can remember about her but no they prefer bringing her breakdown... i'm sooo mad a Katy! I really hope it never happens to her to have a breakdown... i appreciated her music, and i started appreciated her as a person. When i was younger i hated her, but then since roar i started appreciating her music and now i was even considering going to see her live. Now that she said that, if she doesnt apologize, theres no way i'm going! No way i'm paying for someone who's so disrespectful. She said she appreciated Britney, why would she throw shade on her??? Plus the day she becomes as iconic as Britney, and earns as many awards as Britney, she'll be able to say smth, but till then... just shut up. So pissed off 😡😡😡😡😡#wesupportbritneyspears #ilovebritneyspears #britneyarmy #itsbritneybitch #queenofpop #britneyspears