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Intuition: "Our intuition as our compass, we move through life with trust and confidence- even if we don't know where the road is leading. We still have moments where we wonder about what's next, but it allows us to look at life as an exciting adventure, where we can look at people through the lens of "me and you" instead of "me against you"." 🌸 ⠀ Last night I started reading the book "You Are Amazing", by Sonia + Sabrina Choquette-tully. The book was a birthday gift from a few months ago. I had been meaning to read it but you know excuse after excuse and I still didn't grab it. My phone died last night and I decided to start reading it as my phone charged (this is sad). Ten pages in and I LOVE it. Going to be doing a blog series about this book, pulling my favourite parts and relating them to my life. It's extremely relatable to millennials about expectations, social media, becoming your best friend & trusting your vibes. ✨ thank you @nyltiac ❤️
Reflections🔹🔷on this year and what I’m thankful for is a long list. Being able to travel and explore beautiful places is one of the top things that come to mind. I’m eternally grateful for the chances I’ve been given and hope to spread the love and opportunities ❤️✈️ thanks for following along on my adventures!
Wondering if the world ended, would I know? ✨☄️Being alone and in a state of complete silence really prompted that question for me- the feeling of eeriness and peace created a special and unique atmosphere on the sea🐡🐚. The Salton Sea National Park was created from the Colorado River overflowing into the California Salt Mines making this sea 70% salt and 30% water 😯. If you're looking for an opportunity to visit here, this is a great stop on the way to Salvation Mountain and is really the only water that you will find for miles in the desert!! 👌🏼💙#SheVoyages
🎶"I think I'll go to Boston, I think I start a new life.." 🎶 Nah, don't worry guys, unfortunately I'm not moving to #Boston but if I'd had to choose a city from the #USA , that would be it. I have the same feeling towards it compared to New York as for Liverpool compared to London. Smaller, easy walking distance but lot of fun things to do, by the water with an interesting history, with lovely people and it just instantly felt like home. On my left side you can see the #Bostonteaparty #ship and a cute #teahouse next to it- totally recommended to #tea addicts like me! 💕 #visitboston #bostonma #mik #me #girlsvsglobe #seetheworld #ontour #sunnyday #winter #blogger #travelblog #wheninamerica #wanderlust #harborside #newengland #usatrip #wetravelgirls #girlslovetravel #bloghu #hungarianblogger
You don’t have to be rich to travel the world 🌍 You just need guts to go for what it is that gives you ‘joy’ 💓 #OurDailyDoseOfLife
Imposible no enamorarse de este lugar!
Thought of the day brought to you from sunny Cannes. At this particular beach (Plage Croisette), I observed some things the French do that differ from North Americans... Children were not spoilt with iPads or video games. Adults weren't staring at their phones, but instead were engaging and conversing with each other. Technology has been great by enhancing our lives but it has also robbed us of the act of 'living'. (And here I am, typing away on my phone. Sigh. I'm going to enjoy the sound of the rain now. ✌️)#cannes #southoffrance #frenchie #vivalafrance #ilovefrance #bluesky #ocean #getyourtanon
Right now I’m about 60% lemsip, 30% turmeric milk and 10% honey... not exactly selfie worthy so here’s a throwback to winter comforts (despite it being June) in the Rocky Mountains 🏔 Tomorrow’s the day! Off we fly to Phuket for a luxury 10 days of beachside bliss... I could not be happier to be heading away for some winter sun ☀️ I’ll be taking a little social media break during our holiday but don’t worry... they’ll still be lots of enviable photos 😉 🌴 🍹
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page 🗺 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📍 #Porto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📷 @selfish_girl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #️⃣ Share your adventures #boots_and_lipstick
Is anyone else sick of seeing the same 6 places on Instagram over and over again? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Santorini, Morrocco, Bali, Positano, and Paris as much as the next person but whatever happened to exploring? Discovering new places? Getting off the beaten path? Just some food for thought.
Seguimos con la fiebre del mundial! ⚽️🇵🇪Ya sabes qué ver cuando vayas a apoyar a la selección?! Aquí te traemos el top 10 de los mejores lugares en Rusia 🇷🇺👌🏼 Desliza para conocer los primeros 5 destinos! Link de la lista completa en la bio! 👀 #perú #perualmundial #rusia2018 #top10 #rusia #moscu #sanpetersburgo
After the mesmerizing night time cacophony of the african bush, full of high-pitched zebra barks, crickets chirping and extremely noisy confident cicada beetles, I woke up to the sounds of arguing monkeys in the trees and the Elephant silhouette in front of my tent.. What a way to start a new day! #throwbackthursday #worldplaces #beautifuldestinations #samburunationalreserve #visitkenya #oneloveafrica #sheisnotlost #lifeisforliving #yolo #dreambig #wetravelgirls #elephantbedroomcamp #thetravelwomen
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