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It’s been a year since I saw @piercetheveil live 💛 #WeWillDetonateTour
So first off as most of yall know i never post selfies because i hate my face and im super self conscious but dying my hair has always made me feel slightly less self conscious and ever since i dyed my hair pink ive felt kinda okay with my appearance. So i decided to post a selfie yikes lol. Also Happy birthday @ptvjaime .. thank you for always making me laugh when im sad and being so nice and caring when ive met you, hope you have an amazing day!!!!! #ptv #piercetheveil #mikefuentes #jaimepreciado #vicfuentes #punkrock #todayisawthewholeworld •• ••• #5sos #5secondsofsummer #5sos3 #youngblood #talkfast #tryhard #fetus5sos #awstenknight #ashtonirwin #calumhood #michaelclifford #lukehemmings #waterparks #houseofblueshouston #alltimelow #lastyoungrenegade #emo #alternativegirl #emogirl #scenegirl #dyedhair #pinkhair
without you, there is no me ♡🏹 {tb to the we will detonate tour 5/10/2017 in nj before we ended up in the emergency room cuddling bc i got hella hurt |#piercetheveil #misadventures #wewilldetonatetour #sum41 #chapel #newjersey #travelphotography #repostforthethirdtime #adidas #summernights }
• Pierce The Veil • May 2017 • Starland Ballroom, NJ _________________________________ 📷 Shot for @switchbitchrecords — Follow our magazine for show reviews, live galleries, interviews, and special features with your favorite bands on #SwitchBitchNoise 🤘🏼 _________________________________ #piercetheveil #PTV #misadventures #wewilldetonatetour #wewilldetonate #bass #bassist #blackandwhite #starlandballroom #nj #tour #concert #nikon
Almost a year since I had a nice coffee and sandwich here on the @piercetheveil tour. Hope you guys are well! #wewilldetonatetour
A year ago i was so fucking lost, i had just lost a friend to suicide, i was to the point where i was ready to kill myself because of how stressed and depressed i was. all i wanted to do before i killed myself was see pierce the veil. A year and two days ago i did just that; I flew out to Baltimore to see my favorite band. A year ago today i took an uber to the filmore in silver springs at 8am... i waited outside all day and made some great friends, at 11:30 ish Mike came out to go get coffee. Mike said hi to us and walked off, when he came back @localloserr and i asked him if we could get a picture with him and he said yes and that he'd be right back. Mike came back about 30 mins later after finishing his coffee, he hugged all of us and we talked and he wrote me out a tattoo, that night i took so many photos and videos to capture the emotions of the concert so my family could know bad i was mentally. After the show i looked at the photos and videos and suddenly there was this spark of hope; somehow in that moment i had figured out why i was still alive. The way you can capture so many emotions in a photo still shocks me. If it wasn't for that show and photography id either be lost or dead. Since may 3rd 2017 i have photographed almost every time ive gone to a concert, ive seen ptv 2 other times and met them and told them how thankful i am for them. Ive been offered gigs, ive met a few of the photographers i look up to such as @andydeluca , @elmakias and lisa johnson... just a few weeks ago andy complemented my photo and said that he hopes to see my photos in a gallery one day... Ive started going to Concerts about once a month or more sometimes and its been so helpful to my mental health, i think of concerts as an emotional reset now. Usually at concerts everyone has been through something so they understand and they wont judge you for the scars on your wrists or the tears that fall down your cheek during a song; that feeling of acceptance and understanding is so amazing and i can positively say that the pierce the veil concert in Baltimore is the reason i have found a reason to live.
I'm shitty at taking photos at shows because I'm too busy screaming my lungs out. Lol. @piercetheveil @tonyperry #throwback #wewilldetonate #wewilldetonatetour #piercetheveil #tonyperry #guitarplayers #concerts #music #musicislife
Concert photograph has always been a very important thing for me, i discovered my love for concert photograph in may 2017, i was at a ptv show and i had no motivation to do anything, my life felt like it was falling apart; i had just lost one of my friends and i was lost... i had barricade a i took so many pictures on my phone so i could remember it forever, when i looked through the photos after the show something clicked in my brain and i knew at that moment, all i wanted to do in my life is concert photography. Ever since then ive been photographing from the crowd at shows. I dont have the best camera atm but im saving my money and making what i have work. Concerts gave me a place to express myself and photography gave me a way to express myself #amusicphotographermagazine @elmakias bulletprooflyss@gmail.com
A few favorite shots of @ptvjaime taken last May for @switchbitchrecords @piercetheveil @starlandballroom
I know I late to say this, but happy birthday @tonyperry. I shot this on May 7th, 2017 on the We Will Detonate tour. #happybirthday #tonyperry #piercetheveil #wewilldetonatetour
Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil at the Fillmore Silver Spring Maryland 05/03/17
Stay Away from my Friends by Pierce the Veil at The Fillmore Silver Spring Maryland 05/03/17
King for a Day by Pierce the Veil at The Fillmore Silver Spring Maryland 05/03/17
Such a crappy video, but one of the best nights of my life. #piercetheveil has always brightened my day. Here's to great songs and great guys! #piercethevic #issuesjuliamichaels #cover #coversong #piercetheveil #concert #concerts #wewilldetonatetour #wewilldetonatetour2017 #wewilldetonatetour #takemeback
Throwback to when My Love and I went to @acllive to see @piercetheveil 04/25/17. Some photos and videos of course 📷 #sum41 #ptv #piercetheveil #austintx #wewilldetonatetour #satxbloggers #eventblogger
you told me think about it, well I did. now I don’t want to feel a thing anymore. ————— #piercetheveil #wewilldetonatetour #knoxville
Take me back ♡ #wewilldetonatetour
❤🐢 pick! @tonyperry
"Stay Away from My Friends" one of our most favorites, wish we had gotten all of it!
@piercethevic 🤘🏻❤️
@piercetheveil have the best show intro haha so dramatic! LOVE it, live for it! This was so badass!! 🔥🤘🏻😈🤘🏻🔥
Ok but the patches that came with VIP are fucking WICKED!! Like YAAAAS lol whoever came up with that idea 👌🏻👌🏻❤️ now the challenge of where to put them on...
❤❤🤘🤘❤❤ @piercetheveil
We Will Detonate
Waiting outside for PTV haha ✌✌
4th show, best show. #WeWillDetonateTour
Eres mi escape 🤘🏼🖤 . . . You are my get away 🤘🏼🖤 @piercetheveil @piercethevic @ptvjaime @ptvmike @tonyperry #wewilldetonatetour #piercetheveil #WWDT #silverspring
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