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✧*ೃ༄ Q: What's your favorite band? A: Why Don't We
Hi i’m new to this fandom. my name is janie and i wanna say i have been fan girling Daniel for a long while and i’ve heard good things about this fandom so yeah. :) ohh btw Kayla taught me how to edit. and this is a remake of kyla ( @beechsfx ) . kayla showed me her account and @fackute i love them so much ughhh. 😩😍
CHAPTER 4: - When i was done. i jumped into the water. I started hearing footsteps. ???: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? I quickly went underwater. -JACKS POV- Once i heard, that, i don’t even know her name, but i heard she jumped into the water. I turned around and looked at her. ???: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? I looked to my side and saw one of the maids. Then i looked at the water and didn’t see her. M: you can’t be down here! She grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs. She locked the door and pulled me to my room. M: you have a lot of problems young man. Oh no, now she’s stuck down there. -YOUR POV- I came back up to the surface, and looked around. I didn’t see anyone. I got out of the water and dried myself. I put my clothes back on and walked to the door to go back upstairs. Once i wanted to open the door. It was locked. Y/n: oh no. Shit! How am i gonna get out of here? I looked around the whole room but there was no way out. But i can’t just go knocking on the door. But what of thats my only way out? -JACKS POV- I was in my room. How am i gonna get her our of there. I touch my pockets. Omg. Why am i so dumb. I still have the keys. I slowly walked out of my room. But there were a lot of maids. Shit. I waited in the hallway, until i saw no maids anymore. Once i didn’t see any. I ran to the door and opened it. J: COME QUICK! She ran out of the door and i quickly locked it. Y/n: jesus. ???: you guys have a big problem. There stood the boss of this house. J + y/n: oh no. She took us to her office. We took a seat. Boss: what were you guys doing there? J: nothing! Y/n: we wanted to have some fun. Jack looked at me, with a face to shut my mouth. Boss: but you guys can’t be down there. Y/n: how many people even know about the swimming pool? Boss: excuse me, thats none of your business. Y/n: can we go now? Boss: after one thing. Y/n: well, whats that? Boss: you guys have to do all the chores. Okay you guys can go now. J: why did you talk back. Y/n: cause thats how i am. J: you really should stop doing that. Y/n: i’ll decide that for myself. I said giving him a fake laugh.......
Yesterday I’ve seen the boys perform for the first time. I hadn’t vip or limelight but I didn’t care. I was just so happy. I think I’ve never felt so happy in years! I saw Jack and Corbyn running down the stairs and saw Zach came out the bus and of course saw all the boys and Eben on stage. Today I was crying because I knew it’s gonna take so long until the next time they will come to the Netherlands. But I am happy I saw them I hope I meet them one day. Love them so fucking much and I will do that till the end❤️❤️❤️ - - - @whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel @jackaverymusic @jonahmarais @imzachherron @corbynbesson #whydontwe #whydontwemusic 💕 #jackaverymusic #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #zachherron #danielseavey #whydontwedaniel #whydontwezach #whydontwecorbyn #whydontwejonah #whydontwejack #whydontwetilburg #wdwtilburg #whydontweperformance #whydontwetilltheend
Something different! Leave a “❤️” for a part Two!!!
Chapter 36 - My heart was pounding as i opened the door. I looked up, and Yes it was her. Jordan. She looked the Same On the outside, but She now had a personality thats rare to me. I stood there, like an idiot looking at her. Deciding wether I was still in love with her or not. “Can we talk?” She said I nodded and led her to the table. I sat down not knowing how or what I was feeling. The only thing I knew for sure is that I was feeling nauseous. “Speak up” I Said trying to sound ‘unbroken’ “I need more Money.” She said as if it wasnt bad enough yet. “You stole €200,000 from me Jordan.” “I know, but I need it.” “What for?” She looked at me, she freezed. Her head facing the ground, nervously playing with her fingers. “I’m in trouble.” She sounded desprate and anxious. That look she was giving me, that was the look I was craving to see these days. It looks so innocent. Daniel she isn’t innocent! Wake up! She came closer. She stepped on the table and crawled my way. I couldnt stop her. Or the feeling I got from it. She kissed my neck, licking it softly. “Please Daniel, give me your money.” She whispered in my ear and biting it........
Ill take the better boy band. ~ No hate towards 1D ~ Tag them?? @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel @jackaverymusic @jonahmarais @imzachherron
SKSKJSKSKSKSKS i still cant believe this happend!!!!!! Tag him? ❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #wdwedits #wdwimagines #jackavery #wdwimagines #jonahmarais #zachherron #corbynbesson #danielseavey #wdwedits #wdwfanfic #whydontwe #whydontwefandom #limelights #jackavery #wdwjonah #wdwjack #wdwzach #wdwdaniel #wdwcorbyn #beanjune #whydontwrcorbyn #whydontwejack #whydontwejonah #whydontwedaniel #whydontwefanfic #whydontweedits #whydontwememe #wdwmeme #wdwmemes #limelights #hooked #talk #8letters #wdwdebutalbum
"I've said those words before but it was a lie. And you deserve to hear them a thousand times."🧡 -8 letters, Why Dont We
Heart Memessss ~ This is how you know I’m bored lmao ~ Tag them? @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @jonahmarais @beautychickee ~
these guys are amazing ok just listen to one of there songs.👍 audio:mine ib:me @whydontwemusic #whydontweedits #omgpage #edits
PLEASE READ This is the first chapter to my book I’m writing. It’s called How I Met Your Father ~ Daniel Seavey. It currently has 24 chapters and the writing gets better as it goes. If you like it let me know and check it out on my WattPad @Zachary_Seavey_ thanks ♥️ • • • #danielseaveyfanfic #danielseaveyfanfiction #danielseaveyimagine #danielseavey #whydontwefanfic #whydontwefanfiction #whydontwedaniel #seaveydaniel
Daniel dancing is my fav ❤️🤩🤩😍😍😇😇😊😊💗💕💘😜 @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic #whydontwe #whydontwedaniel #whydontwedancing #danielseavey #danielseaveydancing
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