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I want a boyfriend that gives me food. But right now I really don’t want a boyfriend idk help😂😑 - I really need to stop post Daniel things😒lol - @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic #danielseavey #whydontwedaniel #whydontwedanielseavey #wdwdaniel #wdwdanielseavey #whydontwemusic #whydontwe #wdw #wdwtext #wdwtexts #wdwtextimagine #wdwtextimagines #whydontwetext #whydontwetexts
All I want for Christmas is @jonahmarais 🤷🏻‍♀️
S2 CHAPTER 29: - -NEXT DAY- I woke up, not wanting to get out of bed. But my mom was yelling my name. Y/n: UGH WHAT!? I said storming down the stairs. Once i got to the bottom, i saw why my mom was yelling my name. Y/n: what are you doing here? It was daniel standing next to my mom. D: i wanted to take you out for breakfast, but i see you just woke up. Y/n: yeah, sorry, rough night. He came up to me and placed his hands on my shoulders. D: you take a hot shower and dress up, and i’ll wait here. Y/n: okay. I walked upstairs and took a shower. -DANIELS POV- I sat down on the couch with y/ns mom. Y/ns Mom: so daniel. I feel like we haven’t really met each other. D: sorry for that, but i’ve been really busy with stuff. Y/ns Mom: thats okay.... so how’s school? D: oh i’m not in school anymore. I graduated last year. Mom: oh wow, y/n never told me that. I nodded my head. Mom: so how are you and y/n, are you guys- D: *giggle* we’re not dating. I’m her bestfriend. We’re like brother and sister. Mom: *laughs* i always thought you guys were together. D: thats what a lot of people think, but she has feelings for someone else. Mom: oh really? Do you know who? D: ... she never told me. I said trying to laugh it away. I’m not gonna tell her, cause what if it happens again. What if they can’t see each other again? Me and y/ns mom talked for a bit longer. Thats when y/n came downstairs. Y/n: i’m ready. -YOUR POV- We got into daniels car and he drove us to a little breakfast place. I wasn’t really in the mood. The thought of zach and kay keeps replaying in my head. Daniel and i walked inside and ordered our breakfast. I was just looking around the place. D: hey, you okay? Y/n: huh what? Yes i’m fine. W: here’s your breakfast. The waiter placed our food down and we said thank you. D: so- Y/n: dani i need to talk to you. D: okay, whats up? Y/n: about the whole making jealous thing. D: yes what about it? Y/n: i think we shouldn’t do it. D: why, what made you change your mind. Y/n: yesterday i was working in the cafe, and zach and kay walked in. They looked really happy with each other. Thats when i thought. Maybe i should just let him go. I guess he wants to be with her. 👇🏻👇🏻👇
S2 CHAPTER 28: - E: wow, you’re happy, what happened? Y/n: nothing. But my mood was quickly ruined by who walked inside. Zach and kay. He had his arm around her and took a seat. I just looked away and went up to my uncle. Y/n: hey.... uhm, can you ask that table what they wanna drink, i’m really busy with the other tables. E: okay, but you’re gonna serve the drinks. Fuck. I don’t wanna face them. This is one of his games. He knew i was working today. I served the other drinks and just took a seat at the bar. E: here. He gave me the list of what they wanted. I grabbed the drinks and sighed before i walked up to them. Y/n: okay, don’t look jealous. I approached them. Y/n: here you go. I said placing their drinks on the table. I was about to walk away, when kay started talking. K: wait, you’re y/n right? I slowly turned around. Y/n: yup, thats me. K: well thanks for our drinks. She said rolling her eyes and looking at zach. Wow, mean. I walked back to the bar and sat down. Can this sift be over already? The rest of the night, there wasn’t really anything to do. So i just sat at the bar, sometimes looking at zach and Kay. He seems really happy with her. Maybe i should just leave them. It seems like he’s more into her. I should stop. This won’t work i guess. I started to get tears in my eyes. But my thoughts were interrupted by my uncle. E: you can go, i’ll close this place. I wiped my tears. Y/n: okay. I stood up and grabbed my jacket. Y/n: i guess i’ll see you next week. I was about to walk away, but my uncle stopped me. E: hey y/n, get some sleep. I nodded my head and walked away. But i walked past zach and kay. I just ignored them and walked out of the cafe. I think i’m gonna stop this plan with daniel. I can’t do it anymore. I’ll tell him tomorrow. -NEXT DAY- I woke up, not wanting to get out of bed. But my mom was yelling my name. Y/n: UGH WHAT!? I said storming down the stairs. Once i got to the bottom, i saw why my mom was yelling my name.......
It's 9 pm and I'm still doing my homework, help me😭
took this off theyre merch website but zoom into zachs crotch. i didnt add that it was the dots that indicates which slide i was at HAHHAHA - - - tags cuz i wanna b famoz : #whydontwe #wdw #whydontwedaniel #whydontwecorbyn #whydontwezach #whydontwejonah #whydontwejack #whydontwemusic #wdwdaniel #wdwcorbyn #wdwjack #wdwjonah #wdwzach #fanpage #corbyn #corbynbesson #zach #zachherron #edits #whydontweedits #jack #daniel #jonah #jonahmarais #danielseavey #jackavery #zachscrotch
S2 CHAPTER 27: - D: so what are you gonna do? Who are you gonna make him jealous with? I was silent for a bit. But than i said: Y/n: you. He looked at me. D: wait, wait, wait, me? Why me? Y/n: because he’s already jealous of “us”. D: i-i don’t know y/n.... Y/n: you don’t really have to do anything, there is no kissing involved, maybe just on the cheek and head, but thats it. D: okay, so what do i have to do. Y/n: if you have time, bring me to school and pick me up. D: i can live with that. Y/n: so you wanna do this? D: hell yeah! You need your man! I gave him a hug. Y/n: you are seriously the best. D: i know. I just playfully rolled my eyes. We talked for a bit longer. I’m so happy he understands. I didn’t expect that to happen. Now i’m at his frontdoor owm home. D: so i’ll guess i’ll see you tomorrow. Y/n: but there is no school tomorrow. D: i’m still taking you out. Y/n: okay. We both giggled. I gave him one last hug. Y/n: than i’ll see you tomorrow. D: see you. I walked away and drove home. When i arrived, zach was at my frontdoor. Why is he here? I parked my car and got out. Y/n: what are you doing here? I said walking up to him. Y/n: you know what happens if they see us together. Z: that doesn’t matter anymore. Y/n: well why are you here? I said crossing my arms. Z: i came to sorry. Sorry? What for? Z: i’m sorry i was so mean to you today. Y/n: mean? You didn’t even say a word. Z: thats why i’m saying sorry, i was just not really in the mood. Y/n: right...... so, hows kay? Z: y/n.... Y/n: what i just wanna know. He sighed. Z: she’s cool, i guess. Y/n: good.... It was kinda awkward. Z: but why i also came here, i wanted to ask you if you want to do something tomorrow? Bingo! I can make him jealous now. Y/n: no sorry i can, i’m already going out with daniel. Z: right, daniel. Y/n: yeah he’s taking me to this fancy restaurant. Z: oh really? Y/n: yeah, he’s really sweet. Z: well good for you. I could see his jaw clenching. My plan is working. Y/n: but i gtg, i gtg to work. Z: i’ll see you some time. Y/n: bye! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
That's all i want @seaveydaniel I reposted because it flopped! Please don't let it flop :) Ac: my own audio Dt : //in the tags// and everyone who spams @corbynbesson @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @jonahmarais @seaveydaniel
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