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SPOTLIGHT🎙on @memoirs_of_aicacia 💛Visit @womenonlead to read more as our lovely friends take over their Instagram! . "Hey guys! @memoirs_of_aicacia here for Day 3 of the Arêt Instagram takeover 😬 As a native Austinite, I grew up around some real rock climbing, but it wasn’t until I went to college in Louisiana (GEAUX TIGERS 💜💛🐯) that I was really introduced to the sport. — When I first started climbing about 7.5 years ago, my friend @legrimper was my first climbing mentor. He took me under his wing and taught me all about climbing technique, footwork, and body position. I began to see climbing as a super intricate puzzle, and I was HOOKED 🎣 — In an industry filled with men, my inspirations have always been strong women, like climbing legends @_linacolina_ and @sashadigiulian. But because I can take things way too seriously, I also really look up to the women that maintain a positive, care-free outlook even when things don’t go their way. For me, these role models have been @heatherlweidner @meaganmartin89 and @gabrielledarling 💕 — The most difficult hurdle that I’ve had to overcome in climbing was learning to detach my value and worth from my climbing. Even though climbing was something that I loved doing and dedicated most of my time to, there was so much more to me than climbing. Once I accepted that my worth wasn’t dependent on my accomplishments, it lifted a ton of pressure off my shoulders and gave me the freedom to climb for me 🤗 — This year I’d like to get back to some of my favorite destinations like Squamish and the Red, but there are also some new destinations that I’d like to check out, like the New and Yangshuo, China 🐼 Now that I’ve had a nice mental break from climbing, I’m psyched to get back to training with @powercompanyclimbing 💪🏼 — If you haven’t had a chance to check out the @aretbasewear TOURA top, it’s time to TREAT YOSELF 👑 This top is so incredibly comfy that you will only ever take it off because you fear that wearing it every day for two weeks straight could be seen as having poor hygiene 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it’s not. They’re just that amazing 👌🏼#readysetaret #aretbasewear #getyousome "
You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! - Dr. Seuss 💫 . . . 📷— @almabclimbing #lasvegas #redrock #porkchop
Tuesday is my day of reflecting on travel. It always has been since the birth of #traveltuesday . Sipping @moetchandon on the balcony in Ehrwald whilst rocking my @sweatybetty ski thermals and husband's @oakleyskiing hat! Has got to be a pretty good highlight from the last trip. Now it is back to reality but finally getting honeymoon plans sorted. Off we go to California on what is panning out to be an epic trip. I seriously cannot wait! Anyone else got exciting travel plans coming up? 🌎 _ _ _ #travel #instatravel #girlswhotravel #travelwoman #womenwhotravel #dametraveler #femmetravel #travelgirls #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #gogetthem #goglobal #girlgonewild #wildher #wildernessquest #wildernessbabes #travelblogger #bloggersofig #fitnessstyle #skigear #skiicollections #travellingthroughtheworld #passionpassport #worldtravel #globetrotter #globetrotting #girlgotskills #suitcasetravels #suitcaselife
When I took this photo, I was in the middle of my mountain sickness. I have very blurry memories of those moments. I remember a lot of dark places and candle lights, a lot of people looking at me and smiling, a lot of smoke in the room. But mainly, I remember the stars, which I got to glance for a second while Daniele took me from one room to the other - "quick! You must stay warm!". I remember stars raining over our heads as if they were only a few inches from our noses. To me, that's the real magic of being so high. I didn't find anything particularly attractive in going higher and higher. I wasn't feeling stronger than the rest of the world. All I felt was being closer to nature and the sky. To the sun and the clouds and the stars. Funny thing is: it's the exact same feeling I experienced in the Andaman Island, which of course couldn't be any lower in altitude. Because no matter how extreme the situation is to our human eyes, nature is nature and it's not that extremeness that is going to make its power any mightier. #indiantales #bbctravel
Today’s #movementmonday is about the amazing @skynoire , also known as Danielle Williams, founder of @melaninbasecamp and cofounder of Team Blackstar Skydivers. Both organizations promote diversity in outdoor adventure sports and highlight adventure athletes of color. She's also a disabled skydiver with over 600 jumps and a former trail runner. Danielle graduated from Harvard in 2008 and has spent the last nine years in the U.S. Army with combat deployments in Iraq and the Philippines. The Army threw her out of her first plane in 2006 and she's been in love with adventure sports ever since. Since its founding in 2014 Team Blackstar has grown from six African American parachutists to a diverse group of 240 skydivers in six countries. Danielle recently partnered with @browngirlsclimb on Project Diversify: the first ever video collaboration showcasing Women of Color in adventure sports. On the weekends you can find her indulging her favorite outdoor therapy: barefoot skydiving or pushing her walker around the bonfire with a little help from her friends! Image is regrammed from @skynoire
Magnificent @mollymacgraw meandering ‘mongst mountains . . . #wildher #womenwhohike #mountainsonmymind #goingonanadventure #patagonia
Cliff Hangouts. ⛰ #amongthewild #mtnchick
—— Went to go paint my toenails...they’re all falling off... Went to go shave my legs...have a bruise the size of a book... Went to go wash my hair....had to use my wrists because my tips are gone.... So. My equally-as-torn-up-adventure-ladies-in-crime...what’s the best shower beer? ******* 🤷‍♀️ 🍺 🍻 #showerbeer #ow #dirtprincessmyass #getoutstayout ******* Photo creds to....one of the roomies???
Cloudy sidewalks 🌤☺️
This is my “don’t you DARE jump in that freezing water!” stance. He didn’t jump in but he DEFINITELY thought about it. 🙈
A big hell yeah to this lovely lady!💪👊Keep crushin’ @madison.dusseau 💜 . "What a day! It was sunny, I was surrounded by great friends, lots of dogs & I touched the top out hold of my project (Solarium V4)!! Loving these winter days! || PC: @emilynicole009
This weekend, I went “scratching” for the first time. Can you see my shit-eating grin? Yeah, that was fun. Anyone who says that hanging out & climbing with sharp pointy things attached to your extremities in sub-freezing temps isn’t a blast has obviously never heard of gigantic belay loop-friendly fleece pants, wearing four layers of puffies, or whiskey (albeit, after the climbing is done and the sharp pointy things have been packed away). Or maybe it was just the rad crew & foul jokes that made all the difference. Thanks to @now_climbing for organizing the shenanigans. 📷: @alex_taran #fortheloveofchoss #meowclimbing
I walked far down the beach, soothed by the rhythm of the waves, the sun on my back and legs, the wind and mist from the spray on my hair✨ Gift from the Sea, Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Back in June, a few days after the road up to Lake O'Hara had opened, my friend @mtngeo and I went in to the Elizabeth Parker Hut and spent three nights there and I had hoped to repeat the hikes I'd done the previous year. I had a new camera and was hoping to get some great shots with it. Unfortunately the weather and conditions weren't super cooperative either for hiking or photography. As a result, we spent more time than planned sitting around in the hut and we got to know a group of five people (from Canmore and Calgary) with whom we really hit it off and had some good laughs. Fast forward to early September when my friend Alain from Belgium was out visiting Canada, and during our stay in the Rockies we went out on a Saturday morning to hike up Mount Chester. There was a group of four people on the trail ahead of us (three girls and a guy), who we passed while going at a pretty fast clip, so we said hi but didn't really look at them that closely. They then passed us when we stopped to take some photos, but I wasn't paying attention to them. It was only when we caught up to them and passed them again, that I noticed one of the women and recognised her. Then I noticed the rest of the group and it was four of the group of five from the hut at Lake O'Hara. What a small world!! This is a shot of the group hiking up to the lake before I'd realised who they were. The huge coincidence still makes me laugh. . . . . . #kananaskis #abparks #mountainmonday #bestmountainartists #mountainscollective #mountains_collective #mountain_top_view #thegreatmountains #montagne_my_life #mountainstories #hikingculture #hikingtheglobe #hikingworldwide #thehikemovement #thehikershandbook #backpackingculture #takemebackpacking #peoplewhohike #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #roamingwomen #sheexplores #wildher #herwanderfullife #venturebeyond #outsideculture #thelifewecapture #canoncanada #canonuk #liveforthestory
Sunday snow face! ❄️
Monday’s call for celebrating a new week and new goals! 📷 = @pursuit #happymonday #unitedwomenonthefly #ewawomen #hunanswhofish #creatingyourcommunity @karlieroland
The cuteness level was off the charts this morning. 🐼 #snowpandas #dogsspooning #brosefs
SPOTLIGHT🎙Did you miss @kimstagraham.mcg ’s takeover for @womenonlead ? Visit their profile for Kim’s full bio and 2017 achievement tick list💯#basewear #READYSETARET . "Hi friends!! 🤗 Day 2 of the Aret Instagram takeover - my name is Kim (@kimstagraham.mcg ) and I am hailing in from Canada 🇨🇦!! I have been obsessed with rock climbing for about 13 years. I grew up on the west coast and am currently based where the mountains meet the ocean in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia... and of course living just outside of Squamish ain’t that bad 😉 • Rock climbing for me is an ever-changing journey that I love everything about, but my biggest passions are in sport climbing and bouldering. The challenge of pushing myself to my physical limits. Overcoming some of my biggest mental hurdles. Sharing the sport and lifestyle with an incredible community that is always encouraging me to learn and grow. I discovered @aretbasewear a year ago and WOW! The TOURA top is my absolute favourite bra for climbing (and - let’s be serious - all other activities too 💙). I'm so grateful for the chance to grow with this group of entrepreneurial, badass and supportive women in the outdoor industry. • Last year I spent 8 months travelling in my home-on-wheels, the Millennium FalcVan. I met amazing people, climbed in gorgeous areas, and experienced some pretty major breakthroughs along the way. I spent most of the year wearing my TOURA (you can go so long between washes!! 🙄) which was suuuuuuper convenient. I revisited many of my favourite climbing destinations (like St George and Joes Valley) and discovered new favourites too (like El Salto and Ten Sleep). • I wrapped up 2017 with a different kind of challenge/adventure: settling back into working full time. It’s been great to explore training for climbing (new to me!) over the past few months, and dream about upcoming trips for 2018. I leave in two days for Red Rocks, and have trips lined up for Bishop, Smith Rock, Canmore, Wyoming, and Colorado. • ➡️➡️➡️➡️ 1: Killer Karma (5.11d) in #tensleep , Wyoming. 📸 Graham of @kimstagraham.mcg 😘
When it is cold out, I am grateful for friends who still want to go on adventures and play in the snow ❄️
It's finally feeling like winter here! This winter has been so late and warm, I was starting to worry we wouldn't get more snow. It's funny I HATE being cold but snow makes it worth it!!! How is your winter shaping up??? #adventuremamas #winter #snow #skichariot
Beyond excited to head to New Jersey this weekend with the @fishewear crew and takeover their Social Media accounts!! Check them out and be sure to tune in this weekend. @theflyfishingshow #instagramtakeover #fishewear #beyou #creatingyourcommunity #unitedwomemonthefly
The fun (read: challenging) part of Japanese trails is that the soil is so easily eroded here that switchbacks don’t really exist. It’s a lot of following steep ridgelines of roots and mud up and down and up and down hitting the high points along the way. But the really cool thing about Japanese trails is how stoked the Japanese people are about them. Despite the difficulty of the trails, the mud, roots, ropes, wind, sometimes no real views to speak of, and a hidden Mount Fuji at the top, they’re just stoked. They are deep in conversations with the people they care about and yet will always say hello to you. They are drinking beers and making noodles at the top and along the trail, just happy to be outside no matter what the view might be. I strive to enjoy the journey as they do. Japanese hikers are the best. AND it turns out, so are insulated skirts 🙌🏻
A rare photo of me enjoying the snow and building snowmen with the family! 😂 ⛄
Something like this will never come ever again. Protect it while you can. #bereadytoclean #fortheplanet
7 days - 600 miles on the subie - Rumbling Bald, Rocktown, Castle Rock, Citadel, LRC, HP40, and T-Wall. Somewhere in those 7 days I had one day of class and a lot of coffee. *********** Thank you, snowpocalypse 2K18. Those were snow days well spent 🤗🤓 *********** Back to reality (and maybe a normal schedule?) tomorrow. But so far....a wonderful start to the semester. *********** @rosiethedirtbag pic #WRECKED #newthings #happy #tired #travel
Powder day, best day 🙌🏼. Not pictured are the 3 blankets that have been covering me all day and the tissues that have been piling up from a runny nose 👎🏼 time to kick this sickness and hit the slopes!!
@lukeleephotography thanks for bringing me back to the **crystal-clear fogless perfect-lighting** morning adventure at castle rock by sending this photo.
Sometimes we do things like clean out our cars and enjoy an early afternoon cup of coffee before we get out and shred the gnar. We may have been 5 hours behind our original plan, but hey, every day can’t be a dawn patrol. And while we always manage to rally, we never take ourselves too seriously. 📷: it was puking out there today - welcome home, winter! #goskiingwithyourfriends
Gone fishin' 🎣:) Wrapping up our time in Kirkland with a drizzly walk to Waverly Beach with @grace_abbott , breakfast at Beach Cafe, and beautiful afternoon clouds at Carillon Point 🌤
No such thing as snowed in.🌲 #teammouthbreathers
Frozen rivers and muddy trails #outdoorwomen #lifebehindbars
30 miles of listening to the ice thaw and crack along the bank today. It's an eerie yet fantastic sound!
I sent my first v5 yesterday during a two hour bouldering session at stone fort before I had to be back in Atlanta for work. So...that's pretty dope for the new year 🤷‍♀️ 📸 @corapursley
I never thought it would be a struggle to get myself outside. There was nothing particularly busying or hard about this week, but for whatever reasons I just didn't want to hike. I would have much rather have slept in or done some extra studying then hiked around the bluffs today. But commitment, to a challenge, a dream, anything, isn't showing up only when you feel like it. Nothing worth doing is easy. But that's part of the fun. And for the record, I was rediculously happy once I dragged myself out the door. // 43/52 #optoutside #52hikechallenge #wildher
After four consecutive days of not leaving the house due to illness, not drinking coffee (!!!) or having any social interaction (including missing the women’s march) and overall bumming around in self pity, I took time this morning to reflect on the past year. It’s trials and tribulations, ups and downs, wins and loses....I realized that all of it makes us who we are, especially the not so fun parts that you wish you could blow right past. This year I want to embrace these yucky moments. They are unavoidable. How can I use them to grow and make me stronger? How can I recognize my privilege in these moments that in my perspective are a huge step back but for others may be let downs they don’t ever have the opportunity to experience at all? I don’t have the answers but I’m excited to start asking more questions. 📷@tylercolepnw
Sports bra weather at Shelf Road yesterday, snow day in Denver today. Oh Colorado, you never cease to amaze me with your bipolar weather. But I love you anyway. Featuring mah hot climbing partner/bff/babe model @natawhee7 gettin’ ready for her next climb 🧗🏼‍♀️
We went for a walk To learn new tips and new tricks Huge thanks to Altus! #haiku #winterstoke2018 To refresh some skills and meet rad people I signed up for the “intro to split boarding” which was hosted by @altusmtnguides ! Great day with great people! Thanks @rupert_davies for such a perfect day. 👌❄️🏂
Today I conquered a 5 mile run for the first time. You never know what your body is capable of until you try something new. Now let’s talk about the weather. It had me feeling some spring/summer vibes and in serious need of a road trip. Who’s in? 👍🏼🤘🏼
When you have a head cold but @jriley23 insists you do an hour ride because your 100 mile race is 4 months away. It was very muddy 😦 #outsideisfree #outdoorwomen
@jengoldphoto in Yosemite🏞 | We wish you all the best of luck on your new endeavors, you beautiful ray of sunshine💛#Basewear #themountainsarecalling 📷:@sunflyhippie
When you’re on a 16+ mile trail run with 3,000’ vertical gain, there’s only one thing to do, stop and tickle the moss 🤣 such a fun run with the very talented @rachelraedrake 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ . . . . .#goatworthy #chaseyourgoat #running #nevernotrunning #territoryrunco #pnw #pnwonderland #pnwlife #pnwbabes #herpnwlife #her #sheadventures #andshesdopetoo #trailsisters #dirtbagrunners #niketrailrunning #nike #salomonrunning #guforit #wildher #forestpark #trailrunning #green #moss #portlandroses #strongerthantheprognosis
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