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photographed by the one and only Annie Leibovitz 🌟😍
i would feed myself to amazonian carnivorous fish for her
the most precious little bean 💝 — #winonaryder #winonaforever #laurathenoni
Her hair❤💓💛💟💖💕
Up for grabs ! Winona Ryder piece I'd love to tattoo. Dm me if your interested 🖤#winonaforever #winonaryder #girlinterrupted
winona 1990-2002 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
tattoo this photo on my ass.
for those who don’t know: she can step on me ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ winona photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth 1994
one of my favorite noni photo shoots ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ winona photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth 1994
winona dipping away from the paparazzi so we don’t know if she’s still living or not ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
¿#Izqueirda , #Centro o #Derecha ? Derecha ayer, hoy, mañana, siempre y toda la hdp vida !!!! #WinonaForever
i like to think this is how it happened ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
The only acceptable shop lifter allowed in our store. 💕 #hinterlandempire #winonaforever
“When you finally accept that it's okay not to have answers and it's okay not to be perfect, you realize that feeling confused is a normal part of what it is to be a human being.” - Winona Ryder ❤️
when someone says they hate winona
The interior is as pretty as the food! Winona Forever for The Urban List.
for wmagazine !! FREE WINONA!! 💘
my honeys 🌟😊
lil tongue
What breakfast dreams are made of 🦄 The Eton Rifle Pavlova from @winonaforevercafe tastes as good as it looks 🌻🤩 . . ⚡GGS⚡
Amigos!! estoy participando por mucho heladito ñom ñom🍦🍦🍦 Ganar sería la gloria porque como vegana no me es fácil conseguir heladito siempre y @zenzerochile tiene el mejor helado de chocolate de la vida 🍫🍦😍 necesito su apoyo ❤️ para esta cruzada, si gano prometo riquezas y prosperidad :3 #icecream #instaicecream #likesforicecream #icreamforicecream #heladodelicioso #chocolateicecream #besticecream #alagrandelepusecuca #beyonce #winonaforever #cats #whynot #hashtag
winona ryder and jodie foster? i say YES DADDY I DO.
I start filming in about two days and i’m nervous but i’m preparing myself like crazy ⠀ ⠀ winona at the “Night On Earth” Premiere April 28, 1992
@ Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007 - Marc Jacobs ⭐️
pt 3 Joyce manages to break Eleven out of Hawkins Lab by going in after hours and shutting down the entire security system. Joyce then drives Eleven to Joyce’s friend, Benny’s burger diner where they could talk even after the diner was closed. She ordered Eleven a burger and fries, happy that Eleven was tasting something new and different from her everyday lab meals. After she had eaten Joyce explained why she had taken Eleven away from the lab. “Jane, what Dr. Brenner was- I mean, what “Papa” was doing wasn’t right. Everyone there who worked for Papa.. they’re bad men.” She held Eleven’s hands, Eleven making eye contact with her. “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry for not taking you away sooner, Jane..” Joyce looked down, ashamed. “Jane..?” Eleven spoke. Joyce looked up, her frown turning to a soft smile. “Yes! Yes, Jane. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it, but I think we’d better go.” Joyce stood up. Joyce drove down the dark streets, talking about how she’d let Eleven stay with her in a new location that no one knew about. As Eleven listened, she looked at Joyce’s face in the rear view mirror. Eleven remembered seeing her behind the glass next to Papa. The words “Bad men” echoed in her head. Eleven felt something was off and decided to follow her instincts. Once Joyce slowed to a stop, Eleven left. Joyce turned to see the back seat empty and the door swung open. It was already sunrise, Joyce still searching for the girl. She didn’t know what to do. She thought Eleven was out there still all alone. Little did Joyce know that Eleven had been found by kids her own age. OK and then the story would kinda go from there, eleven somehow opening the gate either before Joyce took her out of the lab or something like that and then later Joyce would find the kids and eleven when the bad men did, too, and Joyce would protect the kids and go against Dr. Brenner. Hopper would also help her and Jopper would still happen because it’s cannon but yeah! IK THE PHOTOSHOP LOOKS STUPID BUT IT WAS 3AM I CANT DO ANYTHING ELSE
pt 2 Joyce sat in on an experiment Dr. Brenner was in charge of. “Okay, bring the cat in now. And make sure Eleven’s headgear is fastened right.” He told the men. Joyce looked beside her at the little TV that stayed monitoring Eleven’s every move. Joyce nervously turned her head back to Eleven and walked closer to the glass. Her reflection was shown as well as Dr. Brenner’s. Joyce raised her hand gently and began waving at Eleven. She wondered if they’d taken all of the human nature out of her yet or if she had nothing like it to begin with. It was sad, really. What they were doing to this child. Joyce wondered why she was involved in this. She’d been apart of the Lab for years but hadn’t worked in upfront experiments till this year. She heard the cat hissing, turning to see Eleven rip off her headgear and shake her head no. Joyce was happy to see emotion on the child’s face again, but she quickly worried about what Dr. Brenner thought. She looked up at him anxiously, only to see him looking down on Eleven in disappointment. Eleven was taken by two men out of the room. Joyce almost leaped to her feet but didn’t move after that. Dr. Brenner stepped out and watched his test subject whine, “Papa! Papa!” it echoed through the dull building’s halls. Joyce gripped her fist, her heels clicking as she walked fast to face Dr. Brenner. “You can’t do this every time. I know what you’re trying to get her to do- Hell, we all know. We’re supposed to go along with it and just.. just stick our heads out of the way and into our notepads! You’re sick.” Joyce snapped at the man. Her partner, behind Dr. Brenner, looked down and away. Joyce stared at the men in anger and disgust. “God, we all are. All fucking sick.” Joyce distanced herself from the emotionless men and stomped down the halls, almost turning to go after Eleven. She knew if she made a move then, they’d all suspect her immediately. LOL IM SORRY IF THESE ARE ANNOYING AND THE PHOTOSHOP IS SO BAD I JUST KINDA LIKE THIS AU A LOT EW I FUCKED UP ON HER HEIGHT WITH DR. BRENNER JUST IMAGINE SHES WEARING RLY TALL HEELS LOL
이쁜게 다가 아니야~ 혜지 화이팅 #winonaforever
Only I love her infinitely? • • • Credits: @mikewheelr_ Music: Skip To The Good Bit • #winonaryder #winona #winonaforever #winonaryderedit #omgpage #edit
noni watching hamlet in 95’ I MISS HER
💞💜💓💗💖💕💘💖💗💓💞💝💞💜💓💗💖💖💕💘💗💓💓💘💘💕💘💖💖💖💗💗💗💓💞💝💜💜💞💞💓💓💗💗💖💖💗💓💞💞💞💞 _ #winonaryder #winona #winonaforever #laurathenoni #80s #90s #00s #90sfashion #blonde #dress #heathers #actress #beetlejuice #mermaids #edwardscissorhands #thecrucible #littlewomen #bramstokersdracula #realitybites #girlinterrupted #strangerthings #lucas #joycebyers #jopper #byers #destinationwedding #squaredance
Alright, imagine an alternate universe where Joyce actually works at Hawkins Lab. She’s helped observe Eleven’s powers since Eleven was little but had always felt it was wrong for them to continue with experiments. In these pictures you can see Joyce holding the Coke Cola can and then setting it in front of Eleven. As she looks at the young, telekinetic girl, she feels the guilt grow inside of her. Though she continues to go along with the experiment and heads behind the two way mirror. She sits, seeing her partner on the other side and giving him an angry look before he comes to join her. The two of them start observing eleven as she attempts to crush the can. Then Dr. Brenner, her boss, goes in and shows her a man’s picture so Eleven can try and find him for them. “This.. It’s too soon for this-“ Joyce tries to speak her mind for once but her partner interrupts. “Joyce, you’re always too worrisome about the experiments. Just look at it the way it’s meant to be seen. A child test subject, number eleven.” Her partner argues. Joyce turns to see eleven curled up as Dr. Brenner convinces her to soon go into the “bathtub” so she can awaken in the void. Joyce turns to her partner, “She’s not an “it”... She’s a little girl.” OKAY BUT YEAH i know it sounds really weird but it’s just a cool au i thought of. Joyce would obviously never work at the Lab but if she did I bet you she’d be the one to set Eleven free and or help her. To be honest i really like this au omg alsksk
“My father is an atheist. My mother is Buddhist. They encouraged my siblings and me to take the best part of other religions to make our own belief system” #winonaforever
For people looking for a good source to read more about Winona, the kind of person she is, the situations she’s been through as an actress, her as a young actress, etc. I really recommend reading “Winona, Forever” by Soraya Roberts. It’s an article on Hazlitt.net and even though it’s a bit of a long one, it’s worth the read. They talk about almost everything from her in Lucas (1986) to Stranger Things! They have Winona’s quotes on fame, how she felt as she grew up, her and Tim’s friendship, her auditioning for Heathers, just a lot of stuff I think is worth reading. There’s so many details that I feel are very important and that lots of people don’t tend to care much about. I’ll put the link in my bio for now, but I hope some of you will read it! Also her biography by Nigel Goodall is a great source to read from as well. Anyway, I just felt like sharing this :)) ⠀ Art by Richie Pope ⠀
swipe because ITS TOO CUTE ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ winona and Peter Sarsgaard in “The Experimenter” 2015
Sasha Menkin Milgram💖 ⠀ ⠀ winona in “The Experimenter” 2015
this movie was so interesting and i loved the scene of winona in the elevator with peter ⠀ ⠀ The Experimenter DVD Extras “The Making Of” 2015
belongs in a museum
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