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if you haven’t seen experimenter (2015) i highly recommend it, it’s a REALLLLLLLY GOOD MOVIE 😎🤙🏼
Winona forever released a new single called Heads or Tails today, complete with a top notch video. Check it out on our website! And then go see them tonight at 333! . . #vancouvermusic #beatroute #winonaforever
she is an existing form of perfection
i love her and her sweater
This was such an iconic look ✨ — #winonaryder #winonaforever #laurathenoni
Destination Wedding doesn’t have a release date yet but i’m over my ass excited about it. AND ITS WINONA AND KEANU REEVES IN IT💕 aka Donna and Bob in A Scanner Darkly AKA Mina and Jonathan in Bram Stoker’s Dracula THEY’VE BEEN IN MOVIES TOGETHER BEFORE AND ALWAYS PLAY LOVERS LOL I LOVE THEM
#fbf to one year ago when this goddess made faces that I make whenever anyone speaks to me honestly. #winonaforever #strangerthingsindeed #davidharbourrules
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...Yet more stills! Video out later today; if you’re in Vancouver BC, come on down to the release party and DANCE! (Friday night at 333). @winonaforeverband #musicvideo #vancouver #winonaforever #indie #brassassorgas
Just my favorite movie! #heathers #winonaforever #winonaryder
Ho fatto il conto di quelli che mi dicono che sono simpatica e di quelli che mi dicono che sono bella. Qui, l'esatto momento in cui ho capito che la vertigine non è paura di cadere ma voglia non aver constatato la stracciante vittoria della simpatia. • • • • #sonosimpatica #assai #volevo #essere #fregna #malosaicheseisimpatica #unaburla #happiness #shalalala #semprefelice #winonaforever #winonarider #girlinterrupted #girl #girlstuff #labellezza #dellealtre
here’s a bundle of them💖 i’ll have to make a part 2 with other noni characters to add with sad susie and antichrist
Don’t fret, gals. We’ll always have the original. She’s not going anywhere. Unblemished, beautiful, and forever perfect. #heathers #heatherchandler #veronicasawyer #winonaryder #winonaforever
The SAGS are this weekend & i’m not even getting my hopes up for new winona content 🙂 — #winonaryder #winonaforever #laurathenoni
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yes favorite scene
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Love everything about this 😍
girl interrupted is definitely one of my fav winona movies
Who said it was ok to remake "Heathers" as a tv show for teens in 2017???? Who is responsible???? #sovery #Heathers #winonaryder #jd #movies #cinema #winonaforever #wtf
Original 1989 Heathers trailer vs 2018 Heathers trailer. Let’s talk about something. Lots of people are hating on the new Heathers show because it’ll supposedly ruin the original. I agree with that but not just because the actors don’t look as they should or sound or act like the original, but because they are portraying Heathers as something no one intended it to be. The original Heathers wasn’t all revenge and never had that “i don’t give a fuck let’s just kill her” vibe. In the 2018 Trailer the new Veronica is all for killing Heather Chandler. It’s almost as if the Veronica Sawyer we all know and love never had that side of super hero heart or consideration for others. Also the way the actress tries to sound like Veronica in the beginning of the trailer kinda shows that they’re trying to get it to be as the original but also convert it to the relatable 2018 life style. You can’t fix something that was never broken, and this is a good example. Like the comment mentions, they gave away Heathers death in the 2018 trailer. That’s the point of the movie where everything gets exciting, where Veronica realizes she can’t live a normal teenage life. They are missing the entire point of Heathers. Now I haven’t watched the whole musical but I absolutely adore the music. They redid everything but it was perfect because they followed the path Heathers was putting out for people. A path of madness, the point of society itself, and the overwhelming a teenager experiences all put together in an overdramatic way but that still relates to teens even today! Yes, there’s a boy playing a heather, an African american and an overweight heather. It’s awesome they’re putting people into the characters that no one would expect, but the Heathers weren’t just bitches. They aspired to be perfect, to be worshiped. The perfect girl, they all wanted to be so they made themselves look the part. It’s a display of “perfection” that makes other teens question themselves. Veronica plays the outcast in the most popular group in school. She’s different and just wants her high school to be a nice place. Heathers is a movie very dear to Winona so i’m wondering how she sees this.
LOOK AT ALL THE LOVELY PROPERTIES TO MAKE MY HOME 🏡 home sweet home i’ll take the first curl it’s very cylindrical like a comfortable tornado
Stop remaking classics that #nailedit the first time! Original ideas are in dire shortage. #nomoreremakes #heathers #winonaforever #lickitupbabylickitup
The lady & me (in the Free Winona shirt that I still wear!) #tbt #freewinona #winonaforever #heathers #whatsyourdamageheather #truelove #tommynevins
I adore her as Mina in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That movie to me was so intensely romantic and for her to play a character that is strangely attracted to this man she’s never met but had in a different life time, she couldn’t have played it more perfectly. She really captures the confusion but how the feeling with him feels right. She sees the storylines in the most in depth way and I think that fits her very well💖✨
I got my ballet exam results and I got a distinction 😄 I'm really happy because it's so hard to get the higher marks on the last exams 😄😄😄 #laurathenoni #winona #winonaryder #winonaforever #actress #love #beauty #strangerthings #black #white #grey #monochrome
Way too decadent for breakfast but Orgasmic all the same... #winonaforever #mushrooms #breakfast #tea #nooneworksharderthanme #luve #life #love
i love her with all my ass. i would say my heart, but by ass is bigger 😝💕
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— if winona were an animal what would she be
hi there, you’ve been blessed with this rare image of 90s winona have a great day💖
45lb dog thinks she weighs 4.5lbs, and can somehow curl up to fit on my torso and use my face as a pillow. #pitbullsofinstagram #pugbull #adoptdontshop #winonaforever #winonatriangle
exclusive picture of winona telling people how to do their job because she is superior
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