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Piz d'Angel-Neverending Winter
Honestly, is there any better way of spending time than cooking with your best friend?👯‍♀️ Okay, maybe cooking with your best friend and our hot boyfriends🤔🔥 Btw, we should totally do that someday!! @lixxy.k
#bouldern in Buttermilk Country, Bishop, California ⛰️🐒 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #california #wirsindbergsport
Can we just chill for a moment?
What better way to enjoy the day than fooling around with a friend like @flo.ertl in your hammock wearing your favorite sleeping bag🤷🏼‍♀️ I don‘t know☝🏻🙈
Ever felt like real life happens too fast? Yeah, me too! And the past days I‘ve been thinking about why it is that we feel like that. When you‘re on the bus or basically in every other public area, you see people scrolling through their phones, their plugged-in headphones shutting the real world out. They say it‘s FOMO (fear of missing out) and laugh it off. Nobody likes how they look or speak or feel. Everything seems better online. I agree that social media is a brilliant invention, I mean where else would I be able to have such an inspiring and international community? BUT it is distracting us from what is happening in our real lives. And for me this is scary as hell. It‘s no wonder that we feel like we‘re missing out in real life when we‘re constantly bombed with online stuff that makes us feel bad about ourselves. Scroll, scroll, and suddenly it‘s been two hours on Instagram. I took a quick break the last week and I feel amazing. I‘m also planning on doing an entire month of no social media, what do you think about that? Anyone wants to join? I‘ll be back for the next week though making sure to deliver some more content that I love!! Until then, stay kind and humble and be nice to people online AND in real life💗
Bitte wieder etwas beständigeres ☀️ Wetter! #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #outdoor #climbing | Athlete: @leo4leo
Wenn bei uns das Wetter noch nicht so mitspielt, gibt's zum Glück auch woanders schöne Klettergebiete! 😉⛰️ | Gebirgsinsel Korsika #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #climbing
Allen Mamas auf dieser Welt einen wunderschönen Muttertag 🙌 Ihr seid die Besten! #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #mothernature 📸 by @jannisstaud
Socks or sleeping bag? Or maybe both? In my video about hammocks (link in my bio) I talk about tips and tricks on how to be comfortable in a hammock. Socks play a huge role! I‘m team both🙋🏼‍♀️ What about you?
Genießt die Aussicht vom Hochschwab und auch euer Wochenende! ⛰️🙌 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #sunrise #mountainsarecalling
Es kribbelt uns schon in den Fingerspitzen und wir wollen endlich die nächsten Projekte am Fels starten!💪💥 Wie sehen eure Pläne aus? 💭 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #mehrseillänge oder #sportklettern oder #bouldern ?
So this is Flo, one of the most convenient and easy people I know. He likes hammocks and scouting. He loves climbing. @flo.ertl thanks for being one of my buddies! Climbing with you is always fun and oh my, the talks we have in the tram are solid gold🙏🏻
One of @flo.ertl 's hacks for hammocks🙏🏻 Who has already seen the video?😌 hint: link in my bio
Mezzalama 2019
Today I uploaded a new video. It‘s all about hammocks - yeah!! check it out via the link in my bio👏🏻
Uns egal, bei dem Wetter schalten wir eben demonstrativ auf Sommer-Modus 😎☀️ #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #outdoor #viaferrata #sassrigais #wolkenstein 📸 by @jannisstaud
My next video will be about hammock hacks. let‘s hope the export works🙏🏻
Gratkletterei am Traunstein SW-Grat! ☀️⛰️ #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #klettern 📸 by @_mi_t_ch_
This is an image of a forest because forests calm me down. Today, I haven‘t been too productive and absolutely did not achieve my goals for today. I am having period cramps and a migrane and on top of everything I got spoilered before watching the new GOT episode🤧 But friends, this is life and I am sure everyone of you knows how that feels! But even though we are on social media, I think it‘s important to also share the bad days we have. For me today hasn‘t been the best, that‘s true. But after all I am happy to have a home to live in, a caring family, and I am super grateful about the fact that I have the opportunity to even think about watching GOT! Remember, there‘s always light in the darkness, even if we don‘t see it right away🌞
Sportklettern in Paklenica | Baltazar 💪🙌 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #klettern
Mezzalama 2019
Spring cleaning over @bloc_house 👏🏻😏
I was about to rhime happy with spring but I failed so here‘s the caption: Flo @flo.ertl
Für unsere Bergfüchse ist der Winter noch nicht vorbei 😎. #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #outdoor #skitouring 📸 by @geoschru
orange is just the warm up🤷🏼‍♀️
Bouldern in Petit Bois, Fontainebleau (La Baleine) 😎🙌 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #bouldern
Skitour Piz Roseg&Piz Aguagliouls
photographing a photographer while photographing🤷🏼‍♀️
Allen Bergfüchsen frohe Ostern und liebe Grüße aus der Silvretta! #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #bergfüchse #mountaineering 📸 by @geoschru
Missing tose peaceful times back in #wangerooge
Das Grazer Bergland ruft! 🧗‍♂️🙌 Alte Südwest | Röthelstein #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #climbing
Magic Monday Foura
Those two buds reminding me of how incredible nature is🌍 currently editing tons of pics from today‘s boulder session👏🏻 finally getting back to the outdoor theme😍
who else likes rain?💦
Schöne Momente in der Natur mit Freunden teilen - was gibt es Schöneres? #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #bergfüchse #mountainsarecalling
Oh how soothing it feels for me to hold a good piece of design in my hands🙏🏻 In case you didn‘t know, I actually am a huge fan of all things creative and I have a second Instagram account only for dumb shit I draw😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Check it out, it‘s @fckoffillustrations , I am sure one or two of you might find it amusing🙈 ‼️Also I‘ll be uploading a video on my channel today at 👉🏻18:30 CET👈🏻 so be prepared for that too! Hope you‘re having a great time😚
one of my fav pics from Lisbon @vietreek
Unterwegs in den unglaublichen Weiten Lapplands, Schweden. #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #outdoor #skiing #nofilterneeded 📸 by @bernddorrong. Trip organized by @devoldofnorway.
the best thing about work you love: the fun🙏🏻 I think I’ll never be able to do something that doesn‘t fulfill me fully and doesn‘t make me feel whole🙅🏼‍♀️ Laughing with this potato made the road to our pitch wayyyyyy more exciting and enjoyable😌 Tag your fav pal at work to show them some love! 📸: @redbull
Thank you @bergfuchs.at and @devoldofnorway. Enjoying beautiful Lappland to the fullest! #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #abisko #sweden #lappland 📸 by @bernddorrong.
Frühjahrsskitour auf den Kleinen Bösenstein!☀️😎 #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #spring #skitouring
During this moment I was feeling so funny, I don‘t quite remember if I said everything I wanted to or if I left out a whole part of my pitch😂 Anyways, I‘ll be giving a short talk next week over at Berlin🇩🇪 so make sure to hit me up if you‘re there and we might get some eco friendly coffee together🤷🏼‍♀️ 📸: @redbull
This place got a piece of my heart ❤️ #lxfactorylisboa Also huge thanks to @vietreek for bringing that underground dance vibe into this pic🙏🏻
I feel like the #redbullfuturio photos don‘t stop😅 📸: @redbull
Stangenwand Ostschlucht | Hochschwab #bergfuchs #bergfuchsontour #wirsindbergsport #skimountaineering 📸 by @leo4leo
Are you a flight person or a train person?? I prefer trains🚂
sooo who of you has ever had an interview?? for me, this was scary as sht! my mind was running: what if I mess up? what if I have to do it again because the crew isn‘t satisfied? what if? what if? but you know what I did? I took five great breaths and just stopped giving a sht about failing. and what happened was magical. I ended up not messing up AND getting a compliment from the crew cause I was so calm and authentic. I feel like this has just been another sign for the fact that growth never happens inside of your comfort zone. so keep stepping out of that thing, you can handle it!! 📸: @redbull
welcome to #Lisbon , one of the most vibrant and upcoming cities of Design!! which one is your favorite city???🤔
Abfahrt Richtung Voisthaler Hütte bei Traumwetter. #bergfuchsontour #bergfuchs #wirsindbergsport #outdoor #skitouring 📸 by @shuntermagnus
after one project means before the next. who else is dreaming big these days?🙋🏼‍♀️
very much looking forward to painting those. who wants one??🙋🏼‍♀️
yo. dis me. enjoy.
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