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Picked up a new watercolor palette and paper and had to try them out! I absolutely love the colors the palette came with, and may have based my purchase on the fact that they are all named after types of pie 🥧... Anyway, here’s a preview of what’s coming up for the holidays!
Diamonds in the ash . . . Soon to be constructed
Art students at Madison College applying beading patterns symbolizing the life cycle of the emerald ash borer beetle on fabric to be incorporated in sculptures for upcoming exhibition, Emeralds to Ashes. #collaborativeart #beading #beadworks
Wendy, meandering the little "beetles" across the pseudo bark, Monday at Madison College. Emeralds to Ashes project. Join us today!
Stitch by stitch, bead by bead . . . Beautiful hands at work on the EAB pearl "egg tree" @madisoncollege Monday. More opportunities to participate Wednesday!
So what are we looking at here? Sequins snipped to D shapes, then painted on one side. Soon to be stitched onto a tulle tree . . . Why? Stay tuned.
Stitching the serpentine tree for #Emeralds2ashes , one panel finished, one more to go. Stitch by stitch . . . #emeraldashborer #ash #ashtrees #ashtree
It's October! Ruth is still mowing. Yesterday she was melting and today she's wearing multuple layers. The Christmas decorations are piling up! (But not in the store until November 17th) The evergreens are waiting patiently for their holiday to come while the deciduous leaves are changing. Come out for a walk on the farm during our store hours. It's beautiful during the fall too! Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30am-12:30pm through the end of October.
I love old trees, even when they are dead, there's just something about them... #elmtree #deadelm #erie #trees #nature #getoutinnature #wisconsintrees #fallishere
Weeks of stitching the diamond pattern of Ash bark for my next installation, nearly finished. Almost 1/3 mile of hand stitching with yarn.
Butternut: Juglans cinerea •The leaves of the Butternut are compound •The bark is gray with vertical lines -The Butternut is considered Endangered in Wisconsin. The cause is a disease called Butternut Canker -“Cinerea” means “Ashy” possibly referencing the gray bark - - - - - - #wisconsin #treesofwisconsin #wisconsinoutdoors #travelwisconsin #hikewisconsin #wegowisco #wisconsinphotography #wisconsinphotographer #wisconsinplants #environmentaleducation #saf #societyofamericanforesters #wisconsinwoods #wisconsinsummer #capturewisconsin #naturalwisconsin #wisconsinnature #discoverwisconsin #explorewisconsin #ourwisconsin #wisconsinlove #uwsp #collegeofnaturalresources #wiee #wisconsinenvironmentaleducation #wisconsintrees #wisconsinbeauty #wisconsinstories
Brodie always comes with the fire!!!! #tourlife #thebrodie #wesmoketough #Wisconsintrees
Shares from the Memory Tree, part of Vigil, @abelcontemporary through November 4
Immersed in my next project, Emeralds to Ashes, exploring the life cycle of the emerald ash borer and it's devastating effect on ash trees.
I have found it very useful to keep a technical journal in my studio for processes that I don't do often and might forget. No point in reinventing the wheel every time. Here I'm writing notes about how to mount the scroll drawings to the rods so that they hang straight.
Trail Marker on Yellow Birch, photographed at Van Vliet Hemlock State Natural area near Presque Isle, Wisconsin. One of 20 photographs marking "the trail" through Vigil, installed in the cooler @AbelContemporary Gallery through November 4.
DETAIL: American Chestnut, graphite on archival Tyvek, 115" x 39" (height is adjustable). On view @AbelContemporary in the installation, Vigil. #AmericanChestnut #ChestnutTree
American Chestnut, graphite on archival Tyvek, 115" x 39" (height is adjustable). On view @AbelContemporary in the installation, Vigil. #AmericanChestnut #ChestnutTree
Vigil, 84" x 106" acrylic on canvas, explores the communal relationships in a forest. Currently on view in an installation celebrating forests -- in the Cooler @AbelContemporary in Paoli, WI. Through November 4.
Vigil, installed in the Cooler @abelcontemporary , Paoli, WI. September 14 through November 4.
How is everyone’s weekend so far? Take some time to explore with this nice weather!🌲🌊 📸: @thewisconsinista
Peaceful part of the install process, simple knot tying. #knots #installationartist #ruler
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