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Being a human being is about being alive, and DOING SOMETHING because of it. I keep finding myself saying “be present” b/c I think I’m realizing just how IMPERATIVE that truth is >> we have to be present. . We aren’t given guarantees in life and stewing over the past and imagining the future isn’t ultimately fulfilling because it isn’t reality. . I’m here today, right now, so what am I going to do with that? << that gets to me b/c I don’t want to be in a place where I’m always dreaming, needing, and wanting. Those aren’t bad things, but if I’m only focused on those, well, I’m forever discontent. I’m a person that is driven by results and ideas 💡, which has it’s strengths, HOWEVER, the weakness is that I’m regularly losing sight of what’s happening now >> see the problem? . My life really isn’t my own. My life intertwines deeply with the people in the picture.💕💕💕 Soooo, there’s a lot that I have to live for now >> I can’t only be focused on “one day”. . Double tap if this made you think 🤔 . . . . . . #withboldintention #boldpearls #familylife #livingforHim
Yesterday was so much fun playing in the snow and watching my two children enjoy something God created. . Family time is so precious! So much of our days are spent being very task oriented. Going thru the motions so to speak. . I implore you>>>make PAUSE MEMORIES! Be present and stay intentional so that time doesn’t just pass by OR you get to the moment that you’re hoping to does. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so be joyful with where you are at and make the best of it 💕 . . . . . . . . . #beintentional #withboldintention #momlifebelike #boldpearls #siblinglove
NEW POST ALERT 🚨 . Adding to the Seven Deadly Sin Series on the blog this week is >> ENVY! . Envy is a serious root of not so goodness in life. I suffer at the hands of the green monster sometimes, click the link in my bio to read how to defeat this sin! . Christmas is a time for love, light, and celebration and Satan will do what he can to try and steal all that during this season. ARM YOURSELF 💪🏻 . What time in life has jealousy gotten the best of you and how did you manage it? . . . . #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #withboldintention #livingforgod #christmasseason
Often I get caught up in the shenanigans of typical holiday stuff. Like running around shopping like a 🥜, dreading wrapping all the 🎁, being annoyed that I have yet another holiday get together obligation (I’m an introvert remember), having hardcore overwhelm by the ever growing “experience list” I’ve created for our family, and surmounting guilt when I’m not doing what I see “them“ doing for the season. . That’s all hogwash! We were matched specifically to our spouse/children. God knew exactly what we were going be like as parents and what exactly our children would need. No more trying to fit square pegs in round holes, AMEN?! . Be yourself, celebrate the way you and your family want to celebrate, and leave the rest alone. We can create a magical time of focusing on the real reason for the season OR we can push our perfectionism to the brink of making ourselves and the entire family exhausted and frustrated. Trust me, when the attention is intended for Him, God >> the devil is going to try and steal it! . Let’s put the focus on God, leave it there, and let the rest fall into place with our intentionality. . Whose with me?! How are you going to keep the focus on Him this Christmas, share in the comments! . . . . . . #boldfaithboldlife #christmas2018 #christmaslights
Advent starts tonight for us and I’m SO excited! . Mainly, b/c Banks is getting old enough to understand parts of what is happening & witnessing the holidays thru his perspective is unbelievably life-giving. ( & Edi is just too cute to handle in amongst Christmas 😉) . This year we are using an advent study from @shereadstruth and I LOVE IT! This study incorporates devotional, verse memorization, play activities, cooking recipes for the season, and the “cherry on top” Christmas carols/hymns! . We are excited to dive in! The season is SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE THAN 🎁 & 🎅🏻. . We can’t deny the shear miracle that our Savior was born as flesh to live with us, lead by example, and then die to save ALL OF US. . Celebrating the greatest love that exists deserves DAILY glorification. And I’m thankful for a season that calls the majority to recognize His goodness. . What traditions do you have during this time of year? Share ideas in the comments! . . . . . . . . . . #advent #boldfaithboldlife #christmas2018 #adventcalendar
These people are my people! . I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already TOMORROW. This year has been one for the books for sure. . I’ve had to stretch and grow SO MUCH in trying to raise not one but ✌🏻 babies, one being a very stubborn toddler 😉 . I’ve been really working hard at trying to be intentional with how I’m parenting. Overall, it’s been a main focus of my life this past year. Other things have had to drop in priority (which more than often, makes me feel like a failure) BUT, I come back to the truth >> honestly, not much more matters in comparison to taking care of these two little souls. . I don’t have it figured out, not by a long shot. I’m trying though and I’m trying to find the right stride. Balance is a word I use, but have had to really work at letting it go. . Balance seems to be a stand-in for perfection and if there is one thing I know for sure >> that AIN’T REAL! (like my grammar 😆) . What I can say though is that being “more than just a mom” is never going to be a thing. I am a mom and I promise that’s MORE THAN ENOUGH! 🙌🏻 . But what I have discovered is the innate desire to be more than what I’ve set my limit as. And getting to that place requires this >>No matter what is taking my focus >> FIRST, I’m a child of God and ALL THE REST falls under that ☂ umbrella. . So the only place that “balance” comes from is operating under that mode alone at everything I do. I just have to do what He would do in the situations I’m facing, and often for me, that’s in the role of mom right now b/c that’s the main focus of my day ☺️ . In a nutshell >> just be good at following Him and it will ALL fall into place. That’s His promise to us >> it all works together for His good. . Drop an AMEN in the comments if you agree!
I’m in awe at the ability we have to grow, learn, and love. Raising babies makes that inevitably clear. . The way our children smile when they see us, cry when we leave, run to us when they’re scared, look at us for the answer, yell for us when they’re hurt, grab our faces when they need our attention, say I love you for no reason, ask us for help when they’re stuck....they rely on us. And thru all their faith that we are always there >> they learn, they gain wisdom and understand how things work and what they mean. They love us always. . its wonderful imagery to our relationships with God. . Our lives following Him make us grow, learn, and love. 💕 . . . . . . #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #11monthsold #momlife
NEW POST ALERT! . Excited to begin this series with all of you, especially during the holidays. Sins are apart of our lives and they effect us all. The 7 deadly sins are ones that infiltrate all other sins and if we can root out these seven, understand them more >> we are setting ourselves up for strength in the face our flesh. . Check out the link in my bio and read the first installment. I’d 💕 YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM on the subject of PRIDE. . I’ve allowed my pride to keep me from being a good wife, friend, daughter many times and it’s one that I have to work on regularly. I hate to be wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️, anybody else?! . Perfectionism has given this sin a stronghold at times in my life and I’m learning everyday to put my own desires aside for God’s. . Anybody else deal with this? . . . . . . #boldpearls #sevendeadlysins #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention #boldlyliving
Human•Kind >> be both! . We find ourselves constantly up against people’s perceptions, expectations, ideals, and opinions. . Let’s just all get along! Comment with an emoji if you agree 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . . #begood #humankind #withboldintention #letsbefriends
Thinking about how fast this year went by makes my eyes 👀 get wide! (It’s technically not over 😉) . It happened SO FAST! I’ve been really having to think about where all the time went & what I did all year. I brought a new life into the world and have been keeping her alive >> big one, I’ve adjusted to being a mom x ✌🏻, I’ve really found excitement and joy leading women to wellness for themselves and their families, & I’ve fallen more in love with personal development. . I’m still in a time where my goals and dreams are constantly shifting and morphing >> in other words, don’t get it twisted, I don’t have it all figured out! BUT, I’m really feeling positive and happy with the progress (at least in my mind) I’ve made in paving a way for my dreams to exist. . These #last90days of the year are ticking by and I have some ambitious goals to hit! What about y’all? . What are MUST HAVE DONE ✅ things you want to start 2019 having finished? . Let’s have some accountability 👇🏻! . . . . . . . . . . #accountabilitycoach #accountabilitypartners #last90dayschallenge #withboldintention
Since it’s ThanksGIVING >>>>>>> If you sign up to join me on this oily journey, you’ll get a pretty awesome high quality tote >> big enough to shop with! . If you’ve been thinking 🤔 that all my oily talk sounds intriguing >> now is a great time b/c not only will you be saying YES to a better way to live...you’ll also be getting a new group of friends ( & something fo free, who doesn’t like that?!)! . My home and body have truly been changed since I’ve become oily and taken control of the chemicals that we are exposed to daily thru personal care products, cleaners, and smell goods (just to mention a few). . VOTE FOR WELLNESS!
Today I’m #thankful ! . Thankful for a faith, a family, a home, a calling, and a way to live fully and with JOY! . It’s easy to get caught in comparison. Feeling inadequate or unsuccessful. But, I challenge you to define those terms for YOURSELF. . What gives you excitement? What makes you feel awake and charged? What gives you confidence and lights a fire 🔥 inside? . Those answers are the key 🔑 b/c they align with your God given character, skills, and ultimately >> calling. . Those things can unlock a life for Christ that surpasses any expectation you imagined! We all were made specifically and with distinction. . DON’T let the evil one seek, kill, and destroy your ambitions, your ideas, your drive! You are more, you are amazing, and you are in the place you’re in for a very important reason! . Learn to be present, gain perspective, and KEEP GOING! . . . . . . . . . . . #withboldintention #boldpearls #boldlyliving #godspurpose #godsdesign
Today, I’m so thankful for my family 💕Adam turned another year older and it seems like yesterday that I was getting yelled at by my mom to get off the phone with him at 10pm, which was my time limit during the week 🙄 >> I was THIRTEEN when we started dating. . I’m so thankful for the life we have together, for our precious children, and for all the joy I have from them in my life. . Life is far from perfect, but it sure is beautiful! . . . . . . . . . #onelifetolive #withboldintention #boldpearls #marriagewins #highschoolsweethearts #lifeisprecious
So our spaces are really important to our mental state. I REALLY believe that. Typically, I’m an organized person that likes stuff in a particular order, BUT #realttalk that has not been my life as of late. . And if you didn’t know me and showed up unannounced to my home, you’d probably think I was a TOTAL SLOB 🤦🏻‍♀️. . I’m not though! And I can’t stand it when my house is not in order. It’s literally OVERWHELMING and makes me feel insecure 🤷🏻‍♀️. . I’ve really been speaking death over my 🏠 and I’ve been so frustrated with the state it’s in. Some warned me that having small kids would leave my house in complete disarray and I didn’t want to believe that, but it’s been true! I haven’t been able to get a grip on it since my precious girl came along 💕. . SO, I’m in the mode of transforming and loving my home again. Why? Because I truly want to take care of what God has blessed us with, I want to have an attitude of gratitude, and I want to feel good being here most of my time >>> hello! It makes a difference in how I feel! . This past weekend, I started with our bedroom. I decluttered, got new bedding, added some new curtains, bought cute accessories, and created some organization tools to help us keep our bedroom and bathroom fresh ☺️ . And can I tell you, IT FEELS SO GOOD! Even Adam, who doesn’t really say much about this stuff, repeatedly said how much he liked our space and really enjoys walking in there to see it. << this had me feeling good too. I’m glad I could create a space he felt relaxed in, he works hard and needs a calming place to be ☺️ . I’m currently working on our laundry room and getting some quotes for a kitchen refresh too. Feels good to love the space we’re in ☺️ we both work hard and it feels nice to enjoy what we’re working for > know what I’m saying? . What’s an area of your home you’d like to upfit a bit? . . . . . . #boldhome #withboldintention #vermillionfix #diydesign #bedroom
Looking back at my precious baby (pre boy haircut). . That weekend we spent in the mountains with my family, a yearly tradition. . I had both my babies, and I loved that Banks was old enough to get a kick out of the swinging bridge. Don’t worry, I was right there 😉 . Traditions are special. They instill a rhythm to life and establish concrete memories. . It makes life so much sweeter to see my children enjoy memories I made too. . Life is a chance for a legacy, what will be your’s? . . . . . #lifehappenings #familytraditions #withboldintention #mountainlifestyle #sundayfunday
Today I got away from my normal. I spent time with one of my best friends, enjoyed laughs, good conversation, and mindless fun. . I think that’s called “living” 🤣, & after today, I realized that I don’t give myself permission to just be enough. Whether it’s when I’m out with my friends, working, or at home. . I’m always trying to multitask, be super efficient with every minute, and check off my never ending list. . What about just enjoying??? What about really experiencing what’s in front of me instead of always trying to do more, get more done, be more. . This isn’t about ambition or being lazy >> I’m simply referencing just living life. Instead of always go, go, going or do, do, doing >>> just actually being. Being the person God created me to be. . For me that’s a wife, mom, daughter, friend, listener, encourager, helper... . I also thought about the burden that Adam must feel. He has to be the spiritual leader, provider, the constant protector, and wind that keeps are family ship 🚢 sailing.... I shouldn’t use the word “burden”, it’s his responsibility (one that he takes seriously and manages with grace, most of the time 😉) BUT I’m sure at times, a burden is exactly how it feels, b/c there are times I feel burdened too. . Life is challenging >> but more than the challenge, it’s miraculously beautiful and fantastic! There is so much to learn, experience, and find joy in. . We have to recognize where life happens and go there. We are only given ONE. . . . . . . #beintentional #withboldintention #boldpearls #pearlsofwisdom
These two teach me everyday what it means to learn. SO MUCH HAS TO BE REPEATED FOR A CHANGE TO TAKE PLACE. . Change doesn’t happen over night and to learn something takes focus, DISCIPLINE, good decision making, and grace 🙌🏻. . Frustrations are inevitable BUT they don’t have to control us or derail us. You can overcome what you believe is important. You CAN LEARN SOMETHING NEW! . What’s been on your list to learn? #lifelessons #nevertooold #withboldintention
This sweet thang pretty much stays glued to me these days. With two top teeth coming in, she needs her mama! . We went to @worldmarket today and I always wonder why I don’t go more often, there is SO MUCH TO LOOK AT [and 🤤 drool over]. . I often find myself wanting to shop for my house, when really I already have a everything I need. And if Im being honest, I don’t have another spot for anything. . I’m in a constant tug of war between my love for decorating and my desire to be a minimalist 😬 . Can’t I just be content?! I was salivating over this daybed, I mean its a statement piece for sure! . No, I didn’t get it, but the whole feeling and experience got me thinking. This whole thing was an analogy to how I feel about myself. . At times I feel confident, CONTENT, and on the right “path” > in other words, COMPLETE. BUT then I see others and I compare and I put myself in their 👠. I want to add more to myself, be more than I feel I am. Even if I don’t have room to handle more. . I try to find the next piece to my puzzle that will bring it all together, complete the room(life). Sometimes, I feel like adding more will make me more. More than what I believe I should be or accomplish. . But here’s the thing. There will NEVER be a point where I’ve “arrived”. . The BIG PICTURE for me and my entire life is waking up everyday and simply > YES, SIMPLY! putting God first. If I do that, my day/time/focus/joy is FULL. He is enough. His love deserves my focus. When I’m NOT focused on myself and what I’m lacking, I see myself the way He does and I can BREATHE! God doesn’t demand perfection, only faithfulness. BIG DIFFERENCE! . If you are struggling with yourself, ask yourself > what has me spinning, what has me searching...what makes me think > “I want _______”. . Then ask why and there you can discover a reason. . Life isn’t about being grand, it’s about living in the simple obedience of trusting Him... #withboldintention #lifelesson
Moccasin weather #babymoccasins ! . Thinking about all the adventures my babies will one day walk thru makes me grin from ear to ear. . Thinking about life always gets me. I’m a thinker, can you tell? 😉 . I really have the desire on my heart to live with intention and to have little regret in the end. . I’ve had this on my mind A LOT lately. ( and I talked about it in my stories a little bit ago) >> let’s live for TODAY! Each day we get to decide if we want to be disappointed with where we are in life OR if we want to harp on the past OR if we are going to be happy! . Life isn’t just a beginning and an end. A point on completion, or pinnacle of life. Each day we are given one great resource, TIME! . We can chose to use our time for being present and relying on God’s plan to unfold from our actions. . In the words of my mom, life is a pattern not a straight line. . We aren’t meant to dwell in time passed or time not promised. . Life is here now, go live! . . . . . . #withboldintention #boldpearls #lifehacks
Last night was so fun! #hamiltonmusical lived up to the hype. Alexander Hamilton had such an interesting life story, one I wasn’t too familiar with. . It brought to light just how remarkably ONE person can impact history. There literally is not one person on 🌏 that isn’t capable of impacting someone. . I’m fascinated by how we are able to channel our passions and skills to make possible what has been laid in our hearts. . A very interesting and impactful person, years past Alexander’s death , was his wife Eliza. She started the first private orphanage located In NYC that is still operating TODAY! . No idea is too big if there is enough motivation and action behind it. . Give this life all you got! You are capable, you can #riseup ! . . . . #withboldintention #doit #youarecapable #liveyourlifenow
It’s a working, playing, surviving kind of day. Days like these are semi-stressful and go by SO SLOW! Why? I feel so busy, but yet time isn’t moving 🤷🏻‍♀️ • On days like today, I’ve recognized that I have to make margin to let go of other things so that I’m not manic by the end. • It looks like we are eating leftovers or something SUPER simple for dinner > and I’m good with that. Why add to the crazy trying to put together an amazing well balanced meal, haha. It’s all about a well BALANCED LIFE! • You can do it! If you are spread thin, force margin. Make something simple for yourself, give yourself a break (physical and mental). • You CAN conquer the day, your attitude, and your to-do list! 💪🏻 #makingmargin #productivitytips #balancedlifestyle #boldlyliving #withboldintention
When you’ve used too many words, looked at your screen for too long, and don’t have the umph to keep plugging away > you may just feel like biting your lips. • My brain hurts and I’m feeling done with today. • Days like these....ooooh, brother! But here’s the deal, I’m going to rally. • Why? • Because as cheesy as it may be, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. • I’m in control of my attitude, so like I said the other day...I’ve got to force a smile. I’ve got to make myself feel the way that I really want to feel. • I can be chipper and lighthearted and HAPPY! B/c in the grand scheme, I have SO MUCH MORE TO BE HAPPY OVER THAN SAD. 🙌🏻 • So, I’m going to truck along and not let this roadblock squelch me! • It’s all about perspective. Anybody else feelin’ me? #withboldintention
So we were all a little exhausted and out of it today coming off the heels of #hurricaneflorence . • Thankfully 🙏🏻 we did not suffer like others, our hearts go out and our prayers are lifted up for those who have been devastated. • Anyone else in a funk today? #mondaymood
#selfiesundays we are over here getting cabin fever to bunker down during #hurricaneflorence . • Grateful we don’t have near as much damage as other places, but we aren’t out of the woods just yet. • Being stuck together inside for a couple of days has been nice for my mama heart ❤️ all my peeps in one place for hours ✅ • If you’re new around here, I’m Emily. I blog @ boldpearls.com and my heart is to encourage others to live out their faith in Christ with BOLD intention. • I’m a multi passionate introvert, who actually loves making genuine connections 💕 • I hate Japanese food, love to laugh, and enjoy having random full out dance parties Beyoncé-style in my living room. • I’m obsessed with essential oils & researching various topics surrounding a clean lifestyle. #onelifetolive • Now your turn, what’s your favorite Sunday activity?
Self care, work care, family care. • All in a mom’s day! • Raise your hand if you work all those “care’s” into your day? And what does your self care look like? • #selfcare #momcare #withboldintention
So every generation has things that we have to manage/get over/deal with when it comes to raising our children. • Us (millennials) have stuff we should consider while parenting. • Checkout my recent post just about this so you can be prepared to raise babies despite our stuff. • Follow the link in my bio! • #boldmomhood #withboldintention
These two! • This is a picture that is foreshadowing, I’m sure of it! • I can’t explain how simply amazing it is to witness your babies growing. • The joy it brings is indescribable! • Every time I’m overcome with pure overflowing love, appreciation, and outrageous adoration of these two, I literally think > but He loves them even more 💕 • There is NOTHING that gives me more comfort than that. • God loves all of us more than we are capable of loving our own children! That’s all the assurance I need to walk this Earth. • He’s got this. #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention
To live #oola is to live with great balance. • There’s not a perfect balance, but it’s about keeping your priorities in check & not letting one area of your life become too inflated or deflated. • So the rub is to try & live a life that’s well-rounded in main areas such as faith, relationships, work, finances, etc. • The @oolaguru and @oolaseeker are super enjoyable to hear speak and their books are FANTATIC! I’ve read the oola balance and oola for women >> highly recommend both! • I got to write my #oolagoals and stick them on the infamous oola bus on the driver’s side b/c I intend to put God in the seat and follow His call on my life! • I’m on an oola tour, comment if you’re all about finding that balance! • #withboldintention #boldpearls
Looking out at National Harbor, a new place with new friends made me catch a tear in my eye b/c here’s the thing...life is SUCH A JOURNEY! • There have been SOOO MANY TIMES! I’ve felt like such a failure, like I wasn’t living up to my potential, or letting God down in some way. • The calling I have on my life has always felt bigger than my capabilities. • BUT HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS >>> it doesn’t matter what we are capable of or FEEL LIKE we are capable of >>> HE IS CAPABLE! • And what He created us for, WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! • I REST IN THAT b/c He is showing me that as long as I trust in Him, those callings start coming full circle and all the dots begin to connect. • If you’re struggling with “your calling” “your purpose” “your success”, just keep living! Keep asking questions of yourself, keep doing what’s in front of you, & just DO IT! • God is so good and He never forsakes us! • #withboldintention #allforhisglory #boldfaithboldlife
Me and my best friend! • This @ergobaby is getting a lot of use lately 😉 • So excited to be #mombossing at the Elevate Conference this weekend in DC! • Feeling super thankful for this life! • What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?? #withboldintention
This is a lifesaver!!! • When I eat not so well 🤷🏻‍♀️, I take these to help my body get rid of the nasty, use the good, and move on! 🏃🏼‍♀️ • Help your gut = heal your bod • #boildlyliving #thankyouyoungliving #oilylifestyle
My favorite are candid shots of my babies 💕 • They capture life moments that I’ll treasure forever. • We get caught up in the mundane and often time don’t have the time to soak in how we’re feeling and the chance to let our brain really register moments so we can easily recall them 🕛 • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 x’s “I don’t remember Banks when he was this small” 😢 • Time ticks by and only when we are intentional about being present do we get to have all the feels and take in what we’re doing. • Do your best to be present. Each day is such a gift and opportunity to feel all the great things about being alive. What a gift! • What did you do today no matter how big or small, what have you gratitude? Remember that. • #withboldintention #beintentional #livewell
NEW POST! • This one is all about being in the right mind frame to live an organic lifestyle & how EASY it is to accomplish! • Our bodies are bombarded and disrupted with ALL.THE.THINGS. we are in contact with and chose to use daily. • We can do better for ourselves b/c we deserve better for ourselves. • Fuel ⛽️ your body as best you can and watch how much your life changes. • Even our detergent alters our hormones 🙀 • Live #withboldintention and make a simple change 💕 • Drop an emoji for your favorite organic food! 🍎 • LINK IN BIO! #boldpearls #boildlyliving #howtoliveorganic #organicliving
Feeding me so I can #feedthepeople . • It’s hard to pull water (life) from a dry well. I have been devoted to making time every day to read The Word recently. Why? B/c it nourishes me and I’m able to be a better source of comfort for my babies and my husband. • My anxiety has been creeping into my days and I’ve been managing it with Christ’s help foremost. I know that when moments seems unstable, He is my stability and sanity. • Self care is paramount to staying productive and positive. We must know what gives our bodies rest & restart. On days I don’t feel like pouring out, I know I need to fill up. • Give yourself priority over other things so you are able to gain perspective, clarity, & joy! • How do you reset? Drop an emoji if you know you need to do this more 🙋🏻‍♀️ #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention #boldpearls
Have you heard the phrase “we are the sum of the people we spend most of our time with” • Well, I know FOR SURE Adam and I are definitely rubbed off on each other 🙃 • A priority in life should be to find that person or those people that support you unequivocally. • We are meant to do life with others, and it’s important to have relationships that bring light to you your life (not darkness). • Your geography isn’t even an issue anymore, you can find your tribe all over the world! • Make having a healthy support system in your life PRIORITY! #girltribe #workingtogether #withboldintention
My precious sweet baby doll cut her first ✌🏻 teeth today 😭😭😭 • I can’t believe how fast time passes! It feels like I was just adoring her in this moment as she smiled at me in the comfort and safety of my arms around her ☺️ • My days are packed with the push and pull of many different responsibilities in my life. And quiet often I feel rather frazzled. • There’s nothing I would change except for maybe having more time 😉 • I really try to be intentional with all my time and that’s not to say everything has to be super efficient. Listen, I’d be the first one to stay in my jammies and binge Netflix all day 🙋🏻‍♀️ if given the chance to not have to keep my babies alive all day 🙃 • Being intentional isn’t complicated, it just means to try and as much as you can, pause & process what you are doing, thinking, and feeling>>> and then take action accordingly. • It’s not a big scheme or complicated ideology. It’s just a check and balance system that keeps you moving forward and focused. • 🤘🏻 rock on and joyfully pursue each and every day! #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention
It’s been #nationalbreastfeedingweek and I shared most of our journey in my stories today. • • Breastfeeding 🤱 is a quick needed decision in a long line of many more in our lives as parents. • • My ultimate goal is to be a good parent and I wrote all about the one thing you need to do to be a good one. Follow the link in my bio to the newest post. And while you’re here, share your words of wisdom on what it takes to be a good parent in the comments below. #boldmomhood #withboldintention #boldpearls
There is NOTHING like the anticipation of your first baby coming into your world 😍😍 It’s the most raw, exciting, and inspiring feeling all at once, all day for months 💕 When you find something that gives you a fraction of that, grab hold of it & pursue the outcome like nothing else matters. Blind anticipation & fearless determination. Drop an emoji if you’re hustling for your dreams 🙋🏻‍♀️ #purposedriven #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention
Thinking, reading, writing, and dreaming. I spend time doing each of these every day & I like it that way. Life forces us to make decisions all day and some end well, and others become mistakes to learn from. There is no way to have one and not the other. The only way to get thru it all, is to GO THRU IT ALL. (Can I get a witness?) Just do the best you can each day. Be purposeful. And don’t plan on “I’ll do that tomorrow.” What’s your goals for the week? #withboldintention
This boy knows exactly how to get what he wants ☺️ he just has to give me that smile and say peeeaass 😍 I love 💕 being a mom and having this insanely deep love in my life. Motivation is a hard “thing” to maintain. Keeping focused on your “why” is CRITICAL! Your “why” should be detailed AND challenging BUT attainable. I find that best practice for me is to have my “why” written in the front of my planner and I read over it throughout my week when planning. What motivation hacks do you have? #withboldintention #motivationmonday
I read some pretty powerful words today, here’s the cliff notes 📝 version: God never intended for us to live life individually. Our lives are meant to be mingled with others. Simple evidence >> (1) He created a partner for Adam b/c He saw that it would be good for man (humankind) to live life with another person.(2)When God sent disciples to spread His word, more than one was sent. (3) He made procreation >> I mean that’s pretty much self-explanatory 😉 It takes at least two to tango 🙃 We glean the most from life when we are incorporating others in to it! Our ultimate purpose in life is to share God’s word and love>> how can we do that if we aren’t engaging with others? If you’re needing motivation, accountability, or support making a change >>> TELL SOMEBODY! You’re much more likely to be successful at making an impactful difference when walking thru it with a confidant! Whose your person?
Sitting, reading, enjoying a warm drink >> just a few of my favorite things. Recharging is IMPERATIVE! We can’t simply keep going and going and going like the #energizerbunny . Self care is IMPORTANT CARE! Do things that give you life & if you don’t know what those are >> FIGURE IT OJT! There’s your homework for the night, brainstorm, plan time, and NO EXCUSES! What’s your re-charge activity? (Mine are in the comments)
Walking into my thirties has been sweet. I’ve been able to reflect and think about this life that I’m so thankful for. Isn’t life crazy, messy, hard, miraculous, & BEAUTIFUL?! What did you come to realize at thirty? #boldlyliving #withboldintention
Roses 🌹 are so beautiful. They’re so bold. It seems as though they have something to say. Colors that grab attention, but thorns to keep it at bay. Closed up, but then blossom with care and love. Sturdy with leaves and strong stems, but soft with delicate petals. They mimic many characteristics of a well-rounded person. A metaphor perhaps. Live boldly, but in good measure. Be compassionate (soft), yet strong. Have something you stand for and are crazy passionate about, but keep it together. There’s something to really see in everything God created, and isn’t that just wonderful.... 💕🌹💕🌹💕🌹 #withboldintention #livebold
Lately, this is every picture of me ☺️ Toting one of my babies & although at times it can be semi-annoying (just being honest 🤷🏻‍♀️ b/c working with one arm down is tiring!), I’ve never been more present in my life and what a 🎁 that is! No matter what season of life you are in >> time alludes us. We find ourselves harping on the past, wishing for the future, and making plans for the possibilities. But, let me challenge you, 🛑 always planning out ahead, dreaming for “it” to be over, or contemplating why something led up to this point in time. Sure, we go thru hard times and nobody wants to stay in those, but as you’ve heard times before, there is a reason! Don’t always dream for the “could be” or “should be” & betting on what the future may hold. Sure, being hopeful is great and making plans/steps towards a certain future point is part of life and great motivation, BUT don’t get so caught up in the dream that you can’t enjoy the now. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have >> you can always want for more. Be present. Live NOW b/c that’s where you actually are. Don’t let time slip thru your fingers each day b/c you don’t belong there in your mind. Live each day the best you can, so you will have lived for something every moment you’ve had the chance to! 💕💕
We can be so hard on ourselves when our desires, goals, & timelines don’t converge as we think they should. I believe the BIGGEST motivation is to envision what your life would be like IF __________. As in think about the details >> what EXACTLY would your day look like. If you can imagine how life would be different if you intentionally set out to make “it” happen, you’re going to work that much more efficiently to reach that lifestyle. I know the calling I have on my heart to help others, & the ideas I believe will put that desire in motion. Now, it’s up to me to work towards it. God put the mission on your heart and vision in your mind, meditate on it & step forward in faith! Tag a friend who could use some pep in their step! #withboldintention #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #makingmoves
Self-care is IMPORTANT! And, yes, this includes diet and exercise BUT it’s so much more than that. It should include hobbies, exciting challenges, & passion pursuits. Feed your body and mind by using your skills, talents, & curiosities to promote self development. We are should never sit idle. Even if things are “perfect”, they could be more perfect. (Perfect doesn’t exist though 😉) Push yourself b/c with God’s guidance and His capability >> your purpose can truly be utilized! What’s a self-care action you’re taking today?
So my first born was celebrated today, the big ✌🏻. He rode trains, splashed in water, slide down slides, rode carousels, ate 🍕 (which is a big treat 😉), licked icing off cupcakes and homemade 🍦, gave hugs, received kisses, took approx 100000 pics, loved on family & friends, opened thoughtful gifts,shared his new presents with his sister, & crushed mommy and daddy’s heart once again. ❤️ Lord, we are so thankful for our precious son. How humbled we are to have so much love in our lives. We owe it all to You & are forever grateful. 💕💕 #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #boldlyliving #withboldintention #choochootrain #choochooimtwo
I love my boy. Until I had children of my own >> life was special, but then it became significant 💕💕 . . . . . . #legacy #withboldintention #boldmomhood
This little sweet pea is turning ✌🏻soon and I can’t believe how fast these two years have passed! #momlifeisthebest Each day he learns so much and watching life thru his eyes is truly life-giving. Today, I was just a mom. And I don’t say “just” to insinuate I was being “less than”, no I mean quite the opposite. I was just a mom, focused on my babies and being appreciative for the chance I had to love on them and meet their needs. What’s interesting to think about is the fact that we were ALL little babies once, born to love and require as much as possible back. We all smiled, cooed, & gazed at those we knew as mom with utter adoration. I’m so thankful to have these babies to love 💕 & meet their gazes right back. #boldmomhood #withboldintention #boldpearls #twoyearsold
I cannot believe this #manbun sporting baby is going to #twoyearsold soon! 😭😭 AND This sweet giggly girl is #6monthsold ! This #mamaheart is feeling so sentimental today. I can’t believe how slow the days can be, but how fast the months go by. No matter what phase in life you may be in, I think we can all agree that adulthood is a major #timesuck . I feel like the older I get, the faster I tick thru one more year of life. Turning thirty is right around the corner for me #yikes & it’s a major perspective shift! Age is just a number BUT it’s also a reminder of what we have done so far and what we still want to do. What age had a huge impact on you? . . . . #withboldintention #boldlyliving #boldmomhood #boldpearls
New post is up & my hope is that it will be an encouragement to you and looking at those we may overlook otherwise. Tell me, have you been like the lady in the van and how'd did it go? . . . . . . . . . #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #newpost #lifestyleblogger #lifecoach #Christianlifecoach #withboldintention #bebold #livingforhim #encouragementgallery #inhisname #soulscripts #workingforhim #
Sometimes we get complacent. We use the excuse that we are waiting on God to reveal His plan for us. Basically, we are wanting to make a move risk-free & weren’t content when “nothing” is happening b/c that means it’s just not God’s will right now. God may very well say not right now, but He certainly is not planning for us to sit idle. He longs to work WITH US for the sake of our relationship WITH HIM. Like the old saying goes, God can direct a moving object. Don’t fall into complacency, what a tragedy for moments you’ve been given. Tell us, If you had 4 FREE hours in your day to do anything, how would you use them?
Life is such an incredible journey. We can easily be overcome by the norms of everyday life that we can’t see the impact or difference we can make. God can make mountains move just from our simple ideas 💡& dreams. Don’t believe that you are too small to do big things! Do you agree?
Shameless #momselfie Smiling big b/c I had some moments of perspective today that have given so much energy and happiness ☺️ One thing in life can be seen in many different ways & it’s how we observe, process, and respond that makes the difference. People can find excuses for literally everything, but here is the #truth - don’t fear failure >> be afraid of not having the chance. Take each day, and make something good happen. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact it can be as simple as smiling at someone. Each day (hour, minute, second) is a chance. A chance to live this life fully, without fear. God is our Father & no matter what we are going thru He will take care of it. Don’t be afraid, be confident & assured. I’m smiling today b/c I have the chance. The chance to do good. To be present, and be intentional. Live #withboldintention ! #boldpearls #boldfaithboldlife #perspective #motivatedonthate
So I may be smiling in this pic, but this wasn’t from today 🤤 • Today was just a more challenging one that included a crying video message to my hubs. • Some days are just 🤷🏻‍♀️ & that’s normal. That’s life. • I’ve come to realize more than once, that leaning into the chaos instead of fighting it is 👌🏻 • We aren’t going to be 💯 all the time. And that’s part of the deal, this flesh that we walk in every day. • Days like this can derail us, but they don’t define us. We can rise above and move past the crazy. • Stay focused on the big picture in the throws of overwhelm. Some times it’s just a little does of perspective that can pull us out of the pit. • Live with BOLD intention! #boldpearls #withboldintention #pushpastthepain
#FLASHBACKFRIDAY My baby girl was born right before Christmas and what a real life miracle she is☺️😍 • Everyday I’m in awe at how my life is playing out, how my expectations are shifting, and how my dreams have transformed. • Personal growth is a constant output of waking up each day. Every day, God is pruning us and opening/closing doors, windows, & any other gateways. • Ultimately, we are God’s warriors! We get to wake each day and get to work shedding light and love to those in need. • How are you soldiering today? #godsplan #godsplan #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention #boldpearls
Sometimes just putting on pretty jewelry for the day, gives you a little more confidence ☺️ • I’ve noticed that on days when I’m just being a #SAHM or #WAHM , it feels really good to get ready. Sure, there are days I stay in my jammies (you know this if you watch my stories 🙈) and leave my face bare BUT the days I get ready, I literally feel better! • We all have little motivators, what’s your’s? #boldpearls #withboldintention #motivate
Do you feel overwhelmed and overtired? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve been there too. It’s hard when you’re in that cycle to break out of such a funk. Not feeling settled or in the “right spot”, there’s a reason for that uneasiness. It just means that there are bigger plans on the horizon. There’s more to come b/c you haven’t hit your stride and that stirring? ...it comes from Christ. He’s nudging you, even in the slightest way. Be patient, be receptive, and DON’T BE DISCOURAGED! He’s timing is perfect and He will NEVER FORSAKE YOU. • Rest in his faithfulness. #boldfaithboldlife #boldpearls #withboldintention
Royal 👑 Wedding Day 👑 My wedding day was definitely one of the ABSOLUTE BEST DAYS EVER! What did you think of the whole sha-bang? (Her dress, hair, the prince, anything interesting you noticed) Share what you thought 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #royalwedding #weddingday 💍 #boldmarriage
There have been many times I’ve cried out to God , “what am I supposed to be doing right now?!” • Life is hard! And a large aspect of how we feel hinges on whether our days are being spent purposefully. • Boredom. Confusion. Unsettled. Drudgery. Passionless. Restless. • These words described what it feels like to be unfulfilled with daily life & being in this state is miserable! • But you don’t have to stay in that place. God has a purpose for your unique skills + abilities! That’s the good news. • We all have different paths + timelines for what He works together, we must remain faithful and focused on His promises. • Checkout my latest post (link in bio) to read how you can handle getting unstuck. • There’s even a free journal guide to kickstart your booty! 😉 #withboldintention #boldpearls #findyourcalljng
Because who doesn’t love a bold rug against beautiful hardwoods?! • ? for the day, have you been deemed or deem yourself an “old soul”? • #introvert #extrovert #oldsouls #withboldintention #boldpearls
This past weekend, I had the best time with my family! We went out of town to my favorite place & I got uninterrupted time with my 💕 and babies. • If you watched my IG stories yesterday, I mentioned that a phrase I had heard that “parents only go on vacation so their kids have fun memories” was SO TRUE! • Adam and I were completely exhausted when we got back home. We had fun, but it was work with two babes not being in our normal place, pace, or routine. • I say all that to say this, although we were weary and mentally drained, we enjoyed every minute. We started making plans for our next vacation and came up with ideas for what would make our vacay times smoother #liveandlearn . • Children are hard. Raising human beings who are innately unique and autonomous is no easy feat! But dang is it rewarding! • It’s the greatest oxymoron of life and that’s b/c we grow just as much as they do. It’s the best and hardest, the most enjoyable and the most aggravating, the most natural and unnatural journey, the biggest accomplishment and some of the biggest failures. It’s all of it, all the time. • I love my babies and I’m so thankful to be a mother. This picture is funny b/c Adam and I loved eating at this fancy restaurant and even took Banks with us right before little miss was born. It was pretty easy with him and he even ate bone marrow tater tots 🤷🏻‍♀️😂, so we thought we’d take both babies for lunch on Mother’s day. • They were closed. And in my heart, I knew we were testing our luck 😂. So I sat down and got a pic anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️. • Our itineraries may not be the same and what we feel is fun, isn’t really going to work when the kiddos are in tow. But we get to experience things like running in the grass at a park again, carrying on conversations about simple mundane objects b/c they are blowing our babies’ minds, and watching the loves of our lives try things for the first time - and that’s more fun than anything. #boldmomhood #withboldintention #boldpearls
This past weekend, I had the best time with my family! We went out of town to my favorite place & I got uninterrupted time with my 💕 and babies. • If you watched my IG stories yesterday, I mentioned that a phrase I had heard that “parents only go on vacation so their kids have fun memories” was SO TRUE! • Adam and I were completely exhausted when we got back home. We had fun, but it was work with two babes not being in our normal place, pace, or routine. • I say all that to say this, although we were weary and mentally drained, we enjoyed every minute. We started making plans for our next vacation and came up with ideas for what would make our vacay times smoother #liveandlearn . • Children are hard. Raising human beings who are innately unique and autonomous is no easy feat! But dang is it rewarding! • It’s the greatest oxymoron of life and that’s b/c we grow just as much as they do. It’s the best and hardest, the most enjoyable and the most aggravating, the most natural and unnatural journey, the biggest accomplishment and some of the biggest failures. It’s all of it, all the time. • I love my babies and I’m so thankful to be a mother. This picture is funny b/c Adam and I loved eating at this fancy restaurant and even took Banks with us right before little miss was born. It was pretty easy with him and he even ate bone marrow tater tots 🤷🏻‍♀️😂, so we thought we’d take both babies for lunch on Mother’s day. • It was closed. And in my heart, I knew we were testing our luck 😂. So I sat down and got a pic anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️. • Our itineraries may not be the same and what we feel is fun, isn’t really going to work when the kiddos are in tow. But we get to experience things like running in the grass at a park again, carrying on conversations about simple mundane objects b/c they are blowing our babies’ minds, and watching the loves of our lives try things for the first time - and that’s more fun than anything. #boldmomhood #withboldintention #boldpearls
Journaling, reading, & planning are three of my favorite things to do when I get a quiet still moment. • My traveler’s notebook is my favorite place for my planner and journal books b/c it keeps all my dreams and aspirations close to my take action schedule. • I believe God puts desires in our hearts to help us stay ambitious. Staying present in the what needs to happen now, but moving forward in the hopes of what’s to come. • What are you planning for? Are you trying to grow and develop? #whatsyourplan #withboldintention #boldpearls
You know those places that just give you that “I’m living my best life” feeling? • That’s Asheville for me & even more specific, this store. #desirant • I love being with my people, exploring...it’s life! • Thankful for this day. This sunshine. These loves that I’m sharing today with 💕. Thank you Lord. • Where do you live your best life? #mountainviews #livingmybestlife #instafam #boldmomhood #boldpearls
Posted this on my oily account @boildlyliving but couldn’t resist sharing here. • Who loves #succulents 🙋🏻‍♀️? • These are so pretty & the water pale my mom surprised me with 😍 this morning. • I can’t get enough of them 💕💕 • They’re beauty is simple and their strength is mighty. 💪🏻 it’s a simple example of God’s love for us. Its not mired or conditional, it’s constant and never wavering & oh, so mighty! • I love you Lord and all your creations. Do you agree? #boldfaithboldlove #withboldintention #boldpearls
Sometimes you just want a taste 🤣🤣🤣 This pic makes me smile for obvious reasons but also because I can already picture what life with these two may be like thru the years. Banks buzzing around, talking everyone’s ear off and making us laugh. Edi sitting back chillin 😎 and offering thoughtful advice. I can’t believe I get to share life with two more beautiful souls. Marrying their dad was the first best thing that happened to me, and they’ve been the next ones. Every day we have the opportunity to love hard, be intentional, & feel joy. 💕💕 #withboldintention #boldmomhood #boldpearls
Wine making is an art. It takes SO MUCH attention to detail. The PH of the soil has to be just right, the type of vine has to be perfectly matched to thrive in the terrain, the leaves/buds have to be trimmed perfectly on time, and even the weather has to perform just so. (& that’s just the tip of the iceberg) • There are many great analogies between wine making and how God works in our lives. • Every detail matters & is specifically crafted to create a larger picture. • We are so fortunate to have a Father that loves us to the point of finitely working every. single. part. of our lives together. • What are the “pressure points” of our life right now? What can you see He May be working on? #boldfaithboldlife #withboldintention #boldpearls
My arms full with my babies fills my heart and brings a different kind of purpose to my life 💕 • Our roles in life shift, morph, and shape our character and daily walks in MANY ways. • Finding our way in life is a continual journey b/c our ideals, hobbies, interests, & circumstances are ever changing. • To help you focus on the right here, right now, ask yourself: If your current circumstances were part of God’s plan to develop you as a person, what would you say He is up to? #boldfaithboldlife #boldmomhood #withboldintention #boldpearls
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