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6 years ago I was completely stuck in life. In masses of debt and spiralling. Working a full time job... and a part time job. But still barely making ends meet. Fed up of feeling so fed up with the cards that life had dealt up to that point. I KNEW I wanted things to change. I just didn't know how. Until I started on a course that would change my life as I knew it. Self discovery and a lot of learning. Things CAN get better, if you want it to, and allow it to. Take that step, and trust in the journey. 💜. I'm here to guide you when you're ready 😘
You were not made to be small! You were made to be the best version of yourself... and the best version of you does not shrink herself to fit inside of anyone else's expectations! Be unapologetically you!
Don’t you just love how an email can just brighten up your day??? Looks like I am headed to Las Vegas in October for an exclusive leadership retreat!!! They booked me in to stay at the Aria and I get to bring a guest with me!!!!! Pretty crazy to think that this online thing I started 4 years ago has become something so amazing!! I'm helping 250 women on their health and fitness journey while on vacation with my family!!!! And I'm getting requests for more to join us and be Summer Strong!!! I’m so happy that I decided to hold myself accountable to my goals and become a coach!! Who knows what life would look like if I hadn't said yes!!
Many people are fighting for their rights and for empowerment every day. We still have a long way to go and in some parts of the world there are many battles left to be won, yet I think we are living the best times and the fact that we are all linked and all can access information- that alone gives us power. Brave people are rising and are inspiring other brave people to open up through art, music, fashion, technology and oh so many other fields 💃 We are happy to be part of this and happy to contribute to the revolution of love ♥️ . . . #teyxo #teyxostyle . . . #fashionrevolution #empoweringwomen #empowerment #empowering #empowered #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowered #revolutionoflove #fashiondiaries #fashionstyle #fashiongrammer #girlpower #girlboss #styled #styleinspo #styleinspiration #motivational #motivating #inspiration #inspirational #inspiring #inspired #instastyle #styleinspiration #womensupportingwomen #womenstyles
For all the women out there afraid of what society has to say about women lifting weights... theres nothing more powerful than a woman that is empowered! #womenbodybuilding #women #womenempowered #womenphysique
“I worked with Andrea leading up to my wedding; my goal was to feel good about my body (and my skin in particular) on my big day. Andrea made what initially felt like big changes into small, manageable pieces with great recipes and ideas for simple lifestyle tweaks. Plus, she was a huge support amongst the stress of it all. The best part was: IT WORKED. On the day of my wedding, I truly felt like I was in the best shape of my life, had clear, soft skin, and felt great knowing that I had done everything I could to prepare and all that was left to do was focus on the moment and smile for the camera.” . YAS, this is what I like to hear! 🙌There’s nothing better than feeling confident and radiant and totally YOU on your big day. For this client, it was all about getting to the bottom of her food sensitivities, and making small, doable dietary shifts to clear up her skin and help her feel great… so she could focus on soaking up every moment! . If you’re looking for the same (wedding day approaching, or not), reach out! Click the link in my bio to set up a free strategy session. We’ll identify your goals and challenges, then talk through specific, step-by-step solutions, designed for you and your life. . . . . #skindeep #takecareofyourskin #beautifulskin #healthyskincare #softskin #weddingskin #weddingprep #lifestylechanges #lookafteryourself #incontrol #liveyourbestlife #whynotyou #badasswomen #bossladies #womenempowered #beconfident #confidenceboost #confidenceiskey #confidenceisyou #weightlosscommunity #weightmanagement #foodsensitivities #stressmanagement #dietitianandrea #healthandwellnesscoach #behavioralcoach #weightlosscoach #transformationalcoach #registereddietitian #rdsofinstagram
“When you really want something you will find a way! When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse!” - Rachel Hollis. #lularoe #becauseoflularoe
Coming Soon! The Life You Wish - Inspiring women to live their life ON PURPOSE and giving YOU the tools to do it! #coaching #personaldevelopment #thelifeyouwish #womenempowered
"Classy L.I.F.E." Signature tees $18. If interested comment below "Classy", your desired color and size. #classylife #livingn4everelegance #womenempowered
yesterday was my last day on the #keto diet. I tried it out for 10 days and there is a lot to say! I wanted to try it out to make a vlog about this diet that in my opinion is a little controversial. Do I agree with it now? Did it help me lose some weight even in 10 short days? how did it make me feel? Will I stick to it? I'll answer all those questions in my upcoming vlog, to watch make sure to follow my channel on YouTubea my link is on my bio! . . . #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketones #metabolicstate #carbs #nocarbs #womenwholift #diet #fitness #fitnessdiary #nursing #school #summer #vlog #nursingstudent #getfit #losefat #latina #empower #womenempowered #health #lifestyle #vlogger #youtube #creator #content #contentcreator
"Classy L.I.F.E." Signature tees $18. If interested comment below "Classy", your desired color and size. #classylife #livingn4everelegance #womenempowered
Only 10 Days to go for the Grand Finale!! Congratulations to all the winners! Please join is for the Grand Finale and Awarding Ceremony at The Savera on 26th August from 4.30 PM! 150 candidates were shortlisted for interview. The shortlisted candidates were interviewed by eminent jury members across the board and have given their evaluation. The evaluation criteria for the awards were 1.Uniqueness of idea 2. Social Impact 3. Family Impact 4. Revenue and growth 5. Potential for scaling up 6. Passion #HomeBusiness #WomenEmpowered #WomenEntrepreneursHub #Finale #Congratulations
🌺Publicists of Aretha Louise Franklin -are reporting that The Queen of Soul passed away Thursday at her residence. Rest in heaven sweet Queen 😢 March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018 #ArethaFranklin
RESPECT!!#arethafranklin .RIP. #womenempowered .. #Therightsofplussize Queen..has left the building..#take a #bow .
Get your t-shirts customized with STEP! I customize all my clothing with my brand to remind me every day to continue STEPping towards endless progress. #step . Get your t-shirts customized with STEP TODAY! All profits from this business will be used to fund the start of WOMEN S.T.E.P.S. It is a non profit organization that will help domestic violence victims with job placement, financial independence programs and child care assistance. #womenentrepeneurs #womenentrepeneur #womenentrepeneurship #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowered #womanentrepreneur #girlboss #blackownedbusiness #blackempowerment #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepeneurlife
Ya solo falta 3 meses para partir y compartir en este viaje de alma! Lindo grupo de mujeres soñadoras, buscadoras, con intención, con ganas de aventurarse a explorar y contemplar una nueva cultura y nuevos parajes y paisajes no solo externos sino también internos, el paisaje más bello, el del corazón 💙 Si tienes ganas de aventurarte con nosotras o si sientes un llamado o cosquilleo en tu corazón, escúchalo. Últimos cupos... nos puedes escribir a andreanavascues@yahoo.com o karishogui@gmail.com o por inbox para darte más información. Namasté😊🙏 @andreanavascues @karishogui #soultravel #thesouljourneys #viajesparaelalma #magicalindia #incredibleindia #madewithlove #madewithpurpose #womenempowered #womensharing #womencaring #meditation #contemplation #walkthepathwithin #feelmore #thinkless #calloftheheart
Check Out the Girls emPOWered Podcast Episode 6: "Passion & Purpose, The Ingredients for Maximum Success" Be sure to follow, like, comment and join in on the discussion: https://soundcloud.com/user-787573207/episode-6-passion-purpose-the-ingredients-for-maximum-success/s-P0EJr Want to be featured? Contact us!
We have a personalized shopping event happening tonight from 5pm-9pm! It is being hosted by @brittneyhanvey We have a Free Set of Lash Extensions from @kld_artistry we will be giving away! @contouringbynatalie will be in store from 6-8 to offer contouring tutorials and great discounts on her products!! Our stylists will be available to offer you a personalized shopping experience and everything in store will be 25% Off!! There will be treats, fun, and dancing!! Don’t miss out!! *This is at the St George location Only*
Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you lived through it. Honor your path. Trust your journey. Learn, grow, evolve, become. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #credit4success #hiphoplife #bossladylife #womenempowered #menempowered #igtexas #prayerlife #instatx #creditmatters #tnjbossbabe
The Film: exploring the physicality of the body and anthropomorphising of objects… blurring the lines between gender and sexuality The Protagonist: Miss Cairo creating dramatic optical illusions and a dark fetishized undertone Plasma Vista by Harriet Fleuriot & Sarah Cockings – represented by @presenza_london part of Women Empowered exhibition at sketch… #videoart #womenempowered #sketchart #showingnow #lastweek #art #EATMUSICDRINKART
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. The more we give of ourselves, the more we receive. . . . The more we attract, whether it be love, money, health, positivity, etc, . . The more we have to give back! . . Changing the world, One moment at a time! . . #honestyaligned #itsyourstory #timeisnow #be
Happy Looks Good on YOU!, 👑 Drop a Happy Emoji 😁😊🤗 If you are putting your happiness 1st! Join the Movement * Link in Bio #girlpowerignite
I was catching up on messages last night and I noticed a similar theme in my conversations... “Jen, I’m just starting out, I can’t do what you do.” My response ........ “I couldn’t do what I do now when I was starting either!!!” There was no way I would even consider using the weights I use now when I started. I started with my 5 and 8 pound weights. They were green and purple neoprene. It wasn’t until later that I started adding heavier weights. And it happened slowly, as my body grew stronger. I added 10’s then 15’s then 20’s. My muscles developed slowly through years of consistency!!! It certainly wasn’t an overnight thing, or even a one year thing. Listen, It’s not a race!! Heck, it’s not a marathon either because there is no finish line to health. This is a lifestyle and I’m so thankful for it. So if you are just starting out, don’t worry!!! I’ve got your back!!! I can help you get started!! I can meet you where you are and we can continue in this journey together!! That’s what I love so much about my groups!! We have every range of fitness ability - from newbies who have never lifted a weight before, to post partum moms wanting to get their body back, to people who were high school athletes and want keep fitness in their life, to stay at home moms who just need a little “me time” each day, to grandmas who want to stay active to keep up with their grand babies!!! Our fit family includes everyone and we are on this journey together!!! Come join us!!!
Keep that focus later sharp on what you want!!!
Sometimes you just need to rest and that’s OK 💤 When your motivation is fired and you’re working hard to reach a goal, taking time to do nothing and relax can feel like a betrayal. It is important to learn that this is NOT the case. Your body will let you know what it needs. If you are feeling fatigued, not recovering from exercise and suddenly lacking in motivation to train then it is more than likely you need to find time to rest and realign. And by the way, when I say rest, I mean REST! Have a bath, read some books, participate in meditation, do what feels right for you BUT take the time and I promise you will come back stronger and be further on your way to reaching your goals. Now excuse me while I continue to chill 🛀 Image @alifebalanced
Ops kidnap Azahrina..Celebrity..and lobby Sabah..hahahaa..she is a class of her own..eloquent..gracious.. AzharZainal top 3 Celebrity @azharzainaldesign .. #azharzainaldesignplussizeshow2018 .. #womenempowered
Dont be too concerned with #appearances or feel as though you need to make a good impression or look good for anyone else. Have no fear or concern of being #judged . At the end of the day, if you’re being who you truly are, then that will be making all the #impression anyhow. In reality, being your true self or a Badass #woman are rare enough that if you’re working out like one in the #gym or meeting a group for #drinks ,, no one is going to be noticing what you wear anyhow. They’ll be too busy being impressed by YOU. Don’t take that to mean you should intentionally #dress down however. In a way, that’s just as bad, because either way you’re going out of your way to #create an impression for people. Just be yourself. If #dressing in brightly colored gym #clothes is you, then do that. If you prefer to dress in #black , dress in black and don’t worry about people thinking you look #morbid . If your thing is having painted #nails and even some #jewelry , knock yourself out, and don’t be concerned with people thinking you’re too showy. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you. As I said, just be real about it. #Genuineness , #confidence and #honesty are always #Badass . Let's get #fit together♡
Why we hangout with super chill chicks like Miss V n Sue for #plussizefashion Models.bcse they are fun n kind. Cantik..sexy.#Therightsofplussize .#srccpublicitybeautifulmalaysia ..Plys Size..#azharzainaldesignplussizeshow2018 .. #Protectthevibes #bekindtooneanother #Womenempowered ! #InkubatorWanitaBijakBerjaya . #womenempowered
When we do raise our voices, we are often unclear how we are being received and wonder if there is a point to our collective song. I argue that there is room for every note and melody. Whether that includes fists raised in marches to make a statement or utilizing our empathic abilities to guide a powerful man to our plight, it’s most important that we keep talking. We must commune. We must continue to use our self-awareness and intuition to determine what audience needs to hear which tone. But be silent? Never. I have seen the catalyzing force of company-sponsored women’s groups, advocacy projects, and activism. They are all powerful in their own right, and when used masterfully, they accomplish the goal of building communities of women, support, infrastructure, advocacy, and policy reform. Never doubt your power. Teaser from chapter 23 of LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future, launch party August 25th. (Visit profile for tickets.) 💕 • • • • • • • #inspirationalquotes #ownyourpower #powerfulwomen #power #youarepowerful #useyourvoice #womenempowered #womeninspiringwomen #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivated #authorsofinstagram #authorsofig #author #writers #writersofinstagram #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #quotes #quotesdaily #quotestagram #bookstagram #bookshelf #readinglist #bookquotes #bookish #bookworm #booksofinstagram #selfdevelopment
It is my duty, my purpose, my passion, and my intention to empower and inspire as many women as possible... especially my Nubian Queens... we have to start cheering each other on whether we know each other or not.... United we should stand or Divided we will slowly start falling ...... I love my sistahs no matter if I know you or not ( we will soon meet 😊) 🙌🏽👑💃🏽
#inkubatorwanitabijakberjaya 2015..2018 Founders SurayaRahman.Datin Norawina Cik Puan Azarieta @azarieta...Secretary Narissa@narissawong N member Fyza for Hijabista Malaysia #srccpublicitybeautifulmalaysia ..Social Entrepreneurs..Lifestyle Heritage..Women and Children shelter. #ProvidingworkforwomeninneedMalaysia ..tqtqttqtqr.#lifesupport . For #AzharZainalDesign .. all ottds.. #CelebratingDiversity #Therightsofplussize . #womenempowered #womenempowerement
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I adore this piece with its rainbow🌈 inclusion!! Scroll to the end➡ for a video!! Just $24+shipping(shipping can be combined💕)!! Comment SOLD to claim this magical crystal as your own😍 • • Citrine encourages... ♡our personal willpower ♡an overflow of creativity ♡mental clarity ♡manifestation of our deepest desires ♡harmonizes the root, sacral ans solar plexus chakras ♡us to live in love and joy knowing that things are unfolding for our highest good
If you’re ready to find clarity, focus and motivation for your life, WELL is ready to help you with that vision. Our coaches help you design a life that energizes you! Schedule a wellness session today {link in our profile} #ourwellwomen
Scheduled REST Day!!! Do you take those??? I used to go go go!! ALL THE TIME!! Until I would crash! I have learned that you if you don’t take time to slow down your body will force you to. And it’s not always in a pleasant way. It’s often a pull, strain, tear or more serious injury. Your body NEEDS rest days to recover so it can come back STRONGER. So today, I slept in!! Gave my body some extra time to repair while I slept. Then I got up and did a little meditation. I will tell you, that is not my jam!!! It’s hard for me to stay still and quiet my mind. I guess it’s called a practice for a reason. Then I did some simple stretching. Nothing crazy. Just something to stretch out my body from the past two days and get the blood flowing. Because that actually helps your muscles repair quicker too. Don’t be afraid to take a rest day and just SLOW DOWN!!! I’d love to hear what you do for your rest days!!!
This inspiring story was posted on Medium this past Monday and features one of our co-founders and motivational speakers, Tammy “G-Shot” Barlette. It’s republished from a few years ago, but the message is timeless...take quit off the table as an option and you can go further than you ever knew possible! #womenleaders #womenempowered #athenasvoice
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Hey!! You may have stumbled upon my page randomly and I wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself! My name is Jen and I am a wife, mom, pharmacist and coach. I have been married to my husband Chad for 9 years and we have two very energetic kids - James 7 and Anna 4. I believe that being healthy is more than just diet and exercise. It’s about having the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy everything in life. By taking care of me I am showing my family what health looks like and giving them an example to follow. I want them to be as healthy as possible and that starts by taking care of me. I fell in love with working out at home and having a simple plan to follow. I became a coach to help pay that forward and help other moms regain their energy and self confidence! Every month I run an exclusive online support group where I coach you through a program, teach meal planning and share my recipes and tips for staying on track. I have helped hundreds of women reach their goals and have built so many incredible friendships. I am the founder and CEO Unstoppable Fitness and I have grown an amazing team of decidated and motivated women who are working with me to help others get fit and healthy! We are currently a TOP Canadian Team!! Through this business I have been able to leave my full time pharmacy job to be a full-time coach. I am now home with my kids to see them on and off the school bus and have dinner with them in the evenings. No more coming home from work just in time for books and bedtime. As coaches we are able to work from literally anywhere!! We get to travel to some amazing places - Nashville, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Cancun, Florida, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Jamaica, and all over Canada!! We have so much fun helping others. Coaching has completed changed my life and my families life!! I am also looking for women to join our Unstoppable Fitness Team and pay it forward with this incredible opportunity. You are not on your own - Together we can reach your goals - Together we are Unstoppable PLEASE feel free to click "FOLLOW" OR send me a DM and we can chat!
We all need a little pop of color in our lives! 🌻😍
This resonates with me so much. 😍🙌 . Yes, there may be people more qualified, but action means so much more! By DECIDING that you want more for yourself, you're taking the first step! DECIDE to take action and DECIDE to believe in yourself. BELIEVE that your life can be amazing and that you CAN do the things you've always wanted to do 💜
What the hell matters?? It’s so easy to get sidetracked, sucked up and lost in all the craziness, all the materialism, all of the drama of life these days. How do you remember what is priority anymore? ✨You dig in and get present. ✨You inhabit your body and listen ✨Your get out of your head and be aware Simple steps that are NOT easy. But so essential if you don’t want to waste your time, energy and life on BS. Dr kate #getreal #wakeup #besovereign #womenempowered #womenentrepreneurs #warriorgoddess #mastery
It’s all about progressing!!!! 💕
Yessssss...speak Lala 💕💞💕 Inspo via @xonecole
#azharzainaldesignplussizeshow2018 @azharzainaldesign .. Celebrating Body Beautiful .. #Therightsofplussize . ..#bodybeautiful ..Good nite. Hair by Fendi Sani..@fendisani ..tqtqtqtq #womenempowered
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