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Crown point in the Columbia River Gorge. This was our view when I moved to the northwest at 7 years old. I didn’t realize what I had until I got older. Where is your favorite place you’ve lived?🌎🌊📸🌲
Did you think Tulips were gonna disappear off of your feed?! Think again! Its funny, when the season at @woodenshoefarm was here just a couple months ago, I know many of us were getting a little tired of heading out there and shooting the same-ish location and often coming away with similar compositions each time. Now that the season is over, I kind of miss the tulips and wish I could go back. So many things I learned and so many different compositions I wish to try… but I guess that just makes me even MORE excited for next year and all of its possibilities! * On this grand morning, I witness what was possibly the best sunrise of this season. The sun came up a bit masked behind some fog and clouds as you can see. Most photographers I know actually see the sunrise and then leave but I always like to wait 20-30 minutes after sunrise if I can. The light changes so dramatically over the course of that time that theres a chance…even a slight one…. that the colors and light shortly after sunrise are just divine! If you wake up and make the trip, might as well invest another few minutes to take that chance! ————————————— @Sonyalpha Sony a7rii Sony 16-50mm A Mount f2.8 Length: 50mm Shutter: 1/50s Aperture: f11 ISO: 50 Filter: None Edit: Lightroom * * * * * * #sonyimages #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #peoplescreative #topshelf_shots #world_shotz #pps_feature #thegreat_northwest #pnwcrew #youroregon #bestoforegon #jj_oregon #wonderlustportland #sonyalpha #fatalframes #futurevisuals #milliondollarvisuals #greatshotz #pnwonderland #thatpnwlife #thegreat_pnw #pnwparadise #compassoutdoors #pnwadventurers #pnwwilderness #sonyalpha
Came thru drippin. Don’t forget your H20 today.💧
It’s couples like this and shoots like today that make me miss doing this for a living.
Got to photograph my roommate and her fiancé today. These too have such a beautiful, natural chemistry. What a joy to shoot! Congrats you two!
Star Wars, rolling down grassy hills, dancing off beat... brb just pretending I’m 10 again...
An afternoon walk in the lush green gardens of Washington Park, Portland! . . #portland #portlandjapanesegarden #longweekend #solotravel #pacificnorthwest #visitoregon #pnwonderland #pnwdiscovered #wonderlustportland
Spent Lauren’s final day in the PNW looking at waterfalls & crowds of people. 💚
Cheesy Couscous with Asparagus, Butternut Squash, and Spinach. In case you didn’t know, Couscous is the vegan slacker’s BFF - it takes like 3 min to make from start to finish! Toss in some veggies, and top with The Original for that #OG cheese flavor. 💅🏻it!!!
At 620ft Multnomah Falls is only the 154th tallest waterfalls in the United States🇺🇸 I think it is the tallest one I have ever seen. What falls should be on my list of must see Waterfalls???🌎💧💦🌊🗺
Anyone “tie one off” last night that they needed something like this to be their salvation? * You know about dem biscuits but did know about The SAUSAGE HASH @pinest8biscuits * Let me save you a step... Urban Dictionary defines “to tie one off” synonymous with “to tie one on” -To drink to the point of extreme intoxication.
From 5/22 of @digisaurusmusic
What are you guys doing for the long weekend? #springflowers
See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads... @passionpassport #pptravelencounters #145_street_sign #picturethis365 #tdlinpdx
I love that Labradorite still surprises me. Sometimes blue, green or grey in color but always with a flash of something unique. Never predictable. TGIF.
Long weekends were made for fresh-squeezed greyhounds on the patio. Thanks for the 📸@desertprovisions !
I’m hiking tomorrow, which means snack prep today, inspired by my friend @iamignitor ••• While there’s no “official” recipe, I mixed gluten free oats, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, dried cherries, goji berries, tons of cinnamon, maple syrup, and a smidge of stevia for sweetness (I forgot I was out of vanilla 😩) Bake at 350 for 15 minutes! Let cool. Pack and go! 🏃🏽‍♀️ ••• Store bought trail mix tends to be full of junk. Take a few extra minutes, know your food, and get out and explore 🏔
Multnomah falls creek💦 Thats probably not the real name😉
Il Solito translates to “the usual”. This recently reformed trattoria is a more refined version of its predecessor. The big name chef @chefmattsigler , (with Renata and Quince in his tracks) says he wants to keep the food reminiscent to the classics that take you down memory lane but with elevated techniques @ilsolitopdx * The cocktails here were killer as well! But I’m not really surprised as the lead bartender @begoose is one and the same as the lead at Bacchus Bar. * I do believe you have heard and seen my praises on the cocktails at Bacchus Bar. * Click the link in my bio to read my full blog post (with photo descriptions) about what I expect will be a popular hotel restaurant @hotelvintagepdx @kimpton
2 years ago on this day I quit my comfortable Ohio job in pursuit of my west coast dream. I was facing unemployment without any promising opportunities lining up in Portland. I remember the odd feeling of saying goodbye to my coworkers with the fear that those moments would be my last time being on an HR team...but the overwhelming excitement of getting out of a place that never felt like home was so much stronger. Now I’m an HR professional with a better job on an amazing team with an amazing company and I am in a city surrounded by rugged wilderness that I explore every weekend 🎉😃I’ve finally found my home 💚🌲🏔Be ruthless about what you want in life and take the risks necessary to get there! #yolo
More @gabe.fleck for you.
98% positive this was the best hike I have ever done. I also complained 98% of the time that I couldn’t feel my legs. The math adds up.
I spy with my little eye... #RoseFestival #FerrisWheel #wonderlustportland 🤡⚘🎈❤
Wooden painting coming soon!!📸🌲🎨♻️
🔵 @deadshotpdx officially opens tomorrow⚠️ Please get this SURF & TURF 🥚 EGG. It is adventurous, decadent, and $5️⃣ well spent for so much refinement, richness and mouth orgasm. It could have been our dessert 💕 * Smoked halibut in tea pickled egg & foie in beet pickled egg. * I can appreciate a simple dish but what really gets me excited is something unexpected, rich and full of umami. So glad we made it here tonight as a pre bday for @mftasty * I highly recommend the CASPERS GHOST cocktail mixed up by @team_tasha I’ve raved about it further down in my feed when @a_w_robinson was a pop up bar inside @holdfastdining Congrats on this official brick & mortar. We are always inspired when a cart or pop up finds its brick house!
Friends, tents & views. Headed back to the woods tomorrow and can’t wait!!
I biked all the way from downtown Portland to the Sellwood Bridge and back this morning, all on one of Portland's bike share bikes from @biketownpdx . I've never biked this whole route, and was surprised and delighted to find that it was almost entirely along the waterfront. I got a lovely far-off view of downtown from the bridge, and decided that I now want to live on a houseboat. . . . . . #biking #bikeride #urbanbike #pdxbikes #exerciseoutside #getfit #pdx #portland #sellwood #sellwoodbridge #pdxbridges #willametteriver #waterfront #river #houseboat #houseboats #moodysky #moodygrams #cloudy #pdxclouds #greysky #naturephotography #getoutside #wonderlustportland #biketownpdx #instabike #photographersofinstagram
Cheers! Thanks @thesemifunctioningadult for this great snap :) Interested in world travel? Follow our @wonderlust.magazine account!
Pointy rock
What a perfect way to end a beautiful day
⚠️ New Menu Alert ⚠️ We’re changing some things up for the summer!! Get ready 🌮
Going to be chasing some waterfalls this weekend! In anticipation, here’s a throwback to the time we monkied up a gorge through freezing shoulder-deep water in the rain to chase this raging fall. Any exciting plans this Memorial Day weekend?
Portland, you cute.
I love all da bowls @bangbangpdx but this oh so special bowl of curry fries is only served late night 9:30-midnight. Foodies beware of possible addiction❣️ * ALL PRODUCTS USED ARE GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, AND PEANUT-FREE. * Eat there!
It is still beautiful!!👍🏼 Should I make a wooden painting of multnomah falls?
View from above ⛳️ Thanks for sharing this breathtaking photo of our course 😍 #Repost @thehonestdroner ・・・ I need to get out there and swing the sticks 🏌️‍♀️ 🏌️ ⛳️ ——————————————————————— #heronlakesgolfcourse #greatblueheron #greenbackheron #wonderlustportland #bestpicsofportland #portlandoregon #pdx #photooftheday #droneoftheday #youcaninportland #viewfromthetop #fromwhereidrone #golf
Pond 3 at the #rhododendrongarden 🌸 #portlandisbeautiful
Behind the scenes of a photo I posted a short while ago. We found him wandering the valley on our walk during the women’s retreat. Everyone at the ranch calls him Houdini due to the fact he gets out all the time. It was so magical, like coming across a wild horse....but super friendly, liked to nibble at you looking for a treat!
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