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She didn't hang it . You say I talk about her Like she hung the moon. The truth is I always knew it was up there. She just took the time to hold my face, Lift my eyes from the ground to the sky And point it out to me. . #poet #poetry #poem #qotd #quoteoftheday #poetsofinstagram #prose #poetryisnotdead #writing #writersofig #writersofinstagram #relationship #iggood #wordporn #spilledink #instapoem #instapoet #love #lovers #passion #souls #soulmate #wordgasm #intimacy #wordswithqueens #wordswithkings #moon #sky #empathy #augustuschristopher
Please, leave. Don’t ask me about my sadness. Or my anger. They exist together, and sometimes, they are just the same. Don’t come close to me with the idea of fixing me. I don’t need it. You can’t do it, you don’t have to, and most importantly, you shouldn’t. You’re a woman, and in no way, you’re obliged to undo my twisted body. Come close because you’re willing to accept me as who I am. Talk to me, and sometimes, maybe, tell me to stop writing these sad pieces about loneliness and aloofness. Because, love, my fingers have forgotten to write happy stories. They only linger on the letters that will form a sad word or sentences like “I’m forgotten” or “I don’t need you”. Don’t make me think about us, because it makes me think about someone from my past and thinking about her splits my heart open into two and wide open, making me feel vulnerable in front of those who are just intrigued by the idea of a man incapable of emotions. Take my palms in your hands and close the fingers, forming a fist, and open them again. Repeat the process, keep doing it until you see my anger slipping off the tips of my fingernails. But if my hands are already tightened into a fist, and I am staring at a wall, just know that I want to punch it hard. Don’t run away or try to stop me from knocking down the buildings, just sit patiently and stay with me. Look at me and smile, and tell me to smile. When I want to cry and tears abandon me, come a little closer and let your hands cup my unshaved face, smile, and tell me: “It’s okay if you do not have tears. Some cries are dry as a desert, but it doesn’t mean they don’t hold value.” Please, when I tell you to leave, don’t. When I hold the door for you, shut it close and have both of us locked in the room. Stay until you decide to let go. Please. Drop a YES in the comment box if you agree 👇 Tag someone 💯 ~ CHECK US OUT 👇 @alone_iz_awesome  🔥 @alone_iz_awesome  🔥 @alone_iz_awesome  🔥 ------------------------ 📝 #poems #poem #poetry #prose #paint #toptags #poetrycommunity #writing #instapoetry #writerscommunity #poemoftheday #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #wordgasm #poetsociety #igpoet #typewriter #cr
Signs are overrated
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Thank you @catcallsofnyc for organizing this! #StopStreetHarassment #CatCallsOfNYC THOUGHTS ON THE WAY HOME OK...Risk analysis time: taxi or subway? What do I have in my bag that can be used as a weapon? Avoid dark alleyway and lowly lit street corners! Random Stranger #1 Is Leering, but I'm used to it. Risk analysis time: is it safe to say something?
Sesuatu yang besar yang kupunya hanyalah harapan Harapan itu tumbuh dan berkembang sama tinggi dan besarnya Ia berjejer sebanding tak terpisahkan Harapan itu padamu "kasih" #prosanusantara #epic #art #girl #wordgram #wordgasm #world #poem #poetry #puisi #sajak #rindu #selfie #angle #pictofday #space #like4like #likeforlike #aksara #dark #dthearyal #draw #sketch #drawing #music #girl #write
'Piece of shit.' Say thanks to those who say no when you ask for help. Because of them you do it yourself. -dajja
Statements' (1/2) . . . Firstly, there comes an unexpected turns in one's life. They can be solely depicted in form of seconds, a particular moment, a particular feeling, a particular bench or a building (provided you're an architect like Ted mosby; himym refrence), a constitutional set of events taken place over a series of months. "Something that can change your life", if lease, evolve it in a rational way. The way is not instantaneous here, it's a process. . . The second half here constitutes of statements and the way one thinks to propose them alongside the art of delivering the abstract words paraphrased into sentences that makes sense. Statements are sentences that makes sense (point of view). Lately coming across a judgement in the form of statement from someone very dear to my procedural growth, I was taken aback, but self growth prevents you from jeopardizing relationships and saving things in the way you couldn't have expected out of your body a certain span of time ago. Self growth is explanatory and procedural. . . (The coy grin on my potato face is because of the sloppy joe burger I ordered, which indeed came out mouth-gasmic. No FML for a moment) . . . (Also, my Gita by @devduttmyth is inseparable from me for a while till I finish it, in details, and hopefully no dilemmas) . . . . . #wordsoninstagram #mygita #wordporn #wordgasm #wordstoliveby #selfgrowth #illustrator #words #writings #writers #writingsoninstagram #writersoninstagram #soulfood #word
Do what you need to do. The results which you have dreamt of in the mind can be conceived in the world. Everything is possible. - Abhishek Thakkar #writer #poet #philosopher #motivationalquote #inspirationalquote #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #spilledink #wordgasm #writingislife #writingismydrug #writingispassion #quotefortheday
Very often we feel like telling something but couldn’t do it. Sometimes because we don’t want to hurt someone and sometimes we fear that those words might hurt us emotionally. In either case we suffer....! Pic Credit @herheartandsoull
We are social by nature and need someone to talk and share our feelings. Sometimes it’s good to be cutoff from everyone. It would give us the chance to know ourselves better. Pic Credit @hikerguy123
Words are the only weightless things in the world that can actually make us feel heavy...! Use words carefully. Words have immense power. It can kill someone or heal someone. Pic Credit @foreverbizarre
Beauty is each of us are born painter and start Painting that canvas (Life) the day we born. At the end it will be shaped on the basis of how well we have used those painting skills. Pic Credit @business__cloud
We are not chemical which reacts similarly each time in similar situations. We are human with a mind and heart which will decide our response on the basis of many parameters like situation, person, location and time. Reactions are instant and it doesn’t require any thought process while responses would require a proper thought process. Pic Credit @ellehell
Talk to SOMEONE who you love and consider a part of your life. Texting can never be a substitute. Shockingly people text each other though they are in the same house. Best part is you don’t need emojis while talking, just one word with love is more than many emojis :) Pic Credit @sidraws_
Memories are weird things... The one we want to forget keep coming again and again but those which are like treasures rarely pop up. Pic Credit @sidraws_
Ego is something which makes us talk about ourselves only. There is no place for anyone else in it. Relationship is based on mutual interest and well beings of both the person. It would last only if both the person try to accommodate each other. Pic Credit @business__cloud
Listening is a art. It’s more complex understanding what is being told. Unfortunately most of the time people just listen only what they like and don’t bother about what they have been told..
Anyone can know something, but to understand it is more Important and not easy. Pic Credit @salt_nd_water
Life offers us numerous options which might confuse us. There are only two criteria’s which could be applied... whether those options are Good or Bad for us and for people around us. It’s as simple that as Yes or No. Pic Credit @albaricoque_agc
Smile may not solve all the problems but it sure helps either to avoid problems or to defuse the tension of problems. Pic Credit @matiassierrasculpteur
Each of us are blends of Good and Bad. Which one will prop up would depend on lot many things like.... person, situation, mood and location. Pic Credit @albaricoque_agc
If we look for a true Friend, they are hard to find but being a true Friend is easy and entirely up to us. Pic Credit @rama1392
Life a place where all the transaction are carried out only by barter system. Whatever we give to others which whether it’s good or bad comes to us either directly or sometimes through different routes. It’s not about money or something which usually we transact, it’s about feelings which is the currency of life. We need to make sure to give only which we would be happy to get.
Life is the Clusters of moments. It is in every moment we live. We can either make the way we want or let it happen and accept how it is. Pic Credit @findtheothers_
Each of us are a unique creation having different skills and mindsets. But one thing is common between all of us... we all have a dream of our own world :) Pic Credit @ajaczewska
Wisdom is in knowing lot many things but responding to only few which is essential. To keep silent requires more strength.
Life provides us plenty of happiness along with few sorrows. It makes sense to enjoy those happiness without talking of those sorrows, cause each of us are provided limited time.
Being different means to do something which very few can think of, which makes our life better and by doing so it also affects the people around us. Yes there can also be a ‘different’ which affects us as well as to the people around us negatively. Make sure it’s good for us and it is not affecting anyone negatively. Pic Credit @satcd1
We write because we feel so, not because we want. We write because sometimes there are no ears or eyes for our feelings which understand what we want to say or convey. Pic Credit @sparksflyidraw
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