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Started the morning off with an amazing worship leader training at Elevate Life Church. I soooo love our worship team and the standard of excellence! Thanks @aaronjell , @jorichapa and @ryaneggenberger for all you do to pour into us and make us better!!!! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 These 2 awesome friends of mine sang AMAZING this morning!!!! So excited for their futures as worship leaders!!! Way to go @allison_piro @jessicachandler1013 @elevatelc @elevatelifemckinney @elevatelifemusic #ilovejesus #singajoyfulnoise #elevatelifechurch #elevatelifemusic #standardofexcellence #worshipleaders
Adoracion es un estilo de vida! Ensayos con @godsversion 🎤 ...mi Familia! #worshipleaders #worship #casadelaltisimo #vsco
Didn’t make it to our 9am or 10:30am service? There’s still time to attend our 12:00pm (noon) service. We would love to see you 😁. . . . . . #lovewell #crosswalkchurch #crosswalkworship #redlands #comeearlystaylate #sharethelove #worship #worshipleaders #worshipmusicians #church
Laying lead vocals in the studio today with this Quintessential Worshipper aka the World’s best husband. It’s a pleasure to do life and ministry with this incredible gift. Shout out to all the couples doing ministry together it’s not always easy (don’t I know it 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️)but it’s a blessing when it’s you’re submitted to each other and ultimately to God. Can’t wait for you all to hear this album yaaayyy!!!!! #couples #creatives #ministry #worshipleaders #praiseiswhatwedo 🎤🎤🎹🎺🎶🎵 #worshiplifestyle #weliveandbreatheworship #albumloading #ouroffering #comingsoon #cantwait
We struggle taking serious pics. 😉
🔴 I challenge you to wake up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow. — You know all of those things you wish you did on Sunday morning that you never have the time for? Warm up your vocals, eat breakfast, run through your set list one last time. Pick one of those things you know you should do but never have the time for and use those extra 15 minutes to do it. See the effect that it can have on your morning. Who knows? Maybe it'll make such an impact that you incorporate it regularly into your Sunday morning routine. — If you're looking for some ideas about what you can do with those extra 15 minutes check out my post "What's Your Sunday Morning Routine?" (@leadingworshipwell )
Dr. Sonnie Badu's Soundz of Afrika album is making my day.... I tried to hit that high pitch 😂😂 @sonniebaduuk... Translation: Jesus Jesus,He reigns forever, He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever 🙌🙌🙌🙌.... #aworshippersheart #aworshipperslifestyle #Worship #sonniebadu #worshipleaders #rolemodel #jesuschrist #jesusfreak #ilovejesus #africanworship #proudghanaian
Happy participants from Vocal Workshop in church today! Let's move forward together, to God be the glory!! 😇😇😇 #worshipleaders #backupsingers #godservants #vocalworkshop #localchurch #gpdibarito
Agnus Dei @gabrielchadban and Kaleb Wong leading the worship out tonight with a classical rendition of #agnusdei . Paul & Daniel stewarding the young ones well. #leadership #worshipleaders @hopeuppereastside @hopechurchnyc #nyc #worship #worshipmusic #ues #uppereast #waterfallmansion @jcblonde @waterfallmansion @kateshin
Cling to God! Tightly! 🤣❤️🙌🏻🎸🎤 #God #worshipleaders #skinnyjeans #funnystuff
Gretsch Black Falcon and Godin mandolin on deck tonight! #mandolin #Gretschblackfalcon #americana #worshipleaders #vancouverwa #newgrass #praiseandworship
Today, we give a little insight into the lyrics of the second song from our new album, My Soul Sings. Go to the iTunes store to download the full album! . 2. All Things New
Here’s a sneak peek at what classes are being offered at tomorrow’s worship academy. Come and invest in your gift and craft. #vosj #vosjworship #worshipacademy #musicians #singers #worshipleaders #media #worshipteam
It’s such an incredible honor to be a dealer for Ultimate Ears. If you’re looking to get a set of IEMs, hit me up and I’ll get you hooked up! @ultimateearspro #uepro #ultimateears #ultimateearspro #worshipleader #worshipleaders #musicismylife
Got my first @artofhomage tee this week... can’t wait to wear it to our @votiveworship night tonight. 65 Sea Cliff Ave in Glen Cove!! Come worship with us..7:30pm #worship #worshipleaders #jesus #madetoworship #livemusic #livingwater #longislandworship
What does your Sunday morning routine include? — Routines are important because they provide a system of things that you can do without thinking. They are a series of habits that you develop over time. If you instill the right habits, then you're Sunday morning routine can be beneficial. If you simply wake up late, get a shower, and arrive at rehearsal a minute before it starts, there is more you can do to help you lead well. — 🔴 Here are 3 things you can include in your Sunday morning routine: — 1️⃣ Time with God — It's important to make time with God a priority in your Sunday morning routine. Take time to listen to God before you lead. Your personal worship time will flow into your corporate worship time. Pray for the morning. Read God's word. Listen. Seek God's direction for your church. Allow him to reinforce the message he has placed inside of you during your preparation earlier in the week. What you do in private comes out in public. — 2️⃣ Warm up — Give yourself time to warm up. Do some vocal exercises. Run through some scales on your instrumental. This allows you to hit the ground running at rehearsal. The first song of your rehearsal is not the time to warm up. Not to mention there are real physical benefits to warming up. — You can even make this part of your routine with your team. Grab the vocalists on your team and spend 5-10 minutes doing vocal warm ups. Pick a key for your instrumentalists to jam over for a few minutes before you dive into rehearsal. Spending those first few minutes warming up can have a tremendous effect on your rehearsal. — 3️⃣ Final preparation — Run-through your gathering one more time in your head. Think about the song list. Go song by song and identify any problem areas you had during rehearsal. Think about transitions. How are you going to get from one piece of your gathering to the next? Think about what you're going to communicate in your transitions. Practice going through them.
Worship leaders! Lead @bethelmusic ’s new single, "Living Hope" in your services. Original Master MultiTracks, charts, and other worship leading resources are now available.
#worshipleaders #kendolls this made me laugh so hard
Rehearsals underway for @curreycreekchurch ‘s Camp Winiwaca! We’re excited to see what the Lord’s going to do in our students next week. So thankful for this awesome group of leaders who are ready to lift up the name of Jesus with our youth! • • • • #curreycreekworship #msupstream #curreycreekchurch #worship #worshipleader #worshipleaders #campwiniwaca #campworship #summercamp #worshipmusic #music #dailyworship #rehearsals #church #whoyousayiam
That’s a wrap. Loved our time at #GlorietaFuge18 . Honestly can’t remember a group singing louder than this one. Some of the sweetest times in worship & the word I have experienced. Grateful. Praying for the next crew arriving here later today, even as we head back home for an amazing weekend at @castlehills.church & on to Student Life Orange Beach.
YOU’RE INVITED! Come be a part of this growing family! Join us on Sunday at 10am. 28328 CR 13 Daphne, AL 36526
Worship leaders! Today is the last day to get a FREE AppTrack and Chord Chart for @mackbrock ’s single, "Greater Things" when you use promo code MACKFREE at checkout. Promotion expires tonight at 11:59 PM CT!
🌟 FRIENDS 🌟 I have a few dates still available to book in 2018 🌸 I would L♥️VE to come + join you in worship at your next gathering! ⛪ Let’s connect 📲 Follow the link @jamiebollinger or dm to contact me for your next event! 🙌🏼 🎹 🎤 🎶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *#praiseandworship #speaker #worshipleader #worshipleadersunite #worshipleaderscollective #worshipcommunity #shespeakstruth #shespeaks #shespeakslife #worship #worshipencounter #nextgenworshipers #blogger #faithblogger #praise #womengathering #encouragementgallery #worshipleaders #mentor #coach #worshippastor #worshipgathering #churchgathering #booking #jamiebollingermusic #holyspirit #jesus #vocalcoaching #worshipleading #worshipwisdom
Check out our very first video of the Revive House Church worship sessions - Death Was Arrested (North Point InsideOut). Full video link in my bio! A huge thank you to @chrislanevideo for making this a reality, all my amazing team members, especially my wife for being so supportive (@hiicatc @asergek @bigpimpshimp Matt and Patrick) my bro of a pastor @benson.mcglone and everyone that showed up that night! God moved in incredible ways. . . . #revivehousechurch #housechurch #worshipmusic #worshipleader #worshipleaders #worshipteam #worshipband #deathwasarrested #northpoint #northpointinsideout #geartalkpnw #churchmusic #martinguitars #gretsch #shure #heartbeatcymbals #bigfatsnaredrum #rolandkeyboard
I’m taking a break from releasing regular weekly content on YouTube, but there is a video I’ve been wanting to create for months. . Loneliness in leadership—especially in ministry—is a real thing. But the funny thing about feeling alone is MANY of us feel that way in our positions, which in turn should encourage us that we're not so alone. . So, my goal was to pull back the curtain for a moment and share my own struggles in hopes that we might all be encouraged that we’re not alone. . You can find the video by tapping on my name and clicking the link in my Instagram bio.
“The whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen…’I tell you,’ [Jesus] replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’” (Luke 19:37b, 40) . Our desire is to see God at work around us and praise Him for every miracle He works out — in our families, our work, our relationships, and our own hearts. If all creation worships because of His faithfulness, then so will we.
How are you making your guests feel. Just remember that your visitors are watching and waiting for you to reach out to them. If you love on them, they’ll be back!
Day 32 | HOSPITALITY | #sm40days We care greatly for the amazing men and women who serve and lead at the #festival . We want to pour into them as they pour into us. Tammy-Leigh Hamilton (@saafiie ) leads the #hospitality venue for our #speakers , #worshipleaders and facilitators. The venue offers a space for down time to reflect and debrief and a space to quietly prepare their #hearts and #minds for the next session. This is an incredible #ministry to those who minister to us and we are thrilled to have Tammy leading it. Father God, You made us for relationship, to reach out to and embrace each other, to welcome and bless those around us and build them up. Our prayer is that Tammy and her team through the hospitality venue would be able to shower blessings abundantly on to those who have a more visible role at Summer Madness. We pray that significant conversations would be had, friendships would be built, strength and energy would be restored and that Your Spirit would move in power to reveal Your will to those who listen. Jesus, meet with our speakers and worship leaders in this place, fill them and anoint them so that we may see You in them. Amen.
✨Joshua 1:5✨ . “When life piles up and you're feeling overcome. Stand still and believe, I won't let you drown.” @kristenedimarco . This song has been on repeat this week. It’s such a fresh reminder of how great our Father is. Fear not He won’t let you go. No matter the hill ahead He is with you always.
One more day!! Hurry up & Register to hold your spot. You don’t want to miss out! Go to the link in the Bio or go to www.hillsideintensive.com/westcoast
In case you missed it Sunday morning, heres a sneak preview of a new Bethany Worship original! . . . . . . #churchbcc #bethanyworship #originalsongs #worshipleaders #lightapath
Evaluation is the key to consistently growing. In order to improve, you have to know where you are, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. This is true on a personal level and even more necessary when it comes to improving as a team. The more people that are involved in the process, the more difficult it is to improve. When it's just you who needs to improve, you can come up with ways to improve your skill. But when a team is involved, there are a ton of other variables that factor into your ability to improve. — In the end, the only way to improve consistently is to create a culture of healthy evaluation. — 🔴 Here are 3 ways you can create a culture of healthy evaluation: — 1️⃣ Have a method — You need to have a system of how you're going to evaluate. Start by defining what's important to your team. Musicality, team relationships, personal faith, and congregational engagement are good places to start. Then, break those general categories into more specific things that you can measure. For example, when it comes to musicality: is your band hitting the right notes, playing at a consistent tempo, etc. Find exactly what you are going to measure for each area of evaluation. — 2️⃣ Do it regularly — When you don't evaluate regularly, people just assume that you're evaluating them because they did something wrong. Evaluation should lead to encouragement. Create a rhythm of regular evaluation. Maybe that's once a month at rehearsals or quarterly with individual team members. These meetings are the perfect time to point out things that could be better because your team will be expecting to talk about those things. — 3️⃣ Help people see the benefits — Let people know why you're evaluating. It's not to make them feel bad about their musical skill. It's not about kicking them off the team. It's about helping them to continue to grow in their ability. It's about not becoming stagnant and doing the same thing over and over again. Help your team see the benefit of evaluation!
Rehearsing a song called “whispering”
Having a blast leading worship for #glorietafuge18 this week! Students are singing louder than I think I have ever heard. Will you join me in praying Jesus would be big for the rest of our time here and beyond?!
‪📣 Big #Shoutout #ThankYou 👏 2 @‬jeffmathena‪ 4 #teaching #vocals today @WorshipTTU #Worship #Training #Replay ❤️’d it!! ‬🚀 #WorshipLeaders Become a Member & Watch 📲 wttu.co/6-21-18
Join us next Wednesday, June 27 at 2 PM CT on Facebook or YouTube for a new webinar that will show you how using Playback can help you be spontaneous in your worship service. From transitioning from prayer into a song to repeating song sections or changing the arrangement of a song on the fly, you'll see how you can use the features of Playback to have more spontaneity in your service.
What's up Minnesota, gearing up for a great weekend!
The best song I wrote as of Today..This song allow me to go deeper in God...My Anthem produced by @musicman26 #worshiper #freedom #sing #worshipleaders #sundayvibes
// @oldbearrecords did a thing // They dropped episode 1 of a brand new podcast! Head over to the link in the Old Bear bio to hear “Bear Tone” producer @lukas_i interview Old Bear founder and @brothersmcclurg member, @anthonyhoisington about how the studio came into existence, his views on finding balance, and more! Be sure to subscribe to and rate “Bear Tone.”
Mandolin all day everyday. #newmusic
When my buddy Moises Alvarez told me that he was starting up a Skillet tribute band with a handful of worship team members from Downey Lake Presbyterian, I have to be transparent in saying that I was skeptical. I have been in attendance for several of Moises’ performances at the Savior Coffee & Coffee Beans Crowder karaoke nights, and his performance was less than stellar. After last nights show at the Grace Assembly of God Senior’s Dinner and Solitaire Tournament, however, I may be a new believer (no pun). Moises and the Ten Plagues delivered a two song set filled with Skillet originals such as “Out of Hell,” and “Should Have When You Could Have.” Things got a little out of hand when Miss Bee Ginspur tried to start a mosh pit in front of the stage. A few tablature stands were lost and one Egyptian Headdress was crushed beyond repair. If any of you need to get your Skillet fix on, you can catch Moises and the Ten Plagues at next weeks Junior High Summer Fun Camp at Palomar Mountain. They will be playing from 10:00 - 10:10 at the Chick Publications Tract & Free Sample Tent. #worshipband #church #christian #christianlife #christianity #praiseband #blessed #worshipleader #worshipleaders @skilletmusic #worship #christianband #christianbands @crowdermusic #weeklyworshipreview
Join us on Monday as we bring some exciting news regarding our team here at Ignite Worship Collective! #worshipleaders #igniteworshipcollective #localchurch #worshipteam
THANKFUL THURSDAY God gave gifts to each person. If you were like me, you sat on them, afraid of what others said; afraid whether or not you would be accepted (because that's what it's really about, isn't it?). But God put me in situations and among people that pulled me out and pushed me forward. I'm coming to the realization that it really isn't about me; it's about what God needs to do through me to get to folks like you. It's legacy building, but not judt my legacy, but yours too! And for that I am thankful. What has God called you to do? Remember, somebody is waiting for you to add that brick to help build their legacy. Jump! He'll catch you. If you build it, they will Come! Drop your "brick" in the comments below. Start seeing the vision! www.shellybates.com #creativewarriortribe #intercessor #mentorship #worshipleaders #mentalhealth #prayerwarrior
Worship leaders...this is so important! Don’t allow your vocalist and musicians to feel like this is just a gig. Be sure that they’re hearing the word!
NEW BLOG POST: Go from ME to WE. How changing your pronouns changes your team. Link in bio!
“People free to praise God will not be imprisoned long by the enemy!” -Ben Brown, Ch. 11, People of His Presence #pohpbook #breakeverychain #praise #worship #worshipteam #worshipleaders #biblicalworship #christianity #truth #freedom
I walk into the house everyday, busy in thought, consumed by stuff. Not necessarily important stuff. Just, stuff. I wonder how many times I’ve walked by the window of the van and missed incredible views like this. I realize it seems fairly small and insignificant, but to me it created the feeling of regret. I’m going to focus intently on looking for these moments from now on. What a shame to miss something like this again. #spotifyplaylist #spotify #itunes #itunesradio #communityfirst #communityovercompetition #worshipleader #worshipmusic #singersongwriters #worshipleaders #oldbearrecords #oldbearstudio #touringmusician #musiciansofinstagram #songwriters #songwriterslife #recordingstudio #newmusicalert #newmusicsoon #musiciansdaily #indieartists #indieartistspotlight #christianmusic #musicfest #newartist
God is Faithful to me. ..I praise him in song. Great is thy Faithfulness to me.. I do not own the rights to this music /music Arrange by David Quarmily. #godisfaithfultome #faithfultomealways #hymns #gospelRecordingArtist #praisemusic #gospelmusic #contemporarygospelmusic #instruments #worship #worshipleaders #musicrocks
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