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Explore, capture, and preserve your life in writing in our introductory online Writing Your Life Stories class. Starts Monday- the link is in our bio. #memoir #nonfiction #writingcourse #writingtips
Tonight I am featuringa in Boston! Sick Doherty's Comedy Den! This is a great club! Now hoppin' in my Mini & ridin'! . .. .. . . . . . . . #thebestpartofmydayisatnight #comedy #comedians #performeranceartist #laugh #picoftheday #creativity #comedyclubs #comedyclub #comedyshow #laughter #stage #theatre #boston #bostoncomedy #write #joke #jokes #travel #newengland #comic #liveshow #live #showtime
।। यूँ नकाब पहन के तुमने इश्क़ तो किया बेहिसाब ।। Inspiration @shubhlekh Picture in Background @deepakgupta7948 Follow my writings on @yourquoteapp #yourquote #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub #shubhlekh #shubham #deepak #read #rode #write #love #hate #repeat
🌼Anyone else having a hard time getting back in the groove after a vacation? 🌼I keep finding myself daydreaming about being back in NOLA... 🌼 #harasyamaldesigns
| To have imagination is to have power. |
Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack / in the concrete Proving nature's laws wrong it learned 2 walk / without having feet Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams / it learned 2 breathe fresh air / Long live the rose that grew from concrete / when no one else even cared!
Focus on ALL three of these categories! Spend time learning and growing the skills that will bring your content to the next level. #plan #write #share
Create something new every day. . . . . @singing_sirenx got a typewriter and I had this image in my head of the history of it. ^.^ #old #vintage #typewriter #edit #photoediting #photooftheday #instagood #type #create #write #photo #photography #create #creative #new
Wait patiently
One step closer to Happiness is to see the joy in even the smallest things❤ . . Stop looking for the negative and stop making excuses . . Having a hard time to see the beauty in life? Start to write each day or before you go to sleep 3 things. 1. Where are you grateful of today? 2. What made you smile or what had warmed your heart today? 3. What positive thing or thought do you wish for the next day? . . It may be useless to you in the beginning but look back to it every one or two weeks. You will improve if you put the effort to it!❤ #Happiness #Happy #Life #Photo #Quote #Positivity #Spread #Love #NoNegativity #Fight #Depression #Write #Writer #Writing #Negative #Positive #Thoughts
A comedic story that follows news anchors Paul and Pauline as they struggle with their relationship, often times arguing live on television, while their frustrating news crew does an inadequate job of supporting them both in life and on the job. Book available now https://www.amazon.com/Announcement-Kelsey-Currie/dp/1520654359/
Took this by my work I think it was a nice light shot,kinda inspired a little bit of creativity. Makes me happy to see that there’s a lot more happiness in the small things than people would imagine💕💕🌸🌺 ————————————————— Comment below if your happy🌸💭✍🏻 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Taylor’s beach is so gorgeous !!
When one wins, we all celebrate because when one wins, we all taste victory & are reminded that we can turn our vision into a reality. Besides, how could you not be excited for @alstlouispoet - take in the video to taste his infectiously joyous spirit. Dedicated Husband. Devoted Father. Businessman. Entrepreneur. Poet. Actor. Artist. Friend. Album releasing recording artist. I'm inspired by #ASL 's love and dedication to his wife & his Cubs, Family, Friends, craft, business and Al's relentless drive to turning a vision into reality. #DearDiary Spoken Word album by @alstlouispoet releases today. The album is available at www.Music.AlStLouis.com and other streaming sites. Pick it up and you'll see why his fan base continues to grow. #MarkSparks #MarkMyWords #CertifiedHopeDealer #SeriouslyDreamsDOcomeTrue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Faith #Fitness #Poetry #Write #Story #Act #Actor #Inspiration #Motivation #SpokenWord #Encouragement #GoodVibes #LoveYourself #Music #Poet #Work #DreamBig #420 #RelationshipGoals #Toronto #LiveMusic #Believer #Prayer #Blessed
"I think we're done" 'Wait ....what?' "Yes. I've been thinking about this for a while. Who are we kidding here? We don't make sense on paper, let alone in real life. The odds were never in our favour. How long could we let these shenanigans go on? You and I are very different people who want entirely different things in life. Why do you even want to keep dragging this into a slow and painful death. I think it's time to cut the cord. Take a clean break from it all." 'Seriously?' "Yeah!" 'Then you are even dumber than I thought. The thing you call 'shenanigans' is termed as relationship by normal people, you emotionless fool. Yeah, normal people; we get angry, cry, laugh and fight like hell to keep what's ours. We don't give up on anything just because it doesn't make sense on paper. Hell, if something doesn't work on paper is no indication of it being doomed. And the odds are never in anybody's favour; you've just got to make it work. If you really love something you never let it go; you dig your nails and stand your ground. Just remember one thing: no one will ever love you as much as I did; and Darling you wouldn't know love if it came and hit you right across the face.' - M:) (Excerpts from a novel I'll never write) #writerofinstagram #writings #everydaymusing #randomrantings #write #writersofig #quote #words #writerscommunity #wordgasm #tales #microtales #writingcommunityofinstagram #writingcommunity #amwriting #wordporn
A mooring house built on the hillside If you want to collect nuts You also come to guard Ours Some of its own time- Surely, I will spend the night sleeping in a little bit of dreams Under the open sky- - Farjana Moni @farjanamoni_ #farjanamoni #poem #poetry #poetrycommunity #poet #poems #writing #writers #write #poems #poemsporn #poetrygram #poets #poetrygram #quote #quotes #poetsofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #spilledink #poetsofig #quoteoftheday  #life #love #poemas #writersofinstagram #textpoet #word #bymepoetry #writer #dreams #darkness #night
This is for you, not him... ************************************************************ I remained mum about the time I touched the sun And instead of burning, I stole the very reason why it shines I was a villain on this one But now I confess inside this cocoon of guilt and its inception giving due merit to this stabbing realization This isn’t about him This is for you the one who held me as warm and delicate as fresh cottons in the field the one who picked out the stars from behind the clouds so I could see Not “him” whose memory is a permanent resident in my words Yours we’re never spun into a concoction of kisses and tears but of sweet righteousness and honesty I’m sorry that I could only dip my feet in the ocean that you gave me that I doused myself in gasoline rather than suffocate in your embrace We were mismatched pieces from a perfect puzzle glued by ideals In them, we saw love A tale that was already ending at its start Our link was always meant to fall apart even in the absence of rough handling But I can’t apologize for leaving I can explain that now The taste of new emotions only one person can stir I understand now why I chose to fight a raging bull I chose it over walking on the ground strewn with rose petals I set you free so you can tell about precisely how I feel with the one who carries the other end to your broken piece I speak for so many of us who chase stories that are destined for tragedy and saturate our paper with words from the bloodbath When there are already those who write without fatality and tell us that we are poetry Elle Bor
************************************************************ There was never a reckoning each time our hands slipped away not even a “see you later” Just traffic lights awaiting our return and our broken song in the woods that kept on playing Saying how we feel, we saved that for the end Like a winning lottery ticket we never redeemed Tonight, we’re out of time we’re out of luck And my bed never looked so unmade after hearing the only “ I love you” that felt like a razor blade... Elle Bor ************************************************************
************************************************************ There was never a reckoning each time our hands slipped away not even a “see you later” Just traffic lights awaiting our return and our broken song in the woods that kept on playing Saying how we feel, we saved that for the end Like a winning lottery ticket we never redeemed Tonight, we’re out of time we’re out of luck And my bed never looked so unmade after hearing the only “ I love you” that felt like a razor blade... Elle Bor
************************************************************ Let me MISS YOU ************************************************************ I miss you again today I know these words have touched the gods of superlatives Sitting overused as I prostitute myself to the violent stabbing before my heart goes into the wood chipper for another hour of obliterating Just so I could snort another hit of your memory But it won’t be for long now They’re depleting- the stragglers of your scent stuck on my neck that I trapped in a box along with the cloud of dust you left behind They’re almost gone. But until then, let me miss you in the darkest way like how a priest would exorcise the demons out of Emily a painful riddance of your venom from my intoxicated body Let me wipe myself clean until I become the right person to miss you… Elle Bor ************************************************************
There’s streets I walk on and wonder about their ostentatious history. I wonder how many loves were birthed there, how many tears fell on the ground with their broken dreams, and how many laughters and whimpers we’re absorbed by the tender yet strong walls. I think about the many things that stay the same while time changes others. I wonder when I’m no longer here on this earth, will someone ask the same questions? Will someone hear the echo of my words when I spoke of my greatest love? Will the walls paint in the same forlorn colors as my heart when he became my worst heartache? Will that person be you?
******************************************* You are the perfect storm That I still chase even on sunny days... ELLE BOR 📷🛠 @atil.design
************************************************************ They say I’m a lost cause And sometimes I believe them On nights I play hide and seek with my own pulse I love moving on and things that come then don’t return Or the tiptoeing on a stranger’s bedroom floor at the birth of dawn I am a sentinel when it comes to my own heart that thrives on its affinity to all things momentary as midnight drives closing times red eye flights When I fabricate this reality that I will never be alone yet no one can hold me hostage My thumbs were never green even before my departure but it wasn’t the absence of a garden that cost me my home I’m always searching for the insatiable found only in the thrill of the fleeting Something similar to the boy I once loved who came to be the man I lost And I wonder if he spurred my addiction to the temporary or perhaps I was never made for permanence… Elle Bor
A letter to you at 3am, Elle Bor Ophelia Series ************************************************************ I should be fine by now But this waking-up-at-3-am thing and finding-myself-in-the-graveyard thing With a shovel full of rust So I can again excavate whatever’s left of a corpse The one that is survived by your heart  and mine This casket feels heavy from the many stolen things we have yet to return Like the nights we laid intertwined on a bed that’s neither yours nor mine watching the clock move until it’s 3 am when it’s time to go home to the ones who bear our last names I once said I would never tattoo a man’s name on my body but here all over this skin your name I wrote willfully in permanent passport ink to commemorate the many places that witnessed our forbidden kisses the countless dwellings we never made a home of See the beauty about us, is everything that humbled me Because I thought I was invincible until I became fluid in your grasp But I’ll be okay once I rid myself of the pollution in my sleep and no longer have to surrender to your pseudo calls at 3am deep And I have accepted the difference between belonging together and being meant for each other Our love will always carry through the tow of time and change But it will remain just how it was, a fire in a cage. ELLE BOR , Ophelia Series 📷 @atil.design
oldie but goodie... ************************************************************ I crave them, all the frills of the extraordinary To run into the blue sky as the sunlight bends underneath my feet And time becomes my only adversary I want that for me, to break away from the clutches of my own inhibition And to be loved urgently, As if love itself has fallen into the brink of extinction ELLE BOR ************************************************************
************************************************************ She bleeds So his touch can reach her and cut through skin deep to feel that bit of tenderness he describes as generosity All 365 days and unnumbered seconds in between She could have shifted continents with all these tears and rewrote the stars just by the radiance in her heart Yet she lays there in decay Feet bound to the roots of this ancient tomb Getting drunk with the fate she thinks she couldn’t defy And some see a hell storm Others, a winter prison These sharp edges he calls Love Elle Bor
[Very personal] ______________________________ You know the term "it's just sex". I heard this line too often, mostly from men. For some people it might be just sex. I respect it. But for me it's more..much more . It's a fusion of body mind and soul. My mind needs to be touched before I'll ever let someone touch my body . Personally I can't just sleep with a guy just cause he is "offering" it or just because he is horny and I happen to be around. Intimacy start in the head and heart. Intimacy isn't just two naked bodies laying next to each other. Intimacy isn't only a couple inches penetrating you. Intimacy  is sharing your thoughts, fears and joy with someone.  Talking about stuff you would never think you'd say out loud . Letting someone in without any body contact. Getting to taste their soul before tasting their  lips. That's deep. That's intimate. That's when my mind gets erected and teased. That's being truly naked. That's real intimacy to me. #heartvibewrites . . . . #relax #amazing #love #real #mood #face #hair #beautiful #natural #write #feel #nude #positive #vibes #mind #soul #happiness #intimacy #photo #romance #poet #art #style #feel #mood #shot #heartvibemoment #capture #snapshot #deep #content
******************************************* There’s a reason for spring To blossom after winter a reason for the leaves to die after summer a reason for people to stay in love with their memories You are my WHY Elle Bor
************************************************************ I am a traveler an insurgent from permanence a rebel without stones But a craving Of timelessness that aches from my very bones Elle Bor ************************************************************ 📷 🛠 @atil.design
World Poetry Day ************************************************************ “Tomorrow”, we said I’ll tell her I’ll tell him But that was the last of our stolen afternoons the last sunset with our hands clasped together on this rooftop So we lay here in rot Miles apart with the words left unsaid Forever prisoners of the love we can only shout in silence Elle Bor
******************************************* My quarrel is not with how much love I can give you but in accepting that I wouldn’t get any back Elle Bor
******************************************* Perhaps I am water’s kindred in every way I mold myself to become what’s desirable for the heart I wish to claim I could stand frozen when exposed to the arctic winter and melt away in the heat of a summer afternoon I dance my way in any shape inside the receptacle I’m poured into If only for a small touch of approval while I exist inside this bottle I could be anything I wanted to be My gifts after all, are inherent as the raging sea Yet out of all the wild in the universe, Love was the only thing that wrecked me Ever so, willingly Elle Bor
I am your adventure ************************************************************ I am a nomad. an insurgent against permanence a renegade from heartbreak Addicted. to the pieces of home I make in strangers’ soil I am a lost compass Starving. for the world’s beauty To remind me that perfection exists generously outside the casket of our broken love Elle Bor ************************************************************ 📷 & editing @atil.design
************************************************************ Today. A mass exodus struck the dark slums of my heart toiling in its gruesome warfare to win your love And perhaps it’s possible to tuck it all away To feel numb at every needle prick while navigating this one way street With a chilled glass full of forget trapped inside my trembling fist Today. I don’t know if I walked too fast Or sipped too much at once But this emptiness caught up very quickly Ruminating back in my chest Spilling on the scalding ground where my feet burned to embers Today. I feel spent with a now vacant glass And what I find at the bottom of this long hollow I’m looking down to is none other than you holding our stolen memories preserved by the temporary desiccation of all my feelings And it may just be that I’ve been consuming from a different bottle of your very same poison a sobering overdose of the many todays I’m trying to escape from... ************************************************************ Elle Bor
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