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Rays from the setting sun! Not a bad work view. #mondaymotivation #workfromhome #sunset #happy #writer #writerslife #findyourhappyplace
I think it's fairly safe to say that my #writing is in a class of its own ... I'm fairly certain even tho I'm fine with it people all over the world will be hunting me down like I'm #satan but I'm fine with that ... right? #writerslifeforme #writerslife #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writerslifestyle
Holding onto this 💛 #beecrowned
Tomorrow is our last day of filming on season 3 of #ChesapeakeShores (it went by too fast!) and on this... Episode 3009: #ForwardToThePast . . Grateful to share the page with Michael Berns, our Showrunner, and a story genius. I couldn’t have asked for a better writing partner to dive deep into our Chesapeake world... We’re going to surprise you, delight you, and shake you to the emotional core in this episode and season... and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Get ready #Chessies , coming to a TV near you on August 5th, 2018, on @hallmarkchannel. . #WritersLife #AmWriting #AlwaysWriting #Writer #Screenwriter #TVWriter #SetLife #FilmLife #OBrienFamilyForever #TraceRileyBand #NellsNuggets #Grateful #Blessed #HaveFaithInTheInfinitePossibilities #Believe #Trust #DreamsDoComeTrue
New article up - link in bio. It’s Monday. So you might already be feeling bummed about your current 9-5 gig or you’ve hit a creative block... I can’t offer you a new job or some writing inspiration but perhaps I can offer you a sprinkle of hopeful cheese on that pizza of doom. Photo explanation: Once the gang and I missed out on seeing the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri, Italy. But you know what, we ended up having a different and probably better experience there altogether. We roamed the beautiful cobbled streets, went on a cruise around the island, shopped in stores we couldn’t afford, and witnessed an extravagant wedding and its entourage. So sometimes things don’t go to plan. It is what it is and accepting that reality opens up so much more to discover. #shithappensforareason #newarticle #mediumpost
Essential life mathematics to find a more balanced and sustainable wealth of peace. . . . #peace #life #wealth #happiness #math #love #healing #mindfulness #simple #not #simple #writersofinstagram #writer #writing #writerslife #instagram #instaquote #insta #words #power
My characters have been unlocking some doors and throwing some surprise revelations at me. I'm grateful. My characters tend to be far better writers than I am! #campnanowrimo #campnano #nanowrimo #writing #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #authorslife #writerslife #writingcommunity #authorsofig #writersofig #igauthorlife #indieauthor #indiebooks #scifiauthor #fantasyauthor #sciencefictionbooks #urbanfantasy
Took a journey to a used book store the other day. I've not read a book with brown pages in such a long time. The last one I read was Animal Farm which was passed on to me from a relative. So, when reading old books, do you ever wonder who has shared those memories with you? I annotate books all the time. Anyone who reads my old tomes must think 'wow, opinionated much?'
Back to paper edits today. One document is red-penned. Time to tackle the other one. 😊 . #writerslife #amwriting #amediting #wip #authorsofinstagram #igwriter #writingsofinstagram #womenwhowrite #britishwriter
Apparently there is a chance of storms later, might break up the heat a little. In the meantime, I'll be casually sticking to my chair as I write today's review...☕💻😐 #writerslife #writerproblems #writersofinstagram #creativity #inspiration #scriptwriting #scriptediting #novelwriting #writer #writing #writersofig #writers #quotes #imagination #creativewriting #author #writersblock #creative #words #create #amwriting
Night owl? Why are you awake? . . . . #writerslife #nightowl
❤ Comment down to appreciate the writer👇🏻 —————————————— Follow @justbewitty —————————————— Dm your Tales/Quotes/Sayings/Poems/Stories. Dm if any queries ——————————————— All rights reserved ©️ Tag if repost ——————————————— Instagram - @justbewitty Facebook - justbewitty Twitter - justbewitty Turn on the post notifications @justbewitty so that you don’t miss any of our post. Like❤ comment❤ Tag❤ #justbewitty #writer #writerscommunity #typewriter #songwriters #writerslife #writersblock #screenwriter #travelwriter #instawrite #typewriterpoetry #writersofinstagram #marriage #whatsappgroup #pennedthoughts #laughingcolours #society #equality #girlchild #respect #addiction #messyhair
I’m feeling like I’m on the outside looking in this morning...you know that feeling of not quite being awake and not quite in touch with what’s happening...I think the weekend has caught up with me. So I’m posting this fab effect photo as it fits in perfectly with my mood. 🌟🌤🌟 And I’m going to push open the French doors, let in the sunshine and write, write, write today. 🌸💖🌸 Happy new week dear friends...hope it’s absolutely brilliant for you! ☀️🌿☀️ #newweeknewstart #writinganewstory #writerslife #letthesunshinein #writinginspiration #soullaauthor #soullachristodoulou #wip #newstory #imagination #letthesunin
Musical Monday— I believe everyone has a song inside them that is uniquely theirs. It captures the very essence of who they are now and who they hope to become eventually. The trick is recognizing your song and then owning it. I have many favorite songs (is that an oxymoron?), but having a favorite isn’t the same as finding that one melody—that one set of lyrics that defines your struggles and your dreams. And perhaps there might be more than one. Sitting here and thinking of what my own song might be, the one that comes to mind is “The Rose.” A bit cliché? Maybe. What is your song? 🎼 I would love to know. #mymelody #songlyrics #musicofmysoul #ilovemusic #mysong #authorlife #writingabook #writerscommunity #yaauthor #yaauthors #yafiction #writerslife #writinganovel #writingmystory #storytellers #fictionwriter #musicoftheheart
. 🌿 | WORDS TO LIVE BY | . An important reminder - We are all a work in progress, but we don't want to burn out. You can't pour from an empty cup, so it is crucial to take care of yourself first 🙏 . . A x . 🌿
Lmao, I was such a baby here 😊 2014 I think, Pic with @poetsofthefallband 's macro 👍 #poetsofthefall #potf #markosaaresto
Yusve is not a stable person, is a process💭✒ Once she was a little girl looking for attention, and she accomplished the most higher grades to be noticed by her family. "The best in the class", "she's the most intelligent girl I've ever seen", "she learned English by herself? But, how? She's only nine", the teachers were so impress with Yusve that the only thing she gained was the rejection of her classmates. Later she becomes a teenager, hungry for love and the only love that she found was in television, books, writing on blogs, and like always good grades. As a young women, the process became violent, with toxic relationships, legal drugs, depression, work, study... Everything looked bright at the beginning, but after the thunderstorm of love and the mess that made... The hole of sadness turn darker and deeper... Good news for her! The process hasn't ended yet... There's more to come, because this young women found something that could change her life... Keep following this account to figure out what this thing was... . . . #writersofig #words #writer #poetry #writers #writerslife #writing #writersnetwork #writersblock #writerscorner #writersoninstagram #igwriters #write #Amateur
Supposed to be a good morning post. But heck! I woke up way past lunch time so this is more like an afternoon post from me. . . #writingprompt #writingchallenge #quotes #tumblrquotes #writing #writerslife #writerofinstagram #dreamcoloredgift
My work writing doin same ..... #writerslife #writinginspiration #yqhindi #yqquotes ☝️💔✒ Hope u like it ..
Planung ist momentan alles für mich. Auch wenn ich gerade Überarbeiten, Schreiben, Uni, Arbeit, Social Media usw. nicht vollständig unter einen Hut bekomme, ohne mein Bulletjournal würde ich wahrscheinlich im tiefsten Chaos versinken und alles vergessen. Was hilft euch, den Alltag zu bewältigen? #bulletjournal #bujoinspiration #bujolove #authorslife #writerslife #autorenleben #bujogermany #organization #plannergirl
“Finding Evol.” May we never search for what is on our nose tips.
Respect is necessary. Follow @thenavelgazing for more inspiring quotes and poetry.
And the hardest part is to can't do anything. Comment your views. Like • comment • tag • share Penned by Pooja Goyal For more follow @writercasm_
Do you agree. Comment your views. Tag your special one. Like | comment | share | tag Penned by Pooja Goyal For more follow @writercasm_
Take responsibility for your life. Follow @thenavelgazing for more inspiring quotes and poetry.
Monsoon brings happiness with itself but not when you are heartbroken, then you will feel those soft drops in your eyes. Be happy, it costs nothing. Be good that much you are. Be worthy that everyone wants you. Just love with you life, life will itself start loving you. Comment your views. Like | share | comment | tag Penned by Pooja Goyal For more follow @writercasm_
Fulfill their dreams first who spend their whole in fulfilling your dreams. Comment your views. Like | comment | tag | share Penned by Pooja Goyal For more keep following @writercasm_ #writercasm_
Vishesh, A boy who completed his school and after that He wanted to pursue as musician, but his father wanted him to be engineer in social pressure. "guitar or me", His father said. he cried and broke his guitar. "that's like my boy", his father smiled. He went in his room and keep crying but no one was there for him. Next day, He joined engineering college of Mumbai. He met a girl in college. They became good friends. Once she saw him playing the guitar and she got impress. "You are really good in playing guitar, why do not you try to perform in college fest and show your talent to the world", she said. "I don't want and leave me alone", He replied angrily. After that He realised his mistake and talked with her and told her truth, why didn't He want to be musician now. "I can understand but atleast try to convince your father. you know what, we are losing our new talent just because of social pressures, everyone just want to see their children as doctor, engineers but no one wants them as musician or drama actors. so plz try to understand, you have an amazing talent and show it to the world", she smiled. She registered his name in college event as musician and He performed in that event and here, everyone was appreciating him for his work. She posted his live video on YouTube and He got millions of likes. When He got to know all what she did, he only said, "Thankyou, you are the most important person in my life, I love you." "I love you too" she hugged him. Now, he went to his home and his father started shouting on him, and suddenly his college principal came in his home and appreciate him. "sir, you there", he asked. "Some foreign musician liked your video alot and they wanted to work with you, so I was going from there and I thought, I should tell you", His principal replied. "sorry son, I was really sorry for everything. Do whatever you want and always keep smiling and I'll always support you", his father smiled. He called her and said everything what happened. "now just focus on your goals, I'll always be there for you", she smiled. And now He is a rockstar. over Millions of fans want him. Comment your views. Penned by @writercasm_
We are living in a country where born as a transgender is sin. Firstly society can't live them their lives happily but if they try to make themselves happy, then society have still problem from them. Secondly society can't give them acceptance. They just look them in weird ways which can make someone feel inferior. If you can't accept them what they are, then don't just try to creating their life like hell. They have also right to live in freedom. Accept them what they are. Nobody is perfect for others. Comment your views. Penned by @writercasm_
She loves him unconditionally but what will happen, When he loves her unconditionally? Comment your views. Tag your someone special. Like | comment | tag | share Penned by @writercasm_
Happiness is an emotion that we discover inside our own selves as human beings. An object can make a person happy for a short while but happiness is for a lifetime. If somebody thinks money can buy happiness then that is not true happiness. Money can't give you inner satisfaction, the day you realise your happiness in someone else, that day money seems like small, if you want to be happy then start it from you, keep your surroundings happy. Money seems too little when you look at a smiley face who wants nothing from you but a smile. You will meet many people who want many things from you, but when you will meet that one who only wishes of your smiling face, that day you don't want anything in your life. Being poor doesn't mean, you can't be happy, Money can help you in buying luxurious life, but for happy one, you have to love yourself. Let people enjoy your company and give them a reason to smile. Penned by @writercasm_ For more keep following.
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That feeling of being unloved hurts the most. Comment your views. Like | comment | share | Tag Penned by @writercasm_
Love him the way, nobody can't even think of it. Comment your views. Tag your special one. Like | comment | share | tag Penned by @writercasm_
Do you believe that putting yourself in another person's shoes will help you to know them better? Stop letting your own assumptions and believes to solving another person's problem. Try to put yourself in their state and think. Stop mixing your own perspective and try to understand their perspective and point of views. Viewing a situation from another person's view will help you to understand them easily and improve interpersonal relationships. Try to understand what they are hiding and try to let them trust you to share their problems. Try to understand another person's behaviour, gestures, facial expressions, fake smile or genuine smile, aggression, just listen them carefully and you will reach the correct problem and then help them to solve. -Pooja Goyal @writercasm_ For more follow @writercasm_
Working on new stuff as usual 🤩
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