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Day 15: What's your hero's best friend like? I think this about sums him up. . . #oktowrimo #writing #fantasy #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #writingcommunity #writestagram #writersofig #writersofinstagram #oc #ocs
Love is in the bin... get more info at WidowCranky.com #writing #writingcommunity #blog #blogger #banksy #art #eds_art #streetart #picture
@alethepoet | Before I Leave Earth |
This writing came out of a dream. I think those are some of the best writings. Grab your copy of my new book “A Mad Sea” available through my publishing company @radpresspublishing and also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all major bookstores! #RandyMascorroWriter #RandyMascorro #WritersOfInstagram #WritingCommunity #Words #SpilledInk #RadPublishing
One of the hardest decision you will ever face in life is choosing between whether to walk away or try harder. #decisions #randomthoughts #writingcommunity #poetrymusings #lifequotes #time #poetryisnotdead #life #sadfacts
Here's a sample of the one of the Nanowrimo 30 day word tracker printables at work. It's amazing how powerful tracking your word count can be towards ensuring success. This one is structured to help you reach the 50,000 word count goal at the end of 30 days.
Honestly this is such a pure idea i love it - 🐀 • • • • • • • (TAGS IGNORE) #writingofig #writingprompts #writingtips #lgbtaccount #writingcommunity #writingprompt #writingadvice
. I shook. My body shook. My world shook when, unexpectedly, I saw her again. I had been sucked into the fanfare of a Lagos ‘owambe’ forgetting she would be there too. It was when I sat at the table reserved for friends of the bride and looked up from adjusting my ‘agbada’ that our eyes met. In that moment, fleetingly, my heart found itself in a place it had once been, softened and transfixed by the essence of her eyes. Then it was gone, replaced by a void of apprehension filled with the remnants of severed strings that still resisted gravity’s eventual victory. Civility took over; we hugged and said our ‘how are yous’, ‘so lovely to see you’, instead of ‘I wanted you endlessly, with everything. Why did love and life tear us apart?’. - I sat, throat parched, eager to wet my dry lips with some of the water on the table but I dared not reach for a glass. It would have betrayed the storm in my heart, because, and for another minute or two, my hands shook in the pockets of my ‘sokoto’, affected by the distant, longing memory of an old and wistful love . . . 🍃 #awritetolove ‘The Ardent Flames’
It's Monday so that means it's time for another #MondayMarketing post! ⠀ .⠀ Click the link in my bio or copy & paste this URL: http://arimeghlen.co.uk/2018/10/15/why-its-important-to-have-a-marketing-timeline⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ -------------------⠀ #writingadvice #marketingadvice #marketingtipsforwriters #marketingadviceforauthors #marketingyourbook #marketingtimeline #writingcommunity #beingawriter #writerlife #writinglife #ammarketing
Day 99 : Metamorphosis
Time has a tendency to change. You can't never believe that it's your time for now and will always be, but the bitter reality of life is it will always change. You don't have a smooth road always there are ups and downs in life without that the life is meaningless. Even a tiger, a wild brave tiger can be hunted by wolves or dogs if he is not well, just because the timing is not good for him. Never believe in time it won't stay constant it changes every second every minute. #timechanges #timesarechanging #time #yqquotes #boldquote #boldquotes #prathmeshpandey #writings #amwriting #signwriting #handwriting #lovewriting #writingprompt #writingsonthewall #screenwriting #copywriting #instawriting #freewriting #writingcommunity #writinginspiration #writingislife #writingabook #mywriting #Igwriting #scriptwriting #writingofinstagram #creativewriting #writingtips #writinglife
Sky clouds liquid drops drums sounds upon concrete blocks nurture all below . Haiku . 1st Line- 5 syllables 2nd Line- 7 syllables 3rd Line- 5 syllables
You need attention, love, peace of mind that only you could give yourself. Know that only you can control the way your voice reaks havoc, the deafening input circulating your existence will be put to rest as soon as you proclaim the lies you've fed yourself. Let's be honest, it never truly goes away, like clockwork the echoes reoccur and we live continuously fighting to overthrow it again and again. Voices don't die they stay silent for a while until they find a doorway to enter again. If we can't kill it completely then we must let it travel thinking it has power of us, only to use our courage and strength to fast track it to its exist. It'll have lost the battle but will be fighting to get back in again. Love yourself that little bit more, give yourself a little bit more attention, find a little bit more peace to never lose you ever again. Ultimately you are all the support you will ever need as you hold the balance of power and only you can control, YOU! ... #mood #writing #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #writer #qotd #you #view #thoughts #potd #teampixel #love #selflove #quotes #poetry #poetrycommunity #photography #potd #book #lovequotes #lovegoals #power #strength #support #life #coffee #mocha #stationery #support #poetsofinstagram
Is this thing still operational?
With the technology we have now I know I can do a much better job fucking shit up. Thankfully, I write books. I can relive life over and over. . . .#writerslife #writingcommunity #writersofig #timetravel #livingmybestlife again #grown #lifelessons #mondaymood #teenmom #igmodel #stalker #forreal #beallyoucanbe #dreambig #makegoodchoices
It’s seriously hard to give up a piece of your soul but keep on going even when it seems impossible.
🙏🏽 Thank You All. For anyone who’s going through tough times, trust me, this will pass. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. 💯
******************************************* The rolls and swerves of heartbreak is the silent making of self abduction What is failed at being articulated is roared loudly in the deep trenches within us That is a misfortune, how we beg to be seen to be heard from outside of us by blind eyes and deaf ears For which the expanse of our pain is clearly unfitting And one day, it just happens when we can’t run away from it Just there, in the clock ticks of our waking hours as an eerie phantom in our sleep This agony that cuts through our viscera Remember? The weight that we so desperately begged the world to take away We seize them to bury back into our own unsuitable faculties Pity really, how only a few understand that it is a mistake To think of our mind’s prowess as this sanctuary Where we could rest our embattled souls But the longer this solitude steeps within its walls, we become its unwitting prisoners And friend, this is how we get lost in a way that cannot be found Elle Bor
You will never see my sweet words and you will never see my any bad words too. The one thing you will see from me is ...my honest and my sincerely... . . . . . . . . . . . _____________________________________
I am not aggressive but i have to be strong only. I am not crazy but i have to do the best for my family. I can't weak because i have to be a leader for everyone on here...😄 . . . . . . . . . . ___________________________________
Someone said about me, i have a cool heart. And someone said i don't have a heart for love. I need to tell them, they are all wrong and it not like that. But i just choose the best who is i can give my crazy heart... 😄😎 . . . . . . . . . . ____________________________________
My all friends always told me why i like to do not same other people do and why i not think like other people. I told them, i am not crazy but i am just artist... 😁😎🚜 . . . . . . . . . . . . _____________________________________
******************************************* It’s September but the crisp autumn air does little to enliven the flatline pinned to my torso I’m holding on to this nothingness This state if being disowned by every emotion As if, I no longer deserve to feel We both laugh but I wish I could say they’re gone, all the knotted pieces of unfeeling waiting to be unraveled I dread it, this looming darkness no sun could absolve Will it be possible? for the earth To sew itself back together after being wounded by your absence And I wonder, what awaits me what follows the numb? How much time will this mourning collect? Is there life after the death of a memory? Is there life after you? Elle Bor
Sometimes we have to see a bad day. It helps us to appreciate the good days in life... . . . . . . . . . ____________________________________
Experience is the window of life. Just change the way you think, Life will change... . . . . . . . . . . . _____________________________________
******************************************* The end of this flight is inescapable When all that was set asunder find their way back into the brew Into their putrefaction all the ache and torment that your love left behind And to be crude, Oh the agony of medicating with hot bodies hands and lips To kill the hurt that’s far beyond their reach Perhaps, the right drug for the wrong ailment Pardon my mistake I am really just an apothecary for self infliction Guarding this oath of no casualties Yet unable to explain the cadavers trailing at my heels It’s time, bravery calls to my desiccated heart I have to endure it now, this tidal wave of your absence its authenticity its permanence I scream before the flood gates open “Gone forever.” Soon you’ll be But this misery feels more like freedom when it once had the power to drown and nobody makes it to this region alive Maybe it was the numb that taught me how to fight or maybe this strength, is from the blood in my hands Nonetheless, I have come so far to be the same woman you used to love... Elle Bor
When you met a heavy storm or a big problem, the one thing you don't forget is your family will stay and stand beside you always and all the time... . . . . . . . . . . . _____________________________________
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