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that was actually a good match. Heel bryan is awesome! and Raw freakin killed Smackdown 😂👏🏾👏🏾
tf so now Charlotte is heel? 🙄#wwesurvivorseries
Team raw with the W! 4-0 it's gonna be a clean sweep!
TEAM RAW! #wwesurvivorseries
Team Raw winning babyyyy
Team Raw is going to dominate tonight!🔥🔴 (Hate Nia tho for hurting the man Becky)
WCE survivor series 2018 11-17-18 Raw🔺vs Smackdown🔹 🔺🔹First match SD live's WCE champion Jeff Hardy def Raw's World heavyweight champion The Miz as the two heels had a great battle! 🔺🔹Next Raw's Intercontinental champion def SD live's Finn balor with the two babyfaces having glorious match as seth hit a curbstomp to pin Finn! Backstage Shane mcmahon giving his team "team SD live" a pep talk telling them that they better not lose! 🔺🔹Raw's Evolution Rhodes & Karl Anderson def SD live's The young bucks as all 4 were all former members of bullet club together as Cody pinned Matt! 🔺🔹Raw's Scott Stenier open challenge against any member of team SD live as..The undertaker answered and beat Scott in about 60 secs! 🔺🔹Main event team raw(GM Sting, Batista, MVP, Randy orton & Captain Kurt angle) vs team SD live(bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, AJ styles, Shinsuke Nakamura & Captain & GM Shane mcmahon) first MVP was pinned by Nakamura then Angle made Nakamura tap out but secs later Shane rolled up and pinned Kurt angle and tagged out immediately then AJ eliminated Batista with phenomenal forarm and outside AJ did a phenomenal forarm on Sting from the inside to outside through the announce table..then Sting pinned Bryan! next now 3 on 2 average SD live as Shane did a flying elbow on Randy through the another announce table! Next back in the ring as Sting tried to fight even wanting his hands on Shane but was running away only for sting to be eliminated by wyatt then 3on1 now but Orton would pin AJ with a RKO after a little argument between AJ & Shane then Bray would be pinned by Orton after an RKO and finally Orton would pin Shane after catching Shane with RKO after Shane tried his coast to coast giving Team Raw the win!🔴🔴
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