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도배 ㅈㅅ Xo june lif4 #xotourlife #liluzivert
Lil Boat 2 will be dropping March 9th!👀
What I need for the upcoming merch drops 😩
It's ideal. You need someone to tell you how to feel. And you think your happiness is real. There's so much more the world has to reveal, but you choose to be concealed 💚
Which one better 🤔 buy it or do what I want ??? My fav 2 songs
Wreck it Ralph is the best movie to ever exist 🤷🏽
So a couple months ago my english teacher was reading this story about refugees and like there's a part like "oh blahblah's hijab fell off when she was swimming in the water." And instead of saying "He-jab" or even "He-job" this bitch said some "hi-ya" I kid you not. Like I'm sitting in class dying. I looked up the pronunciation and everything like I know this grown ass women didn't just say hijab, hiya. Like it still cracks me up. I seriously don't like her at all.
Im not a rapper😉
Brittany 💕🌏
I'm still waiting for this song to drop 😤😤
Lil Uzi was big lit 👌🙏🔥🔥 #liluzivert #concert #xotourlife #logancampbellcentre #music #fire #lifeofdan
One of the best performers ever👀❗️🤘🏻 Travis Scott performing Huncho Jack💯
Lil Uzi Vert wildin🤘🏻🤣 UziGang🖤🦇🥀
If any song should be leaked *Ahem ⬆️‼️ @liluzivert
16*29 never dropping💔🙄🔥
Link in my bio don’t buy it it’s on YouTube free lames 🙄
@liluzivert I have a present for you 💐💝 #myart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #liluzivert #luvisrage #xotourlife #fanart #charcoal #handmade #hiphop
Almost at 10,000 plays💕🏁Click link in bio💙if u end up liking the song repost it or favorite🌐
swipe left for @theweeknd @laflare1017 @nav and my bad singing 🔥💫 #xotourlife
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