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Happy Fathers Day!! Here are winners of our #sureshotdad contest. First is our Facebook winner Marlon Grantham and his dad. And our Instagram winner is @micahj.nguyen and his dad. Congrats to our winners!!
{Call}ing all Fathers! 🧔🏻 Our client @sureshot1959 is gearing up for Father’s Day! Need a gift for dad? Head over to their website 👉🏼 www.sureshotgamecalls.com • • • #branding #brand #logo #logodesign #logoinspo #logoinspiration #graphicdesign #brandguide #styleguide #smallbusiness #girlboss #marketing #advertising #monogram #design #designer #logopassion #designinspo #web #webdeveloper #bigcommerce #websitedesign #yentzen #yentzencaller #sureshot #sureshotdad #duckcall
"I suppose it may seem like a strange sort of lullaby to some, but I have never heard sweeter music than the muffled report of duck guns on a distant marsh, and I know that others share my feeling." —Burton Spiller, More Grouse Feathers, 1972 . . . . #sureshotgamecalls #yentzenone2 #yentzencaller #masterthecommit #comeandtakeem #duckcalls #waterfowlhunting #waterfowlhistory #duckhunting #duckblind #duckdog #birddog #mallards #pintails #teal #ducksunlimited #deltawaterfowl #madeintexas #duckseason #wingshooting #goose #specklebellygoose #specks #ourseasonneverends
What’s hanging from your rear view? @birdstrap
Father’s Day is right around the corner... why not get dear ole Dad a new Sure-Shot Game Call? Visit our website SureShotGameCalls.com
A little rest after a successful morning in the blind...
Never too early for a Yentzen Classic !! Congrats on the new addition to the duck blind!!🦆🦆 #Repost @soundgear_official ・・・ Getting them involved early is key to the future of hunting, habitat and all things outdoors. Welcome to the family Easton Michael Kraemer! @lance_kraemer @sureshot1959 @kuiu_official @moltgearinc @pheasants_forever @quail_forever
@shanechesson on the call at the First Annual @marshfesttx #tlc
Ready for sunshine and duck blinds ☀️ 🦆
Just like your favorite hat the Yentzen Classic won’t let you down. @hatcherhunts_swamp_people
#tbt to November 1967 where a young Cowboy Fernandez poses with a tray of newly finished Yentzen Callers
“To the avid waterfowler, no moment of truth can match the instant when a flock first responds to his call and decoys, the time when this wild, free bird of unsurpassed grace begins a descent from the sky down to gun range. It is a stirring spectacle,” ~ Grits Gresham, The Complete Wildfowler, 1973
Focused on the sky...
Is it duck season yet?
Shoot or don’t shoot? #shovelersunday
@hayden.h0lder shows his friends how to blow a duck call using our Yentzen ONE2.
Sometimes a day in the blind can lead to a mixed bag but with the right tools you’re sure to have some birds on the strap.
Throwback Thursday to December 1973. Cowboy and the Sure-Shot crew featured in the Sunday Outdoors section of the Port Arthur News #throwbackthursday
Looking to dress up your gun case, favorite hat or jacket? Check out our patches!! Available with velcro back or iron on.
Spread your wings
Looking to keep all your Sure-Shot Calls secure? Try The Lanyard by Sure-Shot!!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. Life would be ruff without you!! #Repost @saltgrassretrievers ・・・ Momma and baby.
The gentleman of the skies #Repost @czarofbar ・・・ One of THE most beautiful ducks there is! #pittwaterfowlers #conservation #grassroots #givingback #woodduck #nestingbox
Morning glow sneaking in to the blind.
I come bearing gifts...
The old pro Jim ‘Cowboy’ Fernandez tests out a newly assembled Yentzen ONE2. It passed Cowboys standards with flying colors!!
Making waves 🌊 @gator_tail_outboards
A little mud on the tires... @quackrack @polarisorv
Who else loves the smell of gunpowder in the morning?
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. - Agnes Repplier
Every Sure-Shot call is backed by over 60 years of craftsmanship,experience and World Champion titles. The Original Double Reed Yentzen Classic.
Blue winged teal pair at the Cattail Marsh-Beaumont,Texas.
Great work by @czarofbar @canso_dan and crew. The wood duck boxes are full and young ducklings have hatched. #conservation #nestingboxes #woodducks
Brian Fisher of The Drake Plantation works the Yentzen ONE2.
Teamwork in the blind makes for a successful hunt.
It doesn’t get more classic than paper hull shells and a Yentzen Caller #Repost @wimberleymatt ・・・ #waterfowl #duckcalls #duckbands #tailfeathers #throwback #vintage #oldschool #sureshot #yentzen #paperhull #peters
#flashbackfriday to October 1975. For many years Jim ‘Cowboy’ Fernandez traveled nationwide to sporting good stores sell Sure-Shot Calls and give calling demonstrations. #waterfowlhistory #worldchampionduckcaller
‘’A bad day hunting still beats a good day working.’’-Says Everyone!
Ol Cottontop has seen better days #wigeonwednesday
“A group of wood ducks on the horizon man there ain’t nothing like it, having a front row seat in a blind watching the Lord turn on the lights!” #rayjohnstonband #watchingthelordturnonthelights #nobaddays #tlc #woodduck @rayjohnstonband @lilduderjb @remingtonarmscompany
Since its founding Sure-Shot Game Calls has always been a family effort. Check out Cowboy and his family back in the 60’s working hard building and packing calls.
Old meets new- the Yentzen Caller and the Yentzen One2.
Load ‘em up
How are you keeping your #waterdog prepared and ready for #duckseason ?
Good job Sophie!! #Repost @tinaghenry ・・・ #SophieAdelia decided this was her @sureshot1959 box call...
A bird in the hand...
The Drake Plantation is right in our back yard and one of the many places we hunt during the season. Check them out!!
When the hunt is over it’s time to clean those birds. What do you make with the meat?
A good call is just as important as a good dog #Repost @tessrousey ・・・ Daisy's no diva. She earned every bit of that love as our star model this morning. @honeybrake @poma_hq #pomavisionsafield #sureshotgamecalls #federalammunition
Sure-Shot fan Mark Burgess sent us this picture from down in Florida. Don’t forget Sure-Shot has turkey Calls too!!
What’s your preferred style of shotgun? Pump,semi-auto, or break action?
Papa duck guarding the nesting box. Thanks to @czarofbar for the pictures and maintaining these boxes.
Our hunt from earlier this year with #northtexasoutfitters
“Duck hunting gives a man a chance to see the loneliest places …blinds washed by a rolling surf, blue and gold autumn marshes, …a rice field in the rain, flooded pin-oak forests or any remote river delta. In duck hunting the scene is as important as the shooting.” ~ Erwin Bauer, The Duck Hunter’s Bible, 1965
These cooler temperatures have us wanting to get back in the blind!!
There is more than one way to to get to the duck blind
Building calls that will last generations
“Watch a gundog work on drills and you will be amazed; Watch a gundog hunt afield and you will be hooked for life” Steve Reider
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