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I never did share the progress on this. Not finished, but this is where it was when I turned it in and this is where it'll stay until I have time for personal work again. Loved working this way and lookin' forward to getting back to it. ✨🌿🦊💰🦄🌿✨ . . . #penandink #watercolor #illuminatedmanuscript #pleasers #yesastripper #poisonoakfiligree #californiarose
I'll be at acrop this morning until 4p #supportyourlocalstripclub #yesastripper #acropolissteakhouse
💅🏼 Be fearless. Be fantastic. Be one of a kind.
💸 I’m a firm believer in doing what works best for you. Pave your own way and keep the belief that you above anyone else knows what’s best for you. Focus on what brings you joy. I started stripping because I loved dressing up having fun and making fast cash. All my friends around me had “normal jobs” and at times I felt confused and isolated. Questioning if I was doing the right thing. I tried being a personal assistant, active wear sales rep, receptionist but the whole time I was trying to fit into that box I felt less and less like myself. I liked the title and job security of feeling normal but I didn’t thrive. I realized connecting with people on a unique level and hustling was something I was naturally good at and said fuck the box and made my own damn way. When you KNOW you’re good at something never underestimate how far you can take it. Now I share my hustle techniques that have made me financially secure with women to use in their own businesses! Focus on paving your own lane and the rest will fall into place.
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