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It's amazing how 3 minutes with the wrong people feels like an eternity, and 3 hours with the right feels like a moment
Yung tipong pagod ka pero kailangan mo magpapogi. (jk. blurred ‘to kasi hindi ako pogi) - 📷 @jevillaroman
L O N E Don't stop doing the things you love, even if you are alone.
Monsoon lights I always love how the spread of clouds give interesting light pattrrns. Here's one from this morning using #iphone8plus
Because I can’t get enough of this place
First it was you, now my vision's 22.
➡️ SWIPE ➡️ big ups to my man @tobinyellandphoto & @vans for putting together a great opportunity for college creatives to get together. It was truly inspiring & I’m so glad I got to speak with you! || #vansvisionwalk
Time flies.
It's been one hell of a ride out here exploring!! Cannot wait to go through all my pics!!! Here is one of my favorites so far that I quickly edited on @lightroom mobile. 🤘🍻😎🙏🏄‍♂️
Why do you wake up every day? What’s about the day that you look forward to? 😉
Menjelang pagi
If I win the lotto, I’m closing this place down for a week and kicking out all the tourists. I couldn’t imagine being able to walk this canyon alone and watch the color change throughout the day. Even being rushed and packed with people, it’s well worth the trip.
Portrait of my dear friend @fayth_delecluyse ———————————— @portraitgames @aovportraits @portraitpage @moodyports
This is a photo I took while I was filming a short film about my hometown. I just started the edit on that one and thought to show you a dope church tower from the middle of the city. I really wish you could get a media pass to get up there and shoot a bit, hehe. Anyone knows good hometown films for inspiration? Tag me in them! P.S. Before and after is in the story! Come say hi! :D
Ha Long Bay, the probably most famous place in Vietnam. . And it's so incredible cinematic out there that I honestly forgot to shoot photos instead of filming all the time. . So today not that much for the story , but still some cool shots. Hope you all like it. . Aight guys se ya all in a bit 🤙
H U S T L E Really loved the composition of both these photos. Couldn't pick which to post, so SWIPE LEFT to see the other one.
Break down our physical barriers 💪😝 #purpleparadesg #instasgsundaypurple
static shock
Time flies
"Borealis Series 5" Heading back to Seattle today. Been a blast in Chicago. Shout out to new friends, connections, and allies. This picture is unrelated, and from a Seattle installation, btw.
Gue kalo lagi sendirian jarang ngobrol..
I know it’s far from winter out here in the Philippines but the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down is an easy layer to wear when you go in and out of air conditioned places. You can put it on when it’s cold, then take it out and hold it when it gets warmer. I’ve tried on so many down jackets before and they ain’t lying about this being "Ultra Light." It’s incredibly light, so it’s easy not a hassle to carry around (it comes with a pouch btw). And I personally LOVE that it has a nice shape— cuz I always end up looking like the Michelin Man when wearing a down jacket. 😂 • Anyway, just try it! I’m sure you can find a lot of styles where it could be applicable to our climate, especially as the layer season looms in! 🙌🏻 #UNIQLOWinterCollection #LifeWear #UniqloPH • 📷 @thekhalilramos
Summer Madness. Trying to be the cool kids. Can you see the resemblance
The Super Blue Blood Moon composite I made when the event occurred is the most liked image I have on this account (scroll down my account to see it). This was the photo I used to place the moon on top of the skyline view of my balcony. When I got home that night, I immediately went up to the rooftop with my camera and tripod. I didn’t have a longer telephoto with me so I just used the 24-105mm Kit lens I had and hoped for the best— But the outcome was so distant and so bare. A few stars were illuminated in spite of the light pollution, but it wasn’t enough to make a compelling image... or so I thought. 📷
A majestic waterfall deep inside the jungle at dusk. “Hong Kong Land & Sea 7”, 2017.
First day of shooting for @leilalcasid ‘s music video and we expected heavy rains— but hoped otherwise since all our locations were outdoor. When we got to our sunset location, heavy rains poured out of nowhere. Direk @thekhalilramos asked if we should look for another location so we can save the shoot. But the team decided to stay and wait. So we did. After half an hour, the storm cleared and we had a nice overcast over the place. We rushed to shoot to be able to take as much footage since we expected more rain. Thank God, come 5:45pm we were greeted with this amazing sunset. Probably one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. Trust me, it was even more incredible in person. Didn’t have much time to switch my camera settings, so this was #ShotOniPhone . Galing no? 📷
for the love of it || #usfca
The Gateway Singapore , 2015
Desolation (noun): anguished misery or loneliness.
Today's feature 📷🇺🇸 Shooter: @artbyartla Selected by: @hypetographer Thanks for tagging, make sure you follow @la.shooters and tag #la_shooters for a chance to be featured! •Team• @hypetographer | @triitonzz | @aestetikz | @ryanpramos | @gs.pov | @anthony.pov •Link Pages• @UK.Shooters || #Uk_Shooters @Bay.Shooters || #Bay_Shooters @Chi.Shooters || #Chi_Shooters
I often take photos randomly, come back to them after a long while and feel a newfound sense of love for the shot whenever I start to color and edit. Here’s a shot from my trip to Japan early this year during the crazy snow storm. My family and I just got back to Tokyo, almost having been stranded about 4 hours away from our AirBnB. Thankfully, we got back safe and immediately looked for a place to eat. It was around 1AM. - Would you believe this was shot on my iPhone? 🇯🇵❄️
Bapak ini kelelahan setelah bekerja keras dari pagi sampai sore demi mencukupi makan anak dan istrinya dirumah.. . . #streetactivity #streetactivityteam #streetactivity_ina
Exactly one week ago since I posted the last time for honestly no reason but here I am. . And and if you don't noticed it I'm posting all of my South East Asia footage in my story in the next couple of days. . And todays topic is Sapa. And it was probably my favorite place in Vietnam. . Special thanks goes out to everyone for spending the probably best night in Vietnam with us. . See ya all in a bit 🤙
California Daydraming💙💚
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