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Today is all you have. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just do the best you can right now. One day, one moment at a time. Akiroq Brost / Have a best Day!!! 🙃 bandage legging and crop from @aloyoga 🌵 Follow us: @benefits_of_y0ga Via: @seonia Thank you so much !
Let’s talk about my hands 🤙🏼 ⠀ Whenever I share a pincha pic I am always asked about my grip so with this challenge on the go, I’ve had a steady stream of curiosity 😂 ⠀ I didn’t learn to Pincha this way. I learnt the more traditional way with palms flat and forearms {attempting to stay} parallel. I can’t remember what my turning point was but I switched to a closed grip & haven’t looked back since. I included a little close up from the side so you can see what I’m doing but here’s what my limited knowledge knows... ⠀ With palms flat you have more surface area to balance on & the ability to use all 10 fingers as ‘brakes’ to help you find & keep your balance. BUT your shoulders have gone through a degree of internal rotation in order to pronate (turn down) the palms & therefore are in a slightly weaker position. This rotation is also what causes the elbows to splay out which loses the stability & strength in the shoulders. I’m afraid my anatomy knowledge doesn’t extend far enough to know exactly what makes it harder but I DO know that when your palms are less pronated & facing each other, the shoulder girdle is more stable. ⠀ Yes, the balance is technically harder & when I first tried it out it was the most unstable thing ever 😂 but it gave me the ability to push out of the shoulders more - to be stronger in my upper body, & if there’s one thing that makes pincha easier, it’s being strong 💪🏼 ⠀ These days I only ever practice with palms flat for novelty value to see if I can still do it. But that’s just my personal preference. I know many badass pincha yogis who are religious palm flat people. So I guess my message is to find what works for you. There are pros & cons for both so it depends on what your strengths/weaknesses are as to what will help you more. But change is never easy so if you’re comfortable in a palms flat pincha don’t expect to instantly be just as good with palms together. ⠀ Are you a palms flat or together kinda person? And where are my badasses out there that find both equally effortless? 🙄🤣 ⠀ Penultimate day for #AloboutPincha is Diamond 💎 legs. ⠀ Hosts: @leighyogipilot @livinleggings @palmbeachyogi @yoga_supqueen
Day 2 #flexychairshapes ... Life is short, time is fast, no replay, no rewind, don't take any moment for granted , sometimes you will never know the value of it, until it only becomes a memory. Getting a little melancholic with the season 🎄❤️ 💖Hosts💖 @the.flying.mermaid @_ninamarisa_ @dr_kaufman . . . 💖Sponsors💖 @vayumudra @movedancewear @zenpolitan 2. Flexylegs shape #yogachallengeworld #blackandwhiteyoga #yogisofinstagram #yogafeature #yoga #yoga #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogachallengehits #yogachallenge2018 #yogachallengeseverydamnday #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallengejunkie #yogachallengeinbound #yogachallengeaddict #namaste #yogapants #meditate #feelyogahigh #yogainspiration #health #mudra #yoga #yogi #yogisofinstagram #yogapants
The beautiful @yoga_karlet wearing our nature sugar skull leggings 😍. Visit the link in the bio to get yours before it ends 👉@izicastle. . Tag someone who would love to get our nature sugar skull leggings ❤. . . Today's quote: Don’t become someone else to impress others. Be yourself, because you are golden as you are. Do your own thing and the right people will come by. . . . #yogaposeweekly #yogachallengehits #yogapostures #yogachallenge2018 #yogaposition #yogaposeaday #yogaposture #yogapostureoftheday #yogapose #yogachallenges #yogaposer #prilaga #yogaposesaroundtheworld #yogapositions #yogachallenge #yogaposes #yogachallengepose #yogaposeoftheday #yogaposechallenge #yogaposedaily #yogachallengeseverydamnday #yogachallengeworld #yogachallengeoftheday
I am of the earth My heart is the deepest part of the sea The flowers are my lips My eyes exist within every tree The curve of their branches my hips My arms are the wings of every bird My spine forged by mountains Through the wind you’ll hear my whispering word My energy is always surrounding I am the rays of the sun that warm your skin Helping you to meet the truth within You are of the earth Sink into your bodies wisdom And you shall know your worth Beyond the bondage of time and distance 🌿🔥🌊🌬 Photo @lucetteromy Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @alliemichellel Thank you so much !
Day 1 #flexychairshapes ... So, do it, decide . Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love ? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate ? Honest with yourself ? Breath in and breathe out. And after that just fucking decide nd make whatever adjustments need to be made ❤️ . 💖Hosts💖 @the.flying.mermaid @_ninamarisa_ @dr_kaufman . . . 💖Sponsors💖 @vayumudra @movedancewear @zenpolitan 1. Bendy Back chair shape #yogachallengeworld #blackandwhiteyoga #yogisofinstagram #yogafeature #yoga #yoga #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogachallengehits #yogachallenge2018 #yogachallengeseverydamnday #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallengejunkie #yogachallengeinbound #yogachallengeaddict #namaste #yogapants #meditate #feelyogahigh #yogainspiration #health #mudra #yoga #yogi #yogisofinstagram #yogapants
TRAVELS 🛫 ~ Are you more scared or excited to leave? . . Hope you all have a good and energic Monday 💪. Mine will be all about setting the last things before I leave on Thursday for Sao Paulo to accompany a work of art for an exhibition in Brazil 🇧🇷 . It will be my first time overseas 😨 with almost 13 flight hours, traveling on a cargo plane 😱 . Somewhere I am excited, but still a little worried for this new experience. I am not a fan of airplanes and the idea to be in the sky and in a big box for so long is quite scary... 😅 Anyone can reassure me everything is going to be ok? 🙈 . The most exciting and growing experience of our lives are beyond fear, right? 😉 . . --- 📸 @patrickexomino --- . . . . . . Follow us: @y0ga_finder Via: @marastina Thank you so much !
@hippodoesyoga @bettylovesgymyoga @duchess1225 fun to join? #Repost @yoga.challenges.directory with @get_repost ・・・ 📝- ❄️ C H A L L E N G E A L E R T ❄️ #InvertedWork // Dec 15-21 ⛄️ winter is a time for fun and games and what better way to play than to be #upsidedown 🙃 take 7 days and play with us as we work on prep poses and peak into 3 different inversions. You can work with or without props and as always - open to ALL 😁 🤸🏼‍♀️ Hosts: @kianangyoga 🙌🏼 (handstand) @kathie_yogi 💪🏽(forearm stand) @yogiescape 🙆🏽‍♀️(headstand) 💝Sponsors: @feetup @liforme @insideoutsideoutsidein @breatheeasydesigns — 💡 Options will vary each day based on which inversion you are working towards (headstand, forearmstand or handstand) 🖐🏼 Day 1: Wrist Stretch Day 2: Shoulder Stretch Day 3: Core Engagement Day 4: Shoulder Alignment Day 5: Hip Flexor Engagement Day 6: Pelvic Alignment Day 7: Hold Time - Inversion of Your Choice (beginner options will be discussed) — ❤️ Some Guidelines: ☝️Follow all hosts and sponsors to show some love ✌🏻 Repost Flyer and Tag your omies to do it with you! 🤟🏻Check your hosts pages daily for the pose of the day and post your daily expression using #invertedwork#yogachallenges #yogachallengeworld #yogachallengehits #yogachallengeseverydamnday #yogachallenge2018 #yogachallengeoftheday #inversionjunkie #inversiontable #feetuptrainer #feetup #inversionaddict #inversionarmy #inversionjunkies #inversionpractice #pinchaplay #pinchaparty #headstandpractice #sirsasana #handstandpractice #coreworkout
💪🏻 It always seems impossible until it's done. (С) This pic is 1 year old 🙏🏻 But I definitely need it in my IG now - to support my yoga spirit from inside 😆 Last months of pregnancy 🤰🏻 your own Hormons drive u crazy . It starts from “omg , I m HUGE 🐘 and clumsy and fat” and finishes “ oh yeah, I m the prettiest in the world” 🌎🤣 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🐘 Это НЕ я. Вернее не так. Это Я - но год назад 🤣 Кажется в другой жизни. Но для поддержания боевого духа беременной часто необходимы фото «до». И ответы на свои собственные глупые вопросы - да Лена, подожди несколько месяцев и павлин 🦚 опять будет ТВОЙ. Короче, вечная борьба с собственным эгоизмом. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🙏🏻 Мой вчерашний пост вызвал резонанс почему-то 🤷🏻‍♀️ И представьте себе, я даже расстроилась. Прям сидела расстроенная! А это не совсем полезно во время 🤰🏻 Мне мягко намекнули о нелюбви к себе (я в грубоватой форме осмеяла людей,считающих плаценту ПОСЛЕ рождения ребёнка манной небесной). Извиняюсь , если задела чьи-то чувства други мои. Но у меня такая манера общения оч часто. Ибо я смотрю не жизнь всегда :1) позитивно , 2) с юморком не всегда и всем понятным ведь я ж ЙОГ. Должна носить малы, иметь в каждом углу по Будде (так принято), учить народ жизни (никогда не учу , из меня клешнями вытягивают инфу порою ), с серьёзным видом изрекать серьезные вещи 😈🤷🏻‍♀️ ПРОСТИТЕ ☝️ если кого обидела короче 😍 я не со зла -честное пионерское ! Follow us: @y0ga_png Thank you so much !
The best selling The best selling 100% Handmade tibetan bracelets. Handcrafted by tibetan buddhist monks. Made from natural materials,which it delivers great looking/very durable/strong yet soft. 🔥 in sale with the best price ever !!. 🌍FREE FAST shipping to the worldwide. 👉 Visit the link in the bio @izicastle to get the design you want before the sale ends. . . TAG someone who would love to get this spiritual handmade bracelets. . . #instayogis #leagueofextraordinaryyogis #blackyogis #yogaeverywhere #igyogi #yogaeveryday #instayoga #yogilife #mermaidyogis #yogagirl #instayogi #yogachallenge2016 #yogachallengehits #outdooryogis #yogachallengeinbound #yogachallenge2018 #yoginis #yogachallengeaddict #prilaga #happyhealthyyogis #yogapose #yogachallengejunkie #igyogis #yogapractice #tattooedyogi
Just popping in to say hi, and that I love you all. I haven’t had much to say this week. It’s been a doozy. This is a flow I taught a few weeks ago. It’s sped up x6 here, but we went slow and controlled in class. It was one of my favorites to date 🤗 Happy Friday xo Follow us: @benefits_of_y0ga Via: @yogiaubrey Thank you so much !
I haven’t met all of me yet. 👁 @olivianachle Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @khat.mandu Thank you so much !
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