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➖ DAY 15 ➖ Convinced my baby sis to do yoga with me over the weekend! Even though her abs were so sore from her workouts she still agreed and managed to enjoy this as much as i did!! 😁 . I call her baby sis but shes not so baby anymore! She will graduate in December! 👩🏻‍🎓 Woot woot! SO proud of my smart little engineer cupcake!! . I think @ayoub_t has found her new fav way to relieve soreness after a tough workout! 🧘🏼‍♀️ . Yoga helps warm up those sore muscles and gives them a nice little stretch too! . Give it a try a day after a good workout and let me know how it feels! 🔥✨ . . . . #YogaFromTheHeart #Dedication #DoItEveryday #RenewYourself #StickToAProgram #morningyogasesh #yogaflowing #yogachallengeinbound #Yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogagirlsawesome #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogapose #yogaeveryday #yogapractice #yogajourney #yogadaily #yogafit #yogaaddict #yogafun #yogaloverworld #yogaretreat #yogaflorida #yogaforlifting
Throwback to two years ago this week @moderntarzan and I filmed a video for @toyota_turkiye. Here’s part of that commerical in a fun highlight video. We show this video mostly when we tour schools across the country talking about @ninjawarrior and inspiring kids to be the best they can be. I am grateful for the many opportunities to perform on screen or in person and look forward to many more highlights to share in the future. 🙏🤸‍♂️ . Ps looking forward what style of content do you want to see more of the future? . 👖 @pimovementninja Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @travisbrewer.ninja Thank you so much !
1 more sec!!! Handstand OFF the wall for close to 5 sec!!! Still working on shifting my foot off from the wall smoothly with this Scissors legs drill. Guest appearance: 5 ⭐️ coach @falcatraz who kept me calm & nagging me not to bounce my foot off from the wall😂 Follow us: @y0ga_nidra Via: @spanky_spam Thank you so much !
Which pose is your favourite? 🌟 Let us know in the comments below 👇 Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @yogaclicks Thank you so much !
I’m still trying to find a caption for this one, any ideas? 🧐 // 🎨 Flucht wie Tornado by Kasra Alavi • • • • Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @eylin_yoga Thank you so much !
Let’s not hold back from feeling what we feel.✨ Nite nite Xx 🎶 @aprilannemusic ✨ Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @freedivegirl Thank you so much !
❤️😍 Best Yoga Pictures on Instagram. ⛰ Like & follow ☘️ Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @bestyogapictures Thank you so much !
“… life is short, and the world is wide…” ~ Simon Raven ⠀ *****✨✨🌎✨✨***** ⠀ Adventure awaits! ✈️ Heading off to Iceland today for an extra long weekend. ⠀ . ⠀ First time ever having to pack a ❄️ toque and mitts for vacation! ⠀ Grateful, excited, to explore a little more of our beautiful planet 💙🙏✨ Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @schun Thank you so much !
➖ Day 11 ➖ Already seeing some major changes in my form and strength! Woop woop! #YayForYoga 😁 . And whats that? Ab lines? Hello abs! I’ve missed you! Lol . I cannot be more proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and staying consistent with doing so! . My team is going strong and staying consistent too! 💪🏽🔥 I’m so proud of you all! #KillingIt . Some transformation photos coming soon! 😍 . . . . #morningyogasesh #yogaflowing #yogapracticeeveryday #yogachallengeinbound #workoutprograms #teamhustleandmuscle #TeamUproar #getitin #crushgoals #putyourselffirstalways #getitgirl #Killit #Killitwithmimi
My first underwater shoot 😊 Hands up for who do underwater shoots 🙌🙌🙌 It was super hard, but I’m glad we manage to capture couple shots and I didn’t drown lol 😂 ~ ~ Photo credit @miamidanceart ~ ~ ~ Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @ugi1122 Thank you so much !
Liz and I have this.... thing 😂 I grew up throwing things around, while she didn’t. Long story short, whenever I toss something to her (here, catch!), she always yelps, flinches; and the thing (usually keys or something small) grazes her hand, and falls 🤣🤣 When I ask her to toss something to me, she will usually walk it over to me. THIS TIME it didn’t happen!! 🎉 🎈 🎊 We had just finished a shoot, got @VitaCoco afterwards to rehydrate and replenish (longer post later about me growing up in Miami and craving coconut water but we always do this). I tossed her a carton and she caught it!! I was also standing right next to her 😅 Don’t sign us up for football yet hahaha, but this is a big win for her 😍 Thanks for the capture @arik.cardenas 📸 Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @maxandlizacro Thank you so much !
Cool Look from @fitflexbysali - “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” —Steve Prefontaine 🧥 สีเทาอีกสี เท่เก๋ๆ สำหรับสาวๆที่ไม่ชอบลายๆ มีเทาและดำ ไซส์ S,M,L บรามีฟองน้ำ ผ้านุ่มยืดหยุ่นมาก กระชับเก็บเอวทรงสวยจริงจัง ระบายเหงื่อไม่ย้วยแม้กระโดดโลดโผนนน ราคา 1,290 บาท * * 😍สั่งสินค้า แอด Line ID: @fitflexbysali 😚 * * * * #yogaretreat #meditate #yogagirls #yogastrong #yogaholic #yogawear #yog !sunite #yogisunited #yogischoice #yogachallengeoftheday #yogachallengejunkie #yogaposetoday #yogaforeverybody #yogapantsmurah #yogachallengeaddict #yogavibes #yogamakesmehappy #meditateonit #yogismakebetterlovers #yoginissa #yogapantsass #yoganidra #yoginiinprogress #yoga365 #yogachallengeinbound #yogimama #yogagivesbackchallenge #yogapantsforlife #yogiinspiration
@adidas I’m ready to be sponsored. 🙃 | PC @jmoustache Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @natashamarieyoga Thank you so much !
Only a few care. The rest are just curious. PC @kayycutss Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @intrepidyogi_ Thank you so much !
◻️The Pilates Series of Five Variation ▫️▫️▫️ Change up your position for an extra challenge to strengthen the abdominals, legs, shoulder and spinal extensors whilst developing control of the hip flexor muscles. ▪️Maintain complete lumbar pelvic stabilization, ▪️Stay even weight bearing on the base of Sacrum throughout leg movement ▪️Keep abdominals hollowing towards spine - avoid bracing by breathing laterally ▪️Collarbone stays wide and open and scapular drawing downwards ▪️Reach crown of head towards ceiling ▪️Feel the end ranges and make the legs feel longer and longer with every movement ▪️ - Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @jjweeks_pilates Thank you so much !
"I'm not sure, I haven't decided.", I say, while guaging whether or not I have the courage to just do/say the thing I want and not adjust it to anyone else. There have been millions of these moments, waiting for someone else to take charge, say what they'd prefer most so I can follow suit, so I won't offend anyone or make anyone miss out on what they might want most, to mirror their opinion instead of having my own, whether it's the same or not. Trying to unlearn the years and years of those habits and have my own opinion without fear of judgment is hard. Art on the fabulous @skclay86 and @weights.and.wings ! Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @the_bohemian_introvert Thank you so much !
Create to beat the rigidity covering up your soul. . . paint and dance in the old ways - when there were no worries and the world was just but playground full of exploration and passion. Dance the stiffness out of your beautiful body. Create and paint the language of your heart. OM SHANTI 📿 // pic by @david_born Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @danielaarangoyoga Thank you so much !
Life keeps on turning upside down and I don’t know what kind of way I’m facing anymore 🤙🏽🙃 Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @yoga.calisthenics.girl Thank you so much !
It’s a sin to live this well Follow us: @y0ga_nidra Via: @yogabunnynyc Thank you so much !
That radioactive spider bite gave him the “proportional strength and agility of a spider” not necessarily flexibility. Spidey gotta stretch just like everyone else! ... Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @kericyoga Thank you so much !
Some of the world's best sunsets happen in Bodrum, Turkey 🌄 We're so lucky that we can witness those 😍🍀 • • • • • Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @sonertnp Thank you so much !
Everything you see me doing, I’ve said to myself I’m doing, I’m going for it, I’m trying. I don’t care what beliefs there are around this idea, practice, lifestyle; I'm all in, let’s see what happens... • 👁 • And on that note, I'm all in Boulder! See you Sunday 10am @bodhimovement -- unlock your hips and heart with me and see what happens ✨ • • 🙏🏽 @fernandosamalot 📸 • • Follow us: @y0ga_sanctuary Via: @mariebellepr Thank you so much !
As a teacher, challenges that teach sit very dear to my heart. I love that so many had progressed in a weeks time. Maybe it didn’t look like it but I know many of y’all felt it. Which to me is more important than the way it looks. ❤❤ ⠀ Thank you so, so much for joining us on this twisty journey. And now that you have some tools to help your twists and binds, I hope that you continue to use them to further your practice. 🤓🤓 ⠀ And now for the Winners of 🎉🎉🎉 ⠀ @stronger_for_ben@liquidoactive (Dm Drea) ⠀ @jesskrapf@toesox (Dm Drea) ⠀ @sugarskull.hhr@yogapaws (Dm Jade) ⠀ @annecyogagirl@liforme (Dm Drea) ⠀ @david.bruce.usa@infinitystrap (Dm Jade) ⠀ Your Twisty Hosts 🌺 @jadebellyyoga 🌸 @yogamand 🌸 ⠀ Your Twisty Sponsors 🌺 @infinitystrap 🌻 @liforme 🌻 @liquidoactive 🌻 @toesox 🌻 @yogapaws 🌻 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @yogamand Thank you so much !
Don’t give up on your goals. Take a moment to gather your strength, then find your way forward. via @sing_seung. . . . . Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @yogaglo Thank you so much !
Explore a new range of possibility with our new Ram Denims - What’s your next move? ___________________________________ 🎥 @phillipsuddick 🕺🏼 @kelseyhydromiller Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @ohmmeapparel Thank you so much !
LIFE 🌟 It takes noise to appreciate silence.🧘🏾‍♀️ It takes absent to value present. ☺️❤️ . . . Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @yogafitnez Thank you so much !
Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone - I’m one happy 🦁 I couldn’t ask for much more than all the blessings I have in my life right now. Thank you to all of you who are a part of it. 🙏❤️(this is my happy (sandy) face after trying back saults at the beach). Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @markrobberds Thank you so much !
I hope your day is filled with extraordinary ordinary moments. ❤️ PS I feel like everyone has read at least some @brenebrown but if you haven’t you really should (any of her books, they are all awesome). 📚 What are you reading right now? Follow us: @y0ga_nidra Via: @ameliakyoga Thank you so much !
Simple movements make all the difference❤️ Follow us: @y0ga_shala Via: @sarahticha Thank you so much !
If only life could be the way it is in my brain sometimes. 💁😆 Drawn on @susanhho. Follow us: @center_for_y0ga Via: @the_bohemian_introvert Thank you so much !
Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is - relax. ✌️💫🧘‍♀️ . Find our charming new design „Namastey“ online 🙏🏼 www.niyama-sports.com Follow us: @y0ga_nidra Via: @niyama_sports Thank you so much !
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